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Doctrine of Spiritual Fatigue

October 14 (Day 287, Donkey)Spiritual fatigue is spiritual weakness caused by attacks from Satan and his demons.  Spiritual fatigue is one of the problems in the Spiritual World.  When a person falls into the Cosmic System, demon influence on the Spiritual Body disrupts Capacity for Life and interferes with normal soul (psychological) and physical function.  Spiritual  fatigue causes people  to be weak, enervated, anxious, and without endurance.  This can lead to mental and physical infirmities.  For example, the sinus problems and fatigue associated with a virus like the common cold or COVID-19 are not simply physical but are exacerbated by demons in the Spiritual World.  The strange symptoms such as problems with taste, smell, weakness, fatigue, depression, and anxiety are all signs of demon influence.  Almost all infirmities are associated with demon influence from the Cosmic System.  Even though God starts Divine Punishment, Satan and his demons quickly spot the weakened individual and attack.  The Doctrine of Spiritual Fatigue is short and simple but one of the most important doctrines of the Spiritual World.

Doctrine of the Spiritual World  

October 21 (Day 294, Footstool)The Spiritual World is the domain of God, angels, and demons in contrast to the Temporal World of creation and time.  The realm of God and spirits is a completely new perspective.  It's not just a paradigm shift, but a whole new world.  It is a foreign subject to the writers of theology, who with  few exceptions are not even filled  with  the  Holy  Spirit.  The Spiritual World is the realm of spirits that are making things happen.  God controls creation, and the angels and demons manage it.  They run the lives of people, who are usually clueless.  They drive human history per the Plan of God and manage all relationships whether romantic or antagonistic.  Angels and demons are running the show for God and people are the dupes.  Understanding the Spiritual World is a new level of spirituality and revelation.  It is truly the thinking required for Spiritual Rapport with God.  The Doctrine of the Spiritual World is a brief summary of the Spiritual World.

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Author: Larry Wood