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The Fall of the Silver Bridge and Rise of Israel

December 1 (Day 335, Rest from Enemies):  Modern Israel rose to power on the World Stage in the 1967 Six-Day War to set the stage for the Tribulation and Armageddon War.  That event was accompanied by hundreds of UFO sightings, terror from a giant demon, and many demon attacks of people, followed by the fall of the Silver Bridge in West Virginia.  The I-35W Minneapolis Bridge collapsed 39 years later at the same time of day.  The bridge collapses symbolized Israel's crossing of the Red Sea and the Jordan as well as breaking the feet of clay of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream, pointing to the Second Advent.

Manson's Death Chart

November 19 (Day 323, Historical Uptrend):  Charles Manson, 83, died in California on Sunday.  Manson, who confessed faith in Christ, later became Satan's servant as an antichrist.  He was serving nine life sentences for crimes in the late 60's related to Satan's attack on Israel and the US.  His Death Chart reveals another Bowl Judgment poured out by the angels that shape human history.

Texas Church Massacre

November 5 (Day 309, Plagues of Egypt):  The congregation of a Texas church was shot up by a deranged maniac in the worst mass murder in Texas history.  Devin Kelley killed 26 in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.  The shooting was the work of Satan, who was allowed to execute the Four Generation Curse.

New York Truck Terror Attack

October 31 (Day 304, Judgment of Weakness):  A truck was driven down a bike path in New York in the worst terrorist attack since September 11, 2001.  Eight people were killed before the driver, an Uzbek immigrant, crashed into a school bus.  He was shot and arrested.    The attack was the work of Satan and was linked spiritually to Tropical Storm Philippe in Florida.

Lawless Tropical Storm Philippe

October 29 (Day 302, Division):  Tropical Storm Philippe formed under the horse's head of Cuba on October 28, 2017 and proceeded across the southern tip of Florida.  As it proceeded up the East coast, it put on a male sex display to illustrate the rebellious congregation that rejects the Grace message of the pastor.

Las Vegas Mandalay Hotel Mass Shooting

October 1 (Day 274, Spiritual Freedom):  A gunman opened fire with automatic weapons from the Mandalay Hotel on a concert crowd of 22,000.  Casualties included 58 killed and over 500 injured.  It was the work of Satan as the man of lawlessness under the Four Generation Curse.

Hurricane Maria Curse and Church Shooting

September 25 (Day 268, Serving in Edom):  As Hurricane Maria moved North in the Atlantic off Florida on September 24, 2017, a shooter killed a woman and injured six others in a Tennessee church.  Later NFL players protested the National Anthem.  Both were tied to signs of the curse connected to Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria Crosses Puerto Rico

September 20 (Day 263, Outcast): Hurricane Maria crossed Puerto Rico after a bull's eye Category 5 strike on the small island of Dominica.  Two destructive hurricanes in rapid succession emphasize the awesome threat of Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon and the threat of the Four Generation Curse.

Hurricane Irma Signs of Prostitute of Babylon

September 15 (Day 258, Levite): After barreling over islands of the Lesser Antilles, Hurricane Irma rolled up the coasts of the islands of the Greater Antilles.  The hurricane on the coasts symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon riding the Beast (Antichrist) that rises from the sea in the Tribulation.

Tropical Storm Harvey Landfall Louisiana

August 30 (Day 242, Baal): In yet another awesome move, Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall in Louisiana.  After flooding Houston for three days that required thousands of boat rescues symbolizing Salvation, the Louisiana landfall symbolized the final Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon.

Resuscitated Hurricane Harvey Texas Landfall

August 26 (Day 238, Witness): Hurricane Harvey arose from death following the Solar Eclipse to strike Texas.  It made landfall north of Corpus Christi and later stalled with potential for flooding. It is the sign of lawlessness in 2017, the year of lawlessness.

The Eclipse of the American Presidency

August 21 (Day 233, Judgment of Holy Spirit):  The total Solar Eclipse today is a truly awesome sign that signifies the eclipse of the American Presidency.  It signifies the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it also symbolizes the crucifixion of President Trump by political dogs last week.

The Morning Star

June 6 (Day 157, Zebulun): The pictures made available by the Magellan satellite mapper have opened a gold mine of angelic art.  The pictures of the hidden surface of the planet were produced over millions of years to reflect the colossal conflict of Satan and the Fallen Angels with God.  The Morning Star symbolizes the greatest event in human history, the defeat of the Satan and the enemies of God at the Second Advent.

London Bridge Terror Attack

June 3 (Day 154, Salvation): A large van with three men inside drove over pedestrians on London Bridge and then began stabbing people with knives.  Police responded quickly and killed the terrorists.  The attack was Divine punishment implemented by Satan in a war against Western Gentile culture of the Church.

Rare April Tropical Storm Arlene

April 20 (Day 110, Witness): Tropical Storm Arlene became only the second tropical storm to be named in April.  Both storms formed on April 20.  The storms 14 years apart symbolize Jacob's wives, Leah and Rachel, and the problems with Satan in his marriage.

House Republican Health Care Vote Fails

March 24 (Day 83, High Priest): The Republican Health Care Bill failed in the House of Representatives.  The failure came in a spiritual conflict with Satan, the healing serpent.  The conflict reached into the weather and the NCAA basketball tournament.

Schizophrenic Dog Attacks in Florida and New Jersey

February 11 (Day 42, Baal): A dog attacked a girls' basketball team on a school bus in Camden, New Jersey on the day of the Lunar Eclipse.  Three hours later dogs attacked a jogger in Florida.  The Satan-possessed dogs symbolized false teachers preying upon the flock.

Bull Moose Tornadoes Strike Hattiesburg

January 21 (Day 21, Providential Preventative Suffering):  Tornadoes that came from a weather system shaped like a bull moose devastated parts of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  This was the herald of the women's march on Washington, DC later in the day.

Inauguration of Donald Trump

January 20 (Day 20, External Gates): Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the US.  He presented a bold plan that breaks with the past.  Although he is riding an historical uptrend, there were some bad omens.

Melbourne Driver Rampage

January 20 (Day 20, External Gates): A madman in Melbourne, Australia went berserk and intentionally drove a car through a pedestrian walk at a shopping mall.  The incident was a herald of the inauguration of Donald Trump in the US.

Florida Manhole Deaths

January 16 (Day 16, Sanctification): Three utility workers died in a manhole in Florida when they were overcome by methane in an operation orchestrated by the angels.  Angelic art in the sky explained the scene.

Orlando Day of Lawlessness

January 9 (Day 9, Plagues of Egypt): With the Governor in town on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Orlando was stomped by the "man of lawlessness."  A policewoman was gunned down by a fugitive and a deputy was killed in a wreck in the man hunt.

California Giant Tunnel Tree Falls

January 8 (Day 8, New Birth): The famous giant Tunnel Tree fell in California.  It was toppled by a stream of water that weakened its fragile root system.  The fall of the tree symbolizes the fall of the lawless Phallic Reversionist, corresponding to the meaning of the year 2017.


January 8 (Day 8, New Birth): Why did Esteban Santiago travel all the way from Alaska to Florida to kill a few people in 45 seconds?  The answer is that it was an angelic operation.  The trip corresponded to the path of the King of the North in the Tribulation.

Esteban Santiago Birth Chart

January 6 (Day 7, Categorical Punishment): The Birth Chart of Esteban Santiago, the alleged Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter, contains a Sling, for slaying giants in Spiritual Warfare.  The center of the Sling points to a witness in Marriage with ties to his victims.  The pouch is tied to the Cosmic System.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting

January 6 (Day 6, Man):  A gunman armed with a pistol went on shooting spree at Ft. Lauderdale Airport in the baggage claim area.  He was mentally ill, but the shooting was the work of Satan under another Bowl judgment.

Attack of DovesDoves

January 4 (Day 4, Weakness): An angel produced the picture of doves on a power line at Sunset along with a hand of judgment to attack the doves.  The Earthly picture was coordinated with the Heavenly picture in the planets above.

Women Crushed Under Green Tree

January 4 (Day 4, Weakness): Four women were crushed to death under a tree toppled by a tornado in Rehobeth, Alabama on January 2, 2017.  The women were killed in an angelic operation to illustrate the meaning of the year 2017 and the consequences of lawlessness under the Four Generation Curse.

Brazil Prison Riots

January 3 (Day 3, Justice of Holy Spirit):  Rival drug gangs rioted at a Brazil prison on New Year's Day, 2017.  In the riot 56 were killed with bloody bodies drawn and quartered and decapitated.  Satan as the "man of lawlessness" started the riots in keeping with the meaning of the new year.

Celebrity Deaths

January 1 (Day 2 Division): The deaths of celebrities from December 25-28, 2016 included George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds.  These deaths from heart failure and strokes were clear signs of Bowl judgments executed by the Angel Michael under the Four Generation Curse.

Meaning of 2017 - Lawlessness

January 1 (Day 1, Unity): The meaning of the year 2017 is lawlessness, especially related to the laws of Marriage.  Lawlessness is disobedience to the commandments of God.  The number 17 refers more specifically to lawlessness associated with Marriage and intimacy.

Mall Brawls

December 26 (Day 361, Income Tax): Brawls broke out in shopping malls across the country on the day after Christmas.  Frustrated teen predators converged on malls after fights were advertised on social media.  The mall brawls resulted from Bowl judgments and were inspired by Satan and demons.

Fall of Aleppo

December 22 (Day 357, Zebulun): The city of Aleppo fell to the Syrians as the Bowl judgments continued after a brief respite.

Bowl Judgments

November 30 (Day 335, Rest from Enemies):  Bowl judgments like those in the Tribulation are now occurring.  This isn't the Tribulation, but the angels are pouring out Bowl judgments.

Hurricane Otto, Earthquake Hit Central America

November 24 (Day 329, Victory Over Edom):  Central America was hit with an hurricane and earthquake at the same time.  The earthquake chart was the mirror image of the Trump election victory chart.  The hurricane went up river to symbolize impregnation of a prostitute.

Over 100 Dead in India Train Wreck

November 20 (Day 325, Sovereignty): A terrible train wreck in India this morning killed over 100 when a passenger train derailed.  The India train wreck along with the previous Florida train wreck symbolized the strategic failure of the beginning and end of President Obama's last foreign trip.

Florida Train Wreck

November 16 (Day 321, Providential Preventative Suffering):  Two CSX freight trains collided head-on in Florida.  The train wreck, which aligned with the planets overhead, symbolized the strategic failure of President Obama's final European tour.

New Zealand Earthquake

November 14 (Day 319, Federal Government): A powerful 7.8 Magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand, causing widespread damage but no major casualties.  Signs left by the angels indicate a connection to the US Presidential election and the Four Generation Curse.

Roaring Lion Donald Trump Elected President

November 9 (Day 314, Passover): Donald Trump, the roaring lion, won the Presidential election of 2016 to become the 45th President of the USA.  Like Jehu in Israel Trump was selected by the Sovereign Creator and anointed for a mission to destroy Satan's stronghold in government.

Election 2016 Horse Race Begins

October 24 (Day 298, Glory Departed): Just before Sunrise an angel drew the picture of a horse rising in the East over Florida.  With the Moon overhead the picture symbolized the beginning of early voting in Florida in the 2016 Presidential race.

Hurricane Matthew

October 10 (Day 284, Weakness of Church):  Hurricane Matthew wrought destruction as it passed through the strait between Cuba and Haiti.  As it continued off the coast of Florida, it became a referendum on the Doctrines of Grace and the Four Generation Curse.

The Four Generation Curse

September 23 (Day 267, Giving): The Four Generation Curse is one of the most profound doctrines in the Bible.  No family in recorded history has ever been free from the curse.  Parents pass the curse to their children, and when families do not recover from the curse after four generations the nation is destroyed.  The only way to break the curse is to advance to Spiritual Maturity. The War Between the States and World War II in the USA were due to the Four Generation Curse.

Florida SpaceX Explosion and Hurricane Hermine

September 1 (Day 245, Victory Over Stronghold):  In the morning a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded in Florida, and in the evening Hurricane Hermine made landfall in the Florida.  Both events were intertwined with the US election and the angelic conflict.

Parrish Hospital Shooting

July 17 (Day 199, Challenger): A man walked into Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida and randomly shot dead a patient and caretaker.  The bizarre shooting happened with a planetary configuration symbolizing a physician and death of patients.

French Bastille Day Mass Murder

July 14 (Day 196, Spoils): A Tunisian immigrant drove a truck through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in France, causing mass casualties.  The attack was heralded by sword in the sky over Florida.  And the astrological chart reflected the Four Generation Curse in the French Revolution.

Dallas Police Ambush

July 7 (Day 189, Authority Counterattack): During a protest against police shootings, five police officers were killed in Dallas by a sniper and seven were injured.  The shooting was the work of Satan.  The astrological chart at the time contains the image of a police cruiser.

Angelic Signs in the Heavens and on Earth

July 2 (Day 184, Weakness of Church): As the Sun rose this morning, the angelic art was stunning.  The angel that painted the clouds also controlled the birds and a slug on the ground.  The picture in the clouds matched the sign of the Baptism of Fire in the planets overhead.  The heavens and Earth were in harmony.

Satan's Attacks in Florida and Istanbul

June 28 (Day 180, Pillar): Events in Central  Florida and Istanbul were associated with Satan.  In Orlando the fifth floor of a hotel under construction collapsed, and the US Justice Department tried to hijack a hearing between the press and the City of Orlando.  In Istanbul terrorists attacked the airport.

Great Britain Votes to Leave European Union

June 23 (Day 175, Soveereignty): In an historic vote Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.  In a wave of patriotism the voters chose nationalism and rejected Satan's internationalism in spite of the world's lies.  After backing the EU, Prime Minister David Cameron said he would step down.

Presidential Winged Conflict

June 15 (Day 167, Giving): A red-shouldered hawk got involved in the conflict of the Presidential candidates and President Obama.  The hawk came by on Trump's birthday and illustrated the astrological Chart of the events.

Orlando Gay Bar Massacre

June 12 (Day 164, Maximum Weakness): Omar Mateen, a US-born Islamic domestic terrorist, committed mass murder in the Pulse Gay Bar in Orlando.  Over 100 were shot or killed in the worst mass murder in US history.  It was not just a terrorist act but a Divine curse upon homosexuals.

Gotthard Tunnel Dedication to Satan

June 9 (Day 161, Income Tax): The new Gotthard train tunnel through the Alps was dedicated on June 1, 2016 with a colossal grand opening.  Satan orchestrated the ceremony as a tribute to himself as the most high, and God allowed him to desecrate the high place of Europe in 2016, which represents sanctification.

Sun's Corona Darkened

June 5 (Day 157, Zebulun): The Sun's corona was darkened by a massive hole between May 17 and 19, 2016.  This sign of doom coincides with Satan's attack on the US military and the buyout of Time Warner Cable and Bright House.  It also ties history to a solar bandwidth.

Iconoclastic Angels Topple Ben Franklin Statue

May 15 (Day 136, Ai):  The weather angels toppled the bronze statue of Benjamin Franklin in Boston and dropped it on its head. This was the sign of an iconoclast corresponding to the recent transit of the Savior Planet.  It was also the sign that it's the Constitution stupid!

Obama-nation of Gender Sanctification in 2016

May 15 (Day 136, Ai):  North Carolina and Justice Department have sued each other over civil rights of transgender students in restrooms.  On Friday the 13th the President announced transgender bathroom policy in US schools.  This Obama-nation was from Satan contrary to the meaning of 2016, for sanctification.

Transit of Savior Planet 2016

May 9 (Day 130, Double Blessing): A transit of the Savior Planet across the eye of the Sun in Aries occurred today.  This symbolizes the First Advent of the Good Shepherd giving His live for the sheep and being glorified.  This was followed by the satellite weather  image of the Lamb of God over the USA.

Schizophrenic Dog Kills Mistress

March 31 (Day 91, Coup de Grace): Sonda Dyan Tyson, 66, was mauled to death by her own pit bull at her home in Leesburg, Florida.  The bloody death was the work of Satan, who possessed the dog.  Being killed by dogs symbolizes the death of Jezebel from an evil curse.

Hay Fever

March 28 (Day 88, Blessing):  Hay fever is an infirmity caused by Satan. The symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and general stressed out weakness occur from loss of control of the autoimmune system. Acupressure points can be used to block Satan's power until the Divine solution is understood.

Jason Dalton, Uber iPhone Satanic Murderer

March 17 (Day 77, Reverse Process Reversionism):  The testimony of Uber driver, Jason Dalton, who is accused of mass murder in Kalamazoo on February 20, 2016, has been released.  Dalton revealed the bizarre events of how Satan possessed him through his iPhone, drove him through traffic, and murdered people.  This is a very lucid account of how Satan runs business, writes software, charms and possesses people, and drives cars.

Deadly Tornadoes Continue Up East Coast

February 25 (Day 56, Dropping): Deadly tornadoes continued for a second day as a powerful storm system stretched from Florida to Massachusetts. Three people were killed in Virginia as the image of an angel appeared over the northeastern US.

Deadly Tornadoes Answer US Cuban Policy

February 24 (Day 55, Grace Blessing): Shortly after President Obama gave his speech about closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the weather angels struck Louisiana with a vengeance. Tornadoes wrought death and destruction in the South, and weather images portrayed the evil of Satan.

Bronco Super Bowl Angels

February 7 (Day 38, Dying in Wilderness): In a battle of the defenses the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24 - 10 in Super Bowl 50.  A storm in the shape of a bronco off North Carolina indicated angelic support of the Bronco defense.  A cruise ship was damaged in the storm.

January Hurricane Alex

January 15 (Day 15, Covering): Hurricane Alex formed in the Atlantic and hit the Azores.  A January hurricane, like snow in June, is not only an anachronism but a disgrace.  The last January hurricane in the Atlantic was in 1955.

Meaning of 2016 - Sanctification

January 1 (Day 1, Unity): The meaning of the year 2016 is sanctification, where 16 was the number of days required to sanctify the Temple in the days of Hezekiah.  In order for the Holy God to accept man, Jesus Christ had to provide purification from sins and sanctification for us.

SpaceX Historic Booster Landing

December 21 (Day 355, Grace Blessing): SpaceX made history with the first ever booster rocket vertical landing at Cape Canaveral. The pattern of the planets overhead illustrated the rocket landing and bore witness of Satan and God in the affairs of human history.

Braintree Driverless Train

December 10 (Day 344, Suffering): A six-car train left Braintree, Massachusetts without its driver and traveled through four stations before being brought to a halt.  The driverless train symbolized a rebellious woman like Jezebel.  It was a repeat of the symbolism of the driverless truck in Florida three days before.

Florida Driver Killed by His Own Truck

December 7 (Day 341, Happiness): A Florida driver fell out of the cab of his semi tractor-trailer and was run over by the trailer.  The truck continued up US 1 in Ormond Beach and hit another car head on.  This was not an accident but the work of angels.

San Bernardino Mass Murder

December 2 (Day 336, Ai): A Muslim terrorist and his wife shot up a Christmas party in San Bernardino.  They killed 14 and injured 16 and were later killed by police.  Satan was behind this, but God authorized it and left enough clues for us to understand His punishment of the nation.

Planned Parenthood Mass Shooting

November 27 (Day 331, Evil King): A mass shooting occurred at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, 57, killed 3 and shot 9 in a five-hour standoff.  Accompanying signs indicate this was Divine Discipline in the Cycles of National Cursing.

Friday the 13th Paris Terrorist Attack

November 13 (Day 317, Lawlessness): Terrorists attacked Paris on Friday the 13th and murdered over 100 people with guns and suicide bombs.  Most of those killed were at the concert of a US rock band.  The attacks were Divine punishment administered by Satan.  The planets overhead formed the sign of a skull.

Cramps in the Feet

November 12 (Day 316, Sanctification): Cramps in the feet are caused by an attack on the head by Satan, the god of confusion.  There is currently a Skull configuration in the planets overhead corresponding to Satan's attack.

Florida Tornado Strikes Mail Truck

October 11 (Day 284, Weakness of Church):  A lone waterspout came ashore as a tornado and struck a US Postal Service semi tractor-trailer at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay.  The weather angels nailed the truck to symbolize the breakdown of Marriage Culture contributing to the fall of the USA.

South Carolina Floods

October 5 (Day 278, Sexual Abuse): South Carolina has been covered with historic floods from heavy rain around Charleston.  The rain, due to an upper level low, is associated spiritually with the weather angel of Hurricane Joaquin and the breakdown of Marriage Culture associated with the Prostitute of Babylon.

Umpqua College Shooting

October 1 (Day 274, Spiritual Freedom): Christians were targeted in a mass murder at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.  The shooting was the work of Satan and not simply due to psychological aberration.

Mecca Crane Collapses on 9-11 Anniversary

September 11 (Day 254, Redemption): The weather angels caused a thunderstorm over Mecca that toppled a crane on worshippers in a mosque on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the US.  The crane belonged to the Bin Laden family construction company.

Kim Davis Birth Chart

September 4 (Day 247, Peace): Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who chose to obey God rather than man, has a conscience that recognizes Good and Evil.  Her Birth Chart indicates that she was created for this moment in history.  She has only been a Christian since 2011, yet she is opposing Satan's attack on Marriage.

Tropical Storm Erika Cursing, Destruction

August 29 (Day 241, Happiness): Tropical Storm Erika dissipated this morning after crashing into the mountains of Hispaniola.  The storm left flooding, devastation, and death on the island of Dominica.  It was cursing associated with the Prostitute of Babylon (shown on a satellite image).

Divine Dynasphere

August 21 (Day 233, Judgment of Holy Spirit):  The Divine Dynasphere is a power sphere that protects the believer from the Cosmic System.  All the power of God is available to the believer.  Jesus Christ used the Divine Dynasphere effectively during His Earthly ministry.  With all the power of God available, why are Christians beset with so many problems?  Understanding the Divine Dynasphere is necessary in order to execute the Spiritual life and deal with Divine punishment and Cosmic System counterattacks.  New in this study is the correlation of Divine Testing to biorhythms, crowns, and lines in the hand.  New doctrines include:  Garden of Eden, Biorhythms, and Honor and Glory.

Last Adam Planet

July 17 (Day 198, Glory Departed): New images of the Last Adam Planet from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft reveal that the planet is indeed the symbol of the Last Adam.  The planet is the color of the flesh of the body of Christ, and the best picture appears to show a foot as a symbol of the victory of the cross predicted in the Adamic Covenant and the symbol of Operation Footstool.

Historic Houston Flood of 2015

May 25 (Day 145, Victory Over Stronghold): After historic flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, Houston was flooded from a major thunderstorm.  Rising water blocked the freeways and shut down the city.  The storm was a reminder of the flooding from Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, the harbinger of the Sept. 11 attack.

Devastating Nepal Earthquake

April 25 (Day 115, Witness of a Covering):  A strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal devastated the capital, Katmandu, and killed over 1000.  The earthquake at high noon buried people alive and triggered avalanches on Mount Everest.  The irony of destruction at noon symbolizes a fall from glory.

Demonic Symbols of Next SpaceX Launch

April 24 (Day 114, Passover Witness): This morning a slug under the influence of an angel or demon left a picture of a SpaceX Merlin engine on the sidewalk.  Other symbols of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket correspond to symbols in Turkmenistan, the provider of the satellite being launched.

Birth of the Iranian Nuke Baby

April 2 (Day 92, Homeborn Slave): After US Secretary of State John Kerry secured a deal to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb, the President traveled to Kentucky where a woman was forced to give birth on I-65 due to traffic blocked for President Obama's motorcade.

Palm Bay Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse Murders

March 23, 2015:  Gruesome murders of three children in Palm Bay, Florida occurred on the Solar Eclipse of March 20.  A baby who died was born on the last Blood Moon. The heinous murders were made worse by the apparent stratagems of Satan and the bigger picture that included deaths of children in Brooklyn and a lunatic with a knife at the New Orleans airport.

Florida Manatees Rescued

February 24 (Day 24, Strategy): Nineteen manatees were rescued from a culvert in Satellite Beach, Florida.  The manatee rescue symbolized the current plight of stranded immigrants in the US due to a federal judge ruling against White House policy.

Terrorist Attack on Paris Newspaper

January 7 (Day 7, Categorical Punishment): Al-Qa'eda terrorists with Kalashnikov rifles attacked the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris.  They killed at least 12, including the news chief in retaliation for cartoons that mocked Mohammed.

Meaning of 2015 - A Covering

January 1 (Day 1, Unity): The meaning of the year 2015 is a covering.  The meaning is derived from water covering the Earth 15 cubits deep at the Flood.  A covering handles a problem by covering it up.  Although there are many types of coverings, God's covering reigns supreme and handles any problem.

Nail ScarNail Scar

December 5 (Day 339, Sin Leading to Death):  A circular feature resembling a nail scar in the hand of Christ has been found by JPL in a lava flow on the Red Planet.

Sun HaloSun Halo, 10-26-14

October 21 (Day 295, Hero):  A Sun halo appeared over Florida from the clouds of the image of a weather antelope.  Jeffrey Fowle, who was arrested for leaving a Bible in North Korea, was released.  And there was flooding in the eastern US.

Blood MoonBlood Moon, 10-8-14, Griffith Observatory

October 8 (Day 281, Grace Counterattack):  The Blood Moon Eclipse that occurred this morning is the second in a Tetrad.  The Moon in conjunction with the Mediator in Pisces is a sign of the suffering on the cross of Jesus Christ our Intercessor (Rom 8:34; Heb 7:24-25; 9:24).

Sun Halo

June 28 (Day 179, Hardness of Heart): A Sun halo appeared over central Florida shortly after Sunrise today. A Sun halo symbolizes the New Covenant to the Church.  The configurations overhead included a Grand Cross, a Coffin, and a Kite.

Meaning of 2014 - The Passover

January 1 (Day 1, Unity): The meaning of the year 2014 is the Passover.  On the first Passover the nation of Israel was born, and the Lord delivered Israel from Egypt with a mighty hand.  The word, passover, applies to passing or crossing over hurdles, obstacles, streams, or roads as well as to sparing or clemency.

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Author: Larry Wood