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Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary, just across the river border from German Bavaria, on April 20, 1889, Day 110.  His father, Alois, was a German-Austrian, who was born a bastard.  His mother, the third wife of his father, was also the father's half-niece.  A papal dispensation was obtained for the marriage.  Adolf was the fourth child of six.  All of the other children died before reaching adulthood except for him and his sister Paula, who was seven years younger.  For this reason, Hitler's mother lavished affection on him.  However, his father was violent toward him and his mother.  As a boy Hitler was often beaten with a stick, but he resolved never to cry from the whippings.

At age 7 Hitler's family moved from a farm to Lambach, Austria, where he attended a Catholic Benedictine monastery, which sported several swastikas.  Note, a swastika is a cross with tips bent to the right.  Hitler was a choir boy and for two years dreamed of being a priest.  When he played with other children, he would be the priest.  However, Hitler was admittedly a mischief maker and was caught smoking by a priest at age 9.

The family moved again when Hitler was 9 to Leonding into a house next to a cemetery.  Hitler did well in school and developed a talent for drawing.  He was best at drawing buildings.  Around this time he became obsessed with a picture book of his father's about the Franco-Prussian War.  Although he had done well in elementary school, Hitler failed the 6th grade, his first year of high school.  His father died in January 1903 of a lung hemorrhage.  Hitler dropped out of high school at age 16 without graduating.  In 1905, he moved to Vienna, where he was twice rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts because of "unfitness for painting."  His mother died of breast cancer on December 21, 1907, which she was 47.  Hitler tried to earn a living as an artist, but he ran out of money, and by 1909 he lived on the streets and in shelters for the homeless.

Service in World War I

In 1913 at age 24, Hitler moved to Munich, which helped him avoid Austrian military service.  However, he was arrested, but he flunked his physical and was allowed to return to Munich.  When Germany entered World War I in August 1914, Hitler enlisted in the Bavarian army.  He rose to the rank of Gefreiter, which was equivalent to a lance corporal.  He was a runner, which exposed him to enemy fire.  He was decorated with the Iron Cross, Second Class, in 1914 and the Iron Cross, First Class, in 1918.  He was wounded in 1916, and on October 15, 1918, he was temporarily blinded by mustard gas.  However, others think this may have been due to a mental problem with hysteria.


After the war, Hitler stayed in the army.  In July 1919, he became a police spy and infiltrated the German Workers' Party (DAP).  Hitler met the founder of the party and was impressed with his anti-Semitic, nationalistic, anti-capitalist, anti-Marxist ideas.  Hitler became the party's 55th member and the 7th member of the executive committee.  Dietrich Eckart, one of the early founders of the party, became Hitler's mentor, and taught him how to dress and speak.  The party changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party, which was known by the acronym, Nazi, from the German.

After Hitler was discharged from the army in 1920, he worked for the party full time.  At age 31, he used the swastika as the party symbol.  The number, 31. stands for an Evil King.  Like Abraham Lincoln, he soon became the spokesman for the party, and during a power struggle in July 1921, he took over the party leadership.  On July 29, 1921, he was given the title of Führer of the National Socialist Party.

Hitler's anti-Semitic, nationalistic oratory gained a large following.  Trying to emulate  Benito Mussolini's "March on Rome" Hitler formed a conspiracy with the Bavarian ruler and other leaders.  On November 8, 1923, he staged a coup in Munich and declared a new government in Berlin.  However, the Bavarian ruler backed down, and the next day during a march on the Bavarian War Ministry, the Bavarian police broke up the plot and killed 16 members of Hitler's party.  Hitler fled, but was later arrested.  During his trial Hitler was allowed to speak at length, and his oratory gained him national fame.  He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on April 1, 1924.  However, he was very popular and was pardoned and released in December after 9 months.  While in prison, he dictated his autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to his secretary.

After his release from prison, Hitler reorganized the Nazi Party in order to gain power by political means.  However, with the economy in good shape, the people did not respond to his old nationalistic, anti-Semitic themes.

In the summer of 1928 at age 39, Hitler's step sister and her two daughters lived with him.  He fell in love with one of the daughters, Geli, age 21.  When the US Stock Market crashed on October 29, 1929, the German economy also suffered greatly.  The German Parliament was split over what to do in the Great Depression.  When President Hindenburg dissolved the parliament in July, 1930 and called for new elections, Hitler's party sprang into action.  During rallies, Hitler told the people what they wanted to hear.  He made promises without any details and secured backing from wealthy industrialists and the military.  The Nazis won 107 seats in parliament and Hitler was famous.

After Hitler's girlfriend Geli began to flirt with younger men, two Nazi stormtrooper chaperones were assigned to follow her.  Hitler was also flirting with 17-year old Eva Braun at the time.  When Geli was forbidden to leave the apartment while Hitler was away on a trip, she shot herself through the heart.  Hitler was overwhelmed with grief.  He couldn't eat or sleep.  When he was served ham a few days later, he said eating it would be like eating a corpse, and he vowed never to eat meat again.


Hitler finally became a German citizen on February 25, 1932, Day 56.  As a citizen he was able to run for President against Paul von Hindenburg in 1932.  He won 30% of the vote to Hindenburg's 49%.  But since there was no majority, a runoff was called.  Hitler lost, but he had become a prominent national alternative.  He had 400,000 storm troopers who were engaging in violence and contributing to instability.  However, after several attempts, it was impossible for the Chancellor to form a new government.  In the time of instability, German businessmen urged Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor independent from parliamentary parties.  Hindenburg reluctantly agreed and appointed Hitler Chancellor on January 30, 1933.

Since no party had a majority in parliament, Hitler convinced Hindenburg to call for general elections again.  Before the election, the parliament building was set on fire, and the fire was blamed on a communist plot after a Dutch independent communist was found in the building.  The government then passed the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended basic rights and gave the Chancellor emergency powers.

In the general election in March, the Nazis received 43.9% of the vote, which was the largest of any party but still not a majority.  Since the new government had no majority, Hitler's party proposed the Enabling Act to give his cabinet legislative power for four years.  When the bill was passed by 2/3 majority on March 23, 1933, Hitler's government became a legal dictatorship.  Hitler used his new powers to purge all opposition.  On July 14, 1933 the Nazi Party was declared the only legal party.  Key government figures were either isolated or killed.  When the President died on August 2, 1934, a law was passed dissolving the presidency and transferring the function to Hitler as Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor).  As head of state, Hitler became supreme commander of the armed forces.  The loyalty oath was sworn to him.  Without a president, no one was authorized to remove Hitler from power.

As the new leader of Germany, Hitler dealt with the crippled economy by sponsoring a massive reconstruction program to rebuilt Germany's infrastructure and by supporting expanded industrialization.  Men were recognized as breadwinners and women were expected to stay home and bear children.  This helped solve the unemployment problem because men got the women's jobs.  Albert Speer was the famous first architect of the new building program.  He designed the Tribune at Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg from the model of Satan's Throne in Pergamum.6,7

In his foreign policy Hitler proclaimed peace, but privately he was rebuilding the military.  The military received the largest part of the budget.  He sought to negotiate an alliance with Great Britain, but was repeatedly rebuffed.  In January 1934 he signed a non-aggression pact with Poland.  However, in March 1935, he openly rejected Part V of the Versailles Treaty by expanding the size of the navy and the German army and establishing the Air Force (Luftwaffe).  On June 18, 1935, Hitler signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement which allowed German tonnage up to 35% of the British navy.

Nuremberg Laws

In the Spring of 1935 Nazi activists and stormtroopers began to attack the Jews.  The backlash against the violence, however, forced Hitler to order that individual actions against German Jews cease.  On September 15, 1935, Hitler presented new anti-Semitic laws at a Nuremberg rally attended by the German parliament.  The laws, known as the Nuremberg Laws banned marriage and extra-marital sex between Jews and Germans, and Jews were not allowed to employ German female domestic workers under the age of 45.  Parliament promptly passed the laws, which were to take effect on January 1, 1936.  However, even before the laws were passed, legal discrimination against Jews already existed in Germany.  Jews could not work for the state or be lawyers, doctors or journalists.  Jews could not use hospitals or be publicly educated beyond age 14.  Parks, libraries, and beaches were off limits to Jews.5

Military Buildup

While engaging the world in peace talks, Hitler proceeded to harness industry to build the world's most powerful army.  When his War Ministry questioned his plans for conquest, he dissolved it and replaced it with the High Command of the Armed Forces (German OKW) on February 4, 1938.  The OKW was a general staff to coordinate the operations of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  It was also Hitler's military staff through which he commanded the military to accomplish his own plans.8  Beginning in 1938, Hitler was obviously headed into war.  On March 13, Germany annexed Austria.  Then Hitler precipitated a crisis with Czechoslovakia demanding the return of the German-speaking Sudetenland districts in order to start a war, but  British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain successfully diffused the crisis with the Munich Agreement, which ceded the Sudetenland to Germany.

World War II

In March 1939, Hitler ordered the German army to occupy Czechoslovakia.  His reasoning for invading his eastern border was to provide "living space" for German expansion.  However, it was in reality a violation of nationalism like the Tower of Babel, and it was the beginning of an attempt to build a world empire like Babylon.  Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with Joseph Stalin on August 23, 1939.  On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which precipitated World War II when Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3.  The USSR invaded eastern Poland on September 17.  After the defeat of Poland, German paramilitary organizations like the SS under Heinrich Himmler carried out systematic Germanization and ethnic cleansing.  On May 15, 1940, Himmler presented Hitler with a memo that called for expelling all the Jews of Europe (which obviously included Poland) into Africa and thus leaving only a laboring class in Poland.  Hitler agreed.  In addition to Jews killed in Poland in ethnic cleansing, over 3 million non-Jewish Poles were killed.

In April 1940, Germany invaded Denmark and Norway.  In May Germany invaded France and conquered the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.  France surrendered June 22, 1940.  On June 10, 1940, Benito Mussolini joined the war with Germany.  After the fall of France, Germany began conducting air raids on Great Britain.  The Tripartite Pact was signed between Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan on September 27, 1940.  Germany and Italy would divide Europe and leave the Asian Pacific to Japan.

Then Hitler broke his non-aggression pact with Stalin and invaded the USSR on June 22, 1941.  In this move which defies logic, the King of the West attacked the King of the North as a type of the Armageddon War.  Hitler symbolized the Antichrist, who will rule Europe, and Stalin symbolized the King of the North, who will invade Israel and Africa.  Japan then symbolized the King of the East.  Here the analogy breaks down because Mussolini was not a good candidate for King of the South.

The Holocaust

After Hitler was appointed Chancellor on January 30, 1933, the first concentration camp, Dachau, was established in Germany on March 23.  On April 1 the Nazis began boycotting Jewish businesses.  On April 7 Jewish civil servants were dismissed and refused admission to the bar as lawyers.  Anti-Semitism became the law with the passage of the Nuremberg Laws on September 15, 1935.

On November 7, 1938 the Third Secretary of the German Embassy in Paris was assassinated by a 17-year old Jewish German immigrant, Herschel Grynzspan.  The incident led to anti-Semitic riots in Germany and Austria.  Windows of shops were broken in the "Night of Broken Glass" on November 9.  The broken glass symbolized sudden, cataclysmic judgment (Psalm 2:9; Revelation 2:27; 12:5; 19:15).  Shops were looted and burned, 191 synagogues destroyed, and 26,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.  Jewish children were expelled from public schools, compulsory expropriation of Jewish-owned businesses was enacted.  In January 1939 Hitler ordered the killing of all disabled infants born in Germany.

In September 1939 Jewish ghettos were established in Poland.  In October 1940, the Majdanek concentration camp was established in Poland.  On July 31, 1941 Reinhard Heydrich was appointed by Goering to implement the "Final Solution," the extermination of all Jews in Europe.  Poison gas was first used at Auschwitz on September 23, 1941.  There were massacres of Jews in cities of the USSR captured by Germany.  In Kiev 34,000 were killed, and in Odessa 34,000 were killed.  In Rovno Poland 15,000 were killed.  On December 8, 1941, the Chelmo death camp near Lodz was opened.  In Riga, Lithuania, 27,000 Jews were killed.  In Vilna, Poland 32,000 Jews were killed on December 22.

The Wannsee conference for implementation of the "Final Solution" on January 20, 1942 was led by Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann.  Extermination camps were established in Poland, and Jews from all over Europe were sent there.  Heinrich Himmler, head of the German paramilitary Schutzstaffel (SS) and second in power to Hitler, was over concentration camps, extermination camps, and killing squads.  He was also responsible for ethnic cleansing of non-Jews, including those with birth defects, homosexuals, the mentally ill, handicapped, communists, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, and other undesirables like pagans and Jehovah's Witnesses.  Note, just as Hitler symbolized the Evil King, the paramilitary SS symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon.

