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Coronation of King Charles, a Day of  Gloom

Coronation of King Charles, a Day of  Gloom
Spiritual Meaning

Coronation of King Charles, a Day of  Gloom

May 6, 2023 (Day 126):  The coronation of King Charles III of Great Britain was one of the great events in the history of  the world.  God ordained it; the Elect Angels presided over it; the clergy performed it; and the crowds turned out to witness the grand and glorious occasion.  The coronation of Charles was obviously the Sovereign decision of God.  There were many signs.  Charles had a Castle Configuration in his Birth Chart, and there was a similar Castle Configuration for the day and time of the coronation.

Yet, there were also anachronisms.  On the day of the coronation, it rained on the parade.  The Elect Weather Angel made that happen.  It was a day of gloom.  While Charles was being crowned inside the beautiful cathedral of Westminster Abbey, it was pouring rain outside on the military companies, horsemen, bands in the parade, and thousands of spectators.  The coronation was preceded by both a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse.

As Charles and his wife, Camilla left Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey in the Gold State Coach,  the streets were wet from earlier rain and the skies were overcast and gloomy.

Westminster Abbey Cathedral

BibleDuring the coronation ceremony, Charles was presented with various symbolic items, including a ruling scepter, an orb, for sovereign power in the world, a sword, for military power, a ring, bracelets, and a Bible.

Charles was anointed with olive oil from the Mount of Olives before he was crowned.  He sat in an old coronation chair for the coronation.  The crown was covered with gold, silver, precious stones, and purple cloth, for royalty.  Camilla was also crowned Queen in lieu of her previous title as Queen Consort.  Charles and Camilla took communion, and then sat on two thrones.

Altar for Communion


At his coronation the King held two scepters in his hands.  The one in his right hand (on the audience's left) bore a cross and symbolized sovereignty in the Temporal World.  The one in his left hand (audience's right) bore a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, for mercy and sovereignty in the Spiritual World.

The King and Queen sat on two thrones as a witness in Marriage. 


After the coronation ceremony the King and Queen went outside where it was pouring rain.  They entered their Gold State Coach and proceeded back to Buckingham Palace along with a long procession of soldiers, guards, and bands in full dress uniforms in the rain.

Spiritual Meaning

The coronation of kings is the Sovereign decision of God.  He raises one up, and puts another down (Ps 75:7; Dan. 2:21).  He selects authorities in the  land, not the people or the politicians (Rom 13:1).  The king may be good or evil, but he serves at the pleasure of God.  God created Charles to be King, even though  it took 74 years to happen.  Charles was born with a Castle Configuration in his Birth Chart, and he was crowned on a day with a Castle  Configuration.

Along with the King God also creates the kingdom.  He created Charles to be King and the people who would be subject to him.  God creates the  environment and everything necessary to sustain life, including plants, animals, Sunshine, and the weather.  God may choose to bless or curse.  On the day of the coronation of King Charles, it rained on the parade.  That was a curse from the weather angel.  It was an anachronism.  God called for the coronation, and then ordered a weather angel to curse  it.  All the details of the coronation were intricately planned, down  to the minute, but the weather was under God's control.

The day of the coronation parade of King Charles was gloomy due to rain.  Since God doesn't make mistakes, this was obviously a sign from Heaven.  The day of the Second Advent will also be a day of gloom (Joel 2:2; Amos 5:20; Zeph 1:15; Isa 29:18).  It will be a bad day, but cursing will be turned to  blessing.

The coronation of King Charles occurred in Westminster Abbey.  Charles left his residence in Buckingham Palace, and went to Westminster Abbey in a gold carriage pulled by six horses on May 6, where 6 is the number for a man stripped of his power standing before the throne of the conquering king to learn his fate (life or death).  The name, Charles, is such a name for a common man, not a nobleman.  It was Day 126, for Political Babylon, which included Satan's attacks on both the Church and the State.  Attacks on the Church included compromise with apostasy from homosexuals, reversionists, and the Prostitute of Babylon.  Attacks on the State included activism and trying to influence the king with false application of doctrine in violation of Divine Authority and Grace.

After the coronation King Charles returned to Buckingham Palace.  The round trip signified running the course of life.  In the ancient Olympic games, Greek distance runners ran a course around two posts at opposite ends of the stadium.  The two posts correspond to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  Buckingham Palace symbolizes the Temporal World, and Westminster Abbey symbolizes the Spiritual World.  The coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey was recognition that the Temporal king, who is a man, is under the power of the Spiritual World, including God, Angels, and demons.  The clergy pointed out the need for the king to be under the power of the Holy Spirit rather than Satan.  The king, like everyone else, is under the influence of Angels and demons from the Spiritual World.

Two scepters were placed in the hands of King Charles.  The one in his right hand (audience's left) symbolized sovereign authority in the Temporal World, and the one in his left hand (audience's right) symbolized sovereign power  in the Spiritual World, which is ruled by the Holy Spirit, as symbolized by a dove, like the one at the Baptism of Christ.  In the Temporal World, the subjects of King Charles were all around.  In the Spiritual World, Angels and demons were driving the affairs of mankind.


Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Coronation Chart
Coronation Chart
King Charles Chart
King Charles Birth Chart

The Chart at the time of the coronation of King Charles at 12:02 PM BST (British Summer Time) (1102 GMT) contains a Castle, the symbol of the domain of a king with great power, who rules over his loyal subjects.  That is quite impressive and evidence  of God's Sovereign Design.  However, the Castle was also in the chart of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse the night before, as expected.  Since Greatest Eclipse was at midnight, and the coronation was near Midday, the two Castles are almost perfect mirror images of each other.  This is even more evidence of  Divine Design.  Yet, there is more.  The Birth Chart of King Charles also contains a Castle, and the chart is almost precisely in the orientation of the coronation chart with the Castle oriented similar to the Lunar Eclipse chart.  Both charts have Cancer on the Ascendant.

The coronation chart has the Sun in Aries, for a leader's glory.  It was a glorious day for King  Charles.   There were also three other planets and Midheaven in Aries, for even more power.  The Moon was in Libra, for ruling the nation.  The Moon was also approaching the cusp of Scorpius, for influence from the Prostitute of Babylon.

The Birth Chart of King Charles had the Sun and Moon reversed from the coronation chart.  The Sun was in Libra, for Sovereign authority, and the Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel,
who usurps the authority of God as the Prostitute of Babylon.  This has been a curse in Charles' life.


The coronation of King Charles III was the Sovereign Design of God.   God created Charles to be king; yet he had to wait 74 years for it to happen.  Charles was born with a Castle in his Birth Chart, and there was a Castle in the chart of his coronation.  The Castle in the coronation chart was even the mirror image of the chart of the Lunar Eclipse the night before.  The coronation was heralded by a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse.  The eclipses were related to testing of Charles and  his wife Camilla in marriage.  She was also crowned and given a new title of Queen in lieu of her previous title of Queen Consort.

The trip from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey and back symbolized running the course of life.  Buckingham Palace symbolized the Temporal World, and Westminster Abbey symbolized the Spiritual World.  Charles was given two scepters at the coronation.  The scepter in his  right hand (audience left) symbolized sovereignty in the Temporal World, and the scepter in his left hand (audience right) with a dove on top symbolized sovereignty in the Spiritual  World.  God is the Sovereign in the Spiritual World, and Satan is the opposition.

During the coronation, it poured rain outside on the guards in full dress uniform and on the spectators.  The rain was the work of a weather angel.  It was a curse from God to produce a day of gloom as an anachronism.  The Second Advent will also be a day of gloom (doomsday).  It will  also be an anachronism.  Christ's return should be a time of Happiness, but it will be a sad occasion for the enemies of the Lord.


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Released May 7, 2023 - Revised May 8, 2023

Author:  Larry Wood