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About Us

Larry Wood
Larry Wood

We are a Home Church on the east coast of Florida, USA.  I am Larry Wood, the local pastor and author of the web site.  As members of the Body of Christ in Client Nation USA, we have established a command post in the region of Zebulun.  Our combat is spiritual, against the unseen enemy, however.  Since east is the Spiritual side, it should not be surprising that we deal with air and space issues including the weather and space travel.  All Christians are members of the same Body of Christ, but not all have the same Spiritual gifts or production.   Through publishing our insights, trials, and sufferings, we hope to communicate to other true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ both in the USA and around the world about current events from divine viewpoint.

Our website has been up since 1995.  Tools and analysis have been posted to assist true believers who want to live the Christian life.  Through accurate doctrinal instruction we hope to provide reality checks to help believers who may be stalled and to assist them in getting back into the program of metabolization of Bible Doctrine.  We aim to provide accurate information about salvation in a format that can be used by other Internet Evangelists.  As fellow Christians encounter unbelievers on the Internet, it should be easy to give them the gospel by providing a link to the Salvation FAQ or other invitations to salvation on our web site.

I was awakened to the Spiritual life by professors at the University of Florida and the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Gainesville.  I attended the former Florida Bible Institute in Mims where I began studying theology and the original languages.  I was encouraged to study the Jeremiah tapes of R. B. Thieme, Jr. as a senior elective.  I made the fateful decision not to attend an apostate seminary.  I received most of my Spiritual training through the ministry of R. B. Thieme, Jr., Houston, Texas.  I began studying under his ministry in 1972.  I spent 6 years in the Florida Highway Patrol and 25 years with NASA as an Electrical and Computer Engineer before retiring in 1997 to dedicate myself full time to the ministry of the Word of God.

Author:  Larry Wood