On July 22, 1942 the deportation of 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka death camp began.  On July 28, 1942 the Jewish resistance organization, Z.O.B., was established in the Warsaw Ghetto.  Jewish armed resistance also began in Lahava Ghetto, Bellorussia and in Tutzin Ghetto, Ukraine.  From April 19 to May 16, 1943 less than 5000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto revolted against the Nazi troops.  On May 16 the Nazis ordered liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto.  On June 11, Himmler ordered liquidation of all Jewish Ghettos in Poland.

On August 1, 1944 the Polish Army began an uprising against the Germans, and on October 2 the Germans razed Warsaw, causing 200,000 Polish casualties.  On April 11, 1944, the US Army liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany and proceeded to liberate other camps.  During the Holocaust, the German SS oversaw the killing of almost 6 million Jews as well as 11 to 14 million non-Jews.

The End of World War II

Hitler's arrogant ambition led him into the trap of Satan, who wanted to "be like the Most High."  His inflated ego and desire to be a dictator was obvious from his writing in Mein Kampf  in 1924.  He was no genius, and it was inevitable that his arrogant management of the war he started would be his own undoing.  His strategic and tactical blunders in military decisions hundreds of miles from the battlefield eventuated in the destruction of the army and Germany.

The invasion of the USSR in 1941 was an initial success, but after the Soviets called up reserves and counterattacked, the Germans stalled at Stalingrad.  On February 2, 1943, the German Sixth Army surrendered at Stalingrad.  Then, Hitler interfered with the plans of his brilliant German Field Marshal Erich von Manstein, a Christian, and other Generals in the Battle of Kursk in which Hitler planned a double envelopment lion's mouth attack.  The Germans were decisively defeated and driven back in a battle the Germans never needed to fight.  After the Battle of Kursk, the Soviet counteroffensive continued to drive the Germans back on their eastern front.

After the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day, Hitler again interfered with German defense plans at the Battle of Mortain in which the German Seventh Army was defeated and almost trapped.  The retreat of the German army from Mortain was the beginning of the end of the German western front.  By the end of 1944 with the Allies advancing from the west and the Soviets advancing from the east, Hitler knew he was doomed, but he refused to allow retreats and held out hope of a peace treaty.  In the face of impending doom, he continued the Holocaust and even called for Germany to go down with him.  He commanded his arms minister Albert Speer to implement a scorched earth plan, but Speer disobeyed the order.

US President Franklin Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, the anniversary of the beginning of the War Between the States.  This was an omen of Ichabod, who was a war child reminder of the defeat of Israel and loss of the Ark of the Covenant.  In retrospect, it was also like the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at age 56 five days after the end of the War Between the States.  Roosevelt's death buoyed the spirits of HItler.  As Soviet forces attacked Berlin, Hitler refused to flee to the mountains of Bavaria, but to live or die in the capital.  Hitler celebrated his 56th birthday on April 20 in his bunker beneath the garden of the Reich Chancellery building at Wilhelmstraße 77 in Berlin.  Note, 56 stands for soldiers dropping like dung in the open field.

On April 21 Hitler ordered last ditch maneuvers by the units of  "Army Detachment Steiner" and the German Ninth Army.  Later in the evening when General Gotthard Heinrici called the OKW (Supreme Command) to tell them that Hitler's orders could not be implemented, Heinrici asked to speak to Hitler, but was told Hitler was too busy.  On April 22 during a military conference, Hitler asked about Steiner's offensive, he was told that the attack never occurred.  The attempt to implement Hitler's orders by withdrawing the units for Steiner's army had further weakened the German front and allowed the Soviets to break through into Berlin.  Hitler asked everyone to leave the room and then raved about his incompetent commanders.  He vowed to stay in Berlin to defend the city and shoot himself in the end

On April 23, Hermann Göring, second in command of the Third Reich and commander asked to be Hitler's successor after a predetermined time limit when it appeared Hitler was incapacitated.  Hitler angrily had Göring arrested and stripped of all government positions.  On April 28 when Hitler discovered that Heinrich Himmler was trying to discuss surrender terms with the Allies, he ordered Himmler's arrest and had Hermann Fegelein, who was Himmler's representative in Berlin, shot.  On April 28, Benito Mussolini and his mistress were captured and shot and killed by communists.  On April 29, Hitler dictated his last will and testament and married his mistress, Eva Braun.  On April 30, 1945, as Soviet troops were closing in on the Reich Chancellery, Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth and simultaneously biting into a cyanide capsule.  Hitler's body along with Eva Braun's were taken to a bomb crater by bunker aids and burned.  Berlin surrendered on May 2, and German surrendered on the western front on May 7 and on the eastern front (to the Soviets) on May 8, 1945.

Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of Adolf Hitler contains a Bucket with focus in Sagittarius and four pairs of planets, the sign of a flood.  Two pairs of planets were in Aries, a sign of charisma and magnetism of a leader.  The Bucket means that Hitler would be inclined to allocate all of his faculties and resources to reaching his goal.  The goal would be associated with the focus of the Bucket where the Almighty God Planet and the Moon were in conjunction.  The Almighty God in Sagittarius signifies a conquering army, and the Moon in Sagittarius signifies an army or the paramilitary stormtroopers (SS).  Like the Antichrist, military conquest was Hitler's primary goal in life.

The Ascendant sign was Libra, the Scales and symbol justice and a judge.  This is how Hitler appeared to others and how he saw himself in relation to the world.  He was a dictator with the power of both judge and jury.  He wanted to be "like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14), the supreme Judge on the Throne of God, just as Satan had desired.  Libra corresponds to Germany on the Zodiac Map.  Hitler lived in Germany.

The Sun Sign was Aries, the Ram and symbol of a leader and a leader's glory.  Hitler was the leader of Germany with a leader's glory.

The Moon Sign was Sagittarius, the Archer.  The Moon in Sagittarius signifies an army or the paramilitary stormtroopers (SS).  Hitler commanded one of the largest and most powerful armies in world history.

Midheaven was paired with the God of the Covenants Planet in Cancer, the Crab.  The God of the Covenants in Cancer signifies laws, rules, and regulations.  As Chancellor of Germany, Hitler was over parliament.  He sponsored and approved laws and regulations to persecute, banish, and exterminate the Jews.  The God of the Covenants paired with Midheaven is the sign of the Holocaust.


The main configuration in Hitler's chart was the Bucket, which signifies a person driven toward achieving his goals.  The focus of the Bucket was the conjunction of the Almighty God Planet and the Moon in Sagittarius, which signifies Hitler's preoccupation with conquering with the army and the paramilitary stormtroopers (SS).  This is the sign of the Antichrist, who will sit on the horse of Sagittarius in the Tribulation.

Then I looked, and behold, a white horse; and he who is seated upon it has a bow, and a crown was given to him; and he went out as a conqueror in order that he might conquer. (Revelation 6:2)
Violation of the laws of nationalism is a sign of Satanic influence just as it was at the Tower of Babel and in Babylon the Great.  When Hitler failed to hold the power of the focus of his Bucket in check, he fell into Satan's trap.  Thus, Hitler's attacks on other nations left him under the power of Satan.  Hitler was fulfilling the role of the future Antichrist.

Six of the ten planets in Hitler's chart are grouped in Taurus and Aires.  This means that the Bucket has large areas of blind spots.  Without adequate support from good advisors, Hitler would be prone to have shortcomings and flaws in his thinking as he tried to implement his goals.  This could have been the cause of many of Hitler's bad decisions.


There were two pairs of planets in Aries.  This amounts to a Stellium, which adds great power to the significance of the sign.  Further, the Sun Sign was Aries, the sign of a leader's glory.  The Stellium in Aries is a sign of charisma and magnetism.  This is what attracted people to Hitler.  He further developed this talent with his acting and oratory skills with which he mesmerized and manipulated his audience.

The Savior Planet in Aries is the sign of a deliverer.  Hitler saw himself as the savior of Germany.  The Red Planet in Aries is the sign of the devil as the father of murderers (John 8:44).  Hitler's systematic murder of Jews and non-Jews was the work of Satan.  It was evidence of Satan running Hitler's life as well as the lives of others who participated.  The Morning Star in Aries is the sign of a military leader.  Hitler was the supreme military leader of Germany.  This is one of the roles of the Evil King.


A pair of planets was in Taurus, the Bull and symbol of world power.  The Redeemer Planet in Taurus signifies a powerful redeemer.  As dictator of Germany and most of Europe, Hitler saw himself as the redeemer of Germany after the nation had lost World War I and was forced to comply with the Versailles Treaty.  The Last Adam in Taurus is the sign of hidden power, strength, or wealth.  Satan was the hidden power in Hitler's life.  Hitler was a cosmic evangelist, who was inspired and empowered by Satan.  Hitler's message of anti-Semitism and world conquest was from Satan.  And the millions of murders ordered by Hitler were the work of Satan.  Hitler was the great example of the Antichrist.  Another example of hidden power was Hitler's peace pacts, which were a cover for his military goals.  In keeping with this theme was Hitler's use of paramilitary stormtroopers for the purge of civilians and political opponents.  The paramilitary organizations were hidden power in support of the military.

Taurus also corresponds to the location of Great Britain on the Zodiac Map.  The decadence of Great Britain facilitated Hitler's rise to power.  However, Great Britain was also Hitler's number one enemy for most of the war.


The Mediator Planet in Virgo, the Virgin was the sign of a matchmaker.  The Lord is the matchmaker in Marriage Culture.  However, Hitler assumed this role when he passed laws forbidding marriage between Jews and non-Jews and when he engaged in ethnic cleansing to protect the purity of Germans.

Virgo also corresponds to Poland on the Zodiac Map.  Hitler precipitated World War II by invading Poland.  The death camps for the Holocaust were built in Poland.


Adolph Hitler was raised a Roman Catholic.  He attended a monastery school in his formative years from age 7 to 9 and pretended in his childhood games to be a priest.  Was he a Christian?  He claimed to be.  Regardless of whether he qualified as a Christian, his beliefs were not just worldly and apostate, but evil and the doctrines of demons.  Anti-Semitism is the evil policy of Satan, and those who engage in it are the pawns of the devil.  As the leader of the Holocaust, Hitler was responsible for the murder of as many as 14 million people, with almost 6 million being Jews.  This was also evidence of the devil, the murderer.  All this means Hitler was an antichrist and a type of the Antichrist who will come in the Tribulation (1 Jn 2:18; 4:3).

Hitler's father was a bastard, and his mother was his father's half-niece and third wife.  With such problems, Hitler was bound to have trouble.  He had problems obeying authority.  He failed his first year of high school and never finished high school, although he was a good student in elementary school.  Yet he did well in the army in World War I and was decorated for bravery.  However, Hitler's talents did not lie in the authority of the military, but in the manipulative rhetoric and propaganda of civil government.  Hitler had the charisma and magnetism of a glorious leader, albeit without the skill and humility, which left him prey for Satan.  Hitler's arrogant ambition led him straight to Satan's door.  His ambition to be the supreme leader, or dictator, was the power of Satan, who wanted to be "like the Most High."

Hitler's Birth Chart has a Bucket with the focus of the conjunction of the Almighty God Planet and the Moon in Sagittarius.  The Almighty God Planet was the sign of a conquering army, the sign of Hitler's preoccupation with military conquest like the Evil King and the Antichrist.  The Moon was the sign of the paramilitary stormtroopers (SS), who were like the Prostitute of Babylon in ruling civilians.  This also corresponds to the pairs of planets that symbolized the flood in the Birth Chart.  The flood symbolized the unrestrained lawlessness of the Prostitute of Babylon.

The God of the Covenants Planet near Midheaven in Hitler's chart symbolized rules and regulations of the Holocaust in contrast to the Law of Moses.  The Holocaust, administered by the SS, was designed to eliminate Israel to prevent fulfillment of the unconditional covenants to Israel at the Second Advent.  Along with the Holocaust were Hitler's military ambitions in violation of the laws of nationalism to conquer the world.  This was the function of the Evil King empowered by Satan to conquer the world and usher in a false millennium.

Hitler's preoccupation with injustices, especially to Germany, came from his Ascendant sign of Libra.  Hitler acted like the supreme judge, which was another sign of wanting to be "like the Most High."  To this was added the glory of the leader from the Sun Sign in Aries.  And the Stellium in Aries was the source of Hitler's charm and magnetism as he manipulated the masses to give him the power so that Satan could use him to oppose the Plan of God.  Of all the leaders of modern history, Adolf Hitler appears to be the best candidate for the future Antichrist.

Hitler died on April 30, 1945 at the age of 56, which stands for soldiers dropping like dung in the open field.  Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the second leading candidate for the future Antichrist, also died in April at age 56.  Franklin Roosevelt died on April 13, 1945, two weeks before Hitler.

Adolf Hitler Birth Chart Planets

Sun Aries Leader's glory
Moon Sagittarius An army
Savior Aries Deliverer
Morning Star Aries Military leader
Red Planet Aries Devil, murderer, and father of murderers
Almighty God Sagittarius Conquering army
Ring Planet Cancer Rules and regulations
Mediator Virgo Matchmaker
Redeemer Taurus Powerful redeemer
Last Adam Taurus Hidden power



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Author: Larry Wood
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