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Salado Voices Crying in the Wilderness

"You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips," Oliver Goldsmith

Salado Voices Crying in the Wilderness
Spiritual Meaning

Salado Voices Crying in the WildernessTornadoes

April 13, 2022 (Day 103):  After a tornado devastated the community of Salado, Texas along with two Baptist churches and injured 23 people on April 12, 2022, the voices from the Spiritual World spoke.  The pastors of the Baptist churches and county judge were interviewed by news broadcasters and representatives of the severely-injured Rios family testified of the family suffering.

The Rios family suffered severe injuries when their mobile home was shredded by the EF-3 tornado with 165 mph winds, and they were thrown out.  When they first heard the warning, they tried  to drive away, but when they encountered hail, they returned to the mobile home off FM 2843.  When the tornado hit, they were thrown out in different directions.  The father was thrown out in one direction, where he was pinned under large tree limbs.  The mother was thrown out in the  opposite direction.  Six-year-old Miriam was taken up by the wind and and left dangling upside down in a cedar tree hundreds of yards away.  And one-year-old baby Ezra was neatly packed under tree limbs that formed a canopy by angels.  He was the least injured.  The father had broken bones but was able to move his torso and get the attention  of a passing motorist, a rodeo bull rider whom he implored to help his family first.  The mother, looked up and saw her  daughter in a tree before she passed out.  She was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.  Injuries to family members required various surgeries due to broken pelvis and spinal cord injuries.  Miriam Rios, 6, was in critical condition.

Cedar Valley BaptistAfter the tornado the pastor of the First Cedar Valley Baptist Church was distraught after his efforts to serve the Lord had been symbolically reduced to  rubble.  In an interview with NBC news he said,  "This is a large bump in the road, but it's not defeating us, by any means."2   After an Elect Angel had just knocked his church down, his motivation was to continue as before.  That viewpoint was not human nor Divine, but more likely from the Cosmic System. 

Later, in an interview with WFAA-TV the pastor had the humility to admit he didn't know God's purpose in the destruction and said:
Sometimes you wanna [sic] question why things like this happen, and then one of the scriptures came to my mind that says: "We know that all things work together for good to those that love God and are called to his purpose."  I have no idea what Godís purpose is in allowing this to happen, but I know he has one.3
The angel that destroyed the Cedar Valley Baptist Church left his calling card.  Although the church building was demolished, a large wooden cross was left standing intact in one place.

Billy BarhoThe Victory Baptist Church was also destroyed by the tornado.  Only the concrete foundation was left.  Pastor Billy Barho was devastated when he saw the destruction.  He was in a major crisis in life.  He had been the pastor for 43 years, and all that he tried to build was gone in an instant.  As he struggled for thoughts to deal with the calamity and hold himself together, he was not himself.  He was under the influence of angels and demons.  He vowed to rebuild before he even figured out what happened.  Yet,  he also struggled to have  Divine viewpoint.  In an interview with KWTX he rambled:
Iím going to preach. I have a peace. I have a peace, man. I not only have peace, I have hope.

Iím crushed, Iím crushed it ainít there. I mean, Iíve looked, it ainít there.  But when I look at Godís way, Iím just going to trust him.
MirrorThe angels also left their calling card at the Cedar Valley Baptist Church.  The parsonage where visiting pastors stayed was a mangled mess, but a vanity mirror was left standing, unbroken, and the  pastor's desk, chair, and spiritual books were undamaged.  A mirror symbolizes reflected glory.  The congregation is the glory of the Lord (1 Cor 13:12; 2 Cor 3:18), and the Right Woman is the glory of the Right Man (1 Cor 11:7).
Pastor Books

The tornado angels left another calling card found by a teen in the Hidden Springs neighborhood near the Cedar Valley Baptist Church.  A piece of a page from a shredded hymnal contained the line, "I am bound for the prom-ised land."  This was the reason for the tornado:  Divine punishment of  dying in the wilderness for failing to advance to Spiritual Maturity in the Promised Land.

Spiritual Meaning

The Salado tornado was Divine punishment in Marriage Culture for Christians failing to advance to Spiritual Maturity in the Promised Land and consequently, dying in the wilderness.  The Rios family were obviously immigrants from Mexico or south of the border and consequently, foreigners.  They were like the Watson family from England who died in the Gilbert's Mill tornado in Florida.  Regardless of immigration status, all Christians must advance to Spiritual Maturity in order to break  the Four Generation Curse and deliver their family and the nation from destruction. 

The pregnant mother, Vanessa Rios, suffered a miscarriage.  She did not carry the baby to completion.  Failing to complete pregnancy is a symbol of failing to complete one's calling in the Christian life and dying in the wilderness.  The miscarriage was Divine punishment, carried out by Elect Angels.

Miriam Rios was found unconscious in a tree, clinging to life.  She was 6 at the time of the tornado.  That is the number for a man (or human captive) stripped of his power and standing before the conquering king and awaiting a life or death sentence.  She was facing death because she was living with her parents in slavery to the Cosmic System just as they were.   Parents must sanctify their children from Baal.  Hanging a person on a tree is a curse (Deut 21:22-23;Gal 3:3).  The weather angel left Miriam Rios in a tree as a sign of the curse of dying in the wilderness.  The cedar tree (a good tree) corresponded to the name of Cedar Valley and the Baptist Church that bore its name.

The pastors of the two Baptist churches that were destroyed were in a major crisis of  life.  Their churches had been obliterated by an Elect Weather Angel  sent from God.  This is similar to what others who have their homes for which they worked all their lives destroyed in an instant by a tornado.  Except this is worse because the pastor is honestly trying to serve the Lord.  Both pastors were planning their Easter services, which one of the two most important  holidays in the Church.  All their plans were dashed in an instant.  Like Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration, the first thing they blurted out was "We will rebuild."  That was not them talking but Satanic viewpoint.  But as they thought about it, their humility returned. 

The pastor of Cedar Valley Baptist, Donnie Jackson, admitted that he didn't understand God's purpose in this, but then he recalled Romans 8:28 under the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Billy Borho of Victory Baptist said, "The Bible gives us a reference to mountains and valleys on the hilltop.  Weíre in the valley. Thankful that nobody got hurt, and for the devastation, it looked like a war zone."

In the crisis the pastors ceased being preachers and become witnesses.  The two churches are the sign of a witness.  The pastors were no longer themselves.  Angels and demons had taken over and  put the men under their spell.  The men were talking, but the thoughts and words were coming from angels and demons.  God the Father decided this would happen in history, and the Lord Jesus Christ wrote the script and directed the play.  The angels and demons made it all happen.  And the men were the actors, like puppets on a string.  The scattered thoughts of the pastors, the angelic calling cards, in all this, there is a coherent message.  Otherwise, things don't add up. In all this God is in control of His Creation, and He uses angels, demons, and man to communicate His message (or decree).

The angelic calling cards of a cross, a mirror, and the pastor's books, desk, and chair were left by the tornado at the Cedar Valley Baptist Church.  The cross symbolizes the judgment of Jesus Christ as a substitute for the sins of the world.  The mirror symbolizes reflected glory of Right Woman and the congregation.  And the pastor's desk, chair, and books symbolize the pastor's job to study and teach.  Taken together, these calling cards are symbols of those who execute the Spiritual Life.
James 1:22-25
22 Keep on becoming doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. 23 For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man beholding his natural face in a mirror. 24 For once he has looked at himself and gone away, he immediately forgets what kind of person he was.  25 But one who looks intently at the perfect Law of Freedom, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an active doer, this one will be Happy in his production.
ValleyChristians must hear and obey Bible Doctrine.  Those who simply hear and do not obey God, do not accomplish anything.  They are failures (Phil 3:18-19).  They are like a person who looks at himself in a mirror and then walks away and forgets what he saw.  In order to be free from slavery to the Cosmic System a person must execute the New Spiritual Life in Christ Jesus (Rom 6:4, the Easter message).  Then he will be Happy in production of Divine Good in his new life (Matt 10:39). 

The angelic calling card of the foundation slab of Victory Baptist Church was left.  The foundation symbolizes Jesus Christ the foundation of the Christian life and the Church (1 Cor 3:11).  The Church is the congregation of believers - not the building.  The building that was swept away from the foundation symbolizes an ash heap of dead works (ref. 1 Cor 3:11-15).  The destruction like a war zone corresponds to the destruction of the nation under the Cycles of National Cursing and to the Ukraine War. 

John the Baptist was the herald of Christ coming into the world to lay the foundation for the calling out of the Church (Matt 16:18).  John the Baptist was the voice crying out in the wilderness (Matt 3:3).  He baptized with water by immersion to symbolize the remission of sins, which was coming in Christ.  But after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit came, there was no more need for water baptism as a symbol (Lk 3:16; Acts 1:5; 11:16).  The Baptists never figured that out.  The Baptists opposed the Roman Catholics who sprinkled and baptized babies.  The protestants settled Client Nation USA, while the Roman Catholics settled Mexico, Central, and South America.  The nations the Roman Catholics settled South of the US have always been poor, while the USA has prospered.  Immigrants from the South are forever trying to come into the US for its prosperity, but they don't understand the basis for that prosperity lies in conquering the Promised Land through advancing to Spiritual Maturity.

So, after the tornado destroyed the two Baptist churches, the pastors gave interviews to the news media and tried to offer an explanation.  In the crisis they had lost almost everything.  They raised their stressed-out voices and cried in the wilderness of Texas.  They were Baptists and were crying in the wilderness like John the Baptist (Matt 3:3).  This is spiritual irony.  Furthermore, the men were no longer speaking.  God shut them down along with their Easter messages, and let angels and demons speak through them.  The same thing happened to Balaam, who could only say what God allowed.

The reference of Pastor Barho to being in the valley corresponds to the valley of cursing related to the meaning of the year 2022 for cursing.


Miriam RiosThe Birth Chart of Miriam Rios, who was 6 at the time of the Salado tornado contains a Kite, a Plow, and a Horse's Hoof.  The Kite is for the blessings of  the cross for someone who is able to fly above the  troubles of life.  Miriam wound up in a tree from the tornado.  A Plow is for intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  And a Horse's Hoof is the sign of being trampled by horses.  This corresponds to being over run by the tornado.

The Sun sign is Aries, for having a husband or leader's glory.  Miriam's father fulfilled that role in her life when he succeeded in getting help for her.  Also in Aries were the Savior and Red Planet, meaning:
  1. Savior - a news bearer or reporter, like the reporters who came to tell Miriam's story and gave her notoriety.
  2. Red Planet - the curse of Ecumenical Babylon, corresponding to the false teaching of apostate pastors.

The Moon sign was Pisces, for the Church.  The Mediator Planet was also in Pisces, for a priest (Good or evil).

Among the other signs in Miriam's chart was the Morning Star in Taurus, for victory over the world, such as in major battles (like the tornado).  She was rescued by a rodeo bull rider (corresponding to Taurus).  The God of the Covenants was in Scorpius, for an apostate, corresponding to apostates who die in the wilderness. 


The tornado along FM 2843 in the vicinity of Salado, Texas, like the Gilbert's Mill tornado in Florida, was Divine punishment of dying in the wilderness.  Two Baptist churches were destroyed.  Although the pastors were not injured, they were distraught in a major crisis in life over their loss.  Although nobody was killed by the tornado, twenty-three people were injured.  The most severe injuries were in an immigrant family.  A pregnant mother suffered a miscarriage, and her  6-year-old daughter was left unconscious in a tree in critical condition.  The miscarriage symbolizes not carrying a baby to completion, corresponding to Christians who don't advance to Spiritual Maturity and die in the wilderness.  The Baptists are a great example.  They teach Salvation but don't understand the Spiritual Life.  The six-year-old was left in a tree as a symbol of a curse.  The curse was from God.

The pastors of the destroyed Baptist churches tried to explain their predicament.  They were voices crying in the wilderness of Texas.  Although  they called themselves Baptists, they were not related to John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus Christ to come to Earth and become the foundation for His Church.  The Easter messages of the pastors were shut down, and God made the men witnesses under the power of angels and demons.  Two pastors were selected as the number for a witness (Deut 17:6; 19:15).  The pastors were actors whose lives were controlled by angels and demons to communicate God's truth.  Spiritual control transcends gaslighting, which is psychological (soulish) influence.

The angels left calling cards from the tornado.  A wooden cross was left standing in the Cedar Park Baptist Church to symbolize the substitutionary spiritual death of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world.  The mirror, desk, chair, and spiritual books taken together refer to doers of the Word, those who are  actively executing the Christian life (Jas 1:22-25) as opposed to the Easter Sunday crowd who only go to church once a year.

Only the foundation of the Victory Baptist Church was left to symbolize the foundation of Christ for the Church and the Christian life.  The rest of the Church building was reduced to rubble to symbolize an ash heap and dead works. 
The destruction like a war zone symbolized the destruction of the nation under the Cycles of National Cursing and the current Ukraine War.  Christians who fail to advance to maturity are on their way to the grave and are taking the nation down with them.


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Released April 17, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood