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The Deer with the Jack-O'-Lantern on Its Head

And the demonic attacks of Baal, Putin, and Pelosi

The Deer with the Jack-O'-Lantern on Its Head
Spiritual Meaning

The Deer with the Jack-O'-Lantern on Its Heads

October 30, 2022 (Day 303):  A deer in Colorado was spotted with a plastic, Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern stuck on its head.  The blue Jack-O'-Lantern was stuck on the deer's nose in Parker Vista as reported by the press and Parks and Wildlife.  The deer was first spotted early in the week of October 24, 2022.  Now, deer have had their heads stuck in Halloween pumpkins before, but this was no accident.  It was the work of a demon in conjunction with other strange events during the  week.

  1. Night of Oct. 27, 2022:  Russian President Putin smirked about starting a nuclear war and sending people to Heaven .
  2. 2:27 AM PDT (0927 GMT), Oct. 28, 2022:  Paul Pelosi, 82, attacked by suspect David DePape, 42, with hammer in San Francisco, CA.
  3. 10:13 AM EDT, Oct. 28, 2022:  Panicked squirrel chased by male squirrel begins knocking at back door. 
President Putin suddenly switched character and started joking about nuclear war and sending people to Heaven.  Sane people don't joke about death and mass destruction.  Satan, the murderer, does these things.  So, Putin's change of character was a sign of Satan.  This shouldn't be too surprising, since children are taught to joke about death at Halloween.

The next morning (2:27 AM PDT, Oct. 28, 2022), Paul  Pelosi, husband of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was attacked by David DePape, 42, with a  hammer and suffered a fractured skull and injuries to his hands and arms.  A hammer, or club, is the preferred weapon of Baal.  The number 42 symbolizes Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Baal is the enemy of marriage,  children, and Israel.  Baal is Satan as the Evil King, god of war.  Paul and Nancy have been married for 59 years, where 59 is for Simeon as the criminal man of  lawlessness (antichrist).  David DePape was looking for Nancy, who is probably the most hated woman in the US. 

DePape FingerprintDePape had a double loop on his right forefinger, which is the sign of a duplicitous leader.  It may signify a seducer, who says one thing to get another.  Satan is duplicitous.

SquirrelTo point all this out to me, a panic-striken mother squirrel began knocking at my back patio door later in the morning of Oct. 28, 2022  A squirrel is the symbol of a philanderer (usually male).  Animals are under the control of spirits (demons and angels).  Rapport with animals indicates kindred spirits.  The female squirrel apparently symbolized Nancy Pelosi, not Paul.

Spiritual Meaning

The deer with its head in the Jack-O'-Lantern was due to a demon of Satan.  It was characteristic of the demon that causes Tourette's Syndrome, which is characterized by involuntary motor tics and vocal sounds.  The demon may cause people to hit or injure themselves and cry out, sometimes with vulgarities.  Such demons are also behind Trick-or-Treat, where children demand candy or they will play a trick on you.  This is a curse, corresponding to the meaning of the year, 2022.  Children and immature Christians are easy prey for the trickery of Satan (ref. Eph. 4:14).  The children who participate in Halloween are often unbelievers who have not reached the age of accountability.  They are not just doing something evil.  They are not even themselves.  The demons of Satan are running their life.  Children dress is various costumes, such as angels, fairies, ghosts, and monsters, corresponding to the fraud, deception, and trickery of Satan.

The deer with the Jack-O'-Lantern on its head had more symbolism.  The deer symbolizes peace, the female associated with Naphtali, and the sign  of Virgo, the Virgin.  Satan, as Baal, attacks the Virgin and her child (Rev 12:13).  Colorado symbolizes a summit or high place.  High places are where sacrifices are made to God or Satan (Jer 7:31).

Putin appeared joking about nuclear war on the night  of Oct. 27, 2022, Day 300, where the numbers mean:  27 - a horn, symbol of  power; 22 cursing; 300 - judgment day.  Noah's Ark was 300 cubits long.  Putin is not real.  Satan operates through him even though he is a Christian.

The next day Paul Pelosi was attacked by David DePape, 42, with a hammer, the  preferred weapon of Baal, the enemy of children, marriage, and Israel.  The bear symbolizes Baal and Russia.  The number, 42, symbolizes Baal, the bear,  and Russia.  The attack upon Paul Pelosi was in San Francisco, California in the region of Gemini and Ephraim and Manasseh, corresponding to Israel.  DePape was anti-Semitic.  Satan as the murderer (Jn 8:44) was operating through DePape.  DePape was after Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and wife of Paul for 59 years, where 59 is for Simeon as the criminal man of lawlessness (2 Thess 2:3). 

Then a few hours later a mother squirrel came knocking at my back door as she fled from an attacking male.  The squirrel symbolized Nancy Pelosi, who was distraught over the attack on her husband.  The attack transcended human animosity and political rancor.  It was Satanic, from Baal as the man of lawlessness who is loose in the Client Nation, and woe to the rest of the world.  Satan as the Antichrist will be unrestrained in the coming Tribulation, which will come after  the Church is gone (2 Thess 2:7).

So, demons were running the show and causing trouble in animals and man.  Everyone in the devil's world is subject  to demons.  And Halloween was approaching.  Halloween is a celebration of death from Satan, who leads  people into sin and death (Rom 5:12).   


The week began with a plastic Halloween pumpkin stuck on the head of a Colorado deer.  This was the work of the Tourette's demon who tricks people to make them hurt themselves and become fools.  Children and adults who participate in Trick-or-Treat are driven by this demon just as the Colorado deer with the pumpkin on its head. 

Halloween and Christmas are the biggest holidays in the USA.  Halloween is the work of Satan.  It is a celebration of death and dying at the hands of Satan.  Death is not a cause for celebration in a rational person.  Death is not a joke.  Yet Satan convinces the masses of children and adults to celebrate Halloween.  They become duplicitous, tricking or treating.  They are picked up and swept away by spirits totally apart from their minds.  They gladly turn themselves over to Satan and his demons for a night frolicking and fun.  Satan uses them; owns them; controls them.  Parents turn their children over to Baal without hesitation.

Against this backdrop of the power of Satan as Baal in America, Russian President Putin started joking about nuclear war and sending people to Heaven.  This was the second major event in the Ukraine War.  In the first major event the momentum of the war shifted, and Ukraine suddenly gained the upper hand when Queen Elizabeth II died.  Then the Elect Angels had victory over the demons and the Army of Ukraine defeated the Russians.   The war is being fought by angels and demons.  Putin is not real.  He doesn't know who he is anymore than people know who they are.  Putin belongs to Satan, and Satan operates through him as the Evil King, antichrist.

Similarly, Paul Pelosi was attacked by David DePape, 42, with a hammer, the preferred weapon of Baal, where 42 is the number for Baal,the bear, and Russia.  This happened during the 59th year of marriage of Paul and Nancy Pelosi.  David DePape was after Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, the most powerful  woman in Congress, and probably the most hated woman in the USA.  The number 59 is for Simeon criminality, or Satan as the man of lawlessness (2 Thess 2:3).  The man of lawlessness will arise as the Antichrist (
King of the West) over the Revived Roman Empire (European Union) in the Tribulation.

The mystery of lawlessness (2 Thess 2:7) is sweeping the USA.  It is Satanic and demonic and can only be stopped by the Church. 


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Released Oct. 30, 2022 - Revised Oct. 31, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood