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Russia Invades Ukraine

Horses of Apocalypse
Russia Invades Ukraine
Spiritual Meaning

Russia Invades Ukraine

February 24, 2022 (Day 55):  Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the anticipated invasion of Ukraine at dawn on Februsary 24,  2022.  President Putin made the announcement just before 5:00 AM Ukraine time (0300 GMT) as cruise missiles and air strikes hit military targets from three sides of the country (North, South, and East).  Although he had a difficult time coming up with a  plausible excuse for the attack, his ambition appeared to be to reunite former Soviet states, including Ukraine and Belarus, with Russia.  The government of Ukraine has attempted  to align with the West and reject Russia.  This has incensed Putin and the Russians.  The objectives of the invasion appear  to  be to  take the capital Kiev and topple the government while preserving the infrastructure.

After the invasion US President Biden and European leaders took immediate action to impose stiff economic sanctions on Russia.  World stock markets fell and the price of oil rose to $100 a barrel.

Spiritual Meaning

The invasion of Ukraine is symbolized by the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.  President Putin in his role as commander of the Russian military symbolized the King of the North who will go out to conquer in the Tribulation (Rev 6:2).  He was symbolized by the White Horse of the Apocalypse.  The invasion of Ukraine was the symbol of the Red Horse of the Apocalypse (Rev. 6:4).  The economic sanctions imposed by President Biden and the European leaders symbolized the Black Horse of the Apocalypse (Rev 6:5, 6).   

However, the scenario of the Ukraine invasion differs from the events of the Tribulation.  In the attack on Ukraine President Putin is actually  behaving like the future Antichrist head of the European Union who will attack three of the kings who opposed him (Dan 7:24).  In this respect Putin is trying to restore the former Soviet states like the Antichrist.  In fact, Putin has aligned himself with the Russian Orthodox Church as a replacement for the Roman Catholic Church of the Revived Roman Empire. 


Russian InvasionThe Chart at the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine contains a Bowl on the Spiritual side of the Chart.  The Bowl symbolizes a bowl of cursing that is being poured out on the Earth by the angels.  The Moon has risen in Scorpius, for the Prostitute of Babylon, corresponding to Ukraine.  And the Morning Star and Red Planet are in conjunction in Sagittarius near the Ascendant.  The Morning Star symbolizes a commander with his armies, corresponding to the King of the North and Putin.  The Red Planet symbolizes a bloody army or city, corresponding to the Ukraine military or the city of Kiev that will suffer from the Russian attack.

The Mediator Planet is nearing conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven, corresponding to the death of an official.  The President of Ukraine is obviously the target of the invasion of Kiev, and the Coronavirus pestilence is still causing death.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine symbolizes the attack of the Evil King Antichrist upon the Prostitute of  Babylon in the Tribulation (Rev 17:16).  President Putin corresponds to the Evil King Antichrist, and Ukraine corresponds to the Prostitute of Babylon, who rules the civil government.  So, the capital Kiev corresponds to Babylon. 

The rising of the Morning Star in conjunction with the Red Planet near the Ascendant along with the Moon in Scorpius, which is higher in the sky, points to God as the source of this Judgment.  The cursing of the Bowl Judgment is God's Plan to destroy the  devil's kingdom in 2022.

The events correspond to the Four Horses of the Apocalypse (Rev. 6:1-8):
  1. White Horse - Antichrist conqueror
  2. Red Horse - war, suffering
  3. Black Horse - famine, economic decline
  4. Pale Horse - pestilence, death


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Released February 24, 2022 - Revised March 2, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood