2023 Annular Solar Eclipse, Sign of Israel Trampled


Annular Solar Eclipse, Albuquerque, NM, Oct. 14, 2023

2023  Annular Solar Eclipse, Sign of Israel Trampled
Solar Eclipse Chart

2023 Annular Solar Eclipse, Sign of Israel Trampled

October 12, 2023 (Day 285):  An annular solar eclipse will occur on October  14,  2023 in the Western Hemisphere.  It will be visible over South, Central, and North America.  In an annular eclipse the Moon does not fully cover the  globe of the Sun and leaves a ring of light, or ring of fire.  The eclipse will be visible over the Southeastern United States.  Greatest eclipse will be on October 14 at 1759/29.3 UT1 (Universal Time) East of Nicaragua. 

The planetary configuration at the time of the eclipse is a Horse's Hoof, a Carafe, and a Stage.  A Horse's Hoof is a sign of  being trampled by horses.  A Carafe is a bottle or wine-skin filled with a liquid, like water or wine.  It could also symbolize a clay pot or human body.  The Carafe may be used to pour a dink or to pour out a libation.  The contents of the Carafe may symbolize a blessing or a curse.  The Carafe at the time of the eclipse is perfectly vertical and not tipped over for filling or pouring.  It is full.  The Stage symbolizes the Stage of Life where historical events are revealed to the world.

The meaning of the Horse's Hoof, Carafe, and Stage was revealed in the Hamas attack on Israel from Gaza on October 7, 2023.  Israel was caught off guard and trampled by Hamas raiding bands.  A music festival symbolized by a Stage was attacked and 260 young party-goers were slaughtered.  Thousands of missiles were fired into Israel from Gaza.  The dead, injured, hostages, and war that followed became a bottle of tears (Carafe) for Israel.

The Hamas massacre in Israel was so odious that Israel declared war on Hamas and vowed to hunt down its members and put an end to them in Gaza.  The Hamas attack on Israel, like bin Laden's attack on New York, was the work of Satan.  Satan's strategic objective has always been to destroy Israel and thus, prevent the return of Christ.  With the attack on Israel a new war was started on the world stage to surpass the attack of the antichrist against Ukraine.  However, Satan's plan is bigger.  Israel's attack on Gaza will soon become odious to the nations of the world, who will call for peace and demand that Israel stop.  If Israel doesn't stop, the nations of the world will rise up against Israel.  That will happen in the Armageddon War, and it is about to happen again to Israel.  The war against Hamas will be used to evangelize the world.  Those for Israel will be blessed, and those against Israel will be cursed.

Where is the Church in all of this?  The Church is fighting Satan and his demons.  The Church is engaged in the Spiritual war.  As goes the Spiritual war, so goes the Temporal war.

Eclipses also symbolize Eclipse Testing.  Solar eclipses symbolize testing of the Right Man, and lunar eclipses symbolize testing of the Right Woman.  The darkness during an eclipse corresponds to death and the attack of the Cosmic System.  An annular eclipse is surrounded by a  ring of light, which symbolizes the marriage covenant, which endures the Eclipse Testing.   Even though the woman puts the man's lights out, the marriage covenant remains intact.  This also symbolizes the enduring sanctification of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship. 

Solar Eclipse Chart, October. 14, 2023

Solar Eclipse
          ChartThe Chart of the annular solar eclipse at the time of maximum eclipse contains a Horse's Hoof, a Carafe, and a Stage.  The Horse's Hoof is a sign of being trampled by horses in war.  The Stage is the Stage of Life, corresponding to the musicians at the Supernova Festival in Israel and to the world stage where the events of the Hamas massacre were revealed.  The Carafe symbolizes a wine-skin, a bottle, or a clay pot that is filled with liquid, e.g. water, wine, or milk.  The contents of the Carafe may be poured into a cup for drinking or poured out as a libation.  The contents of the Carafe may be for blessing or cursing.

The Carafe in the chart of the annular eclipse is perfectly vertical, corresponding to being full.  The Carafe is not being poured out or being filled.  The explanation that fits the picture of the three configurations is that the Carafe is a bottle full of tears.  David used the metaphor of a bottle full of tears to describe the suffering he had endured executing the Spiritual life.
Psalm 56:8 Bottle of Tears
My wandering You have taken account;
Put my tears in Your bottle.
Are they not in Your book?

David recalled his wandering as a fugitive and how God counted every step.  Tears are the worries and problems of life (2 Kin 20:5; Ps 39:12).  This is similar to the description of life as a vale of tears.  David put his problems in the Lord's hands, and left them there.  He noted that the problems were in the Lord's book.  This is the Book of Works (of a person's life).  This refers to Divine Good production in life.

The "bottle of tears" is a metaphor for the myriad of problems and heart aches that Israel faces in dealing with the Hamas attack, burying the dead, and waging war to protect against future attacks.

The Sun and Moon in the eclipse are in Virgo along with the Savior Planet.
  1. Sun -bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Moon - the shadow of the woman (and congregation of Israel) in the darkness of the Cosmic System.
  3. Savior Planet - weeping for Rachel's children, who are killed and captured (by Hamas)
The Red Planet is in conjunction with Midheaven in Libra, for notorious bloody judgment.  This is going out in a blaze of glory or an explosion from Satan - not the glory of God.  This describes the thousands of missiles overhead and the explosions caused by them when they strike their targets or when they are shot down by Israel and explode.  It describes a supernova.  The music festival that was attacked by Hamas was the Supernova Festival.  Satan's purpose in the Hamas attack on Israel was to make something so odious that it would echo around the world and lead to war with Israel and then retaliation from other nations of the world.

Sagittarius was on the Ascendant for a raiding band (Hamas), and the Last Adam on the cusp of Capricornus was coming up close behind, for the rise of the mystery of lawlessness which will precede the Second Advent (2 Thess 2:3).

The Descendant was in Gemini, corresponding to Israel going down.  Gemini corresponds to the location of Israel.

The God of the Covenants was in Aquarius, for the Noahic Covenant after the Flood.   Aquarius corresponds to the location of the Gaza Strip by the sea.

The Redeemer in Pisces was rising, for a Levitical offering, corresponding to being poured out as a sacrifice or offering for redemption from the slavery to sin (Rom 12:1; Phil 2:17; 2 Tim 4:6).

Two planets were in Aries:
  1. Mediator Planet - Christ, the High Priest of the  Church
  2. Almighty God - a commander of armies.
The Morning Star was in Leo, for a sovereign, referring to the sovereign authority of the Lord, Who deeded the Promised Land to Israel - not the Palestinians.


The annular eclipse has a ring of light, unlike a total eclipse, which is completely dark.  Light corresponds to life and darkness to death.  The Solar Eclipse symbolizes both the  First and Second Advents of Christ.  In the First Advent He suffered  spiritual  death when He bore the sins of the world.  When He finished bearing the sins, He was still alive, as symbolized by the ring of Light.  Then He dismissed His spirit (His spiritual body, soul, and spirit) and died physically (Lk 23:46).

In the Second Advent Christ will destroy most of the human race, but a remnant of believers will survive, as symbolized by a ring of Light.  The unbelievers will  be cast off into Hades in physical death. 

Eclipses also symbolize Eclipse Testing in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship, corresponding to the sins of Adam and the woman in the Garden.  When the woman sinned, she no longer reflected Adam's glory but became darkness.  However, Adam was left with a ring of light that meant their marriage covenant was still intact.  After the man and woman sinned, their marriage was a disaster, but they were still alive and still married.  They were not divorced or remarried to another.  They were spiritually dead, but physically alive.  Marriage is a Divine Institution for believers and unbelievers.

An eclipse can also symbolize the relationship of the Lord Jesus Christ to His Bride (the Church).  And it can symbolize the Lord in His relationship to the congregation of Israel, who rejected Him (Jn 1:11).  After Israel rejected Jesus Christ, the Church was called out to replace Israel as the Royal Family.  Israel was hardened and left to be trampled down by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles were fulfilled (Lk 21:24).  However, the ring of light of an annular eclipse is a sign that the Abrahamic and other unconditional covenants to Israel are still in effect, and the Lord has not completely rejected Israel (Isa 54:6-10).

Israel was trampled down by the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023.  The massacre was very odious, and the problems from it included much grief and suffering.  Israel declared war on Hamas.  The problems were like a bottle of tears (Ps 56:8).  However, that was just the beginning.  Satan was behind the Hamas attack.  Satan led, and Hamas followed.  Satan was leading the antichrist to attack Ukraine, and he opened up a new front in the Hamas attack on Israel.  Satan's strategic objective is to destroy Israel and thus prevent the fulfillment of the unconditional covenants to Israel (Abrahamic, Palestinian, New Covenant to Israel, Davidic Covenant) at the Second Advent.  How?  By the pattern of the Armageddon War

Israel's war on Hamas will bring great destruction to Gaza and suffering to the Palestinians.  The nations of the world will be evangelized and be forced to choose between supporting Israel or the Palestinians (the victims).  The nations of the world will soon loose patience with Israel, and they may retaliate against Israel as in the Armageddon War.  Hamas wasn't strong enough to conquer Israel, but the nations of the world are.  So, by declaring war on Hamas, which it has to do, Israel has walked into Satan's trap.  Now the news headlines are not about the antichrist in his attack on Ukraine, but Israel's war on Hamas and the suffering of  the Palestinian people, who don't even have that much love for Hamas.

The fight against Satan in all this must be waged by the Church.  It is Spiritual Warfare, and it is a world war.  Christians will be in the war whether they volunteer or not.  Take courage (Ps 27:14).  Do not let your heart be troubled (Jn 14:1, 27; Ps 30:5).


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Author:  Larry Wood,   Released Oct. 12, 2023 - Revised Oct. 14, 2023

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