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Colorado Train Wreck:  Satan's Attack on the Presidential Race

Train Wreck
Colorado Train Wreck:  Satan's Attack on the Presidential Race
Spiritual Meaning
Colorado Train Wreck Chart


Colorado Train Wreck:  Satan's Attack on the Presidential Race

January 29, 2024 (Day 29):  An Amtrak train derailed after colliding with a milk tanker truck on the tracks East of Denver, Colorado on January 29, 2024.  The train engineer, age 42, was air-lifted to a hospital with serious injuries.  The truck driver, age 31, and passenger, age 58, were not injured.  Three of the 69 passengers on the train had non life-threatening injuries.  The train was eastbound from San Francisco to Chicago when it struck the trailer of the tractor-trailer milk tanker east of Keenesburg about 10 PM MST (0500 GMT).  The train derailed, but did not turn over, and the northbound milk tanker rolled on its side at the intersection of County Roads 63 and 398 and spilled milk.

The Amtrak train wreck blocked a strategic railroad and symbolized a strategic failure in Colorado.  There were 69 passengers in the train, where 69 is the number for running the course of life, corresponding to the Presidential race.  The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that former President Trump cannot appear on the ballot in the Republican Primary.  The decision was intended to keep Trump from being elected President in 2024.  Colorado corresponds to the Holy of Holies in the Client Nation USA Model.  The driver of the milk tanker was 31, for an Evil King, and the train engineer was 42, for the Prostitute of Babylon.  Both are identified with Satan.  So this was a strategic attack of Satan in the Spiritual World

Spiritual Meaning

The Amtrak train wreck in Colorado was the work of Satan and the Archangels as a demonstration of the meaning of the year 2024, for Archangels and strategy.  The wreck symbolized a strategic failure in the 2024 Presidential race from the Colorado Supreme Court decision to keep former President Trump off the ballot in the Republican Primary.  God decreed the punishment of the wreck, and Satan and the Archangels made it happen. 

The wreck occurred on a wide-open plain with no buildings or trees and with clear visibility, except it was night.  However, Satan and the Angels orchestrated the wreck with exact precision.  The train hit the milk tanker behind the cab and the driver and passenger in the truck were not injured.  The train engineer, however, was injured.  He was 31, for an Evil King, corresponding to a man under the power of Satan.  His passenger was 58, for Levi, the brother in crime of Simeon.  The region of Levi corresponds to the criminal justice system, which has been turned against former President Trump.  The train engineer was 42, for Baal,the bear, and Russia, corresponding to the Prostitute of Babylon.  So, Satan had power over both drivers - meaning Satan had power over both sides of the wreck.  The Guardian Archangel (Watcher) along with individual Guardian Angels protected the people from injury during the train wreck.

USAColorado under the Client Nation Model is in the region of the country corresponding to the Holy of Holies in the  Tabernacle.  The Holy of Holies contains the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat, which represent Christ, our all and in all and our propitiation.  Our relationship with Christ is the strategic purpose of the Christian Life.  Christ is the Head of the Church, and the true authority over human history.  So a failure in Colorado represents a serious strategic failure in the nation.  The blessings of liberty come from God through the Church as the salt of the land (Matt 5:13) - not through politicians or the courts.

The courts do not have the right to pick candidates for public office.  The people are supposed to have that right.  The Fourteenth Amendment was concocted to keep Confederates from becoming government officials.  Now, it is being used against former President Trump even though he has not been convicted of insurrection.  The trump haters are guilty of
Iconoclastic Arrogance, which is from Satan.

Colorado Train Wreck Chart

Train WreckThe chart at the time of the Colorado Amtrak wreck contains a Kite, a symbol of the blessings of the cross.  The Kite turns on the Moon in Virgo as the symbol of civil servants (government employees).  Government employees in the courts are interfering in the Presidential election to keep former President Trump off the ballot.  The Moon was rising from the Ascendant as a sign of the issue of the day.  The sign in the chart could also be a Sling, which is used to slay giants.  The Colorado Supreme Court Decision to keep Trump off the ballot was made on January 5, 2024, where 5 is for a giant.

The Moon was the only planet on the Spiritual side of the chart.  All of the other planets were on the Temporal side.  Thus, the Moon was a strategic focus, corresponding to a powerful Spiritual influence, such as one from an Archangel or Satan.  Satan was behind the attack on Trump, and Satan brought about the Amtrak train wreck.

The planets on the Temporal side of the chart symbolize the influence of Divine Establishment, including government and institutions, like Marriage, Family, business, education. 


The Amtrak train wreck with the milk tanker in Colorado on January 29, 2024 symbolizes a strategic failure in the 2024 Presidential race.  The train wreck blocked a strategic path.  The wreck illustrated the attempt of the Colorado Supreme Court to block former President Trump from appearing on the ballot for the Republican Primary election for President.  There were 69 passengers on the train, where 69 is the number for running the course of life, which corresponds to the Presidential race. 

God decreed the punishment of the wreck, but Satan and the Archangels made it happen.  Satan was behind the train wreck, but the Elect Angels protected people from serious injury.  Satan brought the train and truck together and influenced both drivers.  The truck  driver  was 31, for an Evil King, and the train engineer was 42, for the Prostitute of Babylon.  In the Tribulation the Evil King Antichrist will destroy the Prostitute of Babylon.  Satan rules the world.  So when there is a strategic failure, Satan is usually the cause.  That is why the number 24 usually points to Satan.  Since he is in charge of the world, any failure can be viewed as strategic and because of him.  The only hope is the Grace of God, who provides for us a way to survive in the devil's world (2 Cor 12:9).

The attacks on former  President Trump are from Iconoclastic Arrogance, which is from Satan.  Satan exposes the feet of clay or breaks the feat of the image to destroy the idol he has created.  It is convoluted.  Satan can give people life like God can.  Satan can't give the breath of soul life, but he can give all the details that go with it.  He can counterfeit success, prosperity, wealth, power, friends, social life, and pseudo happiness.  However, Satan can also destroy life.  He attacks the life that God gives as he did with Job.  When Satan finishes using a person, he destroys him.  He can make a person an idol (such as an Evil King, Antichrist, celebrity, or Prostitute of Babylon) and then destroy the image that he has created.  People under the influence of Satan do the same thing in Iconoclastic Arrogance.  They create an image and make an idol out of a person.  Then when they discover the feet of clay, they destroy the image they have created.   This happens in romance, sports, business, and politics.

In the Spiritual World the numbers come true because they come from the Sovereignty of God.  The number 14 is for the Passover, which was a strategic life or death decision implemented by the Archangels.  Thus, the use of the 14th Amendment as a strategic deterrent in politics is a sign of the Passover.  It is a decision related to the Blood of Christ.  It is a life or death decision.  The war between the states was a life or death decision, and the  14th Amendment after the War was a life or death decision in political life.  The politicians of Washington, DC blamed the War on each other, and today they are still blaming each other, but the real war is spiritual.  It is waged by Elect Angels and demons, and we are pawns in the process.  Our Salvation is only possible through the Blood of Christ - not the government or supreme court.


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Released Jan. 31, 2024 - Revise Feb. 1, 2024

Author:  Larry Wood