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Georgia Beelzebub Spider Invasion


Asian Juro Spider

Georgia Beelzebub Spider Invasion

Georgia Beelzebub Spider InvasionJuro Spider

October 30, 2021 (Day 303, Judgment):  Northern Georgia has been plagued with an infestation of spiders and their huge webs hanging all over, on power poles, porches, and vegetation.  The webs are a real nuisance, lurking to stick to those who blindly encounter them.  Some have been forced off their own porches and others can't enjoy a walk in the yard or the woods.  They seem to be all over the area in the city and country.  They are in Atlanta and surrounding region and in South Carolina.

The spider is the Asian Joro (Trichonephila clavate), known for large, wheel-shaped webs up to ten feet wide.  The spider is common to Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.  The Joro females have yellow, indigo or black, and red markings.  The legs are indigo with bands of yellow, symbolizing a multiplication of a capacity for life breakup of a covering. 
The reversed black bands over yellow on the back symbolize weakened capacity for life multiplied with respect to slavery.  The red splotches on the body symbolize suffering.  The spiders are up to three inches (8 cm) in diameter with legs extended.  The good news is that they are non-toxic and only bite lightly when pressed to the extreme.


The Juro spider symbolizes Beelzebub (or Baalzebub) as Satan, lord of the flies.  The spider in the center of its web symbolizes Satan in his former glory as the covering angel who was keeper of the Heavenly Control Room over all creation.  The indigo (or black) legs with yellow bands symbolize multiplication and exposure of a weakened capacity for life.  The reversed black bands over yellow on the back symbolize weakened capacity for life multiplied with respect to slavery.  The red color on the body is a sign of terrible suffering from Beelzebub, who is the invisible spirit of Satan.  In other words, the spider symbolizes Satan's original sin that started all the hell that the creatures of God (angels and man) have had to face since the beginning.

The Juro spider came from Asia, as did the COVID-19 virus that came out of China in 2020.  The year 2020 is a doubling of the number 20, for a generation.  The number 2020 is not just a doubling, but raising the number to a higher power, meaning a generation of generations, corresponding to an historic generation, such as the Exodus generation or the generation of Noah and the Flood.  The year 2020 was the beginning of the world's worst pandemic, which has lasted two years.

God periodically judges the human race to break up Satan's kingdom, since Satan rules the world and has infiltrated all of its institutions.  The shutdown due to the COVID-19 pestilence closed businesses and institutions (e.g. education) run by the devil.  Satan and his demons were forced into the street with most institutions dysfunctional, including the Church.  The worst area for the pestilence in the US was originally New York, where it symbolized the Fall of Babylon (Rev 18:2).

The spiders are in northern Georgia because Georgia symbolizes law enforcement over the land, corresponding to the Sheriff's Office, which apprehends criminals.  Criminals are empowered by Satan as the demon of lawlessness.  The Man of Lawlessness will be the Antichrist during the Tribulation.  Lawlessness and criminals have emerged from the pandemic with a vengeance all over the world.  The spiders in Georgia symbolize the breakout of the spirit of lawlessness that attacks the Sheriff's Office.  The spiders symbolize the demonic spirit of the Antichrist.  The spirit of lawlessness is already operational prior to the Tribulation (2 Thess 2:7).

Furthermore, the spider in its web with eight legs symbolizes a pitcher on the mound of a baseball diamond.  There are nine players on a baseball team.  The Atlanta Braves are playing in the World Series.      


The plague of Juro spiders in Georgia, USA symbolizes Beelzebub, or Satan as the lord of the flies.   This is a sign of the mystery of lawlessness (criminality)in Georgia, but also a sign of the evil spirit of Satan when he sinned by rejecting his creation as the keeper of the Heavenly Control Room.  The result has been thousands of years of suffering of created beings (angels and man).

The plague is the result of God's historic judgment of 2020, which means a generation of generations, an historic generation that stands out in world history. 
The COVID-19 virus originated in China and is symbolized by the Juno spider.  The virus is spread by Elect Angels and first targeted those over 65, the Fourth Generation of the Four Generation Curse.  The death toll in the US alone is 766,000.  The pestilence is a judgment upon this generation that results in the destruction of Satan's kingdom.  Therefore, his demons are out in the streets and countryside reorganizing since God has broken up their power system.  


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Released October 30, 2021 - Revised Nov. 2, 2021

Author:  Larry Wood