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01-01-23 Added to Numbers in Scripture the meaning of 2023
03-02-23 Thorn in the Flesh, Havana Syndrome Demon
04-20-23 Added links to 2018 Pillar Eclipses in Document Index
05-30-23 Added UFO Warning at Twentynine Palms to Biblical Astrology
12-04-23 Revised Numbers in Scripture definition of 24, elder
12-04-23 Revised Definitions of Numbers in Scripture number 24, elder
12-31-23 Added to Numbers in Scripture meaning of year 2024
02-18-24 Deleted reference to New Jerusalem in orbit, Babylon the Great, Rev. 3:12
03-19-24 Added missing file The Eclipse of the American Presidency, Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017
03-31-24 Easter Message
05-09-24 Hitler's Death Chart
06-05-24 Added Greek gregoreo in 1 Peter 5:8 in Satan, the Super Creature 

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07-13-24 Hurricane Beryl, Storm of the Ages that Died and Rose the Third Day
05-31-24 Trump Becomes a Martyr
04-14-24 Israel and Allies Foil Iran Attack
04-08-24 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Surrounded by Sun Halo
03-22-24 Eclipses Mark the Curse of the US Presidential Election
                3-23-24 Added meta viewport tag
                3-25-24 Added link for actual pictures of the Lunar  Eclipse
Rare Florida Earthquake
01-31-24 Colorado Train Wreck:  Satan's Attack on the Presidential Race
01-18-24 The Archangels of the Iowa Caucus
01-03-24 Fiery Collision of Japan Airbus and Earthquake Relief Flight
01-01-24 The Meaning of the Year 2024 - Archangels, Strategy
12-09-23 Donald Santini, FBI Most Wanted, 39-Year Fugitive
11-07-23  Nepal Earthquake, Sign of Davidic Covenant
10-12-23 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse, Sign of Israel Trampled
                10-14-23 Added Picture of Eclipse
10-07-23 Bloody Massacre of Israelis by Hamas Terrorists from Gaza
                10-10-23 Corrected meaning of Morning Star in Leo in Hamas Attack and Earthquake Charts
09-08-23 Morocco Earthquakes, Curse of the Nishimura Comet

09-06-23 Curse of Comet Nishimura
08-30-23 Hurricane Idalia Landfall

08-29-23 Hurricane Idalia
05-07-23 Coronation of King Charles, a Day of  Gloom
04-20-23 2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Sign of Second Advent
                5-4-23 Corrected Chart label of Taurus as W. Australia

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