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The Babylon Curse and the Hallelujah Chorus


Asbury University Prayer Meeting - Feb 13, 2023

The Babylon Curse and the Hallelujah Chorus
MSU Shooting
Asbury University Prayer Meeting
Spiritual Meaning

The Babylon Curse and the Hallelujah Chorus

February 16, 2023 (Day 47):  After the latest curse of a mass shooting at Michigan State University (MSU), Christians at Asbury University in Kentucky were holding an extended prayer meeting and singing praises to the Lord.   The MSU shooting occurred on February 13, 2023 when three students were killed in two separate buildings, and five were injured by a Satan-possessed schizophrenic, Anthony Dwayne McRae, 43.  MSU is in Lansing, Michigan at 42 N., 84 W., where the numbers mean 42 - Baal and 84 - the weakness of the Church.  The numbers are a contrast of a blessing and a curse, corresponding to the contrast between the cursing at MSU and the blessing of the hallelujah's at Asbury University.

Asbury University prayer meeting began with a handful of students who tarried after a prayer meeting on February 8, 2023, Day 39.  Here the numbers are an anachronism, meaning 8 - new birth and 39 - the sin leading to death.  The students began to pray and were joined by hundreds to fill the 1500-seat Hughes Auditorium over the next few days.  The students prayed and sang praises to the Lord without a formal program.  As videos of the meeting were posted on social media, others traveled to join them as people sensed the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of prevailing prayer.

Both the MSU murders and the Asbury College prayer meeting were supernatural events.  Angels and demons were running the show, and people were going along for the ride.  Satan did the shooting at MSU, and Elect Angels did the singing at Asbury University.  Angels brought students to the auditorium, and angels did the singing through people.  The contrast between the MSU murders and the
Asbury University praises corresponds to the pattern of the angelic hallelujah's (Rev 19:1-6) that will be raised in praise after the Fall of Babylon (Rev 18:9-24).  This illustrates the pattern of the meaning of the year 2023 for cursing turned to blessing.

MSU Shooting

Anthony McRae, 43, entered the Michigan State University campus on foot wearing a baseball cap, a black face mask, a blue denim jacket, black pants, and red shoes.  He killed two people in Berkey Hall at 8:18 PM EST (0118 GMT).  Then he walked to a second location, the MSU Union building, and killed another student.  Then he walked over into East Lansing.  By 10 PM police released pictures of him from security cameras.  However, it wasn't until 11:55 PM that they found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot in East Lansing as he apparently walked home.

Five students were injured and taken to Sparrow Hospital, which has symbolic meaning in that a sparrow symbolizes a child under the care of an Elect Angel as opposed to a child under the power of Baal as symbolized by a lizard.

Anthony McRae was described by his uncle as a schizophrenic.  His father, with whom he lived, said he was very bitter, unkempt, and isolated himself in his room playing video games of shooting and killing.  He was very close to his mother until she died of a stroke on Sept. 13, 2020.  They would have been compatible since their birth signs were only 6 days apart.  He was born on June 6, 1979, and she was born on June 22, 1958.  He was a difficult child, and his mother once remarked that he would send her to her grave.  The prophecy came true, and after she died Anthony was overheard telling his mother he was sorry.  Talking to the dead is forbidden in the Bible and is a serious offense associated with necromancy.

Anthony's mother was a member of two churches, the Tithe Baptist Church and The Church of God Prophecy in Lansing, Michigan.  This is another anachronism, or  contradiction.  Tithing is not Grace giving in the Church.  It is income tax under the Law (Old Testament).  And the Church of God is  Pentecostal, which is apostasy in violation of the doctrine of dispensations.  Tithing is legalism, and Pentecostalism is lawlessness.  These are opposites just like  schizophrenia is a love-hate relationship of opposites.  Love-hate is a sign of Satan.  Anthony was said to be religious.  He adopted his mother's beliefs, which were apostate.

After his mother died, Anthony had a difficult time accepting it.  He became very bitter (a son of  wrath, Eph 5:6; Col 3:6).  He quit his job and isolated himself in his room in his father's house. 

Anthony had an incident in 2019 in which he was arrested and charged with a felony for carrying a gun without a permit.  The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, but he had to serve time under probation.  He had a constitutional right to bear arms, but he was charged with a crime because he didn't have a piece of paper, a permit.  This is brought up because the Governor of Michigan and his own father blamed the shooting on the gun.  Actually, it was the devil, not even the man, who did the shooting.

The MSU shooting occurred when the Green Comet was in Taurus along with the Red Planet, for the Plagues of Egypt.

Asbury University Prayer Meeting

The Asbury University prayer meeting began as a spontaneous gathering of a handful of students who stayed after a Chapel service.  The prayer service continued  non-stop and grew to fill the 1500-seat Hughes Auditorium and overflowed into adjacent auditoriums.  Others found out about the meeting on social media where videos were posted of the students praying and singing praises to the Lord.  This type event is not new to Asbury University, which  has had similar events and revivals over the years.  One such event in 1970 lasted 144 hours (6 days), and a revival in 1908 lasted two weeks.

Asbury University is a conservative Methodist college in Wilmore, Kentucky.  Baptists and Methodists are the largest protestant denominations.  Both are known for revivals, but the Baptists are more legalistic and the Methodists more lawless (or liberal).  Neither is Grace-oriented dispensational, and neither accurately teaches  the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  The Baptists usually preach Salvation, and the Methodists sing praises.

However, what the current prayer meeting will produce is not yet known - whether it will be an awakening, a revival, or something else,  This meeting is already significant as a gathering of angels singing praises.  Elect angels are drawing the congregation together, and angels are singing praises to the Lord through people just as will occur after the Fall of Babylon in the Tribulation (Rev 18:9-24; 19:1-6
).  Satan's Kingdom of Babylon is falling today through Divine Judgments including the Ukraine War, pestilence (e.g. COVID-19), and mass shootings, such as the MSU shooting.  The Asbury University prayer meeting on the World Stage symbolizes cursing  turned to blessing, per the meaning of the year 2023.

Spiritual Meaning

The Asbury prayer meeting began on Feb.  8,  2023, Day 39, where the number 8 (new birth) and 39 (sin leading to death) are an anachronism, a contradiction of opposites.  The MSU shooting occurred at 42 N (for Baal) and 84 W (for the weakness of the Church).  This is another anachronism of cursing and blessing.  The Asbury University prayer meeting followed the cursing of the fall of parts of Satan's Kingdom of  Babylon.   The prayers and songs of praise correspond to the four hallelujahs of the Angels in the Tribulation after the Fall of Babylon (Rev 19:1-6).        


MSU ShootingThe Chart at the time of the MSU shooting contains a Skull, which is a morbid symbol of death by Satan with God's permission.  The Red Planet was in conjunction with Midheaven in Taurus, for plagues.  The Green Comet was in Taurus, for cursing of Satan.  Taurus corresponds to the location of Montana and Moscow. 

The Sun was entering Aquarius, for an antichrist.  The Sun was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants, for the Noahic Covenant.  The Moon was in Scorpius, for Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon, who presides over the government of Michigan and MSU.

The Mediator Planet was in Aries, for an official, corresponding to the Michigan officials, who were distraught and generally placed the blame on guns.

A Family Configuration was on the Descendant, for the MSU family and the Four Generation Curse.  The Morning Star was precisely on the Descendant in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius. 
  1. Redeemer Planet - redeemed from Sheol
  2. Morning Star - exposure of feet of clay, corresponding to the feet of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream, for the Revived Roman Empire.

Anthony McRaeThe Birth Chart of Anthony Dwayne McRae contains a Castle, a Grand Cross, and a High Place.  The Castle with a Grand Cross is the sign of the Judgment of Jezebel (Rev 2:22-23).  The Castle also corresponds to MSU, and the skewed Grand Cross corresponds to the intense suffering of the massacre.

The High Place is an altar on a mountain for offering sacrifices to God or the devil. 

The Red Planet was in Aries, for Satan, the father of  murderers.  Anthony was under the control of Satan.

The Redeemer Planet was in Scorpius, for a notorious criminal.

The God of the Covenants was in Leo, for the Royal Law, "love thy neighbor," which Anthony violated.

The Moon was in Aquarius, for disciples.  Anthony professed to be a disciple of Christian teaching, although he was apostate and full of the devil.


The shooting at Michigan State University on Feb 13, 2013 followed the same pattern of two previous mass shootings in California in that all of them occurred in two locations, for double cursing.  The MSU shooting occurred in Berkey Hall and the MSU Union building.  The MSU shooting was the work of Satan in a human body.  Whether the man was possessed or enslaved to Satan doesn't make much difference.  Anthony McRae was operating under the influence and  power of Satan.  McRae was a schizophrenic who was full of bitterness and gilt that drove him to commit murder.

In contrast to the MSU shooting, Christians at
Asbury University in Kentucky were gathered together by Elect Angels, who gave them utterance in prayer, and they sang praises through them.  The small gathering of Christians at Asbury University quickly grew and filled the entire 1500-seat auditorium.  The MSU shooting was a curse, but the Asbury University prayer meeting was blessing.  Cursing was turned to blessing in the US, per the meaning of the year 2023, for  cursing turned to blessing.

Asbury University prayer meeting further symbolizes the angelic hallelujahs that will follow the Fall of Babylon in the Tribulation.


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Released Feb. 16, 2023 - Revised Feb. 17, 2023

Author:  Larry Wood