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Mayfield, Kentucky Tornado

Mayfield, Kentucky Tornado

Mayfield,  Kentucky Tornado

December 10, 2021 (Day 344, Suffering):  Shortly after the US Supreme Court let the new Texas abortion law stand, a deadly tornado devastated the town of Mayfield, Kentucky.  The massive tornado flattened the town and destroyed the courthouse when it struck at 10:27 PM EST.  A tornado also killed Texas district judge Brian Crick, who served McLean and Muhlenberg counties.  The irony of the wrath of God as the answer to the Texas legislature and Supreme Court could not be missed.  It was a matter of Good and evil in a contest between the laws of man and the creation of God.  Only God creates life, but no one knows precisely when that occurs, whether in the womb our out of it.

The Texas abortion law, known as the Texas Heartbeat Act, riled the pro-abortion lobby because it reduced the legal limit for an abortion to as little as 6 weeks based on the beginning of the unborn child's heartbeat.  The law also raised the ire of Chief Justice John Roberts because it was carefully crafted to circumvent the existing 1973 legal standard of Roe vs. Wade, which allows abortions within 24 weeks of pregnancy.  However, the Supreme Court didn't really do much.  It simply let the Texas law stand and lawsuits to continue.  So, what aroused the wrath of God?

Tornadoes 12-10-21The tornadoes and death sent by God crossed the Mississippi River from Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois and struck Tennessee and Kentucky with vengeance.  Mayfield, Kentucky was leveled.  The name Mayfield comes from the month of May, which was named for the Roman fertility goddess Maia, the nursing mother.  The Texas abortion law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott on May 19, 2021 (Day 139), where 19 is for the federal judiciary and 139 is for the sin leading to death.  Mayfield, Kentucky is in Graves County.  Kentucky symbolizes the womb, corresponding to the large caves in the state.

The Roman fertility goddess has nothing to do with giving life.  Only God creates life.  Life and death are God's Sovereign decisions (Eccl 3:1-2).  However, there is an Elect Angel who presides over pregnancy, and that is Gabriel.  Michael presides over death.


Mayfield Tornado ChartThe astrological chart at the time of the Mayfield, Kentucky tornado is more of a revelation.  The chart contains a Bowl on the temporal side of the chart.  The Bowl symbolizes a bowl judgment, like those in Revelation.  The Almighty God planet is on the Descendant in Aquarius, symbolizing the fall of the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters (Rev 17:1).  There are three pairs of planets in the chart, for a flood.  The Noahic Flood was the judgment of God's wrath for the atack of the Prostitute of Babylon in the antediluvian civilization.

The Lord came to destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn 3:8).  The generation of 2020 was a special generation in history that would face the coronavirus pestilence which was sent to destroy Satan's kingdom.  Similarly, the judgments in the Tribulation will destroy Satan's kingdom.  The Prostitute of Babylon will fall, and then the Evil King (Antichrist) under the power of Satan will fall.

The Sun was in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light.  This is Satan presiding over the Texas legislature and the Supreme Court.  Satan rules the world, and he offers his lies to solve man's problems.  His solution is evil.

The Moon was in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius.  This was the crux of the argument.  The Moon in Aquarius symbolizes the Church, and the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius symbolizes being redeemed from Sheol (the grave) not aborted.  The doctrine from the Church is the source of the disagreement.  The Roman Catholic Church holds that life begins at conception.  That is a lie.  Human life begins when the soul is given to the body.  A body without the soul is dead.  When is the fetus capable of sustaining soul-life?  That's God's decision, but it does occur in the womb (Lk 1:44).      


The tornado that devastated Mayfield, Kentucky was the wrath of God.  The tornado came on the heels of the Supreme Court decision to let the Texas abortion law stand.  However, there was more to the story.  The abortion problem is due to the Prostitute of Babylon in the lives of women.  The coronavirus pandemic judged people under the Four Generation Curse due to the power of Baal and the Prostitute of Babylon.

Women under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon in the antediluvian civilization married demons (or prehistoric man possessed by demons).  Women under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon before the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC burned their children to Baal (Jer 7:31; 19:5).  Today women under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon are getting abortions.

This is not a matter of morality.  It is demonic spiritual.  Satan rules the world.  The Prostitute of Babylon has overrun the nation's institutions and the marriage beds.

The tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky per the astrological chart announced the fall of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The coronavirus crisis was administered by Elect Angels to destroy Satan's kingdom just as they will do in the Tribulation (1 Jn 3:8; Rev 17:1).  The fall of the Prostitute of Babylon associated with the graphic devastation of Mayfield, Kentucky is a sign God's judgment of Satan's kingdom is succeeding. 


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Released December 11, 2021

Author:  Larry Wood