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NASA Rolls Out Most Powerful Moon Rocket

Heralded by a Series of Deadly Lightning Strikes

SLS Rollout
NASA Rolls Out Most Powerful Moon Rocket
Lightning Strike Herald
Who is Artemis?
Spiritual Meaning

NASA Rolls Out Most  Powerful Moon Rocket

August 17, 2022 (Day 229):  NASA rolled out its new Space Launch System at Kennedy Space Center in Florida from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to Launch  Pad 39B in preparation for its maiden flight to  the  Moon.  The new rocket named Artemis is the most powerful rocket in the world.  It is named after the Greek Moon goddess.  The rocket was rolled out to the launch pad during the night on the Crawler-Transporter, which was built for transporting the original Saturn Moon rocket in the Apollo Program of the 1960's.

Rollout began with lifting the SLS Mobile Launcher platform off its pedestals by the Crawler-Transporter in High Bay 3 at 9:55 PM EDT (0155 GMT) on August 16, 2022.  Rollout was originally scheduled to begin at 9 PM but was delayed by lightning.  A cloud without water but full  of lightning moved onto Kennedy Space Center (KSC) from the West.  The cloud produced some powerful strikes as it crossed the Indian River and moved South of the launch pad.  Then the cloud backed away toward the West from where it had come.

The SLS slowly crawled to the launch pad, about 4.2 miles (6.8 kilometers) away, during the night.  The Crawler-Transporter finally reached Launch Pad 39B and the SLS stack was hard down on the pad at 8:03 AM EDT (1203 GMT) after 10 hours and 8 minutes.  The pictures show the rollout from exit from High Bay 3 to Launch Pad 39B. 



Rollout Rollout


Lightning Strike Herald

LightningLightning strikes were heralds of NASA's Artemis rollout.  The strange cloud that delayed rollout was without water but full of lightning.  It was a reminder  of the lightning strike in Washington, DC near the White House on August 4 that killed three of four people huddled under a green tree in Lafayette Park.  The lone survivor was Amber Escudero-Kontostathis, who was resuscitated by two nurses from Texas who were visiting the area.  She had burns down the left side of  her body and left arm as she held a pouch over her left shoulder with her iPad for signing up donors to support international refugees.  The left side is Temporal, and the right side is Spiritual.  Amber spent five days in the hospital.  An interview with Amber aired on ABC "Good Morning America" on the  morning of August 16 before the Artemis rollout later that night.

The lightning strike, which was captured on video, was full of symbolism.  It was a huge bolt with six strokes   It was an act of God produced by an Elect weather angel.  The green tree symbolized a reversionist (Ps 37:35), a person who has rejected God's Plan for his life and is living under the power of the devil and his demons.  In contrast, all those struck by lightning under the green tree were considered by their acquaintances to be highly respectable.

A married couple, James Mueller, 76, and Donna Mueller, 75, died from from the lightning strike.  The numbers mean:  76 - skill and 75 - Sovereignty.  He was a skilled drywall contractor, and death is the Sovereign decision of God.  They were visiting Washington, DC to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary, where 56 is for soldiers dropping like dung in the open field.  They were from Janesville, WI, which is at 42 N, 89 W, where the numbers mean:  42 - Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 89 - an authority counterattack.  Janesville is in the region of Naphtali and Virgo, the Virgin.  The couple had 4 great grandchildren and were active in the Roman Catholic Church.  They were retired.  She was a former teacher, and he ran a drywall business.

Also killed by the lightning strike was Brooks Lambertson, 29, a successful bank vice president from Los Angeles who was in town on business.  The number 29 is for victory over Edom, Laws of Establishment victory.

AmberAmber Escudero-Kontostathis, 28, was the only survivor of the lightning strike.  She had spent the day in the park canvassing donors for international refugees, including Ukrainian refugees.  She was wearing the yellow uniform of Threshold Giving.  Yellow is one of the colors of the Ukrainian flag.  The color yellow symbolizes life, corresponding to the man in Marriage Culture, where the color white is for love and the woman.  The name, Amber, corresponds to the color yellow.   It was Amber's  28th birthday, where 28 is for a cosmic stronghold, corresponding to a storm.  She was born for this day.  She was standing about 100 feet from a statue of Andrew Jackson, who was elected President in 1828.

Three died, and one lived.  The lone survivor symbolizes being sliced off (from dying with the others).  This is the sign of dead works - not Divine Good.  Her works were burned, but she was saved; yet, so as through fire (1 Cor 3:15).  She was apparently a Christian with dead works, which will be burned at the Evaluation Throne of Christ after the Rapture.

            ScarThe green tree that was struck by lightning was left with a scar on the trunk where the bark was burned off.  The scar bore a slight resemblance to the open door of the Vehicle Assembly Building from which NASA's Artemis launch vehicle rolled out.  The scar in the trunk of the tree symbolized the scar where the Roman spear pierced the side of Jesus on the cross.

Lafayette Park was a symbol of the Garden of Eden and Paradise, the location of departed Old Testament saints (Lk 23:43).  The green tree that was hit by lightning was right in front of  the White House in view of Secret Service agents who ran to Amber's rescue.

Who is Artemis?

In mythology Artemis is the Greek Moon goddess, who is the equivalent of the Roman Diana.  In addition to being the Moon goddess, Artemis is considered the mistress of wild life.  As the goddess of the hunt, she is often portrayed with hunting dogs.  The woman in the Garden had a fondness for animals.  Dr. Marten shoes are made from leather, but the suede ones resemble the skin of animals like lions and dogs. 

However, in the Spiritual World mythology is not just a work of fiction, like a novel.  It is a lie of Satan that he can cause to come to pass.  He has the power to make a person the High Priestess of Babylon, which we call the Prostitute of Babylon.  And he has the power to make a young woman into Artemis.  He can name a person and make that name become reality.  He cannot create a person, but he can give the person an alternate identity.  He can make a woman Artemis and inspire people to worship her.

There are two great lights in the Heavens, the Sun and the Moon.  The Sun rules the day as the source of light and symbol of the man.  The Moon rules the night, reflects the light of the Sun, and symbolizes the woman.  Satan, however, created a lie about Creation.  He named Apollo the Sun God and Artemis the Moon goddess.  Different cultures were given different names for these deities.  Satan, however, named all the gods.  The planets reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, but Satan named them after his gods to hide their true identity.

Artemis is in the Bible.  The Apostle Paul spent two years teaching the Church at Ephesus.  Then Satan used Artemis to run Paul out of town  Satan stirred up the silversmiths who were building shrines to Artemis and were losing money because Paul's teaching opposed idolatry (Acts 19:23-41; 20:1).  The Temple of Artemis apparently contained a meteorite that was considered an image of Artemis that fell from heaven (the sky) (Acts 19:35). 

Spiritual Meaning

AmberRollout of NASA's new Space Launch System with the Artemis Moon rocket was delayed by a strange cloud without water that was full of lightning.  The cloud came from the West, covered Kennedy Space Center south of the launch pad, and then retreated back to the West.  The cloud was a sign from a weather angel.  A cloud without water is the sign of dead works (Jude 1:12).  The green tree that was struck by lightning in front of the White House was the sign of a reversionist.  And the three people dead with a lone survivor was the sign of dead works in the survivor.  The implication is that the rollout of Artemis was dead works, and Amber's work of collecting contributions for international refugees was also dead works.

The name, Amber, corresponds to the color yellow.  Amber was wearing yellow, the color of the uniform of Threshold Giving and one of the colors in the Ukrainian flag, as she canvassed donors for international refugees.  The Artemis rocket had yellow (amber) tanks with white Solid Rocket Boosters and top capsule.  Amber and Artemis were the same color, and both stood on platforms.  Artemis was standing on the Mobile Launcher platform, and Amber was wearing Dr. Martens platform shoes with thick rubber soles.  The Dr. Marten shoe company was started by a Nazi after World War II, and the NASA Lunar Program was led by Wernher von Braun, a German.  NASA's launch complex with VAB, Launch Control Center, Crawler-Transporter, and launch pads was patterned after the German rocket program at Peenemunde. Shoes  

Amber's platform, Dr. Marten shoes were also associated with her Birth Chart, which contained a Horse's Hoof in the shape of a horse shoe.  She fell in love with her platform shoes because of the sign of the horse shoe in her Birth Chart.  The horse shoe in the Birth Chart corresponds to being trampled by horses, like Jezebel.  The lightning strike that hit Amber corresponded to being trampled by horses.  The lightning strike came from an Elect Angel, who was likely Michael or one of his warriors.  Those who died were executed by the command of God at the hand of an angel.  All those under the green tree were taken there by angels and demons as well as those like the Secret Service and nurses who were nearby.  Amber was resuscitated by an Elect Angel, who gave her back her breath, heart beat, and life.

Amber was spared as an example of a person with dead works being pulled out of the fire
(1 Cor 3:15).  With the name, Amber, associated with the color of NASA's Artemis launch vehicle, she was the symbol, or poster child, of Artemis, the Moon goddess of Satan.  In the Spiritual World we don't get to choose our character.  We are not the master of our fate or captain of our soul.  We have to play the hand we are dealt and act the part we are given.  So, in the Spiritual World Amber may have become Satan's Artemis.

The Cross

White HouseThe green tree in Lafayette Park that was struck by lightning also symbolized Jesus Christ in His death on the cross (Lk 23:31).  The lightning strike that hit the green tree left a large scar in the trunk, corresponding to the breach in His side where He was pierced by the Roman spear (Jn 19:34).  The green tree symbolized a young tree full of life and vigor, corresponding to Jesus Christ at age 33.  The four  people standing under the tree represented the spectators who witnessed the Crucifixion of Christ.  Three Marys, who were believers, were there (Jn 19:25).  The number, 3, stands for the  Justice of  the  Holy Spirit.  God Judged the sins of the world in Christ on the cross.  There were also three crosses upon which three people died.  Jesus Christ died along with two criminals, who were witnesses.  One accepted Christ and was saved, and the other rejected Christ and went to Hell. 

Lafayette Park symbolized Paradise, the location of departed Old Testament saints (Lk 23:43), and the White House across the  street symbolized "mansions of glory" (Jn 14:2) in Heaven prepared for believers.  Those who reject the gift of Salvation will be judged for their works at the Great White Throne (Rev 20:11, 12, 13).  Their works will not be Divine Good, and therefore they will be sentenced to the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:14, 15).  The sole survivor of the lightning strike in Lafayette Park symbolized dead works.  The dead works of believers will be judged at the Evaluation Throne of Christ after the Rapture (2 Cor 5:10).


DC LightningThe chart at the time of the lightning strike in Washington, DC on August r, 2022 contains a Stage, a Carafe, and a Grand Cross.  The Stage symbolizes the Stage of Life, including people, environment, weather, and events that day.  The Carafe was overturned, corresponding to the pouring out of a person's life (Phil 2:17; 2 Tim 4:6).  And the Grand Cross was the sign of intense suffering, like going to the Cross and dying. 

The Sun was in Cancer, for the Lord as keeper and protector.  He kept Amber alive.  The Moon was in conjunction with Midheaven in Libra, for the sensational judgment of the woman in the Garden - the intense suffering of childbirth.

The Red Planet and Mediator were in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven in Aries.  The Red Planet symbolized the devil as the father of murderers, and the Mediator Planet symbolized an official under the power of Satan, resulting in death.  This is not unusual because Satan rules the world and influences the lives of everyone on Earth, including Christians.  The officials included NASA officials under Satan's power in the decision to build Artemis and go back to the Moon.  Neil Armstrong was met by an armada of UFO's on the Moon.  These are bad demons.  Fighting them on the Moon carries the threat of intense suffering and death.

Amber RingsThe Morning Star was in Gemini for two witnesses, corresponding to the two nurses who showed up to perform CPR after the lightning strike.

The Last Adam was in Capricornus, for an outcast, corresponding to those who died and to refugees from war, famine, and disasters.

The Redeemer Planet and Almighty God were in Pisces, for giving and a monster whale, the symbol of Baal.  Amber was collecting donations for refugees, and those who never advance to Spiritual Maturity die in the wilderness under slavery to Baal.  Even married people who have not reached Spiritual Rapport are making love under the power of Baal.  A whale symbolizes a giant, corresponding to the number 5.  Amber wore five silver rings on her fingers, symbolizing a giant.  Rings on the fingers symbolize armor (or a shield) to strengthen or protect the finger.  Amber's name, Escudero, is Spanish for esquire, a shield bearer.  Silver symbolizes judgment, corresponding to the judgment associated with the silversmiths of Ephesus who opposed the Apostle Paul.  The five giants are Satan's demons that must be defeated to conquer the Evil King.

Amber ChartAmber's Birth Chart contains a Horse's Hoof, which is the sign of being trampled by horses as in the death of Jezebel.  The Sun was in Cancer, for the Lord as the keeper and protector.  The Savior Planet was also in Cancer for a healer.  Healers have an angel or demon with them that performs healing.  They often have straight lines on the mount under their little finger.  The Moon was nearby approaching New Moon in Gemini, for wedding guests.  Gemini is in the region of California, Amber's home. 

The Red Planet was in Taurus for the Plagues of Egypt.

The God of the Covenants was in Aquarius, for the Noahic Covenant associated with the suffering of the flood.

Two planets in Sagittarius, the Redeemer and Mediator in conjunction gave strong influence from the sign so that Amber ran around like a warrior on a  horse doing battle to save refugees around the world.  Amber worked as a Director  of the International Rescue Committee for Threshold Giving.  The meaning of  the  planets in Sagittarius is:
  1. The Redeemer for quartering an army.  This corresponds to Amber's desire to help the army of refugees in the world, including those from the Ukraine War.
  2. The Mediator symbolized the mediator who ends a plague, such as one that leads to refugees.
The Last Adam was on the cusp of Scorpius, for victory over death, which happened when Amber overcame the lightning strike.

The Almighty God Planet was in Libra, for judgment of a rod of iron smashing a clay pot.  This symbolized the lightning bolt.

And the Morning Star was in Virgo, for a star.  Amber has become a star. 


The rollout of NASA's SLS with the Artemis launch vehicle was delayed by lightning and heralded by people who were struck by lighting.  A cloud without water and full of lightning delayed rollout.  A cloud without water symbolizes dead works of a false teacher or reversionist.  Rollout of Artemis was heralded by a lightning strike that killed three people in front of the White House in Lafayette Park.  One person survived.

Escudero-Kontostathis, 28, survived after being resuscitated.  She was working for an organization to raise funds to help international refugees, including Ukrainian refugees from the war.  It was her 28th birthday, where 28 is for a cosmic stronghold and a storm.  As one of four she was the symbol of dead works, and her burns from the lightning strike symbolized being saved yet so as through fire - a sign of dead works (1 Cor 3:15).  The color amber is a shade of yellow, and Amber was dressed in yellow.  Yellow is one of the colors in the Ukrainian flag and the color for a capacity for life test.  Amber was running around the park like a horse in her job of collecting donations for international refugees when the storm arose, and she was struck by lighting.  She had a Horse's Hoof in her birth chart, the symbol of being trampled by a horse like Jezebel.  International business organizations are outside national Laws of Establishment and therefore are under the power of Satan.  The Church is international, but it is under Divine Authority.

Amber was also the color of the Artemis rocket that NASA rolled out to launch to the Moon.  In Satan's mythology Artemis is the Greek goddess of the Moon, corresponding to the Roman Diana.  These gods are associated with the Moon and wildlife and often portrayed with hunting dogs.  Like people, animals are ruled by angels and demons.   Animals don't have a spirit, but they are under the control of angelic and demonic spirits, like all people, even born-again Christians and pastors.  All Christians have been redeemed from the slave market of sin ruled by the devil, but they are still subjects of the devil's world and must be redeemed from Satan and his Cosmic System on a daily basis.  The Christian must reach Spiritual Rapport with God to be free from the spiritual influence of Satan.  Freedom from Satan and his demons is only possible by the Grace of God (2 Cor 12:9).

The events and relationships of human history are based on Divine Design and the Angelic Conflict.  In the Spirit World man is a created being at the mercy of God, Satan, Angels, and demons.  Man can only see glimpses of what they are all doing.  Everything that happens in the world is precisely ordered and calculated in the Plan of God.  It is totally deterministic.  There are no accidents.  God designs, decrees, and directs.  Angels and demons make it happen, and man goes along for the ride at their mercy.  Man does not make history.  They do.  They are running the show.  Man is like a puppet on a string.

In the Spirit World Satan is ruling the world.  The Elect Angels are opposing him, and man is caught in the middle.  God let Satan influence Wernher von Braun, and he built rockets for the Nazis, and for NASA.  Satan convinced another Nazi, Klaus Märtens, to make Dr. Marten shoes after the War.  Satan directed President John Kennedy to send NASA to the Moon, and von Braun built the Saturn V to go there.  The Kennedy Space Center launch complex was patterned after the
German rocket program at Peenemunde.  However, it had interesting parallels with life.  The rocket was assembled in the VAB, like a baby being formed in the womb.  The giant doors of the VAB opened for rollout like the womb opening at birth.  The Crawler carried the rocket over a course to the launch pad, like running the course of  life (Deut 1:31; Isa 46:3, 4; 63:9; 2 Tim 4:7).  The Crawler symbolized Jesus bearing His cross and Simon who was ordered  to carry the cross for Jesus (Matt 27:32; Mk 15:21; Lk 23:26; Jn 19:17).  The launch pad was like the skull of Golgotha (Matt 27:33; Jn 19:17).  Launch was like the judgment of the cross, and the Flame Trench was like the fire of Hell (Matt 5:22; Mk 9:43; Jas 3:6).  And liftoff was like the Resurrection Body ascending into the clouds to Heaven (Acts 1:9).

The green tree that was struck by lightning also symbolized Jesus Christ in the prime of life
(Lk 23:31), and the lightning strike symbolized God's Judgment of Jesus Christ on the cross for the sins of the world (1 Cor 15:3; 1John 2:2; 1 Pet 2:24).  The four people under the tree represented spectators at the Crucifixion.  Three were killed, where three is the number for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ was Judged by God and satisfied God's Justice for the sins of the world (Rom 5:12; 6:10; 1 Pet 3:18; 1 Jn 2:2).  The fourth person and sole survivor symbolized the dead works of an unbeliever.  Unbelievers will be judged at  the Great White Throne for their works and sentenced to the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:12, 13, 14-15).  The dead works of believers will be burned at the Evaluation Throne of Christ after the Rapture (2 Cor 5:10).

The other Nazi from WW II,
Klaus Märtens, made news recently when Amber Escudero-Kontostathis survived the deadly lightning strike wearing rubber-soled Dr. Marten shoes.  A weather angel brought a thunderstorm and an Elect Angel (probably Michael) made the lightning with his light sabre.  He executed three people and also struck Amber so that her heart stopped.  Then he revived her after 30 to 40 minutes while nurses were performing CPR.  She lived as the symbol of dead works.  She made a miraculous recovery and became the poster child of Artemis.  Satan may have also made her the Moon goddess, meaning she was given the demon of Artemis.  The angels know the truth about all of this, but the rest of us are left to wonder if she really is Artemis.  Satan can make that happen.

NASA's plan to go back to the Moon and to build the Artemis rocket to go there are definitely not the will of God to explore the Heavens.  In the Spiritual World this is not just Satanic influence.  Satan rules the world, and this is evidence that he is attempting to extend that rule into the Solar System.  The Moon and Red Planet are vast waste lands, but they have a purpose to proclaim the Glory of God.  For man to pollute them is really unnecessary, and it is stooping to a new low.  They are God's creation.  They belong to God, not to man; and they should not be desecrated. 


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Released Aug. 19, 2022 - Revised Aug. 20, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood