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The Archangels of the Iowa Caucus

The Archangels of the Iowa Caucus
Spiritual Meaning
Cottonwood Tornado and Iowa Caucus Charts


The Archangels of the Iowa Caucus

January 15, 2024 (Day 15):  Former President Donald Trump won the Iowa Caucus for the Republican nomination for President by a landslide.  The caucus on January 15, 2024 was called after only 31 minutes by the Associated Press (AP).  Trump got 51% of the votes.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got 21%, and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley received 19%.  The caucus began at 7 PM CST (0100 GMT) in the cold of the dead of winter with temperatures around -6 degrees Fahrenheit.  When President Trump arrived at his hotel, he remarked that the weather was "brutal." 

The weather was a gift of the Weather Archangel, who played a key role in heralding the caucus.  Only a few hours before two tornadoes crossed Interstate 95 in Florida in the two counties North of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach estate.  The Weather Angels left calling cards to identify the tornadoes as heralds of the Iowa Caucus.  Earlier, on January 9, 2024 a huge winter storm spawned tornadoes in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South and North Carolina.  A tornado began in Graceville, Florida, crossed the state line into Alabama, and killed an 81-year-old woman named Paschal in Cottonwood, Alabama.  Paschal means Passover, and 81 is for a Grace counterattack of Jezebel.  The Archangel of Death did not pass over her house trailer.  The Astrological Charts of the Cottonwood tornado and the Iowa Caucus contain
Bowls that are mirror images of each other on the Spiritual and Temporal sides of the charts.  The Florida tornadoes on the day of the  Iowa Caucus were in counties with numbers that were mirror images of each other. 

SPC Storm Reports for Jan. 9 and Jan. 15, 2024

SPC Tornadoes SPC Tornadoes

Former President Trump received 51% of the vote in Iowa, where 51 is for arrogance.  Whose arrogance?  Everyone is arrogant.  People were out to stop Trump both inside the Republican Party and outside.  The never-Trumpers are out to stop him by any means possible, including using the courts.  Trump was the victim of Iconoclastic Arrogance, in which people create an image of worship, and then turn on it when they discover its feet of clay in order to destroy the image they have created.  Satan is behind Iconoclastic Arrogance.  So, to attribute the arrogance to Trump would result in slavery to the devil.

Spiritual Meaning

The Trump victory in the Iowa Caucus was due to the Archangels as a demonstration of the meaning of the year 2024, for Archangels and strategy.  The Weather Archangel provided the cold, winter weather in Iowa, for the state that wanted to be first in the US Presidential race.  A huge storm in the Eastern US on January 9, 2024 provided clues of what was coming.  A tornado began in Graceville, Florida, crossed the state line, and killed Charlotte Paschal, 81, in Cottonwood, AL.  That day Trump lawyers were arguing his case for Presidential immunity before the US Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.  Presidents have the highest executive authority in the country per the Constitution.  They cannot be prosecuted for their actions in office.  They can only be impeached and removed from office by Congress.  Yet Trump is being charged with all  kinds of crimes, and the courts don't seem to understand.

So, what does this have to do with the Cottonwood tornado.  Alabama is in the region of Pisces (Levi), corresponding to Law Enforcement associated with the state (such as state police or highway patrol).  The three judges of the Appeals Court had no jurisdiction over former President Trump for his actions while President.  The judges (three in parallel) symbolized the counterattack of  Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  They were outside their authority and outside the Grace of God.  The tornado produced by the Weather Angel began in Graceville as a sign of Grace, but it crossed into Alabama in the region of Pisces (Levi) for the Criminal Justice System.  In Alabama the tornado that destroyed Cottonwood singled out the woman in the trailer about four miles out  of town, rolled her trailer, and killed her.  She was 81, for a Grace counterattack of Jezebel.  Shocking though it may be, this woman had ties to the service of the nation associated with the Appeals Court hearing Trump's appeal.  The woman was Charlotte Paschal, where Paschal means Passover.  The Archangel of Death did not pass over her trailer.  She was not protected by the Blood of Christ.  She died in the wilderness, and her trailer was made an ash heap.  The Birth Chart of Charlotte Paschal contains a Wagon, for the trailer in which she died on January 9, where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt.

On January 15 before the Iowa Caucus started, the cold front that froze Iowa was coming through Florida.  Two tornadoes were spawned that crossed Interstate 95, which is a strategic highway linking Florida to the northern states.  The number 95 is for a hero, or winner, symbolizing Trump's strategic victory in Iowa.  Three of the counties in which I-95 runs up Florida's East coast are Palm Beach (bottom) (home of Mar-a-Lago), Martin (middle), and St. Lucie (top).  The first tornado crossed I-95 in Martin County #42 at 4:44 pm EST.  The second torndo hit a few miles North in St. Lucie County #24 at 5:37 pm EST.  Note the county numbers 42, for Baal, and 24, for Archangels and strategy.  The numbers 42 and 24 symbolize the beginning and end of a sequence.  The sequence corresponds to running the course of a race track, or completing the course.  The Weather Angel did this to get our attention.

The two Florida tornadoes were heralds of the Iowa Caucus,which would begin at 7 pm CST about 3 hours later.  The two tornadoes both crossed I-95, the strategic highway, symbolizing attacks seeking to cut off Trump's race for President.  The first tornado symbolized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the second tornado symbolized Nikki Haley.  These were Satanic counterattacks opposing Trump, who was protected by a Guardian Archangel (Watcher).

The Astrological Charts of the Cottonwood tornado and the Iowa Caucus both contain Bowls that are mirror images of each other on the Spiritual and  Temporal sides of the charts.  This corresponds to the mirror images of the  Florida county numbers where the tornadoes struck.  What begins on the Spiritual side of the chart is fulfilled on the Temporal side.  Thus, the storm of January 9 was a herald of the storm of January 15 (Iowa Caucus).  The January 9 storm was associated with the Presidential authority of Trump, and the Iowa Caucus was the fulfillment of that authority in the Temporal World by winning the Iowa Caucus for President.

Former President Trump had 51% of the vote in Iowa, where 51 is for arrogance.  Arrogance is something the Guardian Archangel will have to handle.  Here it is taken to mean that Trump was the victim of Iconoclastic Arrogance, in which the iconoclasts were trying to destroy his image.  This is like the curse of Ishmael in which everyone's hand is against him, and his hand is against everyone (ref. Gen. 16:12).

USAFormer President Trump had support from most demographic groups, who shared his establishment values.  He had Spiritual support from the evangelicals, who prayed for him.  The secular groups wished for his success, and the evangelicals prayed.  This indicates the presence of the Prayer Archangel.  From the illustration of Client Nation USA, Iowa is in the region of the Merarites, who were the metallurgists for the Tabernacle.  They built the Brazen Altar and made the pots, pans, and censers.  Coals from the Brazen Altar were used in the censers to burn incense,which symbolized the prayer life.  The Prayer Archangel adds incense and prays with the people on Earth before the Father.

The Diaspora Archangel was also active during the Iowa Caucus.  He and his staff gathered the voters, brought them to the meeting places in the cold, and influenced them to vote for Trump according to the Will of God.  The people still had their volition, but they were already in spiritual harmony with the Angels.  Trump was also brought in by the Diaspora Archangel.  Everyone knows Trump is no angel, but, like Nebuchadnezzar and Jehu, he was raised up for the life that God prepared for him.

Cottonwood Tornado and Iowa Caucus Charts

Cottonwood Tornado
Iowa Caucus

The charts for the Cottonwood, Alabama tornado of January 9, 2024 and the Iowa Caucus of January 15, 2024 are mirror images of each other.
  A Bowl in the Cottonwood chart is on the Spiritual side of the chart, and the Bowl in the chart of the Iowa Caucus is on the Temporal side.  The Cottonwood chart dealt with the Spiritual issues of the Presidential authority of former President Trump, and the Iowa Caucus chart dealt with the Temporal result of Trump winning the Iowa Caucus on the strategic path to become President.


The story of the Iowa Caucus of 2024 illustrates the meaning of the year 2024, for Archangels and strategy.  The angels are invisible, but they leave their calling cards behind to make us aware of their presence.  The demons are always seeking attention, but the Elect Angels do their jobs without fanfare.  However, their presence can often be deduced during significant events in human history.  All of the angels work together under the Archangels to accomplish the Will of God.  The weather, people, and the stars above all move in harmony with God's Plan for human history.  The Spiritual perspective is in a different world from the Temporal perspective.  We are all brainwashed by Temporal, worldly beliefs, and it is nearly impossible to even imagine the magnificence of the Spiritual creation.

It is doubtful that the people in Graceville, Florida and Cottonwood, Alabama realized that Angelic celebrities came to visit them on January 9, 2024.  They were, nevertheless, part of a major operation in US history.  There was war between the Elect Angels and Satan and his demons over the future of Client Nation USA, which has suffered greatly from Satan's attack on the Church that has left the nation without the salt of the land.  Because the salt from the Church is gone, Satan has taken over government institutions, schools, businesses, and marriages.  Satan is the enemy, and the Angels of God are calling on Christians to stand against the forces of evil.  We're not in the Millennium but in the heat of battle and often confused about the war that rages around us.

The people of Iowa turned out in the dead of Winter to fulfill their patriotic duty to vote for the Republican Presidential nominee.  Yet the election was called in 31 minutes before very few had even cast their vote.  They were clueless that God and His Angels rule over the government of the USA.  The name of the next President is already written in the records of Heaven along with the Divine Plan for every human life.  We will be what God created us to be.  We can accept it and learn about the wonder of it all, or we can serve the devil and die in the wilderness.  This isn't Heaven, but it is nevertheless the awesome creation of God with myriads of Angels that is miraculous beyond belief.  History is woven together by the Angels; yet, God has given us significant roles to play in his magnificent Plan for our lives.


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Released Jan. 18, 2024

Author:  Larry Wood