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Mississippi Rolling Fork, Silver City Tornado

Mississippi Rolling Fork, Silver City Tornado
Spiritual Meaning

Mississippi Rolling Fork, Silver City Tornado

SPC TornadoesMarch 24, 2023 (Day 83):  A very strong tornado devastated two small, rural communities in Mississippi on March 24, 2023 and swept them away.  The multi-vortex tornado with wind estimated to be an EF-4 of 166 to 200 mph sucked debris up to 30,000 feet and plowed a path a mile wide and 170 miles long.  The damage to structures and cars exceeded what is typically seen in the strongest tornadoes.  The preliminary death toll was 24 killed in Mississippi and 1 in Alabama with many more injured.

The tornado approached in the form of a bull, a beast that charges, butts, and stomps his enemies into the ground.  Those who survived weren't whining about losing their possessions.  They thanked God for life.  They were in shock after experiencing the wrath of God. 

Rolling Fork

The first town hit by the tornado was Rolling Fork, a rural town from the old South with a population of 1,883.  The town is without the shopping centers, big businesses, and entertainment centers of larger cities.  There are the typical apostate churches on every corner - Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ.   The town was named for a swift water fork in Deer Creek in the center of town.  The town, like its neighbor, Silver City, is 75% Black.  Silver City, the  second town hit by the tornado, is even smaller with a population of 337 in the 2010 census.  The residents of these two towns obviously had little in wealth and worldly possessions.

Rolling Fork

Spiritual Meaning

TornadoThe tornado that hit Rolling Fork and Silver City, Mississippi was a monster that was symbolized in the infrared weather image by a bull.  A bull is a ferocious beast when aroused.  A tornado is the symbol of Divine Judgment of Marriage Culture from the uncircumcised male.  As goes Marriage Culture; so goes the nation.  Mississippi is in the region of Pisces associated with Law Enforcement of the police.

The tornado was heralded earlier in the day by a beached whale in Flagler Beach, Florida and the explosion of a chocolate factory in West Reading, Pennsylvania.  A whale is the symbol of Baal, and a beached whale is the sign of death and destruction, like dying in the wilderness for people.  Flagler Beach is in Florida County #61, for income tax, and Florida is in the region of Aquarius, for a news report.  The main business district destroyed in Rolling Fork was along Highway 61.  The chocolate factory could correspond to sweet dainties of Black people.  The explosion was Fire Testing, for refining.

The two heralds were operations of angels pointing to Rolling Fork and Silver City.  Rolling Fork with Deer Creek corresponds to judgment associated with Baal and the female.  A deer symbolizes a female and peace, and a bull symbolizes an angry male.  The explosion of the chocolate factory symbolized refining silver, pointing to Silver City.  Silver symbolizes judgment.  The tornado in Rolling Fork and Silver City was a powerful EF-4 that was so bad that people forgot their loss of property and possessions and were just thankful to be alive.  The tornado was designed to take away the life (or lifestyle) of  people and not to kill them.  They lost their life and were given a second chance (Matt 10:39; 16:25; Mk 8:35; Lk 9:24; 17:33; Jn  12:25).  
This was a great example of cursing turned to blessing per the meaning of the year 2023.  The people were cursed by the loss of their possessions, but they were so happy to be alive that nothing else mattered.  They lost their lifestyle, but they had a new opportunity to live the New Spiritual Life that God provides.

The tornado was so bad that it will be remembered in history.  The humble residents of the two towns were suddenly thrust upon the World Stage  for being decimated by a weather angel.  A weather angel will throw a person through a brick wall.  This kind of judgment causes Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which is not due to a psychological weakness but to an angel or demon who will not let the person forget.  Guilt and shame come from these judgments.  Guilt is the result of sin, and shame is the other side of guilt (Hos 2:3; Ezek 16:39).  One is legalism and the other is lawlessness.

Rolling Fork


MS Tornado ChartThe Chart at the time of the tornado in Rolling Fork contains a Bow on the Temporal side of the Chart.  A Bow symbolizes the bow of an archer.  It is an offensive weapon that shoots arrows in one direction.  It is used by a warrior.  The planets tightly grouped in the Bow on the Temporal side of the Chart indicate the strong, concentrated judgment of the powerful tornado.  Temporal things include the physical and psychological things of life on Earth.

The Red Planet was at the  top  of the Bow in Gemini, for a bloody bridegroom or the suffering of witnesses in the tornado.  The Last Adam was at the bottom of the Bow, for an outcast.  Those in the path of the tornado were cast out of their houses as the houses were demolished around them.  Some were cast out from the Earth in death.  The Almighty God Planet was on the Descendant in Pisces, for the monster whale, as the symbol of Baal.  Satan rules through the Prostitute of Babylon as Baal.

The Savior Planet was also on the Descendant, for the Spiritual life of the believer.  The tornado destroyed the life (or lifestyle) of those in its path, and some even lost their physical life.  God gives life, and He takes it away (Job 1:21).

The Sun was in Pisces for Divine glory of God in giving the Spiritual Life to the believer.  He was making an issue of this by taking away the temporal  life (or lifestyle) of the people in the tornado.

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel, who usurps the authority of God as the Prostitute of Babylon.  
The Mediator Planet was also in Aries, for an official.  The mayor of Rolling Fork understood that his town was gone after the tornado took it.  The Morning Star was also in Aries, for a military leader or coach.  The tornado crossing the Mississippi River symbolized crossing the Jordan and the Second Advent.  The three  planets in Aries formed a Family Configuration, corresponding to the Cycles of National Cursing related to the tornado.

The Redeemer Planet was on the cusp of Pisces, for giving.  The inhabitants of Mississippi who endured the tornadoes will need Logistical Grace support to get back on their  feet.


Two small rural towns in Mississippi were decimated by a monster tornado.  Houses, businesses, and most of the towns were destroyed, but those who survived were so happy to be alive that they didn't whine about their losses.  Cursing had been turned to blessing, and they had another chance at life.  They were still alive, and God had a purpose for their life.  They were candidates for the Grace of God.  For a brief moment they had the opportunity to know what Job knew after Satan took his family and his possessions.

After Job was told of the loss of his children and his possessions (Job 1:13-19), he got up, tore his robe, shaved his head, and worshiped God.
Job 1:20
Then Job arose, and tore his robe, and shaved his head, and fell to the ground, and worshiped,

Tearing the robe is a sign of being cut down, wounded, or suffering a grave injury.  Shaving the head is a sign of shame and inability to respond to authority.  Falling to the ground was to prostrate oneself before the Lord.
Job 1:21
And he said,
Naked came I out from my motherís womb,
And naked shall I return there:
The LORD gave (soul life), and the LORD has taken away (life at death).
Blessed be the name of the LORD.
Job realized that he came into this world with no possessions - not even clothes.  The Lord gave him soul life, and the Lord took away his life at death.  The Lord gives life and takes it away.  He gives soul-life to the body, and he takes that soul-life out of the body at death.  But the Lord also gives many other things for the one who is alive.  He sustains the person with food, clothing, and shelter along with family, friends, enemies, relationships, environment, and works.  He even promises a New Spiritual Life to believers. 

Elect Angels insure that people receive the life that God designed, but Satan offers a counterfeit life.  He also has the power of death, with God's permission.  Satan's demons tempt and curse people to live Satan's counterfeit life.  People are caught in the  middle, and life is a challenge to live for God and withstand Satan.

The people of Rolling Fork and Silver City appeared to be living in humble circumstances; yet God sent a monster tornado via a weather angel who controlled the jet stream and took away what little they had.  God poured out his wrath on these towns with a weather angel who destroyed the towns.  Those who survived had their lives taken away.  The purpose was not to kill, but to take away life, which God gives and Satan counterfeits. 

The survivors were happy to have another chance at life.  The tornado was severe, intensified Divine Discipline.  Survivors usually have a new perspective of life in their second opportunity.  Everyone thinks about what they would do if they could live life over again.  Those who lost their livelihood in the Mississippi tornadoes have the opportunity to start over.  God gave the first life, and God will provide the second.  And Satan will counterattack.

In order to find the new life a person has to lose the old one.  In the case of the tornado victims in Mississippi, God has done them a favor by taking away the old life to make it easier to find the new
(Matt 10:39; 16:25; Mk 8:35; Lk 9:24; 17:33; Jn  12:25).  The New Spiritual Life can only be lived with Bible Doctrine; so those who want the blessing from God will have to orient to His Grace through learning His Doctrine.


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Released March 26, 2023

Author:  Larry Wood