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Devastating Hurricane Ian Curses Florida,

Following the paths of two previous storms

Hurricane Ian

Devastating Hurricane Ian Curses Florida
Spiritual Meaning
Hurricane Ian

Devastating Hurricane Ian Curses Florida

September 28, 2022 (Day 272):  Hurricane Ian barreled into the Ft. Myers region of Florida with 130-knot winds and a devastating storm surge on September 28, 2022.  The eye wall came ashore at Cape Coral in Lee County at 1:44 PM EDT (1744 GMT).  Floods of water welled up by the hurricane rushed in from the sea across the beaches, into the canals, up rivers, and into the streets.  The bridge to Sanibel Island was washed out, and homes were flooded and washed away.  It was predicted.  It has happened before.

Sun Halo

Hurricane Ian (meaning John) began in the Caribbean and was named a tropical storm south of Haiti on September 23,  It was  named a hurricane on September 25 when the pressure dropped to 983 mb even though winds were estimated to be 51 knots by a reconnaissance aircraft.  However, it crossed the Western horse's neck of  Cuba on September 27 with 90-knot wind and 960 mb pressure.  During the afternoon a Sun halo appeared over central Florida.  As the path of the approaching storm proved unpredictable, NASA rolled back Artemis from the Launch Pad.

Hurricane IanThe soothsayers went wild predicting the possible path and destruction of the unpredictable storm.  Government officials ordered evacuations.  The mayor of Tampa ordered evacuation of 300,000 people - a number that just happened to be the number of reserves that Russian President Putin had called up for the war in Ukraine.  Tampa wound up high and dry as the approaching storm sucked the water out  of the bay.  Then the Governor advised 2 million to leave the Sarasota area.  This corresponded to the refugees of the Ukraine war and the hoards of immigrants across the US southern border.

After threatening the East Coast of Florida, the Panhandle, and the central West Coast, Hurricane Ian headed strait for Ft. Myers as a Major Hurricane.  Yet the models could not agree and diverged after 12 hours.  Hurricane Ian made landfall on September 28, where 28 is the number for a cosmic stronghold (a storm).  The strong wind and big storm surge were double curses in the year of cursing, 2022.

Hurricane Ian
Ian Landfall

Tropical Storm IanAfter making landfall, Hurricane Ian crossed the state of Florida diagonally.  As it moved inland, it weakened to a tropical storm, although there were occasional strong gusts of hurricane force in various parts of the huge wind field.  As the storm approached Titusville and the Artemis Launch Pad, it slowed to a crawl, and the large center of circulation (like a Low pressure area) remained over the area from 5 AM to 1:30 PM.  It was calm, like being in the eye of a hurricane, and it appeared that the storm was over.  However, when this center of circulation passed, the wind whipped up to 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.

Tropical Storm Ian exited Florida from Cape Canaveral and moved into the Atlantic where it appeared to be falling to pieces.  It appeared as a hybrid with wind like a tropical storm but without a warm core, like a Low pressure area.  However, it revived its tropical characteristics the next day, September 30, and came ashore as a tropical storm (called a hurricane by the weather service) north of Charleston, South Carolina about 11:49 AM EDT.  The storm surge up the South Carolina coast caused large-scale damage.

Spiritual Meaning

A hurricane is Divine punishment for rejection of the Grace message of the pastor by the congregation as the Right Woman rejects the authority of the Right Man in Marriage Culture.  The eye of the hurricane symbolizes Grace.  God promises people a new life.  If they reject the  new life and go on living the old life in the world, He punishes them periodically to turn them around.  When people reject Divine punishment, they fall deeper into reversionism and God increases the punishment until they finally receive dying punishment and go to Heaven or Hell.

The unbeliever must find the new life at Salvation.  After Salvation the Christian must reject his old life of sin and find his new life (Matt 10:39; 16:25).  As a person lives his life, he is producing Good and evil.  The Good may be Divine Good from Grace or human good.  Evildoing is from Satan and demons.  God punishes dead works and evil.  Those people who reject Bible Doctrine and the Right Man - Right Woman relationship will produce dead works.  Dead works are judged in Divine punishment, such as a hurricane.  Good works are blessed.  Some houses survived the recent storm, and others did not.  The houses symbolized the Edification Complex of the Soul or the Arrogance Complex of the reversionist (1 Cor 3:11-13).

People under the influence of Satan and demons are Satan's slaves and produce evil.  Fornication, adultery, and homosexuality are all evil.  They all are the work of demons who have enslaved people.  They are also sins that were paid for on the cross.  The Christian can confess these sins and move on with his new life.  However, he cannot get free of the demon except by Grace. 

The demon will come back to tempt or harass until God removes him (2 Cor 12:7-9).  The demon that attacks Right Man - Right Woman and Marriage is usually Baal.  Baal is the demon of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The streams of water in the streets from Hurricane Ian were the sign  of the Prostitute of Babylon and Baal (Prov 5:16).  Baal is usually in the lives of Christians until Spiritual Rapport, which is long after Spiritual Maturity.  Very few Christians ever come close to Spiritual Maturity.  This means Baal is in the bedrooms of believers and unbelievers, especially  those who reject Rebound and Bible Doctrine (Heb 13:4).

Hurricane Ian flooded the coast of Florida as a reminder of God's judgment of the Noahic Flood because of Satan's  attack on Marriage.  Before the Flood women and men came under Satan's power as mighty men like Evil Kings and goddesses like Prostitutes of Babylon.  Demons married women.  The  judgment that God ordered to wipe that off the face of the Earth was the Flood.  The flooding in Florida was due to demon influence on men and women.  The three rivers around Ft. Myers symbolize women, and the Sanibel Island bridge that collapsed symbolized the man.  The Cape where the Artemis rocket stood and where Tropical Ian exited symbolized the female pudenda.

Three storms in recent years have followed almost the identical same path as Hurricane Ian diagonally across the state from Ft. Myers to Cape Canaveral.  They were:
  1. Hurricane Charley, 2004
  2. Tropical Depression Alex, 2022
  3. Hurricane Ian, 2022

Charley Track
Alex Track
Ian Track

Hurricanes Charley and Ian followed almost identical paths across the Caribbean and Cuba and struck Sanibel Island, Florida.  Charley had 125-kt. wind and Ian had 130-kt. wind.  Charley had a tight 5-mile wide eye, and Ian had a large 34-mile wide eye.  Charley suddenly strengthened just before landfall, and Ian strengthened continually as it approached Florida.  Charley was dry with no rain as it came through central Florida, and Ian was full of rain and flooded everywhere.

Tropical Depression Alex fell to pieces as it approached Florida from the Yucatan and did not become a Tropical Storm until it crossed Florida and was in the Atlantic.  Alex was a small storm compared to Charley and Ian.  It was analogous to the little dog, while Ian was the big dog.  This analogy corresponds to Russia's recent call up of 150,000 reservists to fight Ukraine.  Russia corresponds to the big dog, and Ukraine corresponds to the little dog.

The three storms also correspond to David's Divine punishment.  After David committed adultery with Bathsheba, he suffered terrible Divine punishment.  Then over some years his children grew up and caused trouble.  Amnon raped Tamar (2 Sa 13:1-20), and Absalom had Amnon murdered (2 Sa 13:28-29).  David was the king, and these were crimes that were not judged.  Absalom led a rebellion against David, and David had to flee for his life (2 Sa 15).  The Absalom rebellion was Divine punishment because David had flunked the Four Generation Curse by not enforcing the law against his criminal children (Matt 10:34, 35, 36-38).  In order to be promoted to Spiritual Rapport David had to kill his son Absalom (which was accomplished by his general, Joab. 2 Sa 18:14-15).

As David fled Jerusalem he had double cursing.  Absalom had taken his kingdom, and Shimei cursed David, called him names, and threw rocks at him (2 Sam 16:5-13).  Absalom was like the big dog, and Shimei was like the little dog.  Both were Satan attacking David.  This was Spiritual Warfare.

Thus the three storms correspond to David's Divine punishment.
  1. Hurricane Charley - David's punishment for adultery with Bathsheba
  2. Tropical Depression Alex - Shimei cursing David
  3. Hurricane Ian - Absalom rebellion; cursing for failing the Four Generation Curse

Hurricane PathIn the area around Ft. Myers three rivers empty into Charlotte Harbor, the Peace River, the Myakka River to the North, and the Caloosahatchee River in the South.  The Peace River was the dividing line between the European settlers and the hostile Indians (Native Americans).  The Caloosahatchee River was named for the Calusa Indians (Native Americans), who were warriors.  They were hostile to other tribes and to the Spanish settlers.  Myakka is the name of the sandy, siltty soil of much of Florida.  The name was applied to natives who lived off the land like Jacob compared to Esau (Gen 25:27).  Rivers symbolize women.  So the names of the rivers correspond to three types of women, namely lovers, aggressive (passionate, bitter, reactive), and carefree (unfettered, footloose, romantic).  Love in the woman of peace could be good or bad, but it was harmony.  The other two women deviate  from love, like the two wives of Lamech, Adah and Zillah (Gen 4:19).   Lamech rejected Right Man - Right Woman and married two paramours.  Adah means ornament.  She was beautiful and wore jewelry.  Zillah means shady.  She was shady, or darkened.  Adah was lawless, running free, and Zillah dressed down and made herself available to shady characters.

The path of Ian, which is very close to the paths of the other two storms over Florida, is shown in the illustration.  The path begins near Sanibel Island in the Ft. Myers area, proceeds diagonally through central Florida, and exits at Titusville and Cape Canaveral.  The path begins in Charlotte Harbor which is fed by three rivers.  This swampy area symbolizes the female genitals, corresponding to passion.  In the central area are  lakes, another symbol  of  the female.  The lake region corresponds to female breasts and love.  Cape Canaveral can be taken in two ways, either the top or a sign of female pudenda.  The top includes the mouth, nose, and sinuses.  The three parts of the path correspond to the three rivers of the female for bonding to the man, namely the genitals, breasts, and mouth.

Tropical Storm Ian Second Landfall

After crossing Florida, Tropical Storm Ian struck South Carolina on September 30, where South Carolina in the region of Leo corresponds to the government, king, or evil king, and the  military establishment.  Landfall North of Charleston symbolized the conflict with Russian President Putin, who is at war in Ukraine.  In a ceremony on September 30 announcing annexation of four Ukraine regions in the East, President Putin condemned the West as "Satanic" because of its corrupt moral values.  He gave examples of attitudes toward homosexuality and gender change operations.  This was after he sponsored a sham election in Eastern Ukraine, proclaimed it part of Russia, and threatened to defend the territory with nuclear weapons.  Putin also blamed the West for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.  The ruptured pipelines spewing natural gas in the sea correspond to the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius as the symbol of a reversionist (Jude 1:13; Isa 57:20).

Ian weakened as it continued into North Carolina, where it became a Low pressure area, and its remnants scattered into the wind.


Hurricane Ian ChartThe chart at the time of the landfall of Hurricane Ian contains a Horse's Hoof and a Pole (opposition) or Catwalk.  A Horse's Hoof symbolizes being trampled by horses as happened to Jezebel.  The Horse's Hoof obviously also corresponded to the tidal surge as Hurricane Ian barreled ashore.  The Pole is strong opposition.  It is formed by two oppositions between the Father and Sons Configuration in Midheaven and the Redeemer and Almighty God Planets at the Bottom of Heaven.  The Pole could  also be taken as a Catwalk.  The Catwalk symbolizes a transition, like a gang plank.  One explanation of the Catwalk is the Rapture of the Church.  Then the opposition would symbolize the Evaluation Throne of Christ when the Church is evaluated in Heaven and dead works are burned.  Another explanation is that Hurricane Ian was God's Judgment of dead works as a sample of what will occur when our life's works will be judged at the Evaluation Throne of Christ.

  The Father and Sons configuration in Virgo in Midheaven symbolizes Christ the Glorious Bridegroom with His Church.  The Savior Planet and Morning Star symbolize sons of Light - believers.  Christ will be with His Bride at the Rapture, or Resurrection, of the Church.  The hurricane made landfall in Lee County, which is Florida County #18, for the Resurrection.  It has been 18 years since Hurricane Charley followed the same path as Ian across Florida.  Since there are 20 years in a generation, the number 18 is about a generation.  So, Hurricane Ian was also associated with the Four Generation Curse.  Those people who were not living the new life were living the old life under the Four Generation Curse.  They were living with  the same demons as their parents.  Like David, they were receiving installment discipline before the final evaluation after the Resurrection.

The Moon was in Libra, for a congregation.  The congregation of the Church is supposed to be listening to the Grace message of the pastor.  Hurricanes are Divine punishment for rejection (not obeying) the Grace message.  The only thing that counts is Grace.  Divine Good is produced through Grace.  It is God's work.  In the building analogy Christ is the foundation and the building contains gold, silver, and precious stones, which survive Fire Testing (1 Cor 3:11-15).   Buildings built on sand do not have a good foundation.  Only fools would build a house on sand because the floods would wash it away (Matt 7:26-27)).   The storm surge of Hurricane Ian washed away buildings built on sand by the beach on the flood plain.  The foolish people who erected their mobile homes on the beach were usually Yankees, not native Floridians, who visit the beach but would never  live  there. 

Yankees is not meant to refer only to Northerners but to any non-native person.  They are called by many names, such as gringo, alien, or foreigner.  The Bible uses the word, foreigner (Prov 5:20).   Those people who reject God are aliens and foreigners (Eph 2:19; Col 1:21).  The wrath  of God judges those who are not members of God's household (Rom 1:18).  The hurricane was sent to punish those who had rejected God.  They had lived their life apart from God. 

The Last Adam was in Capricornus, for an outcast, corresponding to the mass exodus of people in Florida leaving the designated hurricane zone, which unfortunately changed daily.  The exodus from the Florida hurricane was due to be 300,000 from Tampa, which corresponds to the 300,000 reservists that Putin called up.  So the judgment of God in the hurricane produced similar exoduses (outcasts).

The God of the Covenants was in Capricornus in retrograde.  It had previously entered Florida as the sign of the Noahic Covenant.  Now it has gone back to Capricornus and produced major flooding in Florida.  Similarly, the Redeemer Planet had moved out of Aquarius into Pisces, but  it came back in retrograde into Aquarius to symbolize being redeemed from the sea, corresponding to the debris washed up from the sea from the ruptured Nord Stream pipelines and the storm surge of Hurricane Ian.

The Almighty God Planet is in Pisces, for the monster whale, which is a symbol of Baal.  Baal is Satan as the spirit of the Evil King and Prostitute of  Babylon.  Baal is the spirit of the Antichrist and Russia and the enemy of Marriage, Israel, and children.  Baal in the lives of people was all the reason that was needed for the wrath of God in the hurricane.

The Bottom of  Heaven was nearby in Pisces, for the death of a priest.  In the Church Age every believer is a priest; so this could apply to almost anyone, even Queen Isabella, who was called Saint Isabella, for whom Sanibel Island is named.

The Mediator Planet was in Aries, for an official, corresponding to all the government leaders trying to direct the people during the storm.

The Red Planet was in Taurus, for the Plagues of Egypt.  The storm was a plague upon the state and nation related to the Cycles of National Cursing


Hurricane Ian was a major hurricane that struck Florida with fierce wind, rain, and a flooding storm surge.  Most of the damage and death was caused by the storm surge that flooded the populated islands, lowlands, and flood plain along the  Gulf Coast.  Ian struck at the mouths of three rivers, filling them with sea water as a symbol of unsanctified copulation (Jas 3:11; Jude 1:13).  The storm struck on September 28, 2022, for  the cursing (22) of a cosmic stronghold (28).  It followed the diagonal path across the state of two previous storms, Charley (2004) and Alex (2022).  The path had three parts, rivers, lakes, and  mouth, that symbolized three erogenous zones of a man and woman - genitals, breasts, and mouths.  The storm overhead was produced by an Elect weather angel, but it symbolized copulation under the power of Baal, which is idolatry (Col 3:5).

The hurricane was Divine punishment from God implemented by weather angels.  Satan and his demons were on hand as soothsayers and liars to instill fear and  confusion in people.  The storm was emergency, crisis judgment of people for their dead works.  Houses that washed away symbolized lives without the foundation of Christ (Matt 7:26; 1 Cor 3:11).  The houses were supposed to symbolize the Edification Complex of the Soul, but they were the Arrogance Complex of unbelievers (1 Jn 2:15, 16).  The storm was God's judgment of the works of people's lives.  The works that were produced under a lifestyle of arrogance were judged.  Those who loved God produced Divine Good from Grace, while those who loved Satan's world produced dead works (1 Cor 3:12)).   Production (works) is the result of a person's life (his lifestyle).   He either lives for God and produces Divine Good or he lives for Satan and produces dead works and evil.

Hurricane Ian began at the mouth of three rivers.  There are many lessons to be learned from the  three rivers, which have a long history associated with Florida from the time of the Spanish settlers and the Indians (Natives).  The Peace River was the line of demarcation between the warlike tribes to the South and the farmers (gatherers) to the North, who were originally Natives but later Spanish. 

The three rivers also symbolize going through a hurricane.  The storm comes from the South with its fury.  After the eye wall there is a brief period of peace (Peace River).  Then comes the other half of the Storm that exits to the North.  The little time of peace in the eye of Grace is quickly forgotten.  The people of Titusville spent over 8 hours in the eye (actually expanded center of circulation) of Ian.  The storm actually stalled out over Titusville.  Most people thought the storm was over, but there was another side to it.  When this big bubble produced by the weather angel passed, the wind whipped up out of the North.

Hurricane Ian was Divine cursing in 2022,the year of cursing.  Cursing comes in many forms.  Those on Mt. Ebal have one type, and those on Mt. Gerizim have another (Deut. 11:29; 27:12, 13).  Cursing can be turned to blessing for those on Mt. Gerizim (Deut 23:5).  Cursing can be an embarrassment, especially for self-righteous, arrogant people.  People who are not arrogant cannot be embarrassed.  Some people may be embarrassed because of the behavior of loved ones.  Parents may be embarrassed because of their children or vice versa.  People may be embarrassed when the home team loses.  Angels, who love us dearly, are surely not pleased with our failures.  Paul was embarrassed by receiving the thorn-in-the-flesh demon (2 Cor 12:7, 8).  Jonah was embarrassed about being sent to Nineveh (Jonah 1:2, 3).

Hurricane Ian was an embarrassment.  Nobody in Florida likes a hurricane, just as women don't like to get pregnant.  The storm wrought havoc for some but disrupted the lives of the rest of Floridians for a week.  God was not embarrassed, however.  He had reason for giving us a bad assignment and ordering our punishment.  Even when others are receiving the brunt of the punishment, it is not fun to watch.  There is empathy.  Yet God wove into the public spectacle personal and  private punishment.  When others are being punished, our own failures are recalled.  Words cannot express the experience  of  trauma any more than words can explain music or the taste of food.  So there is a private side to the storm that God and the angels understand.  It is not sinful, but it is very personal and others would  not  understand.  There is hidden manna from God and angels in the experience.   There was always  a silver lining, but being cursed in 2022 will surely wind up in our personnel files.  This will come up again at the Evaluation Throne of Christ.

Hurricanes are Divine punishment of the congregation for rejection of the Grace message of the pastor and for the Right Woman's violation of the authority of her Right Man.  The new Spiritual Life must be found before it can be executed (Matt 10:39).  We are living a life, but is it the new life or the old one?  This is not a one-shot decision at Salvation.  It must be discovered every day (Phil 2:12).  That is difficult.  God has made us into something and we have to figure out what that is.  Why is it so difficult?  The answer is that we may lack knowledge of doctrine, but moreover because we are not real.  We are puppets on a string manipulated by angels and demons.  We are created beings and God pulls the strings through angels and demons.  He also grinds down the rough edges.  To be even more blunt, the devil owns our life until we can be redeemed in Spiritual Rapport.  We were redeemed from Spiritual death at Salvation, but we were not redeemed from the influence of the devil's world.  We are like actors playing the role we are given, and we are expected  to  do that while maintaining our Christian integrity (holiness).  We can only receive what God gives in Grace, and that is His decision (1 Cor 4:7).


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Released October 2, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood