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1.  The documents authored by Larry Wood are intended for educational use.
2.  In most cases the documents may be considered public domain and used freely.
3.  The author places no restrictions on the independent use of material on this web site.
4.  However, some restrictions apply due to the administration of God and man (e.g. copyrights) over which the author has no control.
5.  Nothing written or portrayed via pictures or graphics is intended to slight or disparage any individual, ethnic group, or  institution.
6.  Unless otherwise stated, if any pictures and graphics used and believed to be public domain, are not, they will be removed when legitimate notification is received.
7.  The documents are intended for Christian education.  As such, the documents may be copied for private and educational use.  Soft and hard copies may be distributed to local study groups.

Practical Explanation without the Legalese

I do not believe in charging for Bible teaching whether written or oral.  The documents on this web site are all free and should be considered public domain unless otherwise stated.  One restriction is copyrighted material.  Copyrights mean that material is not public domain.  Only the owner of the copyright can authorize use of such material.  So, whereas, my documents are public domain, any copyrighted material in them is not public domain.  Public domain means there are no restrictions on the independent use of the material, but copyrights mean material cannot be used without permission from the author or owner.  Since I have paid strict attention to copyrights, in most cases you can do anything with my documents.  Footnotes often contain necessary copyright references.

I encourage the use of my documents for educational purposes.  They are free.  They may be copied, reproduced, and distributed freely.  I make no demands upon the user.  I grant permission for independent use of the documents.  However, some restrictions apply due to copyrights and other matters over which I have no authority.  If you wish to use my material, ultimately you will have to answer to God and to the Law of the USA.  I am not authorized to speak for God, nor am I a lawyer.  So, if you get the drift, you are on your own.

Publishing or other Productions

I make no demands on those who wish to publish, produce, or distribute my material.  I make no claim for royalties.  My material is free.  I grant permission for free use and production of plays and other literary works.  However, some restrictions apply due to copyrights and other matters over which I have no authority.

If You Still Have Questions

If you are confused about my Document Use Policy, you should probably consult God or a lawyer.  However, if you wish clarification, send me an email and I will try to answer your question.  I do not require notification prior to use of my documents.


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