The Fall of the Silver Bridge and Rise of Israel,

Angelic Judgments, UFO's, and Demon Attacks

The rise of Israel to power in the 1967 Six-Day War set the stage for the Tribulation and War of Armageddon.  The war was heralded by hundreds of UFO sightings, terror from the giant Mothman demon, and a host of demon attacks prior to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  The bridge collapse after 39 years was followed by the collapse of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis.  Both bridges had a life of 39 years, and both bridges collapsed at the same time, 5:05 PM.  The bridges made of steel and concrete symbolized the breaking of the feet of clay of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream, pointing to the destruction of the Revived Roman Empire at the Second Advent.
The Rise of Israel and Fall of Bridges
West Virginia UFO's and Demons
Fall of the Silver Bridge

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
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Spiritual and Temporal Failure
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Silver Bridge Collapse Chart Planets

The Rise of Israel and Fall of Bridges

Continued Egyptian provocation of Israel led to the Six-Day War in which Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, and Golan Heights from June 5-10, 1967.  In the United Nations peace negotiations that followed Israel gave up the Sinai Peninsula.  With expanded borders from the victory of the Six-Day War Israel became a major power in the Middle East.  With the rise of Israel the stage was set for the coming Tribulation and War of Armageddon.

IsraelThe sudden success of Israel in defeating Egypt, Syria, and Jordan was evidence of spiritual intervention.  The angels were waging war just as in the Book of Revelation.  What happened on the ground was the result of the Angelic Conflict between the Elect Angels of God and the Fallen Angels of Satan.  Under the decree of God, the Elect Angels defeated the Fallen Angels who defended Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

The rise of Israel in the Six-Day War was one of the major events of history to prepare the World Stage for the Tribulation.12  The Angelic Conflict was world-wide, not just in the Middle East.  In 1966 there were hundreds of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) in West Virginia.  These UFO's were revelations of demonic military operations against Elect Angels like the UFO's that Elisha saw in his conflict with the Syrians (2 Ki 6:17).  The angelic warfare overhead drives human military conflict on the ground.
Point Pleasant, WV
UFO sighting in West Virginia in 1966 and 1967 attracted world-wide attention.  Many journalists and photographers descended on Point Pleasant, West Virginia to document the events. Among them was John Keel, who published The Mothman Prophecies about them in 1975.  The demons associated with the UFO's communicated with people like Keel and made predictions of death and destruction.  The demon spirits made soothsayers out of people.

On November 12, 1966 a giant demon with red glowing eyes began to appear and strike terror into the hearts of people.  The demon was dubbed by newspapers, "the Mothman."  The demon was described as a brown or gray creature resembling a man, six or seven feet tall with eight to ten foot wings, no neck, large teeth, and red glowing eyes.  Those who could see the demon were terrorized by it and thereafter were open to demonic communication.  Journalists and paranormal investigators flocked to get a glimpse of the Mothman, but those who saw it wished they never did.  Many turned to drugs and alcohol because of the fear, and marriages ended when people could no longer cope and bear responsibility.4 

Silver BridgeThe soothsayer demons warned John Keel, Mary Hyre (a newspaper reporter), and others of an impending disaster.  However, they never understood the warning until the disaster struck.  On December 15, 1967 at 5:05 PM EST (2205 GMT) the Silver Bridge across the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, West Virginia collapsed during rush hour and killed 46 people.  The bridge collapse was a nightmare for local residents as bodies were recovered.  After the bridge collapsed the Mothman and UFO sightings effectively ended.

This was a turbulent time in US and world history.  It was the height of the Cold War with the USSR.  The US was at war in Vietnam, and there were racial riots of the Civil Rights Movement and peace protests over the Vietnam War at home.  Lyndon Johnson was President of the US, and Leonid Brezhnev was leader of the USSR.  Martin Luther King was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement.  In the angelic paradigm he was a false teacher and symbol of the False Prophet of Israel in the Tribulation (Rev 13:11-14; 16:13).  Brezhnev symbolized the King of the North.   West Virginia symbolizes the prison system in the Client Nation Model, and Ohio across the river symbolizes Naphtali, the doe and peace.  So the demonic activity in West Virginia coincided with the racial riots (lawlessness), and the bridge collapse was associated with the peace protests.

          BridgeFortunately the turbulence of the 60's ended, and the Tribulation did not immediately occur.  Bridge inspection laws were passed so that no other bridges would collapse.  However, another bridge did collapse.  The I-35W Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis collapsed in 2007 after becoming operational in November 1967 and having a life of 39 years.  It collapsed at 5:05 PM CST (6:05 CDT, 2305 GMT) on August 1.   The collapse of the bridge was the herald of the collapse of the subprime mortgage market in the US that led to a recession and the World Financial Crisis of 2007-2008.  

The collapse of two bridges each with a life of 39 years and each collapsing at 5:05 local (non-daylight saving) time, demands an explanation.  The bridge collapses were part of God's Sovereign Design of history.  So they have meaning in the Spiritual realm.  God decreed their construction and collapse.  The Elect Angels oversaw the design and construction and caused their collapse at the precise time.  Even though the UFO activity in Point Pleasant was demonic, the bridge collapse was orchestrated by Elect Angels.  It was not an accident, but a Divine Judgment.  The number 39 is for the Sin Leading to Death. The span of life of the bridges was 80 years, corresponding to four generations and the Four Generation Curse.  The time, 5:05 PM, is the number for a giant (5).  The Mothman demon was a giant, like Goliath (1 Sam 17:4).

A bridge is a crossover from one paradigm to another.  After leaving Egypt, Israel had two crossings.  They crossed the Red Sea over a land bridge, and they crossed the Jordan River over another land bridge.  Of course, the land bridges were also like straits.  The crossing of the Red Sea symbolized Salvation and freedom from Egypt, the symbol of the world.  Pharaoh's Army, however, was drowned in the Red Sea, corresponding to the collapse of the first bridge.  The crossing of the Jordan symbolized entrance into the Promised Land, corresponding to Heaven and Spiritual Maturity.  However, before crossing the Jordan all those who were 20 and up except Caleb and Joshua died in the wilderness (Nu 14:22-38; Jude 1:5).  The Promised Land was a place of prosperity.

Thus, the collapse of the first bridge in the US symbolized the death of the Egyptians, corresponding to the defeat of Egypt in the Six-Day War.  The only way to support Israel for most people in the US was spiritually.  Therefore, those who lacked Positional Sanctification at Salvation were identified with Egypt and the world.  The world corresponds to Satan and his Cosmic System (with demon activity in West Virginia).  The collapse of the second bridge in the US symbolized failure to attain Spiritual Maturity and enter the Promised Land.  This corresponded to loss of prosperity, which was the herald of the US recession that led to the World Financial Crisis of 2007-2008.

Bridges also symbolize the man and woman in Marriage Culture.  The bridge symbolizes the husband, and the water underneath symbolizes the wife.  The collapse of a bridge into the water symbolizes the destruction of Marriage and death of the partners.  Those who saw the Mothman demon had their marriages broken up and some died.  The failure of Marriage due to Spiritual immaturity leads to death under the Four Generation Curse.  Those who failed to mature and overcome the demon attack fell under the Four Generation Curse.

The two bridges that collapsed in the US had a steel superstructure and concrete pilings, corresponding to the feet of clay of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The bridges symbolized the Revived Roman Empire with feet of clay (Dan 2:41-42, 43).  The collapse of the bridges symbolizes the destruction of the Revived Roman Empire by the stone "cut out without hands" (Dan 2:34, Jesus Christ) at the Second Advent.


Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) are mysterious images that appear for which there is no apparent rational explanation.  Sometimes the mystery can be solved, and sometimes it is illusive.  Optical illusions may have a rational explanation.  Camera lenses may reflect strange images or ghosts.  Pictures made with a camera using a flash in a dark room will often show orbs of light that are nothing more than reflections from shiny surfaces.  Shaking a cloth in front of a camera lens can produces orbs from dust particles.  Pictures made with a camera can produce strange sights that can often be explained.

UFO's may also be seen by people without the intervention of a camera or optical device.  In fact people can often see strange objects, lights, or spaceships with their eyes closed or open.  Some in a group may see the objects and some may not.  Such UFO's may be produced by Elect or Fallen Angels.  Elisha saw a military formation of such UFO's
in his conflict with the Syrians (2 Ki 6:17).  The Lord Jesus Christ flies in a UFO as described by Ezekiel, and Elijah was taken up by a UFO to Heaven (2 Ki 2:11).  The UFO's seen by Elisha were described as "chariots of fire."  They resembled war chariots. 

The appearance of UFO's has adapted to the culture during the course of history.  The ancient Chinese called lights in the sky "dragon tracks" because the lights were apparently accompanied by sightings of fearsome demons.4   In Europe and North America among the Indians these lights were accompanied by little people that were a nuisance.  In witchcraft lore the lights were associated with witches on brooms.  Vampire sightings were similar.  In 1947 from May to August a flurry of UFO sightings occurred in the US in which the UFO's were shaped like metallic discs, or flying saucers.  Another flurry of sightings occurred in Vietnam in 1968-69 during the Vietnam war.

UFO's were often accompanied by the appearance of human-like or animal-like creatures.  Some looked human and wore clothes like people.  Some could even talk.  Others used only telepathy.  Some resembled animals, such as birds, bats, or reptiles.  Whether human or animal-like these creatures match the description of angels and demons in the Bible.  Angels and demons can appear to be normal people.  Abraham entertained angels and gave them food to eat (Gen 18:1-15).  Two of the angels were on their way to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18:16-33).  Angels can materialize or dematerialize.  They can appear and feel physical, but then they can just melt away.

Therefore, it is safe to say that most UFO's seen by man are simply demons or demon productions.6  To see them requires demon contact.  Once the contact is made the person has an open window in the soul for them.  The demons can continue to haunt, harass, and make life miserable.  The only solution is God's solution in Grace.5 
People contacted by UFO's have the same symptoms as people under demon influence or demon possession.4,6   The creatures that accompany UFO's are not Extra Terrestrials (ET's).  They do not live on other galaxies.  They live on planet Earth with Satan their leader.  They are not here to help people but to use them, enslave them, and take them to Hell.  They are the enemies of God, the Elect Angels, and Christians.  They are also the enemies of Israel.

West Virginia UFO's and Demons

In March 1966 a housewife in Point Pleasant, West Virginia saw a UFO hovering above a school playground.  It looked like a "glistening metal disk."4  A door was open and a man was standing outside in midair.  He had a "silvery skin-tight costume," and he had "very long silvery hair."4  Her children came out of the school and got in the car, and when she looked back up, it had disappeared.  There were numerous sightings of UFO's around Point Pleasant during the summer of 1966, but they weren't reported to the police.  They were appearing in Utah, however, and people were reporting them.

On November 2, 1966 two workmen were driving home when they encountered  a UFO shaped like a stovepipe near Parkersburg, West Virginia on Interstate 77.  The craft descended in front of them, and they stopped.  A normal looking man got out and came over to them. 
He was smiling and wearing a black coat.  He kept his arms folded.  He asked the men "who they were, where they were from, where they were going, and what time was it?  Then he strolled back to the dark cylinder and it rose quickly into the chill, drizzling sky."4  Afterward one of the men, who lived in Point Pleasant, had insomnia, which is typical of people who have anxiety due to demon influence.  When he did sleep, he had strange nightmares.  Then he began to drink.

The same thing happened to another traveler on the same road the same night.  He told his story to the police.

On November 12, 1966 Kenneth Duncan was digging a grave with four other men in Clendenin, West Virginia when he saw something that "looked like a brown human being" buzz by.  He said, "It was gliding through the trees and was in sight for about a minute."  None of the other men saw it.8  Duncan didn't come forward with his story until after the next sighting of the creature.  November 12 is the birthday of Charles Manson.

On November 15, 1966 two young couples,
Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette, were out driving in the TNT area near Point Pleasant near midnight when they saw a large gray creature with eyes that glowed red in the headlights.  It was like a "large flying man with ten-foot wings."9  The creature frightened them and hovered over their 1957 Chevy as they raced back into town at speeds of over 100 mph.  According to Linda Scarberry, the wings of the creature kept hitting the car.15  The creature disappeared when they reached the city lights.  They stopped at Tiny's Diner to decide what to do and then went to the court house and reported the incident to the sheriff.11  They were questioned in separate rooms and reports were filed.  The TNT area is an old, deserted World War II munitions plant. 

The creature was later dubbed by the press the "Mothman."  Those who saw it were plagued by fear and turned to drugs and alcohol.  They couldn't cope, and their marriages broke up.  Roger and Linda Scarberry were living in a house trailer at the time.

In the week that followed they were suddenly plagued by strange sounds around the trailer late at night.  Beeps and loud garbled noises like a speeded-up phonograph record.  They could not locate the source of the sounds outside or inside the trailer.4 
Full of fear they left and moved into the basement apartment of Linda's parents, the McDaniels.

Linda sued Roger for a divorce on May 27, 1967.  The same thing happened to many of those who saw the Mothman.  After the divorces many would marry other contactees.  Others had nervous breakdowns and endured long periods of hospitalization.   Some died within six months after seeing the creature, and others died within ten years. The local journalist, Mary Hyre died in 1970 at age 54.  Ivan T. Sanderson died in 1973.4  After seeing the Mothman demon, these people were still under its influence.  The demon was able to break up marriages and to entice others into marriage.  The people who saw the demon had no spiritual training and lacked the fundamental spiritual power to ward off the demon.

Over one hundred people saw the Mothman demon in 1966-67.  As word circulated in the national press, hundreds of people descended on Point Pleasant to see the demon and the UFO's.  Those who saw the Mothman agreed on the basic points.  "
It was gray, apparently featherless, as large—or larger—than a big man, had a wingspread of about ten feet, took off straight up like a helicopter, and did not flap its wings in flight. Its face was a puzzle. No one could describe it. The two red eyes dominated it."4

The Mothman demon was typical of the same type creature that has appeared many times in history in conjunction with UFO's.  He appeared in Brooklyn, New York in 1877-80.  In India he was the giant bird of mythology known as the Garuda.  North American Indians called him the Thunderbird because he was accompanied by loud noises, buzzes, and rumbles.  The Dakota Indians called him Piasa, a creature with "terrifying red eyes and a long tail."4 

On April 9, 1948 two laundry workers in Longview, Washington said they saw three "birdmen" circling at 250 feet.  In May 1981 a birdman buzzed a New York pilot in his plane.  On May 21, 1973 men in the woods near Kristianstad, Sweden saw a huge black bird.  One tried to take a picture, but the film jammed.  In the Tribulation a giant eagle flying in midheaven will be a herald of doom of the remaining three Trumpet Judgments (Rev 8:13).  The eagle symbolizes an Elect Throne Angel.
The Mothman demon, like the other birdman demons, was a giant demon who appeared as a herald accompanying an army of UFO's.  The giant demon was out to terrorize or impress people just as Goliath standing before the Philistine Army as their champion (1 Sam 17:4, 23).  Goliath was like the mighty men of old before the Flood.

Genesis 6:4
The Nephilim (giants) were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them.  Those were the mighty men (heroes) who from ancient times were the men of renown.

The Nephilim were half-angel and half-man hybrids.  They were destroyed in the Flood and don't exist anymore in spite of what demon-possessed people say (2 Pet 2:4, 5; Jude 1:6).  The UFO's and Mothman demon in West Virginia were heralds of a major event in world history - the June 5-10, 1967 Israeli Six-Day War that marked the rise of Israel in preparation for the Tribulation.  Satan and his demons were trying to destroy Israel with Egypt and its allies.  The US was the ally of Israel and therefore the enemy of Satan.  The demons were putting on a show of force in West Virginia, but they were defeated by the Grace of God in His unconditional promises to Israel.  Egypt and its allies, Syria and Jordan, were defeated.

The UFO activity and Mothman demon also symbolized the attack of Satan as the man of lawlessness upon the United States in the racial riots of the Civil Rights Movement and the peace protests of the Vietnam War.  In the Client Nation model West Virginia symbolizes the prison system for holding those who were rebelling against the nation.  The UFO activity and Mothman sightings effectively ended following the collapse of the Silver Bridge across the Ohio River in Point Pleasant on December 15, 1967.

Those who came in contact with the UFO's and Mothman became victims of demon attacks and demon influence.  They received future visitations, perceived telepathic (spiritual) messages, heard voices, and received prophecies of disasters that came true.  They were also instructed in the Satanic lies of doctrines of demons (1 Tim 4:1).  They were also deceived and played.  The multiple personality demon could mimic the voice of other people and deceive even close friends.  Not all prophecies came true, and some only came half true. 

The demons prophesied a major electrical failure over a large part of the United States that was to occur when the President threw the switch to light the Christmas Tree in Washington DC on December 15, 1967.  John Keel received this prophecy by one of his familiar spirit demons (Apol, pronounced Apple) and was also told there would be a disaster at a factory on the Ohio River at the time.  He thought it could be a chemical plant near Point Pleasant or the Naval Base.  So he wrote Mary Hyre from New York to warn her of potential danger on the Ohio River.  He went to Point Pleasant later, and she told him she had a terrible nightmare just before she got his letter.  She dreamed, "There were a lot of people drowning in the river and Christmas packages were floating everywhere in the water."  Having a dream before receiving a letter from a person under demon influence indicates that the same demon gave Keel his prophecy and Mary Hyre her dream.

Keel went back to New York and watched the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on television. 

President Johnson delivered a Christmas greeting and lit the tree at roughly 5:56 p.m. In his address he spoke about scientific breakthroughs, the tragedy of war, and hope for peace. He remembered those fighting abroad and the 500,000 Americans celebrating Christmas without a beloved son or husband.10
After the President threw the switch and lit the Christmas tree, there was no power blackout.  Then as the crowd was cheering, there was a special announcement on television: 
"We interrupt this program," he announced flatly, "for a special bulletin.  A bridge laden with rush-hour traffic has just collapsed at Gallipolis, Ohio.  Further details as soon as they are available."4
That was the collapse of the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant that had occurred at 5:05 PM EST.  Keel was livid because he realized he had been played by his demon.  He had been told of an electrical blackout, but not about the bridge because the demons knew he would warn people.  Actually it was the Elect Angels who destroyed the bridge and took people to their death.  The demons apparently knew but were not allowed to reveal what would happen.  So the demons put their own spin on it and linked the catastrophe to the lighting of the Christmas tree at the same time news of the bridge collapse would be broadcast.  A Christmas tree is the symbol of Phallic Reversionism (Ps 37:35).



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