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Paul described the demon who attacked him as a "thorn in the flesh" (2 Cor 12:7).  That was not the name of the demon but simply a metaphor for a painful or distressing problem.  A thorn in the flesh could be a briar, cactus, or some other thorn that sticks into the skin and causes unpleasant irritation.  In the Old Testament the Lord warned Moses and Israel to drive out the pagan inhabitants of the Promised Land or else they would become "as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they will trouble you in the land in which you live" (Nu 33:55).  They would be a curse to the eyes, bad neighbors, and harassing troublemakers.  Pagans, such as the Canaanites, had demons, who were like Paul's thorn in the flesh demon.

One type of thorn in the flesh demon is the source of what has been called Havana Syndrome.  When United States diplomats went down to the Communist Socialist State of Cuba in 2016 to restore diplomatic relations, some of them were suddenly attacked by demons that disrupted their life and well being.  One awoke at 4:56 AM with a headache that made him nauseous.  Another had loud ringing in the ears, tinnitus.  Another had pain in the ears.  Some complained of memory loss, brain fog, anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia.  Others became dizzy and off balance and had vertigo as if  the room were spinning.  Some lost their mental focus, stalled out mentally, and wound up losing their jobs. 

Most attacks occurred at night, but some also occurred during the day.  When the victims returned home, their symptoms did not go away.  And the attacks did not just originate in Cuba.  They happened all over the world, and even in Washington, DC, and at the White House.

The medical community was first consulted, but doctors could find no physical cause of such problems.  Psychologists were consulted, but they, too, failed to find the problem.  Brain scans were done, and in some cases neurological scars and symptoms of concussions were found, but there were no external signs of trauma.

The Federal Bureau of  Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency were called to investigate potential enemy attacks.  However, no foreign power was found that could cause such problems.  When queried about possible mind-altering weapons, the enemies concluded that the Americans were crazy.

On March 1, 2023 the US State Department announced the results of the investigation of Havana Syndrome by US Government agencies.  The conclusion reached was that Havana Syndrome was not likely caused by a foreign adversary.


Paul's thorn in the flesh and Havana Syndrome are caused by demons that God authorizes and Satan sends to attack people.  For the victim of such demonic attacks, the reason doesn't much matter.  The problem has to be handled.  What God does not remove, we must endure.  We have to play the hand we are dealt.

Demon AttackThe symptoms are generally associated with the head or feet.  Actually, all attacks are likely coming through the head even if we feel them in the feet.  The attack comes in the head and down the spinal column to connect to some part of the body.  The attacking demon is allowed through the Divine Dynasphere by God and the Guardian Angel.  The Holy Spirit controls the soul of the believer who is Filled with the Holy Spirit even though a demon may be allowed to influence the believer.

The head is the symbol of authority.  It relates to God's authority and the person's authority over his body.  The head is also the location of the soul in the Spiritual Body.  The soul can be under God's authority or the power of the Old Sin Nature, which resides in the body.

Symptoms of Head and Soul:

1.  Headaches - caused by God's punishment for being under demon power; usually from stress; a migraine would be from Satan.
2.  Soul problems:  Darkness in the mentality, Blackout of the Soul; Hardness of the Heart (stiff neck); Emotional Revolt of the Soul.
3.  Temperature:  Hot (fever) or cold.
4.  Nausea - begins in the head but may be felt in the stomach.
5.  Tinnitus, ear ringing, hearing loss - Ecumenical Babylon.
6.  Ear pain - caused from demon pressure.
7.  Sounds, chirping, clicking, crickets - demons; the mantis demon makes a clicking sound; peeping and muttering (necromancy, Tourette's demons, Isa 8:19).
8.  Impaired vision - caused by demon influence that results in stress and loss of Relaxed Mental Attitude.
9.  Memory loss, stalled thinking - caused by demon pressure that stalls the stream of consciousness.
10.  Sinus drainage or congestion - caused by demon spiritual attack.
11.  Odors - from demon.
12.  Voices - from demon.
13.  Dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance (left/right, front/back) - demon darkness that interferes with the cerebellum.
14.  Hallucination - caused by demon..
15.  Sudden sleepiness - caused by Satan or demon (Matt 26:40-41; Acts 20:9)
16.  Insomnia - anxiety from demon.
17.  Tentacles in face - caused by demon.

Symptoms in the Body:

1.  Pain in various parts of the body (shoulders, arms, front, back, belly, legs, knees, feet) - caused by demon.
2.  Feet pains, cramps - caused by Satan and demons (Gen 3:15).
3.  Laser stab - demon herald.
4.  Unsteady gait, imbalance - caused by demon.
5.  Spiritual Fatigue - caused by demon, influence of Cosmic System, and lack of Grace and angelic support.

See Satan's Attack on a Person.  

The problem is Divine Punishment coupled with a Satanic Attack.  God weakens the Light of human life (Life Line), which opens the door for Satan and his demons to attack.  The victim is at the mercy of the Cosmic System and soon exhibits signs of stress and anxiety as from a psychosomatic problem.  Demon attacks are prevalent at night, causing loss of sleep that leads to anxiety, worry, and Spiritual Fatigue that interfere with health and well being.

Since God ordered the problem, there is a reason for it.  The victim did not cause the problem or bring it upon himself.  Getting rid of the problem is not the answer.  Dealing with the problem and understanding what it means in the Spiritual life is the issue.  If a person does not learn from punishment, there is nothing more God can do for him.  Among the reasons for the attacks are:

1.  Coming into contact with people like the Evil King or Prostitute of Babylon, who are themselves under the influence of a demon.
2.  Spiritual Warfare in which the believer is fighting and being tested.
3.  An indication of a future or past historical event associated with the believer's impact on history.
4.  Demons of the Four Generation Curse.


Ecumenical Babylon
          Attack| CBS 60 Minutes Video |
Various videos of Havana Syndrome are first hand accounts of people with typical problems from demon attacks.4,6,7


The only solution to attacks from the thorn in the flesh demon or Havana Syndrome is Grace (ref. 2 Cor 12:9). The problem cannot be solved by prayer or casting out the demon.  Getting rid of the demon is not the issue.  God turned the person over  to  the  demon, and God is the only one who can remedy the situation.  Medical doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists cannot  solve the problem.  Medical doctors cannot solve the problem because it does not have a physical source, and psychologists cannot solve it because the source is not in the soul.

What God does not remove, He expects us to endure until He removes it.   The Divine solution is the only solution; the human solution is no solution.  The unbeliever needs to believe in Jesus Christ for Salvation.  The believer needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit and execute the Spiritual life using the Problem Solving Devices.

Rebound must be used to regain the power of the Filling of the Holy Spirit in the Divine Dynasphere.  Being overcome by demon pressure drags a person into the Cosmic System, which amounts to idolatry.  The power of the Filling of the Holy Spirit can defeat a demon attack (ref. 1 Jn 4:4).

Once the thorn in the flesh demon attacks, it constitutes a new spiritual crisis in Spiritual Warfare, and things will never be the same again.  The demon may be around from time to time for months or years.  The solution may require growing out of the problem ("more Grace" (Jas 4:6)).  The demon is trying to overpower you to prevent you from living your New Life in Christ.  You must find that life and live it.  The demon knows what your New Life includes, but you will have to figure it out day-by-day.

Helps for surviving the attack:

  1. Deal with Satanic or demonic attacks in Grace,2 which includes Rebound and Resist.  See Dealing with Demons in Grace.
  2. Be alert and pay attention to the Spiritual World and try to understand the Spiritual meaning behind the events on the Stage of Life.
  3. Execute the New Spiritual Life in Christ.  Elect angels can help.  They will herald the attack to signal something is coming.  They can strengthen and protect the believer in the Divine Dynasphere, but we should not pray to them or try to coerce them into deviating from the will of God for our life.  And be careful not to mistake a demon for an Elect Angel.  Both are spirits.


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Released March 2, 2023

Author: Larry Wood

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