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Welcome to Bible Doctrine News.  This is a Christian web site with a threefold purpose:  To evangelize the lost, to provide Bible Doctrine for growing believers, and to report significant news items from divine viewpoint.  The layout of the web site is really quite simple.
  1. Salvation.- information for the unsaved
  2. Document Index - doctrine for growing believers
  3. Bible Doctrine News - news from divine viewpoint can be reached from:

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The navigation of the web site can be accomplished from the home page.  Everything is linked to that page and is no more than one or two clicks away.  The navigation bar at the top of the page will lead to answers to almost all frequently asked questions.  Please check out the answers before firing off email.  A search engine, topic index, and scripture index are also available for finding anything on the web site.


For those who have never made the greatest decision of life to accept the free gift of Eternal Life, please go to the Salvation page.  Otherwise, the information presented on this web site will be meaningless.  Those who aren't saved do not have a human spirit and cannot understand Spiritual information.  What's worse, it is foolishness to them.


Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit will be able to understand and appreciate the Bible Doctrine that is provided here.  Those who do not practice Rebound for the Filling of the Holy Spirit are apostate.  Apostate Christians are wasting their time here.

Articles in the Document Index are for serious students of the Word of God.  The articles cover subjects pertinent to the everyday life of the believer and should provide help in application of Bible Doctrine.  The articles are general summaries of many hours of daily instruction.  They are intended to supplement, but not replace, doctrinal instruction by the Right Pastor.  There is no substitute for the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine under the authority of the Right Pastor and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

New Christians

New Christians must find their Right Pastor.  He (not she) will provide the daily instruction for the edification of the Christian (Ephesians 4:11-12).  When a local pastor is not available, doctrine can be learned from audio reproductions of Bible classes and from publications.  The Holy Spirit will lead the serious student to the Right Pastor.  The Right Pastor will be grace oriented.  If he is grace oriented, he will agree with Salvation and Rebound as taught here.  Basics for beginners can be found in A Novice's Guide to the Christian Life.

Numbers in Scripture

Since numerology is not part of existing Systematic Theology, it is not taught in seminaries.  That's good in that almost all systems of numerology are wrong; but it is bad in that the Christian who can't count will be severely handicapped in executing the Christian life.  The Doctrine of Numbers in Scripture as taught here is an advance on Systematic Theology.  The definitions of the numbers have been verified through 30 years of application.  These definitions are the only known system of numbers that is accurate, and they are indispensable for the Christian life.  It is possible for a hermit to get along without the knowledge of Numbers in Scripture but not a Christian warrior who wants to fight the good fight of faith in the computer age and take the high ground.

Client Nation Model

The Client Nation Model comes directly from pattern of the Tribes of Israel camped around the Tabernacle as taught in the Pentateuch.  The map of the Tribes of Israel superimposed on the Client Nation USA and the other continents of the world is nothing but an application of Bible Doctrine.  This Client Nation Model is explained in Our Native Land.  Understanding this model is indispensable for application of Bible Doctrine in the Church Age.

Biblical Astrology

Biblical Astrology is an advance on existing Systematic Astrology.  Biblical Astrology was invented here.  It is not related to Babylonian or other false systems of astrology.  The computer and recent exploration of the Solar System have made this possible.  The Heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1).  Bible Doctrine is used to understand the meaning of the planets, constellations, and their configurations.  Life on Earth and human history are synchronized with the Heavens.  The stars and planets point out the meaning of events on Earth.

Bible Doctrine News

Bible Doctrine must be used to understand divine viewpoint of current events.  The Christian Warrior who advances to Spiritual Maturity should take an interest in current events.  After all, the impact of the believer influences the course of history.  The nation rises or falls based upon obedience to Bible Doctrine.  The cycles of blessing or cursing are based upon acceptance or rejection of Bible Doctrine (Leviticus 26).

Arrogant Cowards and Frustrated Females

Unfortunately, the Internet has facilitated forums for arrogant males and silly females.  They hide behind computers and drivel their foolishness in chat rooms with impunity.  The wimp males think they are tough, and the flaky females think they are cute.  Some are even stragglers from fine, doctrinal churches and Christian homes, but they have no respect for anything in this life.  These are the rebellious sons of Belial, whom society has failed to control.

A word of warning:  Don't bring your foolishness here.  The road is already littered with your predecessors.  Their testimonies of pain and suffering are awful beyond description.  God is the final authority, and He protects the pastor-teacher.  Those who cross the pastor will not go unpunished.  They get the double punishment of a pastor, which is unbearable suffering.  They are on the road to the sin unto death, which is horrible suffering in dying.

I don't want to hear your drivel or your smart remarks.  If you have no respect for God, you respect nothing worthwhile.  Try me, if you think you can do it and get by.  You will discover there is a God and that He is opposed to you and other slaves of the devil.


The Greek and Hebrew fonts used are GREEK.TTF and HEBREW.TTF.  Since all Greek and Hebrew will be transliterated, the fonts are not necessary for the average person.  The fonts are readily available online.

Questions and Comments

Questions and comments are always welcome.  Those who are kind enough to report mistakes or typographical errors share in the ministry of reaching thousands of others all over the world.  Questions may be answered in future articles, or clarification may be added to existing ones.  However, questions cannot usually be answered directly.  The pastor should spend his time studying and teaching.

October 12, 2021

Author:  Larry Wood