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Tropical Storm Nicole Crosses Bahamas and Florida,

Bringing back memories of Cat. 5 Hurricane Dorian crossing the Gate of Florida

Nicole Gate
Subtropical Storm Nicole Gate
Tropical Storm Nicole Crosses Bahamas and Florida
Spiritual Meaning

Tropical Storm Nicole Crosses Bahamas and Florida

Nicole GateNovember 11, 2022 (Day 315):  On November 5, 2022 an area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean north of Puerto Rico formed the image of a bull  On November 7 the image of a huge gate of an ancient city appeared and the National Weather Service (NWS) named Subtropical Storm Nicole in the left side of the image.  On November 8 at 10 AM EST (1500 GMT) Nicole was upgraded to a tropical storm as it split off from the cloud masses of the gate.  It appeared as a dead horse and headed West-Northwest toward the Bahamas.  Along with the image of the dead horse was the  image of a locust, centaur-demon over the central US.  These demons will inflict suffering on mankind during the Tribulation (Rev 9:7).

Dead Horse
Dead Horse

Nicole became a tropical storm on the  day of the  Lunar Eclipse over most of North America, and that day there was talk of whether Russian President Putin would attend the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.   By 10 PM EST, twelve hours after being named, Tropical Storm Nicole filled with dry air, which impeded strengthening from its current 54 knots with 986 mb pressure.

As Tropical Storm Nicole headed straight for Great Abaco, Bahamas, it appeared that history was repeating.  It was following the same path as Category 5 Hurricane Dorian in 2019.
  Hurricane Dorian struck Great Abaco after President Trump offered to host the next G7 Summit at Mar-o-Logo.  Satan spoke through Trump, and Hurricane Dorian was God's answer for offering to host the evil leaders of Satan's kingdom in Client Nation USA.  Hurricane Dorian stalled over Great Abaco for two days as it headed to destroy Mar-o-Logo.  Great Abaco was totally devastated and has been rebuilding with sanity for the past three years.  The approaching Tropical Storm Nicole aroused the fear of God in the hearts of the inhabitants of Abaco.

Nicole Abaco
Nicole at Abaco
Nicole Abaco Radar
Nicole at Abaco

Tropical Storm Nicole went strait over Great Abaco and Grand Bahama islands on November  9 along the same path as Hurricane Dorian.  However, Nicole didn't stall.  According to the reconnaissance report the wind was only 57 knots and the pressure 987 mb.  The storm was full of dry air and weak.  The acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper said that "Abaco fared well with no significant infrastructure damage or serious injuries in the aftermath of Nicole."5  There was some flooding from heavy rain but no storm surge damage.  Cooper said, "No loss of life, no serious injuries, we fared well. God is good."5 

LandfallAfter crossing Great Bahama Island Nicole headed  to Florida on a West-Northwest path, and the weather service briefly upgraded it to a hurricane based on flight level winds.  The weather service upgraded Nicole to a hurricane at 7 PM EST (0000 GMT) with 65 kt/75mph wind, 980 mb; whereas, the reconnaissance flight at 0042 GMT estimated 52-knot winds.   When it made landfall beginning about 12:36 AM EST (0536 GMT) the eye was 40 nautical miles in diameter, stretching from West Palm Beach to Ft. Pierce.  The strongest winds were on the North side in the Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach area.  However, ground stations in the area only recorded peak winds of about 30 mph gusting to 40 mph.  Nevertheless, Nicole was a huge storm with enough wind to knock down tree limbs and disrupt electrical power.  The pounding surf also undermined beach-front houses and roads along the coast far north into Volusia and Flagler Counties.  Central Florida counties had minimal damage from wind and flooding.  However, life in central Florida was brought to a stand-still, and electrical power and communication services were disrupted

After making landfall as a tropical storm, Nicole crossed Florida diagonally from Jupiter to north of Tampa.  Then it moved slightly offshore into the Gulf briefly and crossed the Florida Panhandle around the Big Bend.  By the time it reached Georgia, it was a tropical depression with rain but minimal wind.  However, Nicole was not finished communicating.  As its remnants reached New England, the cloud mass associated with it appeared as a huge city gate that stretched from Florida and Abaco, Bahamas to Maine.    Thus, the gate of Abaco and Florida became the gate of the United States.
US Gate
Gate of United States

Spiritual Meaning

Abaco and Habakkuk

The Bahamas were discovered by Christopher Columbus, who claimed them for Spain.    However, they were generally considered a nuisance, due to the shallow water, which was treacherous to navigate, since charts had not yet been made.  In his first map of the New World, printed in 1500,  Juan de la Cosa named the Abaco islands with the Hebrew name Habacoa for Habakkuk.  Habakkuk means embrace.  Habakkuk was the first Hebrew prophet to prophesy the destruction of Israel by the Chaldeans.  After Habakkuk other prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah adopted and expanded his prophecy.  Until Habakkuk gave his prophecy Israel did not know its enemy just as the United States today is trying to figure out who its enemy is.

Habakkuk is considered a minor prophet since his book is only three chapters long, but there is nothing minor about him.  In the first chapter he perceived the Chaldean army coming to conquer decadent Israel.  This is Z-axis authority and justice (Hab 1:7).   In the second chapter he prophesied God's destruction of the Chaldeans because they did not live by faith (Bible Doctrine) (Hab 2:4) but looted other nations.  They will be destroyed in the way they destroyed others (Hab 2:8).  This is Y-axis Political Babylon in lieu of the Love for God.   The third chapter is a song, a prayer for deliverance set to music.  Habakkuk was also a member of  the choir and a composer of music (Hab 3:19).  The song of Habakkuk indicates that his musical talent came from an Elect Angel.  The psalm is full of doctrine.  This is X-axis rapport with God.

The Gate of Abaco

Abaco GateAbaco and Grand Bahama Islands are the image  of a natural gate, where Great Abaco is the post with hinges and Grand Bahama is the section that swings to open or close the gate.  The shallow water around Abaco and Grand Bahama signify a gate that is  closed to shipping.   

The Bahamas were alternately claimed by Spain and Great Britain.  In a treaty in 1783 Great Britain ceded East Florida to Spain and received the Bahamas in return.  Thus, the Bahamas became an English colony.  On July 10, 1973 the Bahamas finally became independent.  Here the number 1973 is the number for freedom (73) - namely Temporal freedom as opposed to Spiritual freedom, which is 74.

The gate of Abaco was first a gate in the Bahamas.  Then it was a gate to Florida.  The Spanish  ships had to sail through the Bahamas to get to Florida.  However, as revealed in the last images of the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole, the gate to Florida was also a gate to the United States.  The King of the Chaldeans was evil.  King Nebuchadnezzar was the enemy of  Israel.  When the Chaldeans came, Israel closed the gates of Jerusalem, but the Chaldeans broke down the  gates, entered the city, and burned it to the ground.

The historical lesson is documented for all to understand.  When Israel bowed down to Baal, the  god of the Chaldeans, God sent the Chaldeans  to destroy  Israel.  The lesson is still true.  Nations who destroy other nations are evil.  They are not friends.  The leaders of nations today are Evil Kings.  Satan owns them.  International unions like the G7 and G20 are run by Satan.  When former President Trump proposed to invite the G7 evil kings to Mar-o-Logo, God sent a powerful Category 5 hurricane to destroy Mar-o-Logo.  However, the storm was stopped at the gate of Abaco in honor of Habakkuk.  Abaco was destroyed, but Florida was preserved.

Tropical Storm Nicole (meaning victory of the  people) was sent to the gate of Abaco as the G20 leaders of nations were willing to have the Evil King, Russian President Putin, attend.  After what Putin has done to Ukraine only an evil person with no integrity would tolerate him.  It is even worse because Putin has lost his identity.  He's not real.  He has long since been robbed of his identity by the devil.  Satan is using Putin to do evil.  Those who tolerate Putin or any other evil king are dealing with the devil. 

Tropical Storm Nicole was sent as a reminder of God's judgment of Hurricane Dorian, which was sent for offering to host evil kings.  The leaders of the Bahamas remembered and were humbled.  God used Hurricane Dorian to evangelize the world.  He brought Tropical Storm Nicole along the same path as a reminder and a warning to those who are in danger from the evil king, man of  lawlessness, antichrist.

The G20 Summit is being held in Bali, Indonesia, which is in the region of Aquarius like Florida.  If the gate of Florida is open, there can be great evangelism in Florida and in the United States as illustrated by the gate of Nicole that stretched up the eastern seaboard.  There are gates that control access to people and nations, and life on the Earth, and the angels control the gates (Gen 3:24; Ex 12:23; Acts 5:19; 12:10; Rev 21:12).  There are gates of life (Matt 7:14) and death
(Job 38:17; Ps 9:13; 107:18; Isa 38:10) and of Heaven (Gen 28:17; Rev 21:10, 12, 13) and Hell (Matt 16:18).

Abaco and Habakkuk

Abaco is the Hebrew name Habakkuk.  Habakkuk was the prophet who was the first to recognize the Chaldeans as the enemy who would destroy Israel.  Subjective people do not recognize their enemy.  Babylon, the home of the Chaldeans, was patterned after Satan, the god of this world.  The Chaldeans worshiped Satan.  Satan was he enemy of Israel because Israel worshiped God, but the people of Israel forgot their God and fell for Satan's lie.  They became apostate, reversionistic, and demonized.  They even began to worship Baal (Jer 2:8, 23; 7:9; 9:14), who was the same god of the Chaldeans.  Israel wanted God's help, but they were hopelessly enslaved to Baal.  They were evil and the enemies of God.  Therefore, God turned them over to the Chaldeans to be destroyed under the cycles of national cursing.  This is all the background of the name Abaco.

When nations don't know their enemy, they become prey.  When Christians don't know their enemy, they become slaves of Satan.  They don't know God, and they don't know Satan.  They become subjective and accept the status quo.  They believe the devil's lie and don't recognize him in people.  They socialize with liars and murderers and don't realize that people are controlled by spirits (angels and demons).

The Dead Horse

The image of the dead horse that appeared when Tropical Storm Nicole split off from the surrounding cloud mass symbolized the destruction of the weapons of war, such as the Russian tanks, personnel carriers, and trucks. 


Hurricane Nicole ChartThe chart at the time of the landfall of Hurricane (or Tropical Storm) Nicole is quite similar to the chart of the recent Lunar Eclipse two days before on November 8, 2022.  The chart contains a Plow pointing to the God of the Covenants in Capricornus, for the Antichrist.  It also contains a Father and Sons configuration in Libra near the Bottom of Heaven, for the Sovereign Lord and the redeemed family of God.  A Pole connects the opposition of the Mediator in Aries and the Father and Sons planets. The Pole is strong opposition.  The strong opposition is translated into the point of the Plow at the Antichrist.  The Antichrist and other enemies of the Lord will be destroyed at the Second Advent.

Aquarius with the Redeemer Planet is setting.  This corresponds to the  judgment of Florida from Hurricane Nicole.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius signifies being redeemed from the sea.  The storm surge and waves of Nicole caused much beach erosion and undermined buildings along the coast in Florida, which corresponds to the location of Aquarius.


When Subtropical Storm Nicole was named on November 7, it appeared as a giant city gate.  It was named a tropical storm the next day on November 8, which was the day of the Lunar Eclipse over North America.  That day there was talk about whether Russian President Putin would attend the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia.  As Tropical Storm Nicole headed straight for Abaco in the Bahamas, the similarity to Hurricane Dorian that devastated Abaco in 2019 was unmistakable.  Category 5 Hurricane Dorian was God's answer to former President Trump, who offered to hold the next G7 Summit at Mar-o-Logo in Florida.  Hurricane Dorian stalled out over Abaco and devastated the island.

Great Abaco and Grand Bahama islands are the gate in the Bahamas and the gate to Florida.  Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas, and the Spanish explorers sailed through the Bahamas to Florida.   Thus, the gate of Abaco is also the gate of Florida and even the gate of the United States.  Angels control the  gates of nations, and nothing comes to Florida without permission from the angels  -- not storms or war. 

Tropical Storm Nicole came to Florida because our President and diplomats were going to attend the G20 Summit in Indonesia that President Putin might also attend, since he is a member of the G20.  This aroused  the wrath of God, and He sent Tropical Storm Nicole as a reminder of how He almost destroyed Mar-o-Logo and West Palm Beach with Hurricane Dorian, which devastated Abaco and Grand Bahama islands.  This is deeply disturbing because Putin is murdering like the Chaldeans, and yet the G20 leaders are willing to entertain the idea of sitting down to talk to him.  The US State Department is currently even trying to enter into peace talks with him over the Ukraine War.  No decent person would enter into any social relationship with Putin.

There's more to the story.  God and the angels knew all along that Putin was not going to the G20 Summit.  What was so bad was not just righteous indignation but that the G20 leaders are evil kings who are Satan's subjects.  Satan controls them and speaks through them just as Satan spoke through Peter (Matt 16:23) and former President Trump.  Satan speaks through antichrists, and Putin is currently an evil king and antichrist, even though he is a Christian.  Putin has lost his identity.  So, what is so bad is that Satan has taken over Putin.  Putin is full of the devil as well as those who tolerate him.  Tolerating the devil arouses the wrath of God.


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Released November 13, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood