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NASA Orion Spacecraft Returns from the Moon

Orion Splashdown, Dec. 11, 2022

NASA Orion Spacecraft Returns from the Moon
Spiritual Meaning

NASA Orion Spacecraft Returns from the Moon

December 11, 2022 (Day 345)The NASA Orion spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific off Baha California at 9:40 AM Pacific Time after completing a 25.5 day mission orbiting the Moon.  The Orion spacecraft was launched on the giant Artemis rocket from Kennedy Space Center on November 16, 2022 at 1:47/44 AM EST.  The test flight around the Moon was the maiden flight of the Artemis launch system with the Orion spacecraft.  The mission was very successful with few problems.

Splashdown was at 9:40/30 PST (17:40/30 GMT) on December 11, 2022 (Day 345), where the numbers mean 11, a witness; 2022, cursing; 345, victory over the stronghold.  The picture of the Orion spacecraft was in the Astrology Chart at the time of splashdown, and the historic event bore witness of the creation of the heavens and the fulfillment of human history.  Many of the events of human history that occurred during the mission symbolized the events of the test flight from launch to splashdown.

Spiritual Meaning

 NASA's Artemis I mission to the Moon, beginning with launch on November 16 and ending with splashdown on December 11, was intricately interwoven into human history and the Angelic ConflictNASA officials were elated with the success of the mission.  Like the construction of the pyramids, it was truly an engineering feat.  And people were awe-struck with the pictures of the Moon and Earth from space.  The glory of the heavens bears witness of the Creator and inspires God consciousness.  After reaching God consciousness, people can decide if they want to know God.  If they are positive, God will give them a Gospel hearing so they can choose to be saved.  This is one way that God evangelizes the world.  However, the glory of the world is not always God's work.

Three days after launch when the Orion spacecraft was on its way to the Moon, an 11-year old girl in a dance group was killed in the Raleigh, North Carolina Christmas parade.  A pickup truck was pulling a heavy trailer float.  As the truck came down a hill, its brakes were unable to hold back the  momentum of the heavy trailer float.  The driver Landon Christopher Glass, 20, began to blow his horn and yell for people to get out of the way.  He ran through a dance group and killed an 11-year old girl in the group.  Landon was born on October 11, 2002 (Day 284), where the numbers mean 11, a witness, 2002, Divine division, and 284, the weakness of the church. 

Now, the pickup truck and trailer symbolize marriage, where the pickup is the man, and the trailer is the woman.  The trailer also corresponds to a wagon in an astrology chart.  The astrology chart of splashdown of Orion contained a wagon as the symbol of the spacecraft.  Splashdown was on December 11.  Thus, the two events are related by the trailer, or wagon, and the number 11.  In the unseen Spiritual World we can only assume what was happening.  Angels and demons were driving the pickup, motivating the dance group, manipulating the brakes, and carrying the girl to her death.  Satan arranged the parade to spread his lie about Christmas to hide the truth of the Virgin Birth of the Savior.  Elect angels, including guardian angels, stood down to allow Satan to put on the Christmas parade because God ordered them.  In the Angelic Conflict Satan has a right to cross examine the witnesses.

When Orion splashed down, a Navy ship was standing by within five miles with boats, helicopters, and divers.  The ship was also equipped with cameras and news casters to bear witness and broadcast pictures around the world.  They waited for over 2 hours for the ammonia to boil off before approaching the spacecraft that was full of manikins and an astronaut dummy.  That was ironic - waiting for a bunch of dummies.

Now, the Sun symbolizes Jesus Christ as the Light of the world (Jn 8:12, 9:5), and the Moon symbolizes the congregation of believers.  The Sun and Moon can also symbolize Adam and the woman in the Garden.  During the 25-day mission the Moon went through its phases.  The crescent Moon symbolized the rib that was taken from Adam to make the right woman from his DNA.  On the return trip on December 7, the Moon was full in conjunction with the Red Planet in Taurus.  This is a sign of a bloody congregation, or Satan's persecution of the Church.  


Orion SplashdownThe chart at the time of Orion splashdown contains a Wagon and a Plow.  A Wagon symbolizes a spacecraft and a woman in marriage, and a Plow is the sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under. The Plow pointed to the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for being redeemed from the sea.  The Orion spacecraft was redeemed from the sea.  The Plow crossing the Wagon symbolized the spacecraft splashing down in the water. 

The Sun was in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of Light.  This indicates that Satan lured NASA and inspired the mission to go back to the Moon, while God allowed it.  The Moon was in Cancer, for safety for a group.  Although there were no astronauts aboard, instrumentation measured the environmental conditions to prove them safe for man.

The Sun with the first two planets formed a family  configuration, corresponding to the NASA family.  However, with  the Sun symbolizing Satan, this symbolized Satan and his followers (Jn 8:44; 1 Jn 3:10).  The two planets were in Sagittarius, corresponding to an army, or the NASA and contractor work force and their supporters.  The Morning Star in Sagittarius symbolized a commander with his army, and the Savior Planet in Sagittarius symbolized a deliverer.

Midheaven was in Libra, for Fire Testing, corresponding to testing the heat shield and thermal protection system of the spacecraft during reentry.  During the mission, Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano erupted in Hawaii on November 28 after 38 years (3-24-84 to 4-15-84).

The Bottom of Heaven was in Aries in conjunction with the Mediator, corresponding to the death of Jesus Christ, the High Priest of the New Covenant to the Church.

The Red Planet was in Taurus, for plagues, like COVID-19, the flu, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.  The Red Planet in Taurus also symbolizes the sacrifice of the bull under the Law for sins.  The sacrifice of the bull symbolized Redemption.  The Red Planet in Taurus was also a reminder of the murder of the four University of Idaho students in Moscow, Idaho on November 13 before the launch of Artemis I on November 16.  Moscow is a city on a river that was named
in Yiddish for Moses, who was taken from the Nile River.

Two planets were in Capricornus.  The Last Adam in Capricornus was on the Ascendant, for an outcast.  The Orion spacecraft symbolized an outcast when it broke free from Earth's gravity to go to the Moon.  The God of the Covenants was also in Capricornus, for the Antichrist, or Evil  King, who will rule the European Union in the Tribulation.

The Almighty God Planet was in Pisces, for the Monster Whale as the symbol of Baal.  The Orion spacecraft splashed down in the shark-infested waters near Guadalupe Island.  The island was named for the apparition of the Virgin Mary.  That is doctrine of demons associated with Baal.


NASA completed a 25-day, unmanned mission to orbit the Moon on the maiden flight of the Orion spacecraft.  The mission began with Launch on November 16 and ended with splashdown in the Pacific off Baha California on December 11.  During the mission the events of history were often related to the NASA mission.  For example, the events surrounding the death of an 11-year old girl in the Raleigh  Christmas  parade corresponded with the image of the wagon (spacecraft) in the astrology chart at the time of splashdown on December 11, where 11 symbolizes a witness. 

The spacecraft image in the astrology chart at splashdown indicates that God permitted the NASA mission, even if it was not in His directive will.  The heavens were made to reveal the glory of God to aid man in reaching God consciousness so that he can choose Salvation.  The heavens were not made for man to inhabit, although God does not oppose exploration.  He allows man to get a closer look, but the environment is too hostile for habitation.

Satan rules the world
(Jn 14:30; 16:11; Eph 2:2; 6:12; 1 Jn 5:19), and it is most likely that he planned and executed the Artemis I mission to orbit the Moon.  Satan used the opportunity to lie about the Moon just as he lies about Christmas to hide God's truth.  The Moon mission was a great engineering feat, but what is its purpose?  Where does it lead?    There did not appear to be any scientific or Spiritual value.  Yet God allowed it, and will undoubtedly use it to evangelize the world as people see His Creation and reach God consciousness.


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Released Dec. 12, 2022

Author:  Larry Wood