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Angelic Ukraine Cursing of Florida Tornadoes

Tornado Debris
Angelic Ukraine Cursing of Florida Tornadoes
Spiritual Meaning

Angelic Ukraine Cursing of Florida Tornadoes

March 31, 2022 (Day 90):  Swarms of tornadoes cursed the southern United States as a large cold front was crossing the Mississippi River.  At least 69 tornadoes were reported from Texas to Florida.  Most of the tornadoes were in Alabama.  However, there were only two fatalities, and they were in a sparsely populated area in the woods of Washington County, Florida where a double-wide manufactured home was obliterated by a 200-yard wide EF-3 (136-165 mph) tornado at 4:10 AM CDT (0910 GMT) on the morning of March  31, 2022.  A man and his wife were killed. Other nearby homes were also damaged or destroyed, and two people were injured.  One was buried under his large white pickup truck where he dove for cover as the storm destroyed his house and barn.

 Update April 2, 2022:  National Weather Service Tornado Damage Survey.

RhinoThe storm formed the image of a rhinoceros (beast with a little horn like the Antichrist (Dan 7:8)) as it approached from crossing the Mississippi.  The irony is that with all the havoc wrought by the wrath of God, why were only two people killed in the US, and why were they killed in a remote area in the middle of nowhere?   A tornado struck a manufactured home on Gilbert's Mill Road nine miles southeast of Chipley.  Two people were killed and nearby houses and mobile homes were damaged or destroyed.  The tornado proceeded across Jewel Road where a home was destroyed and a man wound up under  a white pickup truck.  Members of the fire department had to dig him out.

Gilbert's Mill MapThe land where the tornado struck lies along Little Hard Labor Creek,which lies in the lowland (or valley) at the bottom of Orange Hill.  The elevation of Little Hard Labor Creek is 75 feet (23 meters), and the elevation of Orange Hill is 285 feet (87 meters).  The creek was formerly used for a grist mill where corn meal was ground.  The surrounding unincorporated community was named Gilbert's Mill.  Gilbert's Mill is at the intersection of Orange Hill  Road and Gilbert's Mill  Road. 


Spiritual Meaning

The tornadoes were spawned by weather angels to simulate a large battle in the Angelic Conflict (or War in Heaven).  We are not meant to understand the battles in the Spiritual World, but we are given insight of how they relate to our life.  God determines the time, manner, and place of death, and the angels make it happen.  The  tornadoes exploded the homes and structures and left piles of rubble (called ash heaps in the Bible).  This corresponds to the destruction of the houses in Ukraine by the Russian Army.  Our suffering from weather cursing is related to the Temporal suffering of the people of Ukraine under Russian bombardment.  When we bear up under suffering and pass the test, the Elect Angels in the battle for Ukraine will overcome Satan's demons, and their cursing will be turned to blessing.  The believer who defeats Satan and his demons has impact in delivering his nation and the world from slavery.  Satan rules the world, and we are all part of his kingdom.  God gave him permission to start the war, and he is influencing both sides.

ValleyThe Florida tornado was along Gilbert's Mill Road by Little Hard Labor Creek in the valley of cursing below Orange Hill.  Orange Hill is like the Hill of Megiddo in the Valley of  Jezreel in Israel (Zech 12:11; Rev 16:16).  The Hill of Megiddo is the location of the final Battle of Armageddon.  One of the meanings of the year 2022 is cursing in the valley.

Ukraine FlagThe name Gilbert is German for bright pledge.  Bright refers to light, glory, and life, and pledge is a doctrinal belief or solemn promise, such as the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  Flags have colors and are often called "the colors."  The colors of the flag of Ukraine are blue and yellow (or gold). Blue is the color for righteousness and doctrinal belief, and yellow is the color for light, glory, and life.  The children of Gilbert's Mill  attend Chipley High School, where the school colors are blue and gold.  The people of Ukraine are willing to die for their flag and what it means, while the people of Russia are not wiling to live for theirs.  Putin cannot instill in their degenerate souls the love of the homeland because they are full of lies and degeneracy.  The people have nothing to live for and nothing worth dying for.

Gilbert's Mill and Ukraine are also both related to grain and bread.  Ukraine grows wheat and is the bread basket of Europe, while Gilbert's Mill was a grist mill for grinding corn.  Corn meal for making corn bread was a staple in the old south. Wheat prices will increase because of the Ukraine War.  Also, bread symbolizes  the  X-axis of the Spiritual Life, corresponding to faith and doctrinal belief.  Our daily bread symbolizes faith.

At the time the tornado struck the house on Gilbert's Mill Road, the Sun and Moon were in Pisces.  The Sun in Pisces symbolizes Heavenly glory, like the  stars in the Milky Way, and the Moon in Pisces symbolizes the Church or a group with a common ideology.  Thus, the Sun and Moon in Pisces symbolize the colors in the flag of Ukraine and the meaning of Gilbert.

Also, the Red Planet was on the Ascendant in Capricornus, for suffering in the flesh (the human body), corresponding to the suffering of those in the  path of the tornadoes and the people in Ukraine in the face of Russian shelling.  The Last Adam was rising in Capricornus, for an outcast, corresponding to those thrown out of  their homes by the tornadoes.


TornadoThe Chart at the time of the tornado on Gilbert's Mill Road contains a Bow, the weapon of a warrior, such as the  Antichrist (Rev 6:2).  The Red Planet, God of the Covenants, and Morning Star are in conjunction on the Ascendant, and the Last Adam has just risen.  These planets ascending set the stage at the time for how things were going to be.  They mean:
- Red Planet - suffering in the flesh (human body)
- God of the Covenants - Antichrist
- Morning Star - military leaders, e.g. those in Ukraine.
- Last Adam - outcast, for those cast out of their homes by the tornado.

The Sun and Moon were in Pisces.  The Moon was a crescent, one day from New Moon, for the absence of reflected glory from the Church.  The Moon in Pisces symbolizes the faith or belief of the Church, the blue in the Ukraine flag, and the meaning of Gilbert.  The Sun in Pisces symbolizes Heavenly glory, corresponding to the glory of the stars, like the Milky Way Galaxy or a celebrity.  The Sun in Pisces corresponds to the yellow in the Ukrainian flag and the meaning of Gilbert.  The Savior Planet was also in Pisces, for the Savior of the body, or congregation.

The Almighty God and Redeemer planets were in Aquarius, where Aquarius symbolizes Florida.  The Almighty God refers to the Prostitute of Babylon, who is under Baal.  The Evil King will attack the Prostitute of  Babylon in the Tribulation.  This corresponds to Russia attacking Ukraine.  It also symbolizes the tornado and its angel attacking Washington County, which is Florida county number 50, for the Church, which usually loses when attacked by the State.  And the Redeemer in Aquarius is for redemption from Sheol, the grave, for those who survived the tornado.

The first three signs on the left side of the Chart correspond to Texas, Florida, and Mississippi and Alabama in the region of Pisces.  This corresponds to  the span of the tornadoes on the SPC Storm Report above from Texas to Florida.

The Mediator Planet was in Aries, for an official, corresponding to the first responders who came to the aid of the tornado victims.


The tornado that struck Gilbert's Mill Road in Washington County, Florida obliterated homes and reduced them to piles of debris, or ash heaps.  Two people were killed and two injured.  An Elect Weather Angel made the tornado and did the damage while other angles and demons participated in the battle.  The angels were invisible, but they produced the rain, wind, and destruction in the valley of cursing along Hard Labor Creek at the bottom of Orange Hill.  This was all symbolic of the mayhem wrought by the Russian Army upon the citizens of Ukraine.  The story is threaded together with the meaning of Gilbert, for bright pledge, and  the blue and gold colors of the Ukrainian flag and the colors of Chipley High School.

The Sun and Moon were in Pisces with the same message:  Sun (bright) and Moon (pledge).  The Moon in Pisces also symbolizes the faith, or doctrinal beliefs of the Church.  What is believed corresponds to daily bread.  The war in Ukraine will affect the price of bread.  Ukraine is the bread basket of  Europe, and Gilbert's Mill was a grist mill for the surrounding community.


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Released April 2, 2022 - Revised April 11, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood