Trump Becomes a Martyr

NBC News, May 30, 2024
Trump Becomes a Martyr
Spiritual Meaning

Trial Chart

Trump Trial Chart Planets

Trump Becomes a Martyr

May 30, 2024 (Day 151):  Former US President Donald Trump was convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records in a Manhattan, New York court.  The verdict was signed by the jury at 4:20 PM EDT (2020 GMT) on May 30, 2024.  The charges were not clearly defined.  The evidence of criminality was never presented.  The charges were a convolution of New York state and federal laws tied together to corroborate a supposition that Trump and his supporters conspired to commit fraud by means of a non-disclosure agreement and committed fraud by hiding it as  a legal expense, which it was.  When the jury heard that it would have to work the next day, it quickly concluded deliberations and signed the verdict form at 4:20 PM before the 4:30 deadline for the day.  The charges and verdict did not pass the sanity test.  It was couched in iconoclastic arrogance like the trial of Marie Antoinette.

In the end former President Trump was convicted in a circus show similar to his impeachments.  He was convicted of 34 counts of felonies by linking state record-keeping misdemeanors beyond the statute of limitations with federal campaign violations, which never occurred.  And the world with the smart news reporters stood by as if  they all agreed that all this was evidence of fraud and criminality.  These apparently rational people were in a different world.

Spiritual  Meaning

The guilty verdict came on May 30, 2024, Day 151, where the numbers mean:  5th month - a giant,, 30 - a priest, 2024 - strategy and Satan's attack on Israel, 151 - the day of arrogance.   There is no way that 12 rational people could analyze 34 complex legal issues and conclude guilt beyond reasonable doubt in short order.  They were led.  They were under the influence of something.  And they all went along for the ride.

Psychological analysis does not lead to any meaningful explanation of how this could happen.  It doesn't pass the sanity test.  It can, however, be explained in the Spiritual World.  God could do this as judgment of Trump, or Satan could do it as an attack on Trump.  Look at the picture of Trump as he addressed the news media after the verdict.  If Satan did it, Trump would still be under Satan's influence at the time, but Trump's Guardian Angel would be protecting him from Satan.  Trump had a long day, and his life had just met disaster; yet, he still had composure and a vision of the future.  That's Hope, which comes from the Holy Spirit and his Guardian Angel. 

A prediction of the trial outcome was given on May 25 when a Rand, Colorado rancher, Mike Morgan, 51, was struck by lightning and killed along with 34 of his cows and 3 calves.  Colorado corresponds to the Ark of the Covenant and to a high place in the Client Nation Model.  Morgan was feeding his cows hay from the back of a trailer in the open pasture when the lightning struck.  The number 34 is for the division of the land, corresponding to the division of the Earth into nations.  The number often shows up for those people who want to compromise the exclusive right of Israel to the Promised Land.  The number 51 is for arrogance.   

Trial Chart

Trump TrialThe Chart of at the time the jury reached the guilty verdict in the Trump trial contains a Bow, which corresponds to the  weapon of an archer.  It symbolizes a consolidation of resources to drive through the enemy.  The Bow is on the Temporal  side of the chart, and the Spiritual side of the chart is empty.  The trial was in the Temporal World.  The Red Planet is on the Descendant in Pisces, for a martyr.  The conviction made a martyr out of former President Trump.

The Sun is at the top  end of the Bow in Taurus, for the king's royal majesty, corresponding to the President of the USA.  The Sun is in conjunction with the Morning Star, for the conqueror of an empire (USA).  The Sun symbolizes the crown (President of  the USA) that Trump is seeking.

At the bottom of the Bow, the Last Adam is in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven in Capricornus, for death for sins, corresponding to the death of Christ for sins on the cross.  Thus, the Last Adam in Capricornus symbolizes the cross, including Retroactive Positional Truth (Gal 2:20).  The cross must come before the crown.  

The Mediator Planet was in Aries in conjunction with the Savior Planet Aries, where Aries corresponds to the location of New York.
  1. Mediator - an official, such as the judge, prosecutor, or other officials supporting the NY trial of Trump.
  2. Savior - the Good Shepherd who gives his life for the sheep (Jn 10:11).

The Moon was in Aquarius, for the Church or citizens.  The God of the Covenants was also in Aquarius,for the Noahic Covenant, corresponding to the floods that occurred during the trial.

The Redeemer Planet was in Pisces, for a Levitical offering, such as being offered as a sacrifice.  An example is a lightning strike that burns up the sacrifice.  This corresponds to the Colorado rancher and 34 cows killed by a lightning strike.  The rancher, Mike Morgan, was 51, for arrogance, and former President Trump was convicted by the NY jury on Day 151.  


Former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felonies by a New York jury for falsifying business records.  The trial and jury verdict did not pass the sanity test. The thoughts and actions of the government officials and news reporters were not rational.  The answers of what happened must come from Divine Viewpoint from the Spiritual World.  The chart at the time of the guilty verdict reached by the jury at  4:20 PM EDT on May 30, 2024 offers some insight.  At that time the Red Planet was on the Descendant in Pisces, for a martyr.  Former President Trump was found guilty and had therefore become a martyr.

The chart contained a Bow on the Temporal side of the chart, corresponding to the New York trial under the Laws of Establishment.  The Sun in Taurus was at the top of the Bow, for the king's royal majesty, corresponding to Trump as President of the US.  At the bottom of the Bow the Last Adam was in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven in Capricornus, for death for sins, corresponding to the Crucifixion of Christ for sins (1 Pet 2:24; Gal 2:20).  The message was that the Cross must come before the Crown.  This applied to former President Trump as well as the Lord Jesus Christ, who went to the Cross before rising and preparing to return to rule the world in the Millennium.

While the jury was deliberating the fate of former President  Trump, the US President and State Department were pressuring Israel to come up with a cease-fire proposal  that would give Gaza to the Palestinians in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  That is Satan at work.  Per the Abrahamic Covenant, those who bless  Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed (Gen 12:3).  The weather curses from tornadoes and floods the previous week in the US were associated with the US cursing of Israel by rejecting the Abrahamic Covenant.  The US built a pier to feed the destitute Palestinians of Gaza, and an Elect Weather Archangel stormed and destroyed the pier.  The Trump trial prosecution rested after the defense on May 28, for a cosmic stronghold, including bad weather.  One of the two key witnesses for the prosecution was Stormy Daniels, meaning storms from the Judgment of God.   The other key witness was Michael Cohen, a New York Jew, where the name Cohen means priest.  He was Trump's lawyer who secured the non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels.  Both witnesses wanted to expose Trump's feet of clay and destroy him.  That is the definition of iconoclastic arrogance, which comes from Satan.  

Trump Trial Chart Planets

Sun Taurus
King's royal majesty
Moon Aquarius Church, citizens
Savior Aries Good Shepherd
Morning Star Taurus Conqueror of an empire ((USA)
Red Planet Capricornus Martyr
Almighty God Taurus Ruler of an empire (USA)
Ring Planet Aquarius Noahic Covenant
Mediator Aries Official
Redeemer Pisces
Levitical Offering
Last Adam Capricornus Sin bearer



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Released May 31, 2024

Author: Larry Wood
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