Satanic Attack:

Chronic Gagging, Choking, Coughing Disorder



Several times a day the throat may become dry, which leads to gagging, coughing, choking spasms that last a few minutes or longer.  This is followed by the release of mucus down the throat.  The coughing and gagging can be quite severe at times.   The malady has been reported in children 3 or 4 years old and patients of all ages.  It can last for years along with some respites.  Believers and unbelievers can have the problem.

The attacks may occur at any time.  They may occur early in the morning due to a cosmic relationship with someone else who is stirring.  Or the attacks may occur when going to bed, since that is prime time for demon attacks associated with the Prostitute of Babylon.  Or the attacks may occur at other times during the day such as when brushing the teeth, when the mind is wandering.  Or the attacks may occur when coming into contact with another person, who probably has a demon.


Spiritual Analysis:  See Satan's Attack on a Person.  There are two points of the spiritual attack.  The first is in the throat, and the second is in the breastbone.  The attack comes through the head due to Hardness of the Heart and down the spine.  When it reaches the throat, it causes stress.  When it gets to the breastbone, it causes loss of breath and the reflexes of coughing and gagging.

The problem is Divine Punishment coupled with a Satanic Attack.  God weakens the Light of human life (Life Line), which opens the door for Satan and his demons to attack.  The victim is at the mercy of the Cosmic System and soon exhibits signs of stress and anxiety as from a psychosomatic problem.

Since God ordered the problem, there is a reason for it.  The victim did not cause the problem, or bring it upon himself.  Getting rid of the problem is not the answer.  Dealing with the problem and understanding what it means in the Spiritual life is the issue.  If a person does not learn from punishment, there is nothing more God can do for him.  Among the reasons for the attacks are:

1.  Coming into contact with people like the Evil King or Prostitute of Babylon, who are themselves under the influence of a demon.
2.  Spiritual Warfare in which the believer is fighting and being tested.
3.  An indication of a future or past historical event associated with the believer's impact on history.
4.  Daniel had the problem when he came into contact with Gabriel (Dan 10:17).  Gabriel also solved the problem.


Ecumenical Babylon AttackA video illustrates the problem of choking from a demon attack.4  In the video the paranormal investigator has evoked (called out) a demon.  Before the demon was called out it was simply lurking around without power.  However, once it is evoked, it is linked to the caller.  The caller with his demon becomes an antichrist.  God hardens the heart of the caller but allows him to continue in arrogance.  The paranormal investigator is a false teacher, who is spouting lies.   This is illustrated in the picture with the paranormal investigator false teacher on the left in blue and the member of the audience on the right in green.

A member of the audience is listening to the lies of the false teacher empowered as an antichrist.  The person in the audience comes under the influence of the demon.  The lies of the false teacher and the power of the demon constitute an Ecumenical Babylon counterattack.  Then God punishes the member of the audience by weakening his Throat and Breast pressure points so that he chokes and coughs.  The member of the audience is not in the Divine Dynasphere but is outside under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon, who tempts him to respond to the lies of the false teacher.


The only solution is Grace (2 Cor 12:9).  The Divine solution is the only solution; the human solution is no solution.  The unbeliever needs to believe in Jesus Christ for Salvation.  The believer needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit and use the Problem Solving Devices.

Rebound the sin of bitterness to regain the power of the Filling of the Holy Spirit in the Divine Dynasphere.  Being overcome by demon pressure drags a person into the Cosmic System, which amounts to idolatry.  A person under the power of the demon of the Prostitute of Babylon is in idolatry.  The person in the Cosmic System is bitter toward God - a root of bitterness has sprung up like gall (ref. Deut 29:18; Heb 12:15).  The power of the Filling of the Holy Spirit can defeat a demon attack (ref. 1 Jn 4:4).

The solution may require growing out of the problem ("more Grace" (Jas 4:6)).  Medical doctors cannot solve the problem because it does not have a physical source, and psychologists cannot solve it because the source is not in the soul.

Helps for surviving the attack:

  1. Follow the same method for dealing with a Satanic or demonic attack,2 which includes Rebound and Resist.
  2. Relax mentally as you would relax to prevent a sneeze or a cramp.
  3. Be objective.  The attack is occurring because of an imbalance of subjectivity.  The mentality must be in control.
  4. The breath will diminish to near zero just prior to the cough.  To prevent the onset resist by forcing the diaphragm out.  Change your mind.  Think about something else anything.  If you are lying down, change positions or get up and walk around.  If you are talking to someone or thinking about talking to someone, stop and go away.
  5. Elect angels can help you.  They can put a stop to the problem immediately as with Daniel (Dan 10:18).  If you suspect an Elect Angel is around, trust him to protect you from the attacks.  However, be careful that you don't mistake a demon for an Elect Angel.


The gagging, choking problem symbolizes the throat as an open grave (Psa 5:9; Rom 3:13).  This means that the people you are around are going down to the grave (or Hell), dying the Sin Leading to Death.  This is the same meaning as the Bottom of Heaven, IC, on an astrology chart.  So, having the problem indicates a life and death struggle with Satan, who has the power of death (Heb 2:14).  Joan Rivers apparently died from this problem.

The Throat pressure point is at the entrance to the body of sin.  When sin is not handled by Rebound, it proceeds down into the other pressure points of the body.  The deeper it goes, the more intense the suffering.


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Released June 15, 2012 - Revised March 28, 2016

Author: Larry Wood


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