UFO Warning at Twentynine Palms, CA


UFO April 20, 2021

UFO Warning at Twentynine Palms, CA
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UFO Warning at Twentynine Palms, CA

April 20, 2021 (Day 110, Witness):   A large black UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) with an arc of five lights appeared over Twentynine Palms, California on April 20, 2021.  It was observed by fifty Marines at Camp Wilson military base and videos were recorded from 8:24 to 8:30 PM PDT (0324 to 0330 GMT).  The black UFO body was not visible on cell-phone video, although it was visible to eye witnesses.  The five lights of the UFO were reddish colored and were ON solid, not blinking, as in the videos.  The blinking was due to automatic focus of the camera.  The Marines shot up a flare in an attempt to illuminate the UFO, but the UFO suddenly disappeared.

There was no sound from the UFO.  It appeared to hover above the horizon with some slow movement at times.  The five lights generally maintained their symmetry although at times additional lights or a sparkler effect appeared.  There was some variation in symmetry of the lights, especially near the end when a flare was shot above the UFO.

The Marines who observed the UFO were totally baffled as to what it could be.  However, it had obviously been detected by other observers or surveillance equipment because a full-scale search for it was conducted with helicopters, planes, and a large convoy of trucks.  

Spiritual Meaning

In March and April 2021 Russia began massing armed forces on the Ukraine border and in Crimea.  The United States Secretary of State warned Russia of consequences of aggressive action.  The United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and a host of nations soon got involved and expressed alarm.  Russia was obviously preparing for war with Ukraine, but many didn't believe that Russian President Putin would actually do it.

While the Russian Army was massing on the Ukraine border, the UFO appeared over the US Marine Base at Twentynine Palms, California.   The UFO appeared with an arc of five lights that resembled the outline of a stealth bomber (like China's H-20).  The UFO basically hovered in one spot.  The lights were synchronized and stayed in formation, though occasional variations gave the impression that the craft was triangular.  Since the craft was silent, sat in one spot, and suddenly disappeared, the Marines concluded that this was not man-made technology.  It did not conform to the laws of physics as we know them.

The UFO appeared to people in the Temporal World, but it behaved like something from the Spiritual World.  Since it was an event in human history, it must have a rational explanation, even if the explanation is spiritual. The UFO must, therefore, have some significance in history.  It appeared over the horizon and captured the attention of over 50 Marines, who witnessed the event.  It occurred as the Russians were massing troops on the Ukraine border for a war that started 10 months later on Feb. 24, 2022.  The UFO appeared as a warning sign to the US Military of a war that was destined to start in Ukraine.  The UFO even resembled a stealth bomber to some extent.  It was an awesome sight.

The UFO appeared on April 20, 2021, Day 110, where the numbers mean 20, deploying for war; 110, a witness - a war witness, or witness of war, corresponding to a herald, omen, or warning sign.  The number could also signify a war child, like Ichabod.  The year 2021 means:  20, for a generation and 21, for Providential  Preventative Suffering.  This was the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
At the time the UFO was visible over Twentynine Palms (8:24 - 8:30 PM PDT), the configuration of planets overhead was a Bowl and a Plow, corresponding to
the seven Bowl Judgments in the Tribulation (Rev 15:7; 16:1-21).  The Bowl was on the Temporal side of the  chart, corresponding to the West (like California in North America) and the Temporal World.  The UFO came into the Temporal World, where it was visible to people.  The Moon was at one end of the Bowl near Midheaven, corresponding to Heaven and the Spiritual World.  The Last Adam Planet was at the other  end of the Bowl in Capricornus, for an outcast, or alien.  Aliens, or extraterrestrials, are Angels or demons. 

UFO's from the Spiritual World are built and operated by angels or demons.  Elisha was protected by UFO's in the form of horses and chariots of fire (2 Ki 6:17).  Angels operating horses of fire and chariots of fire took Elijah away from Elisha and transported Elijah into Heaven at the end of his life.  Ezekiel saw a vision of the preincarnate Jesus Christ (as an Angel) come to Earth in a UFO, land at the Temple in Jerusalem, and go in.  This was to warn Israel of  the Holocaust that was about to come in 586 BC (ref. "Control Room in Heaven," Living Creatures).

Since spacecraft are not needed to transport Angels or demons, the craft are used for communication and symbolism.  When kings travel in the Temporal World, they don't walk.  They ride something to transport them over land.  Similarly angelic or demonic kings don't walk in the Temporal World.  They are transported over land, and when they fly through space in the Temporal World, they ride spacecraft (or UFO's).

If the UFO at Twentynine Palms came from the Spiritual World, it was the work of Satan and his demons.  God had to decree it, and Satan and  his demons made it happen.  According to prophecy, the Lord Jesus Christ will not return to Earth in a spaceship, but He will  be riding a war horse.  He will set His foot down on the Mt. of Olives.  Large UFO spacecraft are not for mass transit, but for angelic or demonic celebrities, such as kings.  The Twentynine Palms UFO had 5 lights, where 5 is the common number for a giant, which corresponds to a powerful warrior, like Goliath.  Satan also uses the number 5 in a pentagram.   Thus, the Twentynine Palms UFO may have been for Satan, an Evil King, or a demon general.

The location of Twentynine Palms also has symbolic significance.  The oasis for which Twentynine Palms was named was the sign of a harem, since individual palms symbolize women, and an oasis symbolizes a woman.  Kings have harems, especially Satan's Evil Kings.  Two events on April 20, 2021 were the death of Misty Storm and the conviction of  Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.  Misty Storm was a famous queen of burlesque, who dated Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy.  She symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon.  Derek Chauvin symbolized Satan, the murderer and Evil King.  Thus were the  circumstances of  the UFO visit that may have been transporting Satan or one of his Evil King demons.

Therefore, the UFO was a demon warning of impending war in which thousands would die and a country would be destroyed.  Satan started the war.  Russian President Putin symbolized the King of the North in the Tribulation, and Ukraine symbolized Gentile lawlessness, or the Prostitute of Babylon.  Although the war was between two countries, the nations of Europe, the United States, and may other nations of  the  world were affected.  In terms of the Spiritual World, the war was between the Elect Angels and Satan and his demons.  The events on the battlefield were simply the result of the angelic war between the Elect Angels and Satan and his demons.   When the UFO flew out of the Spiritual Dimension to warn the Marines at Twentynine Palms, it was because the USA was already part of the conflict.  President Biden had ties to Ukraine, and he led the world to impose economic sanctions against Russia while supplying military arms to Ukraine.  The US was not fighting directly in Ukraine, but it was very much a part of the coming war.  The US was fighting a proxy war.

President Biden had only been in office three months on April 20, 2021, yet Satan showed up in a UFO at a Marine Base as an omen of war.  Biden's Birth Chart contains a Skull with a Plow through it.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan with God's permission.  A Plow is the sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Morning Star is on the Ascendant in Scorpius, for a herald of Satan.  It is in conjunction with the Sun in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light.  Satan runs the lives of all his subjects, but he had special influence over Biden.  The demons in the UFO at Twentynine Palms knew all this.

On April 20, 2021 President Biden was busy appointing directors of agencies and getting them confirmed.  One of those was the appointment of Bill Nelson, who was
nominated to be the new NASA Administrator by President Biden on March 19, 2021.  He was confirmed by the Senate by unanimous consent without objection on April 29, 2021, and sworn in on May 3, 2021.  Nelson was born on September 29, 1942, where 29 is for victory over Edom (Laws of Establishment victory), and 42 is for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The UFO on April  20, 2021 was spotted over Twentynine Palms.  Legend has it that the name came from 29 California palms that surrounded an oasis in the high desert country of San Bernardino County, California.

The Birth Chart of Bill Nelson contains a Bowl that is small and almost a Bow.  The outline of the Bowl is an arc that matches the arc of lights that formed the outline of the UFO at Twentynine Palms.  Wernher von Baun cautioned not to get sucked into space alien conspiracies.  However Bill Nelson offered NASA services to study UFO's.  And Nelson set NASA on a course to go to the Moon and beyond.  Nelson was confirmed  by the Senate because he was pro-NASA.  However, the hidden implication of all this is that Satan was pro-Nelson even though Nelson is a Christian and a member of three churches.  Nelson's Birth Chart contains the Moon in conjunction with the Mediator Planet in Taurus, where the Moon is for a powerful group (like the Senate or NASA) and the Mediator Planet is for success through a mediator (like President Biden or the Senate).

UFO Chart

UFO ChartThe Chart at the time of the UFO sighting contains a Bowl with a Plow.  A Bowl with a Plow symbolizes a Bowl Judgment like the seven Bowl Judgments of the wrath of God in the Tribulation (Rev 15:7; 16:1-21).  The Bowl was, with the exception of two planets, on the Temporal side of the Chart, for the wrath  of God poured out upon the people and Temporal things of this world.  The Temporal World will be destroyed in the Tribulation, and with it, Satan's kingdom.

The Sun was in Aries on the Descendant with the first two planets, for a Father and Sons Configuration.  The Sun symbolized a leader, or shepherd, and the two planets symbolized followers, or sheep.  The Moon was near Midheaven in Cancer, for security over a group.  Security begins with God and Guardian Angels and is destroyed by Satan and demons.  Security over an army, for example, comes from protection by Guardian Angels.  The demons of the UFO were opposing the Guardian Angels protecting the US Marines.  And the war in Ukraine was first Spiritual (related to Angels and demons) and then Temporal (related to soldiers and people).

The point of the Plow was at the Mediator Planet on the Descendant in Aries, for a director, or official, as the recipient of suffering.  President Biden was a director, and so was Bill Nelson, whom Biden had appointed to be the director of NASA.  The Marine officers in charge of the Marines at Twentynine Palms were also directors.  The arrival of the demon UFO was an opposition to directors in the US.

The Red Planet was in Gemini, for deadly suffering of witnesses.  Two witnesses included Misty Storm, the burlesque queen who died at 5:55 PM PDT, and
Derek Chauvin, who was convicted that day for the murder of George Floyd.  Misty Storm died in Las Vegas in the region of an outcast, or alien.  She was a Christian, who went to Heaven.  Derek Chauvin was convicted in Minnesota in the region of Libra, the Scales of Justice.

Two planets were in Aquarius:
  1. Redeemer - redeemed from Sheol
  2. Almighty God - world-wide communication.  The news of the Ukraine War would travel around the world.
The Almighty God Planet was in conjunction with the Bottom of  Heaven, for communication of doom,  death, and destruction.

Two planets were in Capricornus:
  1. God of the Covenants - lawlessness
  2. Last Adam - an outcast, or alien.  The demons in the UFO were aliens from another world, the Spiritual World.

Biden Birth Chart

Joe Biden ChartThe Birth Chart of President Joe Biden contains a Skull and a Plow.  The Skull is a morbid symbol of death at hands of Satan with God's permission.  The Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Morning Star in Scorpius, which was on the Ascendant:
  1. Sun - Satan as an angel of light
  2. Morning Star - herald of Satan
This indicates Satan's control over Biden.  Biden would be Satan's slave apart from willingness to fight back with Faith.

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel.

Two planets were in Libra:
  1. Red Planet - bloody judgment
  2. Savior Planet - being delivered
The Redeemer Planet was in conjunction with Midheaven in Virgo for a notorious redeemer wife.

Two planets were in Cancer:
  1. Last Adam - scourging, punishment.
  2. Almighty God - a fortress.
Taurus was on the Descendant with two planets:
  1. God of the Covenants - a rich inheritance.  He was a US Senator, Vice President, and President of the USA.
  2. Mediator - success through a Mediator.  He was Vice President under President Obama and later became President.

Bill Nelson Birth Chart

Bill Nelson
            ChartThe Birth Chart of Bill Nelson contains a small Bowl that is almost a Bow.  Since the  time of birth is not known, much about the orientation of his life is not known.  The outline of the small Bowl matched the  outline of the lights in the UFO over Twentyniine Palms on April 20, 2021.  A Bowl signifies a bowl full of blessing or cursing.  The Bowl signifies people who are preoccupied with their mission.

The Sun was in Virgo, for Resurrection clothing, which is from the Edification Complex of the Soul, or lack thereof.  The Sun was  in conjunction with two other planets in Virgo:
  1. Red Planet - a bloody son.  His father died when Nelson was 14, and his mother died when he was 24.
  2. Redeemer - redeemer son.
The strong influence of Virgo meant that Nelson was a peace-loving man, who sought to avoid conflict.  However, he had angelic or demonic support and could turn an entire organization upside down.  He was taken in by the science fiction myth of space travel and aliens.

The Moon was in Taurus in conjunction with the Mediator Planet and along with the God of the Covenants, for a Family Configuration, which is related to the Four Generation Curse:
  1. Moon - a powerful group.  Nelson was a member of the Senate and NASA Administrator.
  2. Mediator - prosperity through a mediator.  He was appointed NASA Administrator by President Biden.
  3. God of the Covenants - rich inheritance.
The Morning Star was in Leo, for sovereign power and authority.  Nelson redirected NASA to go to the Moon when he was a Senator before he became NASA Administrator.  He held the purse strings.  The NASA Artemis Program for going back to the Moon is because of him.  Leo corresponds to the location of Washington, DC.


During the prelude to the Ukraine War as Russia was massing troops on Ukraine's border, a UFO appeared over the Marine Base at Twentynine Palms, California on the night of April 20, 2021.  It was observed by over 50 Marines, who took videos and still pictures of it.  Of the many strange sightings of UFO's, this one appeared to be real.  Something happened that baffled the Marines.  It happened in the Temporal World of everyday life in human history.  Therefore, it must have some meaning from Divine Viewpoint.

The UFO appeared as an arc of five lights that basically hovered in one spot with little movement.  The arc of lights indicated a big object, resembling a stealth bomber.  The number 5 is for a giant, a powerful demon warrior, like Goliath.  The UFO appeared over the horizon over against a company of Marines, who were baffled.  The UFO was silent with no audible noise.  When a flare was shot over the UFO, the lights turned off, and it disappeared, never to be seen again.

The UFO appeared to be a spacecraft from the Spiritual World, or Spiritual Dimension.  If so, it would have been operated by demons and transporting a high-level demon like Satan, an Evil King, or demon general.  The craft with its lights was purposely revealed to the Marines as a warning or act of defiance.  When demons materialize in the Temporal World, it is often due to a crisis or some significant event.  If they were demons,  they had their own agenda, but God allowed them to appear for His own reason, such as warning of a coming war or attack.  In hindsight the UFO was a warning of the Russian mobilization for war with Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24, 2022.

The astrological chart at the time the UFO appeared contained a Bowl with a Plow, which is the sign of the Bowl Judgments of the wrath of God that will be poured out during the Tribulation.  In the Tribulation God will take peace from the Earth, and there will be war.  The King of the North out of Russia will go out to conquer.  The Antichrist (King of the West of Europe) will  counterattack him.  This will lead to the War of Armageddon when the Lord will return to annihilate the enemies of Israel.  Thus, Putin is analogous to the King of the North in the Tribulation.

The demon UFO came out of the shadows at Twentynine Palms because a major event like the conquest of the King of the North was about to occur.  Russian President Putin was massing his army on the Ukraine border to conquer Ukraine and annex it as a part of Russia.  The demon armies of Satan would be fighting the Elect Angels to redraw the map of Europe prior to the  battles of the Tribulation.

The chart at the time of the UFO had a Plow that pointed to the Mediator Planet on the Descendant in Aries.  The Mediator in the Tribulation will be the Lord Jesus Christ, but in April 2021, it was President Biden and other directors, including Bill Nelson, whom Biden nominated to direct NASA.  President Biden was very much involved in opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  He was fighting a proxy war with sanctions against Russia and military aid to Ukraine.  In the Spiritual World people are under the control of Angels and demons.  The Birth Charts of both Biden and Bill Nelson indicate strong influence from demons.

The location of Twentynine Palms also had hidden meaning in the story.  Twentynine Palms was the name of an oasis in the desert with 29 palms.  It symbolized a harem.  Kings have harems, especially Evil Kings.  The number 29 is for victory over Edom (Laws of Establishment victory) but not Grace-blessing.   Edom was the land of the descendants of Esau, who tried to kill his brother Jacob.  The Edomites lived in the desert to South of Jerusalem in the Negev.  They were very cruel and looted Jerusalem after it was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar.  The Marines at Camp Wilson live in the desert and have to be ready to do battle with terrorists like the Edomites.

Bill Nelson, who was being confirmed to be the NASA administrator at the time of the UFO, has the number 29 in his life.  He 
was born on September 29, 1942, where 29 is for victory over Edom and 42 is for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Nelson was confirmed by the Senate by unanimous consent without objection on April 29, 2021. 

Even though God approved the appointments of Biden and Nelson, angels and demons secured their votes.  And it certainly appears that demons were the strongest influence.  Their policies were often doctrines of demons.  Angels and demons run the lives of man in the Spiritual World.  Man is not in charge in the Spiritual World.

So, the demon UFO at Twentynine Palms was fleshed out as a sign of the approaching crisis of the Ukraine War at the hands of the Russians.  The demon UFO was not out to do battle with the Marines, but the Commander-in-Chief of the Marines was very much involved in the Ukraine War, and he was under attack from the demons of the war. 

The Spiritual World is not like the Temporal World.  Temporal paradigms are useless in the Spiritual World.  And UFO's from the Spiritual World require Spiritual analysis and not Temporal.

UFO Warning at Twentynine Palms Chart Planets

Sun Aries Leader, shepherd
Moon Cancer Security for a group
Savior Aries Follower, sheep
Morning Star Aries Follower, sheep
Red Planet Gemini Deadly suffering of witnesses
Almighty God Aquarius World-wide communication
Ring Planet Capricornus Lawlessness
Mediator Aries Director, official
Redeemer Aquarius Redeemed from Sheol
Last Adam Capricornus Outcast, alien



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Released May 30, 2023 - Revised May 31,  2023

Author: Larry Wood
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