Donald Santini, FBI Most Wanted, 39-Year Fugitive

WFLA News Channel 8, Tampa, FL, June 28, 2023
Donald Santini, who appeared on "FBI Most Wanted," for murder in Bradenton, Florida was a fugitive for 39 years.  He lived in plain sight and was a pillar in his community.  He used 13 different aliases and cut all contact with  friends and relatives, and stayed out of jail.  He was finally caught when he submitted his fingerprints to apply for a passport.  One of his rare fingerprints matched the fingerprint he had left on the murder victim, Cindy Wood, when he strangled her in 1984. 

That's only half the story.  There is also a Spiritual side.  Santini was a fugitive for 39 years and was apprehended in Campo, California near the Mexico border.  The number 39, for the Sin Leading to Death, corresponds to dying in the wilderness in the Exodus generation.  God used the life of Donald Santini to illustrate the lives of the Exodus Generation who produced dead works for 38 years and died in the wilderness without entering the Promised Land.

After he was caught, Santini was sentenced to 50 years, where 50 is for the Church.  To make all this happen required the work of God, Elect Angels, Satan, and demons, in addition to the impact of the Church.  The Santini story is not simply about a criminal or a star fugitive.  It is the story of the Church Age equivalent of the Exodus of Israel and conquest of the Promised Land. The story is bigger than Donald Santini or Cindy Wood.  It is about the Hand of God in two generations of Americans from 1984 to 2023.  God spoke through the life of Santini to those who would listen. The significance of the story lies not in the crimes and suffering of man but in the revelation of God in human history.     
Donald Michael Santini
The Spiritual Side
Santini Birth Chart
Cynthia Ruth Wood Birth Chart
Cynthia Ruth Wood, Death Chart

Donald Michael Santini

Wood, SantiniDonald Michael Santini was a famous fugitive who eluded police for 39 years before he was finally arrested in 2023, a year that means cursing turned to blessing.  Santini had become famous for being featured three times on "FBI Most Wanted." He was wanted for the murder of Cynthia Ruth Wood, 33, in Florida in 1984.  Her body was discovered in a ditch in Riverview, Florida on June 9, 1984, which was Santini's 26th birthday.  She was last seen with Santini on a date the night of June 5, 1984.

In Florida Santini was living under the alias
Charles Michael Stevens.  He came to Florida after skipping bond for strong arm robbery in League City, Texas.  He met Cindy Wood, who was a manager of a daycare used by Santini's girl friend.  Cindy was described as a free spirit.  She had aroused the ire of her estranged husband, whom she had reported for physically abusing herself and her son by a previous marriage.  She was in a custody dispute with her husband and father of her two younger children.

Santini had offered to discuss with Cindy Wood some things about her husband that could help her in the custody case involving her children.  However, according to the prosecutor, this was only a ploy, and that Santini had admitted that he was dating Wood to damage her reputation.  It appeared that Santini was a hitman hired by someone to damage her credibility in the case against her husband.

The autopsy report sheds light on what happened with Cindy Wood on the night of June 5, 1984.  The cause of death was strangulation.  Her shoeless clothed body was discovered in a drainage ditch by passersby.  Her feet were sticking up and the body was under water, according to the female officer who arrived on the scene.  She had bruises on her arms, shoulder, and buttocks.  One of Santini's fingerprints was found on the body.  The bruises indicate she was in a serious fight for her life.  Bruises on the buttocks require a powerful blow.  This indicates that Santini beat her up badly, cruelly, and choked her.  Santini was 6'1", 160 lb.  She was smaller and no match for him.

The next day after the date Santini told his girlfriend, with whom he was living, about killing Cindy Wood.  She noted that he was not remorseful but appeared happy about it.  However, before the body was found, and Santini became the suspected murderer, Santani disappeared without a trace.  He left everyone behind and drove to California, where he used another of his 13 different aliases and settled down in plain sight.  Santini lived under the alias of Wellman (Wells) Simmonds in Campo, California, a small town on the Mexico border.  He got married, had a daughter, and was president of a local water board.  He worked as an apartment manager, owned an antique shop, and once owned a Thai restaurant.  He maintained a luxurious life style by filing for bankruptcy several times when the bills piled up. 

After Cindy Wood's death, the charges against her husband, Barry, were dropped.  Barry died before Santini was caught.  After successfully living as a fugitive for 39 years, Donald Santini was arrested in Campo on June 7, 2013 when he applied for a passport and one of his fingerprints matched the print on the body of Cindy Wood.  At the time of Santini's arrest, Cindy Wood's older son had committed suicide four years after her death.  Her younger son was in jail in Manatee County, Florida , and her daughter was homeless.


The story of Donald Michael Santini is not just the story of a con artist, a famous fugitive, or a murderer.  The life of Donald Santini was miraculous.  He was created for his role.  He was gifted from birth.  He had the help of God and the devil.  God had a special purpose for the life of Santini to communicate the Church-Age parallel of the Exodus generation.  Santini's gifts for doing his job are recorded in his highly-unusual fingerprints, which were both his claim to fame and his undoing.

Santini's fingerprints included four Double Loops, three Eyes, and a Radial Loop.  Double Loops are a sign of duplicity.  They are found in fraudsters and charlatans.  Eyes are special dispensations of grace, such as perfection or the gift of communication.  And a Radial Loop may indicate an unconventional leader, like Samson.  Double Loops symbolize a double standard, such as a reversionist, who is called "double-souled" (Jas 1:8).  The Double Loop is not just choosing one alternative over another.  The person pursues both options at the same time.  For example people with Double Loops can carry on two conversations at once (full duplex mode).  People with Double Loops can do evil with good intentions or do good by evil means.  Santini was full of such gifts.  Santini's fingerprints were like the mark of Cain (Gen 4:15).

Donald Santini was born on June 9, 1958 at
Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas.  The number 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt, and 58 is for a Levite, for Levi, who was a brother in crime with Simeon (Gen 49:5).  In 1978 Santini was convicted of rape while in the Army in Frankfurt, Germany and served time in prison.

On May 16, 1980 Santini, 21,
met Marla Foster, 17, in Pasadena, TX.  He married her in November, 1980, and they had a baby girl in May 1981.

In 1983 Santini was charged with strong arm robbery of a convenience store (with a knife for $270) in League City, Texas.    Santini confessed to the robbery then skipped bond, left Marla, and went to Florida in 1983.  Marla never heard from him again and thought he was dead until she heard about his arrest in 2023.  Marla had a very difficult life working and raising her daughter.

In 1983 Santini
worked as a janitor in Longboat Key in the Bradenton area under the alias Charles Michael Stevens.  Santani moved in with Pamela Lynn Kincaid.  Kincaid's children attended a daycare where Cindy Ruth Wood was a manager.  Kincaid told detectives that Santini (Stevens) confessed to her that he killed Cindy Wood.  Kincaid lent her van to Santini for his date with Cindy Wood on June 5, 1984.

Cindy Wood

Wood FamilyCindy Wood's family included two children, ages 5 and 3, with Barry Wood, and a son age 12 by a previous marriage.  Barry had a daughter, Denise Kozer, who was 20 at the time of Cindy's death.  Cindy's family is shown in the picture.

Cindy was described by her step daughter, Denise Kozer, as "a free spirit who was kind, smart, and loved hard.  She was sort of a hippy woman.  She would have went to the ends of the Earth for all of us."17   

The Spiritual Side

The story of Donald Santini, who was a fugitive for 39 years has a Spiritual side.  It is like the story of the Exodus generation who left Egypt and wandered around in the wilderness until all those age 20 and up except Caleb and Joshua had died (Nu 26:65).  They spent 38 years dying in the wilderness (Deut 2:14).  God decreed their death (Nu 14:28-29).  They were fugitives who would never enter the Promised Land.  God waited for them to die until all were dead by the 39th year after leaving Egypt (Nu 32:13).

The Donald Santini story happened in the Church Age.  God decreed Santini's life and recorded it in Heaven before he was born.  However, unlike God's decree to the Exodus generation, God did not speak His decree to anyone on Earth.  The Angels, Satan, and demons all knew God's Plan for Santini's life, but even Church Age believers did not know until they saw how Santini's life correlated to the life of the Exodus generation.  Then those who believed Bible Doctrine understood what God had decreed.  We can now see that Santini was a fugitive for 39 years because God gave him that much time to live in the wilderness before his life of freedom ended.  When Santini's time was up, his life of freedom was snatched away.  He was sent to prison with a 50 year sentence at age 65, where 50 is for the Church and 65 is for going down.  Like Cain who was cast out after murdering his brother, Santini was cast out of society and into prison.

The Spiritual side of the Santini story is as miraculous as the story of the Exodus.  God decreed both stories and Angels and demons made them both happen.  Santini was born with the gifts to fulfill his role as noted by his fingerprints.  Angels and demons were able to drive Santini to fulfill his destiny.  Angels and demons are invisible, but the works of man inspired by them are seen.  Angels and demons can take over man's soul or influence him to fulfill the Plan of God.

The murder of Cindy Wood was the work of Satan (Jn 8:44).  Santini, by his own admission, participated, but Satan took over and did the work.  That doesn't mean that Santini was not guilty because he had a choice.  He could have refused, but he had a criminal mind.  He was capable of evil, and he performed it.  Satan was in the life of Santini and in the life of Cindy Wood before, during, and after the murder.  When people give their souls to the devil, they no longer have credibility.  They don't know who they are and cannot be believed by others.  The devil makes them do things, and they lie about it, but they are still responsible for their actions.  The only way to know the whole truth is to have Divine Viewpoint and recognize the work of God. 

Cindy Wood was murdered at age 33, where the number 33 is for the purifying judgment of the Holy Spirit.  Anyone who has lived the Spiritual life has encountered the number 33.  It is a crisis to be avoided lest Divine punishment be encountered.  Cindy made decisions also.  She didn't have to run off on a date with the boy.  She was married, though separated, and he was married and in a relationship with another girl.  But Cindy was a free spirit who was in some ways like a hippy.  The hippy culture, which influenced the dating scene could be summarized as sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  This was the lawless crowd, who ran off into antinomianism.  The drugs of 1984 were often alcoholic beverages. 

The hippy, antinomian, lawless culture of 1984 corresponded to the Canaanite culture of the Exodus generation.  Baal was the god of the Canaanites, and Baal was the enemy of marriage in Manatee County, Florida in1984.  Cindy Wood lived in Manatee County.  A manatee (the dugong of the Exodus) symbolized Baal.  Baal is Satan as the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  Satan killed Cindy Wood with God's permission.  Perhaps Cindy went on the date with romantic intentions, but Santini did not.  He was, by his admission, there to discredit her and ruin her reputation, which perhaps involved getting her drunk.  But his plan didn't work, and something set him off.  Satan was in both Santini and Cindy Wood at the time, and Santini resorted to his strong arm method and beat her up.  She resisted with bruises on her arms, shoulder, and buttocks.  The bruises on her buttocks indicate a severe blow.    She was no match for Santini, who was  6'1", 160 pounds.  He strangled her and dumped her body in a drainage ditch.

Cindy Wood's body was found and reported by passersby.  The female officer who responded found her clothed, shoeless body with feet sticking up and body submerged in the ditch.  One of Santini's fingerprints was found on the body.  The body wasn't posed by man, but it was posed by demons.  Being shoeless with feet sticking up was a clue. She probably lost her shoes in the fight, but other reasons for being shoeless include:  corpses don't have shoes and people don't wear shoes in bed or having sex (Jer 2:25).  It wasn't sex, and it was a corpse.  However, the feet are also related to the sign of the judgment of Satan related to the woman.
Genesis 3:15
I will put enmity between you and the woman,
And between your seed and her seed;
He shall crush your head,
And you shall crush his heel.

Satan posed the body as a sarcastic sign of conflict (enmity) with the woman.  It was also prophetic in that Satan was still in the children of Cindy Wood.  Her older son would commit suicide in four years.  Her younger son would go to jail, and her daughter would be homeless.    

Cindy Wood died in the wilderness in 1984, and Donald Santini lived as a fugitive for 39 years in the wilderness.  Santini was finally caught in 2023, the year for cursing turned to blessing.  He was a fugitive who spent 39 years in the wilderness until God removed his freedom, and he was  convicted for the death of Cindy Wood.  He accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 50 years.  The number 50 is for the Church, and 39 is for the Sin Leading to Death.

So what does all this say?  It says that Christians from 1984 to 2013 in the United States rejected Bible Doctrine and died in the wilderness like Cindy Wood and Donald Santini.  After Salvation the strategic objective of the Christian life is to go to Spiritual Maturity, corresponding to the Promised Land.  Getting to Spiritual Maturity requires learning and obeying Bible Doctrine (Heb 3:7-8).  That has not been happening.  Consequently Christians have been  dying in the wilderness just like the Exodus generation that was saved from the world but rejected the Spiritual Life.  The sex, drugs, and rock and roll culture has led to dying in the wilderness.  Those who don't understand the story of the Exodus don't understand Bible Doctrine, and consequently they will die in the wilderness.


FingerprintsThe fingerprints of Donald Santini are:
Right:  F1-RL, F2-DL, F3-E, F4-E, F5-DL
Left:    F1-DL, F2-L, F3-E, F4-L, F5-DL

F5-Domination, enslaver
F1-Unconventional leader, improvisor, Example Samson
F3-Vindication, incrimination, perfectionist
F4-Gift of communication; humility; idealism; true sense of self
F5-Rescuer, deliverer
F1-Lone Ranger (wears a mask like a bandit but destroys bandits; hit man); Robin Hood (robs the rich to give to the poor)
F2-Team player
F3-Verification, discernment, recognizing fault
F4-Kowing self, weaknesses, limitations; go with the flow
  Ref. Hands in Scripture, Fingerprints.   

Donald Santini Birth Chart

Donald Santini Birth
        ChartThe Birth Chart of Donald Santini contains a skewed Star and a slightly out-of-tolerance Horse's Hoof on the top level.  Underneath are a Kite, Wagon, Horn, Carafe, and two Plows.  It is common for higher level signs like Stars and Horse's Hoofs to cover lower signs.  The meaning of the Chart goes with the upper level signs.  However, in Santini's Chart the upper level signs are not quite in tolerance.  One reason is that the time of birth is not known.  This would affect the Moon location and improve or worsen the problem with tolerance.  Nevertheless, the skewed Star and slightly out-of-tolerance Horse's Hoof are still the best fit for Santini with the benefit of knowing about 65 years of his life.

The Star (Pentagram) symbolizes sudden brilliance that appears in a person's life out of the blue.  This may be the work of Angels or demons.  The person with a Star may also be related in some inexplicable way to world events, such as horse races, sports contests, wars, or natural disasters. 

The five-pointed star is a pentagram, which is the sign of a giant, such as Baal, who is worshiped as the god of war and love and is the same as Satan.  Satan suddenly appeared in Santini's life and drove him to attack Cindy Wood.  The Star in the Birth Chart means the person is known as a star in the Angelic Conflict, even though it might not be apparent to others.  And it means Satan will try to use the person for his own purposes.  Santini's fingerprints set him apart as a celebrity among the Angels and demons.  Santini's fame as a fugitive was made possible by the work of Angels and demons.  

The Star is also an unstable configuration, like the spokes of a wheel without a rim.  Thus, the person may have a bumpy ride in life and may jump from one place to another, like Santini moving from Texas to Florida and  from Florida to California and never looking back.  

The Horse's Hoof is a sign of being trampled by horses.  It may also signify a person who tramples others with a horse, such as Jehu trampling Jezebel with his horse.  Cindy Wood also had a Horse's Hoof in her birth chart, and the abuse she suffered from Santini before death was like being trampled by a horse.

Santini's Sun sign was Taurus, for highest glory or prosperity.  Santini lived in luxury like the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 18:7, 9), though not as much luxury.    The Savior Planet was also in Taurus, for a hero, corresponding to Santini's fame as fugitive for 39 years.

The Moon was on the cusp of Aquarius, for a congregation of believers, such as the Church or the Exodus generation of Israel.  Santini's life as a fugitive symbolized the Church and Exodus generation dying in the wilderness.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida where Santini killed Cindy Wood.

The Red Planet was nearby in Pisces, for bloody believers, corresponding to the suffering and death of the Exodus generation and reversionists in the Church.

The God of the Covenants was in Scorpius, for a liar or doctrine of demons.  This corresponds to Santini's duplicity and relationship to Baal.

The Redeemer Planet was in Libra for a blood avenger.  This may correspond to Santini being a hitman.  Libra corresponds to Germany, where Santini was convicted of rape.

The Almighty God Planet was in Virgo, for a bridegroom, corresponding to Santini's marriages.

The Last Adam was in Leo, for a man standing before the footstool of a king awaiting a life or death verdict.  Santini was sentenced to 50 years in prison.  He did not receive the death sentence.

The Mediator Planet was in Cancer, for a hitman or negotiator.  Santini was believed to be a hitman, and after his arrest he immediately began negotiating by writing letters to the news media.

Cynthia Ruth Wood Birth Chart

Cindy Wood Birth ChartCynthia Ruth Wood was born on February 13, 1951 (Day 44), where the numbers mean:  13  - double blessing; 51 - arrogance; Day 44 - suffering.  The Birth Chart of Cynthia Wood contains a Horse's Hoof and a Grand Trine.  The Horse's Hoof is a sign of being trampled by horses, as Jezebel was.  Cindy Wood suffered a violent death in which she was strangled after being beaten up.  The Grand Trine signifies blessing, stability, productivity, talent, harmony, ease, and momentum.  Cindy Wood was a manager of a daycare and mother of three.

The Sun was in Capricornus, which can be the sign of an Antichrist.  This can be due to demon influence, such as from Baal.  Cindy was described as a free spirit with characteristics like a hippy.  The hippy culture rejects the sanctity of Marriage as taught in the Bible.  The Savior Planet was also in Capricornus, for a rescuer.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, the home of Donald Santini.

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel, who worshiped Baal.

Three planets were in conjunction in Aquarius, which corresponds to the location of Florida, where Cindy lived.  The planets were:

  1. Red Planet - bloody water, symbolic of Cindy Wood's dead body in a drainage ditch.
  2. Morning Star - an agent.
  3. Almighty God Planet - a broadcaster.  The story of the death of Cindy Wood was widely broadcast for 39 years.
The Mediator Planet was in Gemini, for a mediator of marriage disputes.  Cindy was in the midst of marriage disputes.

The Last Adam was in Scorpius, for scourging, corresponding to the beatings that Cindy had from her husband and Donald Santini.

There were two planets in Virgo:
  1. God of the Covenants - a caretaker of children. Cindy was a manager of a daycare.
  2. Redeemer - a woman divorce redeemer.

Cynthia Ruth Wood, Death Chart

Cindy Wood Death
        ChartAlthough the time of death of Cynthia Ruth Wood is not known, it was the night of June 5,1984 in Bradenton, Florida.  This Chart assumes the time was 10:30 PM EDT (0230 GMT).  The Chart contains a Coffin, a Boomerang, and a Plow.  The three signs are oriented along the same axis, corresponding to Cindy's body lying in a ditch, where her body was discovered after her death.  A Coffin is for burying the dead.  A Boomerang indicates a crisis in timing.  God determines the time, manner, and place of death.  The Boomerang pointed to the Morning Star in Taurus, for a conqueror.  Cindy was conquered like the enemies of God in her death. 

A Plow is a sign of suffering, like  being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Moon in Leo, for a politician.  Politicians manipulate and influence government.  Cindy's actions in meeting with Donald Santini to deal with her marital and legal problems were a type of political activity.

The Sun was in conjunction with the Morning Star in Taurus, for a King's royal majesty.  However, the Sun had set and was in the dark.  Therefore, it meant the glory had departed.  The Savior Planet was also in Taurus in the dark.  It symbolized a hero, corresponding to Donald Santini, who was a fugitive hero.  So Cindy's relation to a famous fugitive hero also gave her hero status to be remembered.  However, the planet on the dark side of the Chart was not a good sign.

Note, there were three planets on the dark side of the Chart.  All were in Taurus.  Two of the three planets in Taurus were the same planets in Donald Santini's Birth Chart - the Sun and Savior Planet.  However, in Cindy's Chart the planets were in the dark, and in Santini's Chart they were in the light.  Santini was glorified by the planets, but Cindy received the darkness of death.  Also the planets in Cindy's Chart in Taurus formed a Family Configuration.  Cindy's death was a family curse in many ways.

Three planets were in Libra:
  1. Red Planet - bloody Judgment, for the suffering from God's Judgment.
  2. God of the Covenants - the law in the Judicial System.
  3. Last Adam - being cursed by the law.  Cindy was killed after she reported her husband for abuse.

There were two planets in Sagittarius:
  1. Almighty God - a conquering army
  2. Redeemer - redeemed from the enemy.  Cindy lost this battle.


2-13-1951 Cynthia Ruth Wood Birth
6-9-1958 Donald Santini Birth, Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas
1978 Santini convicted of rape while in the Army in Frankfurt, Germany
5-16-1980 Santini met Marla Foster, 17, in Pasadena, TX
11/1980 Santini married Marla
5/1981 Santini and Marla baby girl born
1983 Santini charged with strong arm robbery of convenience store in League City, Galveston Co., TX with knife for $270
1983 Santini confessed to the robbery then skipped bond, left Marla, and went to Florida
1983 Santini worked as a janitor in Longboat Key under the alias Charles Michael Stevens
        Santini moved in with Pamela Lynn Kincaid
        Kincaid's children attended a day care where Cindy Ruth Wood was a manager
        Kincaid told detectives that Santini (Stevens) confessed to her that he killed Cindy Wood
6-5-1984 Cynthia Ruth Wood Death (Time Unknown)
6-9-1984 Cynthia Ruth Wood body found in drainage ditch in Riverview, FL
        39 years
6-7-2023 Donald Santini arrested Campo, CA
Santini appeared on “America’s Most Wanted” in 1990, 2005 and 2013.

Cindy Ruth Wood had filed charges against her estranged husband Barry, accusing him of physically abusing her and her son age 12 from a previous marriage.  She had two children (ages 3 and 5) with Barry and was engaged in a custody battle with him at the time of her death.  After her death the charges against Barry were dropped.


The story of Donald Santini and Cindy Wood is not just the story of a famous, most-wanted fugitive and his female victim.  It is much bigger.  These two people were simply actors who played the roles of people (believers and unbelievers) dying in the wilderness for the last 40 years in the Church Age.  The people died because they had no faith.  They rejected Bible Doctrine.  They did not love God.  They lived in reversionism, and the devil took them captive in his Cosmic System.  They were sons of Belial (2 Cor 6:15, Jn 8:44).  They were under the influence and slavery to Satan as the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  Their love life was demonic, like the Canaanites and children of Israel in the Exodus generation that died in the wilderness in 38 years.

Donald Santini was a fugitive for 39 years beginning in 1984.  Although he served the devil and had great gifts according to his fingerprints and the Star in his Birth Chart, God used him to teach the doctrine of the Exodus in the Church Age.  Almost no Christian church has not heard of the Exodus of Israel.  Even the apostate churches teach the story of the Exodus and wandering in  the wilderness.  But most people never take the story to heart and believe that it applies to them - that they will  die in the wilderness if they don't live by faith.  Pastors are frustrated with  their congregations because the people's hearts are hardened and they don't understand.  Satan won't let them listen (Matt 13:19).

The writer of the most advanced book in the Bible, the Book of Hebrews, had the same problem with his congregation, and he repeated the story of the Exodus in Hebrews chapters 3 and 4.  He couldn't teach advanced doctrine because his congregation didn't even believe God's message of the Exodus and dying in the wilderness.  This story has been going on since 1984 in the United States, and we didn't know that we were part of the story until 2023, the year that means cursing turned to blessing.  We were part of  history for 39 years and didn't know about it until Donald Santini was arrested in California, and the truth and meaning of it all came out.

The story of Santini came out because of the influence of the remnant in the Church, who live by faith.  The influence of the Church  in society opposes Satan, criminals, Evil Kings, the Prostitute of Babylon, and terrorists.  The Church in Florida failed to be victorious over Santini in 1984, and he got away and hid in California in plain sight.  He enjoyed a life of freedom for 39 years because God was using him as a star performer to portray his counterparts in the Exodus generation and the Church.  For the past 39 years most of  the Church in the United States has rejected Bible Doctrine and lived in reversionism dying in the wilderness like the Exodus generation of Israel.  If the Church doesn't believe the story in faith, the current nation of Israel doesn't have a clue.  The Israelis don't even believe in the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  They bristle at the thought.  Santini's murderous escapade began on June 5, the anniversary of the Israeli Six-Day War.

The Spiritual significance of the story of Donald Santini and Cindy Wood is a shock to all true believers, who  live by faith and understand the story of the Exodus and the importance of reaching Spiritual Maturity.  Satan and the Elect Angels kept the story hidden for 39 years until 2023.  Production (works) is in the hands of God.  He decides what to do with our talents (gifts).  He let us live (perhaps like Caleb and Joshua) in the wilderness for 39 years with people who had no interest in Bible Doctrine.  It is the basis of faith.  True believers live from it.  "Without faith it is impossible to please Him (God)" (Heb 11:6).

Donald Michael Santini Chart Planets

Sun Taurus Highest glory
Moon Aquarius Congregation, Church, Israel
Savior Taurus Hero
Morning Star Aries Military leader
Red Planet Pisces Bloody believer
Almighty God Virgo Bridegroom
Ring Planet Scorpius Liar, doctrine of demons
Mediator Cancer Negotiator, hitman
Redeemer Libra Blood avenger
Last Adam Leo Footstool



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Released December 9, 2023

Author: Larry Wood
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