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Rare Florida Earthquake

Rare Florida Earthquake
Spiritual Meaning
Florida Earthquake Chart

Rare Florida EarthquakeEarthquake

February 7, 2024 (Day 38):  A rare Florida earthquake struck off the East coast of Florida 100 miles (163 km) East of Cape Canaveral on February 7, 2024.  Weak to light tremors were felt along the Florida East coast.  The earthquake of  magnitude 4.0 struck at 10:48/07 PM EST (0348/07 GMT).  There was no damage reported.

The earthquake came 9 hours after a US drone strike killed a senior commander in the Kataib Hezbollah responsible for planning attacks on US forces in Iraq. 
Abu Baqir al-Saadi and two of his bodyguards were killed in Baghdad at 1830 GMT.  The attack on February 7 was on Day 38, for dying in the wilderness.  Less than three hours after the Florida earthquake the SpaceX launch of the PACE satellite at 1:33 AM EST shook the rafters of houses along the Space Coast as the powerful engines roared upward toward a polar orbit.  Later in the morning after the earthquake the US Supreme Court heard arguments related to taking former President Trump off the Presidential ballot in Colorado.  The SpaceX launch and the Supreme Court arguments were on February 8, Day 39, for the sin leading to death.  These two events on Day 39 symbolize dead on arrival.

Spiritual Meaning

The rare Florida earthquake was another demonstration of Judgment by Archangels per the meaning of the year 2024, for Archangels and strategy.  The earthquake was the work of the Land Archangel and his supporting Angels.   The earthquake was the Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon of Satan's kingdom.  Satan has strategically attacked Israel with terrorists and politicians to take over the Promised Land, which the Lord gave to Abraham.  This is a world problem in which the Lord has allocated national boundaries that date back to the Tower of Babel.  The terrorist attacks on Israel are attacks on the division of the land (1 Chron 1:19). 

The War Between the States was an attack on the division of the land of God's ordained boundaries.  And the attack on the US southern border from floods of immigrants is an attack on the division of the land.  The Supreme Court arguments over the Colorado Presidential ballot were related to who would rule the former slave states after the War Between the States.  This was also about the division of the land.  The US Government is currently violating the Abrahamic Covenant by imposing sanctions on Israeli settlers and asking Israel to give away part of the Promised Land to the Palestinians (ref. Two-State Solution).

The earthquake was Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon related to Satanic influence in the land (nation).  This influence is related to the US immigration policy, foreign policy toward Israel, and the case before the Supreme Court to keep Former President Trump off the Colorado ballot.  All of these include Satanic influence of Ecumenical Babylon.

The Satanic influence in trying to keep Trump off the Colorado ballot is in the interpretation of the written law and the US Constitution.  Satan's interpretation is in Ecumenical Babylon.  The Truth requires getting rid of Satan's influence.  This requires the salt of the land from the Church (Matt 5:13).  Satan was speaking in the US Supreme Court case from Colorado (C-SPAN).  His arguments were brilliant confusion.

The earthquake off the coast of Florida was the Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon.  After the earthquake the SpaceX launch of the PACE satellite rattled the homes much worse than the earthquake.  Not only did the land shake, but the heavens shook as an illustration of the earthquakes associated with the First and Second Advents of Christ.  Note, this was explained in 2023 regarding Turkey's two groups of earthquakes:
The two groups of Turkey earthquakes on Feb.  6 and 20 symbolize the shaking of Earth and Heaven in the two Advents of Jesus Christ as the High Priest of the New Covenant to the Church (Hag 2:6, 7; Heb 12:26, 27).  Earthquakes occurred during the First Advent of Christ that woke the dead (Matt 27:51-52, 53, 54; 28:2; Isa 26:19).  Earthquakes will also herald the Second Advent (Rev 6:12; 8:5; 11:13; 16:18), and Heaven will be shaken in the Tribulation prior to the Second Advent (Rev 11:19).
The significance of the earthquake related to Florida is that Florida in Aquarius and by the sea has been associated with the Palestinians in Gaza.    Gaza became a terrorist stronghold of Hamas.  Israel was cursed by Gaza for violating the Abrahamic Covenant.  Now Florida has received the Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon in the earthquake because of Satanic influence in the nation.

Florida  Earthquake Chart

EarthquakeThe Chart at the time of the Florida earthquake contains a Bow, for the concentrated attack from an archer's bow.  The Bow corresponds to the drone attack that killed Hezbollah leader Abu Baqir al-Saadi in Baghdad. The Bow symbolized the shot from the US missile that killed him.

The Sun was in Capricornus, for Gentile glory.  The Gentile terrorists are fighting Israel in the Middle East.  The Moon was in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven beside the Morning Star, for the death of an army leader, corresponding to the death of
Abu Baqir al-Saadi.

All of the planets except the Morning Star were on the Temporal side of the Chart.  The Morning Star was barely on the Spiritual side of the Chart in Sagittarius, for the leader of an army, corresponding to
Abu Baqir al-Saadi.

The Chart is a two-dimensional model.  The X-axis runs left and right with the Spiritual on the left side of the Chart, and the Temporal side on the right.  This is opposite of the left (Temporal) side and right (Spiritual) side of the human body.  The Y-axis of the Chart runs top to bottom with the top side in the Light and the bottom side in Darkness.  The red arrows symbolize the influence of Ecumenical Babylon, and the black arrows symbolize the influence of Darkness. 

Aquarius, corresponding to Florida, received the earthquake and was under  the influence of Ecumenical Babylon and Darkness.  Pisces, which  was beside Aquarius, was also in Darkness and under the influence of Ecumenical Babylon (but no earthquake).  Pisces was the region related to the Colorado case against Former President Trump.  Above the Descendant was Aries in the Light.  The planets in Aries symbolized public officials and commanders in the Light.  Aries was associated with New York in the North, and Aquarius was associated with Florida in the South.  This corresponds to Israel and Gaza, and to the North and South in the War Between the States.  The 14th Amendment was passed to keep  the Southern Confederates from holding public office.  History is repeating itself in the US and Israel.

The earthquake occurred off the coast of Florida in the region of Aquarius.  The God of the Covenants planet was in Aquarius, for the Noahic Covenant, corresponding to the Noahic Flood and the floods of refugees from the world's wars, the flood of immigrants across the US southern border, the recent California floods, and the flood of voters in the US Presidential election.  The terrorist attacks on Israel and the immigration problems in the US are both problems with the division of the land.  Such problems date back to the Tower of Babel.

The arguments before the US Supreme Court related to Colorado keeping Trump off the ballot are also associated with the division of the land, dating back to the War Between the States related to the 14th Amendment.  This is associated with the meaning of Pisces on the Descendant, where Pisces corresponds to the Criminal Justice System.  The Supreme Court arguments were about whether the laws of the land were being correctly applied.  The Colorado Supreme Court assumed that Trump was guilty of insurrection, which was not the case.  The earthquake was the Judgment of  Ecumenical Babylon (related to the law and the land).

The Redeemer planet was in Pisces, for a Levitical offering judged on the Altar or the redemption of the Church.  This means where there is no salt in the land there is not sanity (or blessing).  There is only confusion, which was the case in the US Supreme Court debate over whether Trump should be allowed on the Colorado ballot.

There were only two planets on the Light side of the Chart.  All others were in Darkness.  The two planets in the Light were:
  1. Mediator - the Lord Jesus Christ as the High Priest of the Church or a public official.  The Supreme Court case was about the election of the President, a public official.
  2. Almighty God - a commander.
Note also that the Florida Earthquake Chart is almost identical to the Colorado train wreck Chart of January 29, 2024.  The main difference is the position of the Moon, which was rising on the Ascendant in the Colorado Chart.


The rare Florida earthquake occurred 100 miles East of Florida in the Atlantic and only weak and light tremors were felt along the Florida coast.  The earthquake was at night at 10:48/07 PM EST after a drone strike that killed a terrorist in Iraq, before a powerful SpaceX launch that rattled the homes, and before the case for keeping Former President Trump off the Colorado ballot was presented to the US Supreme Court.  The earthquake was the Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon by the Land Archangel due to US influence by Satan related to the division of the land.  The Satanic attack upon the US resulted in God's Judgment of the earthquake for being under Satanic influence.

Satan is attacking Israel with terrorists to destroy the Abrahamic Covenant, which deeded the Promised Land to Israel - not the Palestinians..  And Satan is attacking the US strategically because it is the Client Nation to God.  This is Spiritual Warfare, which is playing out on the World Stage in the Temporal World in many evil and confusing ways.


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Released Feb. 9 2024

Author:  Larry Wood