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New York Bronx Fire

Bronx Fire
New York Bronx Fire
Spiritual Meaning

New York Bronx Fire

January 9, 2022 (Day 9):  A five-alarm fire broke out in a 19-story apartment building in Bronx, New York at 333 E. 181st Street just before 10:50 AM EST (1550 GMT) on January 9, 2022.  The fire began due to a malfunctioning electric space heater on the third floor of a duplex apartment that spanned the second and third floors.  The apartment door was left open, and fire only spread to the hall, but smoke spread throughout the building.  Stairwells and halls were full of smoke, and victims were found on every floor in cardiac and respiratory arrest. 

The death toll was 17 dead, 9 adults and 8 children, and 32 with life-threatening injuries.

The apartment building was at the intersection of Tiebout Avenue and Folin Street in Fordham Heights.  The building was heavily damaged with broken windows throughout the 19-story structure.

Spiritual Meaning

Like the Philadelphia apartment fire of January 5, this was another example of the judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon as will occur in the Tribulation.  New York symbolizes the great city of Babylon, which will fall into utter ruin and be burned.  Those who see its smoke rising will mourn for her (Rev 17:1; 18:8, 9, 10, 18).  The fall of Babylon is compared to the rape, death, destruction, and burning of the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 18:8).

The New York apartment that burned was at 333 East 181st Street, where 333 is for the purifying judgment of the Holy Spirit in an emergency crisis, and 181 is for a Grace counterattack, such as Jezebel's attack on Elijah when he fled into the wilderness.  The emergency was the apartment fire, and the Grace counterattack was the normal mode of operation of the Prostitute of Babylon.

The fire was on January 9th, for the plagues of Egypt.  In Revelation 18:4 the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven urged believers to separate from the Prostitute in order not to receive the plagues that will be sent upon her.
Revelation 18:4
And I heard another voice out from Heaven, saying, "Come out from her, my people, in order that you may not participate in her sins and in order that you may not receive from her plagues."

If the people had left the apartment building in New York, they would not have suffered and perhaps died in the fire.

The fire started in a duplex that spanned the 2nd and 3rd floors just as the duplex in which the Philadelphia apartment fire started.  The duplex spanning two floors stands for double cursing of the Prostitute (Rev 18:6).  Since this was repeated in the two fires, there must be more to it.  The 2 to 3 transition could be taken as the meaning of 23, for an uptrend.

The apartment building was 19 stories, where 19 is for the federal judiciary.  The US justice system is currently bogged down with injustice and worldliness because it is run by Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.
Bronx Fire
The Bronx fire reached the hall, but smoke spread through the building from a single apartment because the door of the burning apartment was left open.  This was not the work of man, although a human obviously did it.  The Lord opens and closes doors.  The open door was a sign to the Church at Philadelphia (Rev 3:7).  The Lord opened to them the door of blessing, but in the Bronx apartment the door was open for cursing.

Blessing and cursing are from the Lord, and He made the decision to leave the door open.  The angels and demons made that happen.  Opening the door of cursing is another case of the meaning of the year 2022 coming true.  Because the door was left open, the whole building went up in smoke and people died.  The fire, smoke, and people who died in New York symbolized the fall of the Prostitute of Babylon.

The Chart at the time of the Bronx fire contained a Bowl with all the planets on the Spiritual (East) side of the Chart except the Red Planet in Scorpius, for suffering from Satan.  In the Philadelphia fire the Red Planet was rising, and in the New York fire it was just past Midheaven.  This is a sign that it has peaked.  This also could apply to the latest COVID-19 omicron variant.  The suffering from Satan corresponds to the attack of the Evil King upon the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 17:16).  In the Tribulation the Antichrist King of the West will conquer three kingdoms of the European Union (Dan 7:24).


Bronx FireThe Chart at the time of the Bronx apartment fire contains a Bowl with all the planets on the Spiritual side of the Chart except the Red Planet in Scorpius, for suffering from Satan.  This corresponds to Satan as the Evil King attacking the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 17:16)..

The Mediator Planet was in Aries, for an official, corresponding to the new mayor of New York, who came out to offer condolences (Rev 18:9, 10).  Aires corresponds to the location of New York in the Northeastern USA.



The Bronx, New York apartment fire followed the Philadelphia apartment fire four days later.  Both fires symbolized the rape, destruction, death, and burning of the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 17:16) as will occur in the Tribulation.  Both fires symbolized cursing from the Sovereign decision of the Lord.  Both buildings were fire traps waiting for their day.  The New York building was built per federal regulations inferior to New York codes.  The building even had fire alarms that went off regularly when there was no fire.  The fire alarms in the Philadelphia building were not working.  Was that because no one was in charge?  No, it was because angels and demons were in charge.  People don't rule the world.  Satan does (Jn 12:31; 14:30; 16:11).

Both the New York and Philadelphia fires occurred in duplexes that spanned the second and third floors.  This symbolizes the double cursing of the Prostitute of Babylon and cursing turned to blessing in an historical uptrend per the meaning of the number 23.

The New York fire was bigger than the Philadelphia fire.  The New York building was 19 stories as opposed to the three stories of the Philadelphia row house.  The number 19 stands for the federal judiciary.  The federal judiciary is currently overcome by the mystery of lawlessness.  The Antichrist will be the man of lawlessness (2 Thess 2:3).


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Released January 9, 2022 - Revised Jan. 10, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood