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Salado, Texas Tornado,

Dying in the Wilderness on the Anniversary of the War Between the States

Salado, Texas Tornado
Spiritual Meaning

Salado, Texas TornadoTornadoes

April 12, 2022 (Day 102):  A tornado devastated the town of Salado, Texas.  Houses and building were reduced to rubble by a strong EF-3 tornado with  165 mph winds.  The tornado entered Bell County from Williamson County and traveled north-northeast up FM 2843 into Salado along Salado Creek.  Two Baptist churches were completely destroyed, Victory Baptist Church and First Cedar Valley Baptist Church, both on FM 2843.  Houses in the area were also leveled.  Twenty-three people were injured, but none were killed. 

Cedar Valley BaptistThe tornado was one of 19 reported in the US from Minnesota to Texas.  There were blizzards in the  North.

The history of Salado provides interesting clues of the meaning behind the destruction near  the small town and two Baptist churches.  Salado was first incorporated in 1867 for the sole purpose of building a bridge across the Salado Creek.  However, since it came to be listed only as a census-designated place, in 2000 the local citizens voted for reincorporation.  In 2020 the population was 2,126. 

The year 2000 was significant because the number 2000 stands for crossing the Jordan, which was the boundary of the Promised Land.  The Promised Land was conquered from East to West.  After  the conquest the cities of the Levites were to be on plots 2,000 cubits wide.  Thus, the city plots (the inheritance of the Levites) were icons of the Promised Land.  See Meaning of the Year 2000.  So, the Salado tornado was related to the Promised Land.  Client Nation USA symbolizes the Promised Land, which can only be conquered by Christians.

The name Salado means salty in Spanish.  It is often used for the names of rivers and streams.  The name has many connotations.  Salty can imply testy, feisty, bitter.  Salt has a good connotation when applied to the land, where it can be a preservative or a fertilizer (Matt 5:13).  However, as applied to water,  it can have a bad connotation of bitter.  It is used to describe sins  of the tongue (Jas 3:10-12).

The town of Salado got its name from the creek that runs through it.  The town was founded to build a bridge over the little creek.  A bridge is the symbol of a man, and a creek is the symbol of a female in Marriage Culture.

Spiritual Meaning

The tornado devastated the town of Salado, Texas on April 12, 2022, which is the anniversary of the beginning of the War Between the States.  The town was named for the Salado Creek, and the town was founded to build a bridge over the creek.  This symbolizes Marriage Culture, where the bridge symbolizes the male and the creek the female.  The  tornado symbolizes the cursing of the land from the uncircumcised male.  The Creek named Salado corresponds to bitter water, which is unfit to drink and to a bitter, reacting female in marriage, who can be testy, malicious, or bitter, like a dripping faucet.  She reacts to the man with sins of the tongue.  She does not respect God or her husband (Jas 3:8-11).

Salado was incorporated in 2000, where 2000 is for crossing the Jordan and the width of the cities of the Levites, which were  icons of the Promised Land.  Thus, Salado was the symbol of an icon of the Promised Land.  The USA symbolizes the Promised Land, which can only be conquered from Satan by Christians.  However, the  devastation of Salado by the tornado is a sign of dying in the wilderness and failing to enter the land.  Two Baptist churches were  destroyed as evidence of this failure - Cedar Valley Baptist and Victory Baptist.  These churches corresponded to the Morning Star, which was in Aquarius, for the herald of Christ.  The herald of the First Advent was John the Baptist (or Baptizer) (Mt 3:3).

ValleyThe Salado tornado was in the Salado Creek valley just as the Gilbert's Mill tornado in Florida on March 31, 2022 was in the Little Hard Labor Creek valley.  Both tornadoes were in the valley of cursing, symbolizing dying in wilderness.  They symbolized failure of Christians to advance to Spiritual Maturity and  become the real salt of the  land. 

There were 23 people injured around Salado by the tornado, where 23 is for an historical uptrend from coming out of the valley.  The next day the governor of Texas shipped 23 illegal immigrants to Washington, DC to express his disapproval with President Biden's refusal to enforce US immigration laws - primarily Biden's decision to rollback Title 42, which blocked immigration into the US during the COVID-19 pestilence.  Interestingly, the number 42 stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Baal is the enemy of Israel, marriage, and children.  Texas is not alone in opposing Biden's immigration policy.  The situation today is very much like it was in 1861 when Abraham Lincoln started the War Between the States.  Actually it was Baal on both sides who started the war just as Satan is behind both sides in the Ukraine War.


TornadoThe chart at the time of the tornado in Salado contains a Sling, the weapon for slaying giants.  The center of the Sling is the Moon in Leo, corresponding to the Government or politicians.  The Moon is rising from the Ascendant on the Spiritual  side of the chart.  All other  planets are on the Temporal side.  Leo corresponds to Ukraine in Europe and to Washington, DC in the US.  The Moon at the center of the Sling corresponds to the Bell County judge who is the leader of both the county government and the government of the city of Salado.  The chart is oriented between East and West just as the opposition of Russia (East) to Ukraine (West).

Opposite Leo on the other side of the chart is Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida and the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, where Russian troops are massing for the next phase of the war.  The meaning of the planets in Aquarius are:
  1. Almighty God - the Prostitute of Babylon
  2. Redeemer Planet - redeemed from Sheol, the grave
  3. Morning Star - herald of Christ, the voice crying in the wilderness
  4. Red Planet - bloody water (on the beaches of Ukraine); the curse of Ecumenical Babylon (Satan's lies)

Capricornus, corresponding to Texas, is beside Aquarius.  There are two planets in Capricornus:
  1. God of the Covenants - the Antichrist
  2. Last Adam - an outcast, for those cast out of their homes by the tornado
Three planets are in Aries.  They are:
  1. Mediator - an official, such as the Judge of Bell County, who is the official in charge of the government of the county and city of Salado
  2. Savior - a pastor, such as the  pastor of the Cedar Valley Baptist Church, who vowed to rebuild.
  3. Sun - Heavenly glory, the stars, like the Milky Way, corresponding to infamy of falling in the wilderness.


The tornado in Salado, Texas like the Gilbert's Mill tornado in Florida was Divine punishment of dying in the wilderness.  Although nobody was killed, Christians who failed to advance to maturity were on their way to the grave and taking the nation down with them.  Salado was founded to build a bridge over Salado Creek, where the creek symbolizes the female and the bridge the male in marriage.  Salado means salty.  Salty water is bitter in contrast to sweet water.  Sins of the tongue are like bitter water, which is unfit to drink.  Sins of the tongue should not be coming out of the mouth.  The nation is full of vilification,vituperation, malicious gossip, implacability, and verbal abuse, which have destroyed civility in government and society.  Granted these are sins from the Old Sin Nature, but they are also evidence of demon influence from Satan and his Cosmic System.  The tornado went up FM 2843,where 28 is for a cosmic stronghold and 43 is  for  fulfillment.  The cosmic stronghold of Satan prevented the Christian from being fulfilled, reaching Spiritual Maturity.

The tornado symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the uncircumcised male.  Uncircumcised means uncircumcised in heart, or unsanctified.  The marriage bed must be sanctified not just from adultery but from demons (Heb 13:4).  Relationships with people include relationships with their angels and demons.  Sanctification from demons in marriage requires reaching Spiritual Rapport.  When this does not happen, Satan runs the marriage, demonizes the children and  pets, and attacks the government and Divine Institutions.

There were 23 injured around Salado by the tornado on the anniversary of the beginning of  the War Between the States.  The next day the Texas Governor sent 23 illegal immigrants on a bus to Washington, DC to defy President Biden for rolling back Title 42, which prevented immigration due to the COVID-19 pestilence.  Twenty-one states are suing the government over the Title 42 rollback.  This situation is quite similar to the opposition to Abraham Lincoln before the War Between the States.   Before the war the Christians of the North and South were not sanctified from Baal and  were not advancing to Spiritual Maturity.  It is the same today.  Two Baptist churches were reduced to rubble in Salado.  That was no accident.  The Morning Star was in Aquarius, for  the  herald of Christ.  John the Baptist was a herald of Christ, although he was not a modern Baptist (Matt 3:3).

The chart of the Salado tornado was oriented from East to West.  The Moon was on the Spiritual  side of  the  chart, and all the other planets were on the  Temporal side.  In marriage the woman is on the Spiritual side (right side) and the  man is on the Temporal side (left side).  The Moon at the center of the Sling in the chart was in Leo, for the government in Ukraine and Washington, DC.  The Moon was on the Spiritual side of the chart,corresponding to influence of angels or demons.  Aquarius was in opposition to Leo on the Temporal side of the chart, corresponding to people opposing the government under  the influence of angels or demons.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida and the Black Sea coast of Ukraine where the Russians are massing for attack.  The only hope is the Grace of God.


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Released April 15, 2022 - Revised April 17, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood