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Gilbert's Mill, Florida Tornado
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Gilbert's Mill, Florida Tornado


March 31, 2022 (Day 31, Evil King):   Swarms of tornadoes cursed the southern United States as a large cold front crossed the Mississippi River.  At least 69 tornadoes were reported from Texas to Florida.  Most of the tornadoes were in Alabama.  However, there were only two fatalities, and they were in a sparsely populated area in the woods of Washington County, Florida where a double-wide manufactured home was obliterated by a 200-yard wide EF-3 (150 mph) tornado at 4:10 AM CDT (0910 GMT) on the morning of March  31, 2022.  A man and his wife were killed.  Other nearby homes were also damaged or destroyed, and two people were injured.  A person in a single-wide mobile home nearby was injured when he was thrown into the tree line grasping his mattress.   Another man was buried under his large white pickup truck where he dove for cover as the storm destroyed his house and barn.

The irony is that with all the havoc wrought by the wrath of God, why were only two people killed in the US, and why were they killed in a remote area in the middle of nowhere?  Death is God's Sovereign decision.   He determines the time, manner, and place of  death.  A person's death glorifies God.  So, there is a Divine message in all this.  The astrological charts of the tornado and the victims help explain the mystery.  The birth charts of the victims offer clues of their deaths, and the Marriage Chart of the couple who died contains a rare Star (Pentagram), a sign of sudden supernatural brilliance (blessing or cursing) in a person's life.   

RhinoThe storm that produced the tornadoes formed the image of a rhinoceros (beast with a little horn like the Antichrist (Dan 7:8)) as it approached from crossing the Mississippi.  A tornado struck a manufactured home on Gilbert's Mill Road nine miles southeast of Chipley.  Two people were killed, two were injured, and nearby houses and barns were damaged or destroyed. 
Gilbert's Mill Map

The land where the tornado struck lies along Little Hard Labor Creek,which lies in the lowland (or valley) at the bottom of Orange Hill.  The elevation of Little Hard Labor Creek is 75 feet (23 meters), and the elevation of Orange Hill is 285 feet (87 meters).  The creek was formerly used for a grist mill where corn meal was ground.  The surrounding unincorporated community was named Gilbert's Mill.  Gilbert's Mill is at the intersection of Orange Hill Road and Gilbert's Mill  Road.

The victims who died in the tornado were John and Karen Watson.  John was 56, for soldiers dropping like dung in the open field, and Karen was  54, for Salvation or deliverance.  They came to Florida from England.  John came in 1995 and Karen in 1997.  John was from Lowestoft, and Karen was from Ipswich.  They were married on August 26, 1997 in Graceville, Florida by an Assembly of God pastor from Vernon, Florida.  John was a Chief Engineer, offshore, and  Karen was a custodian at Holmes County High School in Bonifay, Florida.  They had two sons, ages 22 and  21. Tornado Damage

The picture taken by the National Weather Service illustrates the awesome skill of the tornado angel who removed a metal building without disturbing the contents inside.  He could easily have passed over the victims, but he had orders to kill. 

Gilbert's Mill Tornado Chart

Gilbert's Mill
        Tornado ChartThe Chart at the time of the tornado on Gilbert's Mill Road contains a Bow, the weapon of a warrior, such as the  Antichrist (Rev 6:2).  The Red Planet, God of the Covenants, and Morning Star are in conjunction on the Ascendant, and the Last Adam has just risen.  These planets ascending set the stage at the time for how things were going to be.  They mean:
- Red Planet - suffering in the flesh (human body)
- God of the Covenants - Antichrist
- Morning Star - military leaders, e.g. those in Ukraine.
- Last Adam - outcast, for those cast out of their homes by the tornado.

The Sun and Moon were in Pisces.  The Moon was a crescent, one day from New Moon, for the absence of reflected glory from the Church.  The Moon in Pisces symbolizes the faith or belief of the Church, the blue in the Ukraine flag, and the meaning of Gilbert.  The Sun in Pisces symbolizes Heavenly glory, corresponding to the glory of the stars, like the Milky Way Galaxy or a celebrity.  The Sun in Pisces corresponds to the yellow in the Ukrainian flag and the meaning of Gilbert.  The Savior Planet was also in Pisces, for the Savior of the body, or congregation.

The Almighty God and Redeemer planets were in Aquarius, where Aquarius symbolizes Florida.  The Almighty God refers to the Prostitute of Babylon, who is under Baal.  The Evil King will attack the Prostitute of  Babylon in the Tribulation.  This corresponds to Russia attacking Ukraine.  It also symbolizes the tornado and its angel attacking Washington County, which is Florida county number 50, for the Church, which usually loses when attacked by the State.  And the Redeemer in Aquarius is for redemption from Sheol, the grave, for those who survived the tornado.

The first three signs on the left side of the Chart correspond to Texas, Florida, and Mississippi and Alabama in the region of Pisces.  This corresponds to  the span of the tornadoes on the SPC Storm Report above from Texas to Florida.

The Mediator Planet was in Aries, for an official, corresponding to the first responders who came to the aid of the tornado victims.

Victims' Charts

Birth Chart:  Karen L. Watson 

Karen was born March 4, 1968, Day 64, where the numbers mean:  4, weakness; 68, serving in Edom, and 64, maximum weakness.

Karen Watson ChartThe birth chart of Karen Watson contains a Horse's Hoof with two intersecting Coffins and Horns.  A Horse's Hoof is the sign of being trampled by horses as was the case in the death of Jezebel.  Her death by the tornado fulfilled this prophecy.  Her Sun sign was Aquarius, where Aquarius corresponds to the location of Florida.  The Sun in Aquarius is for the glorious Gospel.  The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel or a wife who is a leader. 

Two planets were in Leo with a third nearby in Virgo, forming a Family Configuration.  Leo corresponds to the location of Ukraine in Europe.  The planets in Leo were:
  1. Almighty God - ruler
  2. Last Adam - standing before the  footstool of a king

The Mediator Planet was in Virgo, for a peacemaker.

The Redeemer Planet was in Scorpius, as the sign of Balaam.

The Savior and Morning Star planets were in conjunction in Capricornus, for a rescuer and a Gentile military leader, corresponding to the Ukraine War.

The Red Planet and God of the Covenants were in conjunction in Pisces.
  1. Red Planet - a bloody priest or suffering saint
  2. God of the Covenants - secrets, secret perversions, or secret doctrines, such as mysticism, apostasy, or witchcraft

Birth Chart:  John W. Watson

John Watson was born September 12, 1965, Day 255, where the numbers mean:  12, authority; 65, going down, and 255, Grace blessing (55).

John Watson ChartJohn's birth chart contains a Teeter-Totter with two groups of planets on opposite sides of the chart, for a person who goes back and forth, such as a person who works offshore for long periods and then returns home.  There is also a Locomotive, which points to the God of the Covenants in Aquarius, where Aquarius corresponds to Florida and relates to John's immigration to Florida from England.  The God of the Covenants in Aquarius corresponds to a peace maker.  There is also an out-of-tolerance  Coffin, which cannot be specified exactly since the time of birth is  not  known, and that affects the location of the Moon.

The Sun was in Leo along with three other planets, for a Stellium, indicating significant influence in Leo, which corresponds to Ukraine in Europe.  The planets in Leo mean:
  1. Sun - King of glory
  2. Last Adam - standing before the footstool of the king
  3. Mediator - royal priest (where royalty is related to the English monarchy)
  4. Savior - royal son (where royalty is related to the English monarchy)
The Sun, Last Adam, and Mediator in Leo were in opposition to  the God of the Covenants in Aquarius, for the Covenant of  Peace in the  Millennium (Isa 54:10)).  This corresponds to the  Ukraine War in contrast to peace.

The Almighty God Planet was in Gemini, for a marriage feast or the witness of water and blood.

The Moon was in Pisces, for the Church or a group of believers with a common ideology.

There was a Family Configuration in Libra, which corresponds to the location of Germany in Europe.  The planets in Libra symbolized the  sudden, cataclysmic judgment of the tornado upon John's family.  The planets were:
  1. Morning Star - cataclysmic judgment,
  2. Red Planet - bloody judgment
  3. Redeemer Planet - threshing.  John's home was reduced to an ash heap, or pile  of garbage.

Marriage Chart:  John and Karen Watson

John and Karen Watson were married on August 26, 1997, Day 238 in Graceville, Florida by an Assembly of God pastor from Vernon, Florida, where the numbers mean:  26, Political Babylon; 97, a reduction in force,; 238, dying in the wilderness.  It was John's second marriage, and Karen's  first.  John was divorced when he was 22, for cursing, and he died in 2022 when his oldest son was 22.

Watson Marriage ChartThe Marriage Chart of John and Karen Watson contains a Star, or Pentagram, for a sudden brilliance that comes into a person's life out of the blue.  This sudden brilliance is the work of angels or demons.  The sign is often associated with Baal.  This was a prediction of a famous marriage, which came true when the EF-3 tornado killed John and Karen and made an ash heap of their house.  They were killed in sudden, cataclysmic judgment by an Elect Weather Angel.   John and Karen had the misfortune of being killed by an EF-3 (150 mph) tornado, which was the strongest tornado in Washington County, Florida history based on records going back to 1950.  Their marriage cursing was so bad that it made history.  It became a byword, symbolizing the destruction of the land due to the failure of Marriage Culture (1 Ki  9:7; 2 Chron 7:20; Jer 24:9; Ezek 23:10; Joel 2:17).

The Sun was in Leo, for the King of glory.   The Savior Planet was also in Leo, for a royal son, related to England.  Leo corresponds to the  location of Ukraine in Europe.

The Moon was at a point of the Star in Gemini, for wedding guests.

The God of the Covenants was in Pisces, for reversionism and false doctrine.  There is  no way to  execute Christian marriage apart from Bible Doctrine.

Three planets were in Capricornus with the Mediator at a point of the Star.  The planets were:
  1. Redeemer - water in the desert or sex
  2. Mediator - wilderness wandering
  3. Almighty God - victory over  the world
The Last Adam was in Scorpius, for mystery Babylon (Rev 17:5, 7).  This was Satan's power over the marriage.

The Red Planet was in Libra, for bloody judgment, corresponding to being killed by the tornado.

The Morning Star was in Virgo, for sons of Light (believers).

Spiritual Meaning

God controls His Creation and human history.  He is ultimately responsible for what happens.  He decrees, and angels make it happen.  He gives life and takes it away (Job 1:21).  There is an appointed time to be born and to die (Eccl 3:1-2).  The stars overhead reflect the life of a person on Earth.  They illustrate his life and Divine calling.  God gives Grace or hardens the heart to shape a person's life and destiny.   He gave Jacob Grace and hardened Esau's heart (Rom 9:10-12, 13).  He gives believer and unbeliever a fair shake (1 Pet 3:9).  He is not unjust (Rom 3:5; 9:14; Heb 6:10).  If a person wants to believe, He opens the door.  If a person chooses to go to Hell, He lets him (Rev 2:21).  The only way to Heaven is by faith in Jesus Christ (Jn 3:16, 36; Acts 4:12).  The road to Hell is paved with evil and dead works (Tit 3:5; Rev 20:12).

Tornadoes are produced by Elect Weather Angels to judge the nation under the Cycles of  National Cursing.  A tornado symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage  Culture due to the uncircumcised male.  Uncircumcised symbolizes unsanctified in heart (Deut 10:16; Jer 4:4; Rom 2:29).  The marriage bed must be undefiled (Heb 13:4).  "Undefiled" means more than not committing adultery.  Sanctification must be from the Old Sin Nature and the Cosmic System.  True love requires sanctification from Satan, demons, and the Cosmic System.  Satan attacks marriage as Baal.  Spiritual slavery to Baal destroys true love.  A Christian must advance to Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport to be free from Baal and demons.  The marriage beds of apostates and immature Christians are under slavery to Baal.  Even the Bible Doctrine crowd, who have separated from the world, are still subject to Baal until they reach Spiritual Rapport.  All human relationships are controlled by angels and demons, including love and sex.

God made an example of marriage cursing upon the Watson family in Washington County, Florida.  Their birth charts and marriage chart illustrate the nature of their spiritual problems.  They were not known for being immoral.  Although John was reported to be a long-haired beer drinker, he was not seen as immoral.  The Watson's were immigrants from England.  They left the Old World to come to the New World.  They were foreigners, who settled in the woods (wilderness) of Florida.  They came to the Promised Land but failed to advance to Spiritual Maturity.  Consequently, they died in the wilderness as predicted by the date of their marriage on August 26, 1997, Day 238, where 238 is for dying in the wilderness.

The tornado made an ash heap, or garbage pile, of the double-wide home of the Watson's.  This was a sign of an horrific curse in the year 2022, which stands for cursing.  They were cursed in the valley (or dale) of Little Hard Labor Creek at the base of  Orange Hill.  Orange Hill was named for oranges that grew there, but it is also like the Hill of Megiddo in the Valley of Jezreel, the site of the last Battle  of Armageddon (Zech 12:11; Rev 16:16).  The decimated homes due to the Florida tornado symbolized the devastation of the Ukraine War.  The relationship to Ukraine was in the charts of Karen and John Watson.  Even though they were foreigners in the United States, they were still related to Ukraine in the Angelic Conflict.  Ukraine is a fertile country, the breadbasket of  Europe, and a gem (prized possession) that Satan is trying to secure for Russia to strengthen it for conquest in the coming Tribulation.

The birth chart of Karen Watson contained a Horse's Hoof, the symbol of being trampled by horses, as in the death of Jezebel (2 Ki 9:33).  She was trampled by the Red Horse (Four Horses of the Apocalypse) of suffering from war and the economy.  The Horse's Hoof in her birth chart symbolized Karen's death by the powerful EF-3 tornado that set a record for the strongest in Washington County history.

The birth chart of  John Watson contained a Teeter-Totter with a Locomotive for a person who bounced back and  forth between two worlds (the Old and the New) and between offshore platforms and his home in Florida.  Three planets in Libra in John's birth chart symbolized his violent death in the tornado.  They were:
  1. Morning Star - sudden cataclysmic judgment
  2. Red Planet - bloody judgment
  3. Redeemer - threshing, for being made an ash heap
The marriage chart of John and Karen contained a Star, or Pentagram, for sudden, supernatural brilliance in life from angels or demons.  John and Karen were made infamous by their deaths from the most powerful tornado in Washington County history.  They were married by an Assembly of God pastor on August 26, 1997, Day 238, for dying in the wilderness in the Cosmic System - failure to be sanctified from Satan.  The Last Adam in Scorpius was at one of the points of the Star, for Mystery Babylon (Rev 17:5, 7), which is Satan's kingdom that is being destroyed now and will be destroyed completely in the Tribulation (Rev 18:2).   The cursing of the Watson's little home in the woods became a byword of cursing under the Cycles of National Cursing in 2022, the year for cursing.

Ukraine FlagThe relationship of John and Karen Watson to Ukraine was intricately interwoven into their lives related to the Gilbert's Mill tornado.
The name Gilbert is German for bright pledge.  Bright refers to light, glory, and life, and pledge is a doctrinal belief or solemn promise, such as the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  Flags have colors and are often called "the colors."  The colors of the flag of Ukraine are blue and yellow (or gold). Blue is the color for righteousness and doctrinal belief, and yellow is the color for light, glory, and life.  The children of Gilbert's Mill  attend Chipley High School, where the school colors are blue and gold. 

Gilbert's Mill and Ukraine are both related to grain and bread.  Ukraine grows wheat and is the bread basket of Europe, while Gilbert's Mill was a grist mill for grinding corn.  Corn meal for making corn bread was a staple in the old south.  Bread symbolizes  the  X-axis of the Spiritual Life, corresponding to faith and doctrinal belief.  Our daily bread symbolizes faith.


The Gilbert's Mill tornado demonstrated God's wrath in the remote woods of Washington County, Florida.  The tornado struck the home of a married couple and blew it to pieces, making an ash heap.  The couple, John and Karen Watson, were killed.  The tornado was made by an Elect Weather Angel.  The destruction and death were Providential Preventative Suffering under the Cycles of National Cursing.  The two deaths from the weather were in lieu of the destruction of the nation, as is occurring in Ukraine.  The EF-3 tornado with 150 mph winds set a new record for the strongest in Washington County history and made the Watson's infamous.  Washington County is named for George Washington and thus associated with national government.  It is also Florida County #50, for the Church.  The conflict between Church and State is symbolized by the Evil King (Antichrist) attacking the Prostitute of Babylon.  This corresponds to the Ukraine War in which the Evil King is Russia and Ukraine is the Prostitute of Babylon.

The tornado was a weather curse in 2022, the year of cursing.  A tornado symbolizes the breakdown of marriage culture due to the uncircumcised  male.  The breakdown of marriage culture weakens the the nation until it falls unless Christians are sanctified through believing and obeying Bible Doctrine.  Sanctification is more than sanctification from the Old Sin Nature.  There must also be sanctification from Satan's Cosmic System, which is only possible by advancing to Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport.  Those who don't advance to maturity will die in the wilderness  The deaths of John and Karen Watson in the woods symbolize dying in the wilderness.

Satan controls people through his Cosmic System, which is also called Babylon.  People who are enslaved to Satan's Cosmic System are the enemies of God and therefore subject to the judgment of God (Phil 3:18).  God gives everyone time to be saved and overcome Satan.  When people reject God's solution, they go to their death.  Those who die without Christ are doomed to Hades, and Christians who reject the New Christian Life will die the Sin Leading to Death.  Those who choose to obey God will be blessed, but those who reject God will be cursed.  The deaths of John and Karen Watson were cursing from God.

The Watson's came to the US from England.  They left the Old World and entered the New World, but like the Exodus generation, they died in the wilderness.  John and Karen were married on August 26, 1997, Day 238, where 38 is for dying in the wilderness, and 26 is for Political Babylon of Satan's Cosmic System.  The chart at the time of marriage contained a Star (Pentagram), a sign of sudden brilliance from angels or demons.  They became infamous when they died in the strongest tornado in Washington County history.  The Last Adam planet was in Scorpius, for Mystery Babylon, the name of Satan's Cosmic System.  Satan enslaved them, and therefore God judged them.

The story of the Watson's is awesome in how God took seemingly insignificant people and made them a byword to communicate to the people of Florida, the nation, and the world.  The life that God gives everyone is awesome beyond belief.  People are fee to choose God and blessing or reject God and receive cursing (Deut 11:26-27, 28).

Gilbert's Mill Tornado Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Heavenly glory, stars
Moon Pisces Church
Savior Pisces Savior of the body
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile military leaders
Red Planet Capricornus Human suffering
Almighty God Aquarius Prostitute of Babylon
Ring Planet Capricornus Antichrist
Mediator Aries Official
Redeemer Aquarius Redeemed from Sheol
Last Adam Capricornus Outcast



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Released April 12, 2012

Author: Larry Wood
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