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The Great World Pestilence of 2020

Covid World Map
Temporal Overview
Spiritual Meaning
The COVID-19 Variant Hotspots

Temporal Overview

December 30, 2021 (Day 364, Weakness):  In 2020 a deadly, contagious coronavirus (COVID-19) came out of China and quickly spread throughout the world.  The virus caused severe respiratory inflammation in the lungs that was deadly to people 75 and over and others with weakened immune systems.  The virus spread through the air, and those in nursing homes were among the first to succumb.  Other super-spreader venues included weddings, funerals, and ocean cruises.

The virus arrived in the United States in February, 2020 on the West coast and in New York.  By March and April state governors and the President implemented mitigation plans that included lockdowns, only essential travel such as trips to grocery stores and pharmacies, only essential businesses open, schools closed, and telecommuting.  The measures shut down the economy, but the virus continued to spread.  Cities were shut down and streets were mostly empty.  Congress sent financial relief to prop up the economy and prevented defaults on personal insurance and evictions.

During the summer of 2020, businesses struggled to reopen with limited success.  However, by November, 2020 the virus had mutated into variants that propagated through countries and around the world.  These included the United Kingdom (UK) variant and the Brazil variant.
US Death Ages
The virus continued to propagate into 2021, and in May the India variant emerged as the most virile COVID-19 variant to date.  It was followed by the most contagious South African variant that came out of Africa and swept into Europe and the US.

Vaccines were developed for the virus in early 2021, but deployment took time, and some people resisted the vaccination. Consequently, the virus remained highly active at the end of 2021, going into 2022.

If God sent that much hell into the lives of people, there must be a very good reason, and there is.  The answer lies in the Spiritual World.

Spiritual Meaning

The first clue about the events in 2020 comes from the meaning of the year.  The number 2020 is a doubling of 20, the number for a generation.  Age 20 was the draft age in Israel.  This is the basis for the Bible Book of Numbers.  The number 20 is also the number for war.

The number 2020 is not just a doubling of 20 for a generation, but it is 20 raised to a higher power.  It is a generation of generations, a very special generation, or a generation with historical significance.  It is for a generation that stands out in history like the generation of Noah, the Exodus generation, or the generation of the birth of Christ.  The generation of 2020 will be remembered for all of world history.

Generations of historical significance are often associated with cataclysmic Bible judgments, such as the Noahic Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Plagues of Egypt, and the Fall of Jerusalem.  The year 2020 is the year of the world's worst pandemic, or pestilence.  Pestilence is the general term for all manner of pests that destroy living organisms, such as people, animals, and plants.  Pestilence could refer to viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, or insects and animals, like mosquitoes, fleas, and rats.

All Divine Punishment originates with God, either directly or indirectly.  God is the Creator of all things.  He decrees pestilence (Lev 26:25; Deut 28:21; 2 Sam 24:15; Ps 91:3, 5-6, 11; Jer 24:10; Rev 6:8; 18:8) and associated judgments (Jer 15:2; 43:11)
, but angels or demons produce it.  In the case of the COVID-19 pestilence, the Elect Angels produced and distributed the pestilence (2 Sam 24:15, 16). 

God periodically sends cataclysmic judgments upon the world.  Recent world judgments include the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, and World Wars I and II.  God will send a series of cataclysmic judgments upon the world in the Tribulation to destroy Satan's kingdom.  World judgments are not related to the Cycles of National Cursing.  They are designed to destroy the works of Satan and free mankind from slavery to Satan (1 Jn 3:8).

So, COVID-19 is a pestilence from God to destroy Satan's kingdom.  The pestilence killed people, who were Satan's subjects, and disrupted governments, businesses, and institutions ruled by Satan and the Prostitute of Babylon.  Satan rules the world (Jn 12:31; 14:31; 16:11).  Satan even made the vaccines to combat the virus and then convinced Christians not to take the vaccine.  Satan plays both sides to his advantage.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a respiratory disease identified in February 2003 and caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.  COVID-19 is a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.  The Elect Angels produced COVID-19 perhaps in a bat, brought the infected bat in contact with a human, and infected the human with the virus.  This infected human became a factory that produced and breathed out infected moisture to spread the virus to others, who in turn became infected and spread the virus to others.   The virus severely damaged the lungs of people, which led to their death.

The COVID-19 Variant Hotspots

When God judges Satan, people are collateral damage.  We don't have much of clue about what it is all about.  However, we are in the picture and can follow the conflict with Bible Doctrine.  The Book of Revelation is the key to understanding historical events in the Spiritual World.  Revelation is about the Tribulation, but the kinds of things that occur in the Tribulation are foreshadowed in the Church Age.   Revelation describes the destruction of Satan's kingdom, which is called the Fall of Babylon (Rev 14:8; 18:1, 2, 10).  The purpose of the COVID-19 pestilence was the destruction of Satan's Kingdom according to the pattern of Rev. 17, Rev. 18, and Isaiah 21:9.  The destruction included the deaths of the 60-80-year-old group, who were the Fourth Generation of the Four Generation Curse.

The COVID-19 pestilence started in China and spread to Europe and North and South America.  In the Northern Hemisphere the continents of Asia, Europe, and North America are regions under the power of Satan's Cosmic System.  Under the Judgment of the Holy Spirit the three regions correspond to:
  1.     Cosmic Babylon – Asia
  2.     Political Babylon – Europe
  3.     Ecumenical Babylon – North America
Wuhan, China
The COVID-19 pestilence is believed to have started around Wuhan, China, which was the first known hotspot.  However the Chinese  government covered up the circumstances of the origin of COVID-19.  So, little is  known about the extent of the virus in China.  However, it soon spread to Europe and the United States.  The spread of the pestilence is symbolized in Revelation by a pale horse, which symbolizes pestilence and death.  The Four Horses of the Apocalypse symbolize the causes and consequences of the spread of the pestilence, such as economic recession and suffering.

Four Horses of the Apocalypse:
  1. White Horse - the Antichrist, Evil King
  2. Red Horse - Suffering - of the Prostitute of Babylon and her subjects
  3. Black Horse - Economic failure
  4. Pale Horse - Pestilence, death

New York
The first major hot spot of the coronavirus in the US was New York.  New York symbolizes Babylon (Satan's kingdom).  New York City is near Babylon, New York.   The arrival of COVID-19 in the US was preceded by a world economic boom and US trade agreements with China and other nations (Rev 17:2; 18:3, 9).

When the virus hit New York, the Governor and mayor shut down New York City.  The streets were empty.  The glory and glamor, buying and selling were gone.  This symbolized the end of world commerce in the Tribulation (Rev 18:11-19).  Life in New York was stalled.  Satan could no longer give his subjects a life and the rewards of labor.   Civilian institutions were shut down, including businesses, schools, dining, entertainment, sports, parks, recreation, and cruise ships.
People were quickly bored with sitting around the empty city of New York; so, they got on planes and flew to sunny Florida along with the virus.  Soon Miami became another major hot spot.  Miami is populated with retirees, and they soon contracted the virus and began to die.  The animosity between the governor of Florida and the governor of New York began to boil.  Thus, Miami, the city by the bay, was another symbol of Babylon and its fall.

The cruise ships that docked in Miami, Everglades, and Port Canaveral also became hot spots for the virus.  The cruise ships became symbols of the Prostitute who sits on many waters (Rev 17:1).  The Prostitute of Babylon is Satan symbolized by the High Priestess of Babylon who consorted with the Evil King.  New York became the symbol of the Evil King of Babylon, and Miami became the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon.

Rome was another hot spot of the coronavirus.  Rome symbolized the Revived Roman Empire, the ten nation European Union of the Tribulation (Rev 17:12).  The Revived Roman Empire will be ruled by the Antichrist, who will conquer three of the kings who resist him (Dan 7:24).  This conflict was being played out with Great Britain's Brexit plan to leave the European Union.  Brexit finally occurred on December 31, 2020.

UK Variant
In November 2020 a virile variant of COVID-19 swept the United Kingdom and spread to Europe and the US.  The spread of the UK variant into Europe (especially Italy) symbolized the conflict between the Antichrist and the three states of the Revived Roman Empire in the Tribulation who will resist him (Dan 7:24).
US Cases
United States
In November 2020 COVID-19 surged in the US as in the UK and Europe.  Daily cases quickly rose to 100,000 and then to 200,000, and total cases rose to 10 million and reached 20 million by December.  The highest total cases in the US were in California, Texas, and Florida across the southern US and corresponding to Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  This indicated the judgment by the Holy Spirit of the US, which was enslaved in the Cosmic System of Satan.  Satan rules the world, and that includes the USA (Jn 12:31; 14:30; 16:11).

In December 2021 California passed Texas as number one in cases in the US, corresponding to double cursing of the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 18:6).  California as the region of Ephraim has the double blessing, but it became double cursing for the Prostitute of Babylon due to the coronavirus.

In March 2021 Texas and California cases fell to 1,000 to 3,000 per day.  In April 2021 the UK variant hit the US and caused a surge in cases in five states.  The cases per day in the leading states were:  Florida (6500), New York (8000), New Jersey (4500), Pennsylvania (4000), and Michigan (6000).  Infections of younger people increased with 44% of US cases in ages 12-17.  By April 7, 2021 Florida vaccinations were 3.7 million (full), 8.3 million (partial) out of the total population of 21.5 million.  Yet the virus continued to spread in the US and the world.  By April 17, 2021 COVID-19 deaths in the world reached 3 million.

The surge of cases in the five states in the US due to the UK variant was a sign of a giant per the meaning of the number 5.  A giant corresponds to Baal, or Satan as the Evil King.  This was Spiritual Warfare.  At the time the UK was negotiating an exit from the European Union.  This corresponded to a battle with the Antichrist, the first horse of the Apocalypse.   
India Cases
In India in April 2021 there were over 300,000 new cases per day for ten days.  The Indian variant peaked in May 2021 with over 400,000 new cases per day.  The death rate two weeks later peaked at over 5,000 per day.  The Indian variant was more contagious and deadly than previous variants.  After surviving the initial waves of COVID-19 in 2020, it appeared that the virus in India had run its course until the Indian variant showed up and struck with a vengeance.

After spreading through India, the Indian variant quickly proceeded to Europe and the United States.  It was in all US states by June 2021, and it soon became the dominant variant.  Even though the US was well into its vaccination program, there were still enough unvaccinated people to feed outbreaks of the virus and keep the daily case rates high.

The devil's Kingdom of India is the home of Eastern religion, namely Hinduism, Buddhism, and their offshoots.  Through doctrines of demons the people seek to be spiritual to reach God by their own ritualistic self-discipline.  Their legalistic practices reject Divine sanctification through Jesus Christ.  Man by man's efforts can never reach God.  The result is slavery to Satan as the god of this world (2 Cor 4:4).
The Indian ascetic lifestyle and false spirituality were of no value against the onslaught of the coronavirus from the hands of the Elect Angels.  The Hindu ritual cremation pyres lit up the night sky and left a stench through the day.2, 3 The burning of the dead bodies symbolized the suffering of death of the Prostitute of Babylon following her rape by the Evil King (Rev 17:16).  Rape is demonic desecration, and Hindu ritualistic cremation is a sacrifice to Satan, the god of this world.

The false religions of India are from the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Indian variant of COVID-19 was suffering of those under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon.  This is symbolized by the red horse of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse (Rev 6:3-4).

The Indian variant spread over the world where it caused the same suffering associated with the Prostitute of Babylon, who also rules civil government, business, education, and other world religions.  She is even active in Christian churches.  The COVID-19 pestilence interfered with worship in Christian churches, both doctrinal and apostate.  It was not an act of faith to congregate during the pandemic.  Even though the pestilence was spread by Elect Angels and God promises to protect from pestilence (Ps 91:3, 5-6), congregating in a pandemic is testing God (Matt 4:7).  It is like going out in the rain without a raincoat and trusting God to keep you dry.  True believers do not play with rattlesnakes and trust God to protect them.

Some Christians even claimed a constitutional right to congregate in violation of mandates of local government authorities.  This was after it came out that singing in churches actually spread the virus.  A life and death crisis is not the time to argue the merits of constitutional questions.  It is not the time to claim constitutional protection but to seek God's protection.

When the vaccines became available, complaints from some Christians and non-Christians continued.  These people claimed their legal right to refuse the vaccine.  The question isn't whether they had the right.  The question is whether they wish to exercise their right of self-determination to risk death and endanger the lives of others.  This defiance was not from God, but from Satan, the rebel.  This was Satan sowing seeds of discord in the people under the authority of their leaders, who, in turn, were under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Yes, it was a convolution.

Demon Centaurs

The suffering of the Prostitute of Babylon has another aspect associated with the Indian variant.  All of the COVID-19 variants caused debilitating symptoms, but the Indian (Delta) variant was the most intense.  People could not breathe, and oxygen supplies for running ventilators were depleted.  The debilitating symptoms were spiritual before they became temporal.  They were caused by Elect Angels, but they also resulted from lack of capacity for life of those under the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon to deal with the crisis.  In other words, when the Elect Angels spread the virus, Satan and his demons also reacted with a vengeance that drove people into extreme pressure.  They were stressed out, weak, and exhausted, corresponding to Spiritual Fatigue.

Man's problems were intensified by trying to cope with them in the Cosmic System, and because of the intensity of the crisis it was difficult to stay in the Divine Dynasphere.  It was like the suffering of Job.  The same kind of situation will occur in the Tribulation from demon attacks upon humans.  The attacks will come from centaur demons and from a demon assault army of 200 million.  Both attacks are associated with the Euphrates River (Rev 9:14), which is over the Abyss, the dungeon of Hades where the Fallen Angels from the Noahic Flood are incarcerated.

India is East of the Euphrates River.  It is across the river from Israel, the vantage point of the Tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation.  Locust centaur demons will come out of the Abyss under the Euphrates to terrorize mankind under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The demons will appear like horses with the faces of men, hair like women, teeth of lions, breastplates of iron, and tails like scorpions (Rev. 9:1-11).  Their sting will be like the sting of a scorpion, and the pain will torment for 5 months.  They will be led by Abaddon, the worst demon criminal in all creation.

The locust demon centaurs will give people excruciating pain for 5 months, such that men will want to die (Rev 9:6).  The Indian variant peaked in May 2021, which is the 5th month.  The number 5 is for a giant.  Of all the waves of the pandemic the Indian variant was a giant both in India and around the world.  It was a giant in both volume and intensity.

South Africa
The South African variant emerged in November 2021 and peaked in December 2021.  It was the most complex and contagious of all the COVID-19 variants.  It was so contagious that it infected people who had been previously vaccinated.  However, it was relatively mild compared to the other variants, and it did not usually require hospitalization or cause deaths.  It didn't attack the lungs but affected the sinuses in the head.

The South African variant quicky spread North into Europe and into the United States where it became the dominant variant by December 25, 2021.   The South African variant was obviously a giant, but it was milder than previous variants of COVID-19, and it attacked the head but not the lungs.  This was good news because it was a sign of progress in the battle with Satan.  Those who are sick are casualties in Spiritual Warfare and at the mercy of Satan.

Satan first attacked Job's family and property, but he did not attack Job's health.  Then God gave Satan permission to attack Job's body, and Satan destroyed Job's health (Job 2:4-7).  Conversely, when Satan is defeated, his power over a person's body is first removed.  This is like overcoming an illness.  The next step is to have Satan's power over the head and soul removed.  This requires Grace promotion. 

The weakening of COVID-19 in the South African variant is a sign that the virus may be mutating into weaker variants that will render it ineffective.

South Africa is under the curse of Ham, which means that Ham and his descendants (African and Arabian) would be servants of the Semitic and Caucasian races.  Racial disparities are used by Satan to enslave the subjects of his kingdom.  Satan especially hates the Jews.  The destruction of Satan's kingdom due to the coronavirus will remove barriers of racial inequality.  However, Satan can be expected to mount strong counterattacks to regain his lost control over people.

Desmond Tutu, the South African Anglican bishop and anti-apartheid activist died on December 26, 2021, the day after the South African variant was declared dominant in the US.  Christian activism is anti-Grace, anti-God, and therefore the work of Satan     


The year 2020 stands for a generation of generations, a generation with great historical significance.  The obvious reason for historical significance is that the greatest pandemic in history began in 2020.  The COVID-19 pestilence began in 2020 and is still going strong.  The pestilence is a world-wide judgment sent by God to destroy Satan's kingdom.  God periodically sends cataclysmic judgments to free man from slavery to Satan and give him an opportunity to have his life redeemed. 

The great pestilence of 2020 was not about nationalism, sin, spirituality, marriage, prophecy, or any of the major doctrines of theology.  It was about the cursing of man because of the destruction of Satan's kingdom.  It was a twenty-first century preview of the final destruction of Satan's kingdom in the Tribulation.  The key to understanding the pestilence lies in the Book of Revelation - not in the first three chapters about the Church, but the rest of the book, which dispensational theology takes as applying to the Tribulation.  It turns out that Revelation is the source for understanding the Spiritual World, including the war between the angels (Angelic Conflict).

The pictures of the empty streets of Rome and the deaths in Europe were prophetic of the destruction of the Revived Roman Empire in the Tribulation.  The fall of New York City when it was shut down because of the virus, symbolized the Fall of Satan's Kingdom of Babylon in the Tribulation.  The spread of the virus from New York to Florida (the Water Bearer) symbolized evangelism of the 144,000 in the Tribulation.  And the  conflict between the governors of  New York  and Florida symbolized the attack of the Evil King upon the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Florida cruise ships symbolized the Prostitute sitting on many waters.  The three hot spots of Florida, Texas, and California symbolized Cosmic,  Political, and Ecumenical Babylon due to the judgment of  the  Holy  Spirit upon the  USA, which was enslaved to Satan.  Satan rules the USA just as he does the rest of the world.

The UK variant occurred in conjunction with the conflict between Great Britain and the European Union over Brexit, which happened on December 31, 2021.  This symbolized the war of the Antichrist with three of the ten kings in the European Union of the Tribulation.  Then the  Indian variant arose as the most virile of the variants.  It caused the worst suffering of man like the  locust centaur demons who will come from the Abyss under the Euphrates.  The spread of the Indian variant even coincided with the crowning of Miss Universe from India as the Prostitute of Babylon.  This was followed by the arrival of the South African variant as the most contagious of all the variants.  South African brings out the curse of Ham as the fallout of racial injustice to further stir the pot in the devil's world.

The years of history coincide with the advance of the pestilence.  The pestilence began after great blessing of economic prosperity in 2020, the year for an historic generational curse.  It got stronger in 2021, the year for Providential Preventative Suffering.  And it is proceeding even stronger into 2022, the year for cursing in the bottom of the valley.  Blessing has been left behind, and cursing is approaching.  This signifies Satan's fall, going down to destruction, as it will occur in the Tribulation, the last seven years before the Second Advent and beginning of the Millennium.     


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Released December 30, 2021 - Revised Jan. 1, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood