Marriage Grace

Divine Viewpoint of Marriage

Marriage is the single most important relationship in this life beyond the relationship with God.  God gave Marriage to the human race as a demonstration of His divine love.  Marriage Grace reveals God's essence in giving to mankind a home for love and intimacy - a place where two people can have a special love that is beyond belief.  Marriage Grace is God's gift to mankind.  The Lord Himself personally oversees marriage.  He makes Right Man and Right Woman; then brings them together miraculously; and gives them an intimate love relationship - all compliments of His eternal, infinite, and matchless grace.  For marriage to be understood, it must be studied from the grace perspective.  Marriage Grace covers the whole concept of God's Plan in marriage.  It includes Spiritual Dynamics in Marriage, behavioral models,  and new objectives for Spiritual Adulthood.  Marriage Grace is the study of marriage from divine viewpoint.  The source is the authority of scripture, Bible Doctrine.  Marriage Grace, based upon the study of Bible Doctrine, explains more about life outside the Garden of Eden than any other conceptual model.  This is the heretofore untold story of the Mystery Doctrine of the Church Age.


Something New

Love and marriage are subjects everyone thinks they understand, yet no one understands.  The profound experts on the subject are not the educators, the psychologists, the medical scientists, the gurus, or witch doctors - nor the new age pimps in the sex industry - nor teen exhibitionists on the Internet - nor confused Christians (such as the moral majority) in their current state of apostasy.  The Lord Jesus Christ invented marriage in the Garden of Eden; and since then, there is very little evidence that anyone understood it (other than Satan) until the incarnation of Christ where He tried to explain it again and finally the apostle Paul (who was not married and undoubtedly the most misunderstood person who ever lived apart from Jesus Christ).

Theology in its current state is accurately defined.  That does not mean that the apostate churches accept it; nor that society in general approves.  However, in spite of the confusion in our seminaries, great men throughout the ages have persisted in the study of the scripture and left a legacy of accurate instruction on the subject of the relationship between God and mankind.  Today, there is no excuse for anyone who wants to have a mature relationship with God not being able to do so.  Bible Doctrine is available for those who seriously want it.

Theology in terms of definition of the relationship between God and mankind has been extensively studied and explained.  However, the Bible also contains instruction about the relationships of mankind.  Whereas, relationship with God has to be number one, relationship with all mankind is number two.  Thus, the Lord Jesus Christ explained the two great commandments:

So, we should: (1) Love God, and (2) love mankind.  Now, the most basic form of the love of mankind is marriage, the most basic relationship in the human race.  The Doctrine of Marriage in Theology is not as well defined as it should be.

When Marriage is taken as the basic building block of human relationship, a new theological model is required.  Man can no longer be viewed as an independent entity with a volition and related to God.  That's how Adam began in the Garden, but as soon as the woman, Hebrew hv*a! ('Ishah), was added, the model had to change.  The basic building block for society was a team of two - not a single human being.  Today's divorce culture has taught us that man's biggest problem is his marriage counterpart.  A new theological model for mankind based upon Marriage as the initial unit is needed.

Marriage Grace is the study of God's Plan and purpose for the Divine Institution of Marriage.  God invented marriage.  He established it as the second most important relationship in life.  No other relationship with another human being carries such significance.  Although marriage in no way compares with relationship with God as the model of human behavior, it does demonstrate the grace of God as no other relationship in this life.  Marriage Grace integrates relationship with God into the primary relationship with mankind, i.e. marriage.

The Doctrine of Marriage Grace will reveal a new model of human behavior.  It will revolutionize and revitalize study of  the Christian way of life, which is also known as Experiential Sanctification, Spiritual Dynamics, the Spiritual Life, and application of Bible Doctrine to experience.  It will explain God's grace in relationship to mankind in a new and more meaningful way.  It will explain love in marriage (a new romance), human anatomy (DNA links),  human behavior (basic drives and motivations), reversionism, divine discipline, blessing and cursing in society, culture, and medical and mental health.

The new Doctrine of Marriage Grace is a paradigm shift in teaching of the Christian way of life.  By taking the Marriage kernel as the basic atomic structure, the panorama of human relationships changes.  The individual is no longer the quintessential determiner of his destiny, but his other half (Right Man or Right Woman) must enter the picture.  Only when the Marriage kernel is viewed as a whole can destiny be determined.  In other words, the Marriage has a destiny - not the individuals independently.  Marriage is a unit, or atom, of society.

New Explanations

As goes marriage so goes society.  As goes marriage so goes human behavior.  As goes marriage so goes life on planet Earth.  As goes marriage so goes history.  In terms of human relationships, all areas of life begin and end with marriage.  So marriage affects everything from the toothache to the fall of the national entity.  The Doctrine of Marriage Grace has not been adequately handled by the Church - not because the subject is not in the Bible, but because grace is the key to understanding its significance; and most people just don't understand grace.  The study of Marriage Grace will open up new explanations in many disciplines.  Some examples of the new explanations are: It is obvious in all these areas that there is a fundamental relationship to marriage.  Marriage may be more important than previously thought possible in determining our quality of life on this earth.  Furthermore, its importance in our spiritual lives may lead to new instruction in Spirituality and human relationships.  Love is a powerful force; and in terms of human relationships, the love between Right Man - Right Woman in marriage is the strongest.

Purpose and Plan

The purpose here is to clearly present the subject of Marriage Grace from the Word of God.  The Doctrine of Marriage Grace will explain God's Plan and purpose for the divine institution of marriage.  The groundwork for the new paradigm for expository teaching of the Word of God will be developed based upon the duality of marriage in lieu of the authoritarian view of the child.  The viewpoint of the believer as a child is acceptable for the beginner but inadequate for the adult believer.  The plan is to present the Biblical doctrines of marriage from the perspective of grace and to show the impact on the spiritual life of the believer, other members of society, and cultural institutions.  The intent is to show that Marriage is an atomic kernel that exhibits a much more powerful impact in our relationships than previously deemed possible.


Model of Perfection

God created man to resolve the prehistoric angelic conflict and placed him in the Garden of Eden.  The man was perfect; the environment was perfect; the experiment was perfect.  Everything that God does is perfect, and the Garden of Eden was no exception.  It provided man will all his needs, good food, relaxation, recreation, pleasant environment, learning opportunity, companionship.  Every ingredient of perfection was available in the Garden.

Man was given a beautiful woman as a mate.  They had the perfect marriage with a perpetual honeymoon.  They didn't have to work but could enjoy the stimulation of learning from their perfect environment.  They could study animals, plants, art, and astronomy.  Of course, there was no business, no newspapers or books, no machinery, no Internet; yet, man was totally happy in his state of sinless perfection.  There was no fear or worry.  There were no neighbors or children; yet, man and woman were totally happy with just the two people in marriage.

When God does something, it is perfect; and the Garden of Eden was no exception.  The Garden was a mini model of perfection.  The Garden was a simple model of God's plan for mankind.  It was complete and lacked nothing.  Marriage was part of that model for mankind.  The first marriage was perfect, complete, and lacked nothing.  It met the needs of mankind.  There were no relatives, no crying children, no barking dogs, and no city noise.  There was no labor, to stress and strain, no trials and tribulation, no bad weather, no bad news - just beautiful days of relaxation, love and happiness.  All that anyone could ever need was provided in the Garden.

So the Garden was a model.  And, like all of God's creation, it had a simple plan.  It contained only the necessary - nothing superfluous.  God provided everything for man in grace.  Animal and plant life abounded; Bible Class was taught every day; and great opportunity for learning was all around.  There was only one thing that was prohibited: eating the forbidden fruit from the tree in the middle of the Garden.  But while they were taking the tree test, the divine institution of marriage provided all the man and his beautiful wife needed for a truly happy life.  Their love was perfect, their sexual pleasure was perfect, their bonding was perfect, their union was complete and lacked nothing.  Marriage was wonderful.

The marriage between Adam and his Right Woman, Hebrew hv*a! ('Ishah), in the Garden was a model of perfection and was, very definitely, a key part of the overall Garden model for humanity that was divinely inspired.  The importance of marriage in life cannot be underestimated, since it was the focal activity of the Garden.  It met man's needs in terms of human relationship.  The perfect love and happiness were absolutely fulfilling.  Adam ruled the world and enjoyed a relationship with God.  His primary human activity was responding to the Grace Covenant with God which included:  (1) Divine Institution #1 - Volition - the tree test and (2) Divine Institution #2 - Marriage.

Adam & EveAfter man sinned both divine institutions survived.  They were applied to the entire human race - not just to perfect people.  Marriage survived the Fall to remain one of the key institutions for the human race.  After the Fall the kernel of marriage in the human race remained intact.  The first marriage in the Garden set the precedent, and marriages throughout history followed the original type.  The original marriage should, therefore, be carefully examined in its pristine setting to fully understand the implications for future generations.

Purpose of the First Marriage

Since Adam had no one like himself, he could have no human relationship.  So God decided to make him a human counterpart.  Now, God's idea for a human relationship was not just another man but someone who would provide totally fulfilling love, compatibility, and happiness.  God's grace-gift to Adam was beyond belief.  Adam took one look at this beautiful woman and yelled, "'Ishah!"  She was literally made for him.  Note:  This story is covered in Right Man - Right Woman. This one verse is one of the most important pivots around which the theological doctrine of the grace of God revolves. God recognized the need of Adam to have a love relationship with someone like himself, someone with whom he would be compatible.  So God fulfilled that need by giving him an intimate love relationship that was out of this world.  He made for Adam the perfect counterpart, his Right Woman.  Man in the Garden had that basic need.  He was not complete without his Right Woman.  Man could not fulfill his own need.  And God chose to create man so that a woman would be required to fulfill his need.  Then God in His grace gave man the perfect solution.  The solution showed how much God wanted mankind to understand and appreciate the intimate, divine love that He could provide for the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.

The First Marriage

The Lord Jesus Christ personally designed and built the Right Woman for Adam.  He escorted her to Adam and introduced them (the first wedding ceremony).  Adam recognized her as his Right Woman and consummated the marriage with sex.

Grace Support System

Garden Grace SupportThe illustration shows the Grace Support System in the Garden before the fall.  Perfect man (Adam) and perfect 'Ishah (woman) are shown in the perfect environment of the Garden.  The man and woman are on the stage of life for all the angels to observe.  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was the volition test to demonstrate the Righteousness and Justice of God in condemning Satan to the Lake of Fire.  The Plan of God was operational in perfect environment so long as the man and the woman obeyed the mandate of God regarding the forbidden fruit.  So long as they obeyed the divine mandate, they were the recipients of grace blessing from God:  Perfect love and perfect happiness.

God the Father was the author of the Plan of God; the Lord (Jehovah-Elohim of the Old Covenant, Jesus Christ of the Church) was the chief executor.  The Lord was the highest authority over all creation.  Adam was the ruler of the world.  The justice of God protected the man and the woman from the Cosmic System of Satan.  Satan was lurking in the Garden to counterattack the perfect couple in perfect marriage.  Satan and his system of evil with one-third of the angels following him was in place to launch the subtle counterattack as soon as there was the slightest sign of weakness on the part of the man or the woman.

The Fall

The woman in the Garden began to pursue interests (perhaps academic interests) independently of her husband.  One day when she was out with her animal friends, the serpent began to speak to her.  Now, the woman was under the authority and the power of Adam, who ruled the world.  However, as Satan began to speak to her through the serpent, she was soon deceived by his craftiness.  In other words, he lied to her and she was taken in by it.  It was obvious that she had grown lax in Bible Class from Genesis 3:3 when she told Satan that God had said in the prohibition of the forbidden fruit that "‘You shall not eat from it or touch it, lest you die.’"

She was guilty of adding to the Word.  With a clear mind, genius mentality (probably photographic memory), there was no excuse for this behavior of adding to the Word.  However, Adam may also have become lax because he was not with his Right Woman.  When the believer is distracted from Bible Doctrine, the woman tends to become reactionary, combative, and high strung whereas the man tends in opposite direction:  He becomes lazy, apathetic, and obsequious. Regardless of the reasons, the woman wandered off by herself into the powerful delusion of Satan.  The woman turneds from the Plan of God and listened to Satan.
Rejection of Adam

Satan's appeal to the woman was the same as his own.  He said, "You will be like God."  When he sinned, he said, "I will be like the Most High," (Isaiah 14:14).  Satan appealed to the woman with arrogant ambition.  She apparently was very interested in learning, and Satan's lies appealed to her ambition. Satan's advertisement was a lie, the false doctrine of Ecumenical Babylon.  Had the woman been strong in the faith, she would have rejected the lie; but in her state of weakness, she was willing to listen to an alternative plan. The woman was tempted from inside God's Grace Support System.  In spite of the confusion in her mind, she could sin in only one way.  She had to use her volition from a state of sinless perfection to sin.  She must consciously choose to sin from a position of strength.  Granted Satan deceived her, but she did not enter into sin until she used her volition to do so.  Even then, the wall of fire of the Grace Support System was protecting her.  Nothing could come into her presence without being judged by the Justice of God.  This is the meaning of Genesis 3:6.

In Genesis 3:6, the woman saw three things about the forbidden fruit:  (1)  It "was good for food," (2) "it was a delight to the eyes," and (3)  it "was desirable to make one wise."  This is the judgment by the Holy Spirit, her sentry of protection.  The parallel passage is:

Number Genesis 3:6 1 John 2:16 World Counterattack
1 Good for food Lust of the flesh Ecumenical Babylon
2 Delight to the eyes Lust of the eyes Political Babylon
3 Desirable for wisdom Arrogant Lifestyle Cosmic Babylon

Here is clear evidence that Satan cannot bring the Cosmos (the world) into God's Grace Support System, which protects the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit judges everything that approaches.  The judgment of the Holy Spirit breaks the worldly counterattack down into its three elements:  Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  When the believer in the Church Age is operating in the Filling of the Holy Spirit, he cannot be overpowered by the world.  He can only sin by using his volition from a position of strength.  He must choose to sin in the face of the same evidence that the woman had in the Garden.

Now, the woman saw all this and relied on Satan's lie instead.  She still used her volition to sin, even though she was in a state of deception.  Satan cast a pall of darkness around her with his lies, but in spite of this the evidence of the Justice of God in breaking apart Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon were there.  Nevertheless, the woman violated the commandment of God and ate of the forbidden fruit.  She immediately died spiritually as God had said.  Now she received the knowledge of good and evil, i.e. a conscience, as the devil had explained in his half-truth.  However, she did not become like God.  Her lights went out.  In a state of darkness and sin, she lost her human spirit, lost her fellowship with God via the Grace Support System, and came under the power of Satan.

TemptationWhen the woman sinned, she did not fall down and die physically.  She didn't even stop to repent.  She proceeded full speed in her arrogance to do the Devil's bidding.  She took the forbidden fruit to Adam and offered it to him as a Cosmic evangelist.  She had sinned, knew the error of her way, but wanted to take her husband down with her.  She was fully empowered by the Cosmic System of Satan and proceeded to evangelize her husband for Satan.  She probably used all her charm to persuade Adam.

However, Adam saw the woman in spiritual death and knew what had happened.  He was not deceived.  He recognized the signs that the woman had ignored.  He further understood that she was in spiritual death.  However, Adam was under powerful pressure.  His life (that is, his pattern of life, or lifestyle) had just ended.  The woman was the love of his life.  She had rejected God, lost her fellowship with God, and lost her fellowship with him.  Their marriage, the perfect love relationship, was now totally dysfunctional.  Now Adam faced the possibility of living without his other half.  Who would want to live without love?  A life without love would not be worth living.  And Adam's love had just ended.

Adam's pressure was far beyond anything we could imagine.  The ruler of the world had just lost the world he ruled.  The only love in life had just ended.  The woman had just entered Satan's camp.  She was on Satan's side against Adam, but she was presenting Adam with an option.  Adam could eat the forbidden fruit and join her in sin.  Adam must decide whether to obey the command of God on the basis of principle or succumb to all the pressure and join the woman in sin.

Adam saw all the signs:  (1)  Ecumenical Babylon - the fruit that the woman offered him, (2)  Political Babylon - the woman turned cosmic evangelist, (3)  Cosmic Babylon - the woman's offer was an arrogant rejection of the authority of God.  Adam was not deceived by any of this.  He understood the volitional issue.  It boiled down to whether to obey or disobey the authority of God.  He had no love.  His wife was spiritually dead.  His world, as he knew it, had ended.  His marriage (the only lifestyle that he knew) was dysfunctional.  Adam undoubtedly thought that, for all practical purposes, he was dead already.  He could cling to the command of God and keep his spiritual life, but there was nothing to go with it.  God was silent (due to this being the test).  If he obeyed God, he would be left with nothing except an empty playing field.  His world was destroyed.

Eclipse in AdamWhen the woman sinned, Adam entered extreme suffering.  The closest thing in this life is when the woman who is the love of your life demands a divorce.  But that pales in comparison to Adam's problem.  When the woman sinned, Adam's right lobe which was occupied with the Right Woman was vacated.  The empty hole in the right lobe brought a flood of emotion that quickly ricocheted into the left lobe and filled him with nothing, Hebrew lb#h# (hebel), emptiness, darkness.  The closest thing to this condition was when Jesus Christ died on the cross.  The next closest thing is an eclipse of the Sun.  Just as there is only a thin ring of light around a solar eclipse, so there was only one ray of light in Adam's life:  That was the recognition of God's authority in not eating of the forbidden fruit.

Adam's Suffering

Eclipse of ManWhen the woman sinned, Adam suffered a fissure in the Right Lobe due to the loss.  She could no longer occupy the place of love in his heart (Right Lobe) as before.  Darkness filled Adam's soul due to the hole left by the loss of Right Woman from the heart.  The woman was in a state like a Lunar Eclipse.  She was in darkness.  Her sin turned Adam's lights out just as in a solar eclipse.  The difference between the two eclipses is that a ring of light is left in the solar eclipse; whereas, the lunar eclipse leaves all dark.

This is the best description of Adam's suffering.  He had enough light to still have a covenant (ring of light).  He had not lost his spiritual life yet, but he was hanging by a thin life line of Volition so he could take the Tree Test under suffering.  Adam's suffering was beyond anything that anyone in this life could suffer apart from the Lord Jesus Christ in His substitutionary spiritual death on the cross.  The woman who rejects her Right Man is capable of bringing unbearable suffering on him.

Garden Teeter-TotterThe delicate balance between Right Man and Right Woman, who are inseparably bound as a unit, can be illustrated by the teeter totter.  As long as the woman kept from sinning, the delicate balance of the teeter totter was maintained.  The two are halves of the same whole inseparably bound.  What one does affects the other.  Although the woman is the reflected glory of the man and gets her light from him, she also affects the man by the justice of God.  This doctrine is taught in the 1 Corinthians 11:11 and will be covered in detail later.  When the woman sinned, the effect on Adam was like having his soul ripped apart.  He suffered the repercussions via the Justice of God.

The woman who reacts to her Right Man can cause him tremendous suffering.  She can turn his lights out just as the man can turn her lights out.  When the man walks in darkness, the woman, who gets her light from the man, is obviously delivered into darkness.  Similarly, the woman who reacts to her right man and rejects him, inflicts upon him the loss of his love.  His right lobe splits, and he is also delivered into darkness.  The man cannot stand the loss of his Right Woman without tremendous suffering.  Similarly, the woman who loses the light from her Right Man suffers greatly.

Garden Female DominanceThe pressure the woman brought to bear on Adam when she sinned is illustrated by the teeter totter with the man down and the woman up.  The woman was allowed to exercise her power from Satan to cause Adam to be put down.  He was in tremendous suffering.  Before she sinned, Adam had power over the woman.  She was under his control.  Now she was not under his power.  He had lost control of her.  But she was inseparably united to him.  Adam was stuck in terrible suffering and anguish of soul.

The Right Man and Right Woman are bound in the heart's most tender part.  When intimacy unites them in love, they bring to each other fantastic happiness and love from their sensitivity.  However, when one of them decides to step on that sensitivity, the other suffers terribly.  This was the case with Adam and the woman.  She brought him unbearable grief.

When the woman stepped out into the Cosmic System, the domain of Satan, she upset the balance of the marriage relationship, which is illustrated by the teeter totter.  Adam was no longer in control of his wife.  She was reacting to him.  She had spun out of control.  Under the guise of offering him something good to eat, she was the siren of destruction.  She was luring him to his death.  The illustration of the woman being up in the air on the teeter totter symbolizes her condition of being empowered by Satan contrary to the command of God.  In that state she was guilty and subject to the judgment of God.

This condition in which the woman is allowed to exercise power over the man will be termed, female dominance.  This will be explained in more detail later.  When the female is up on the teeter totter and the male is down, the condition is female dominance.  When the opposite is true, the condition is male dominance.  The only way this female dominance could occur in the Garden was for it to be part of the Justice of God.  Had Adam been up and the woman down when she brought him the fruit, he may have simply brushed her aside and waited for the Lord to work a miracle, give him a new Right Woman, or something similar.  The only way Adam could have been delivered into this condition was by the Justice of God.  Male and Female Dominance are two opposite types of suffering which occur under the Justice of God in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.

Here the overriding Grace of God is seen.  The Lord Jesus Christ controls history in order to implement His predetermined Plan.  God in His foreknowledge knew that Adam and 'Ishah would eventually lose their momentum and fail.  He knew if He allowed Satan access to the woman that she would be overcome by the deception of evil.  He had undoubtedly been keeping Satan away from her before the time of the Fall.  He knew that Adam would fall under eclipse suffering.  Yet, at the appropriate time in human history, the Lord ordered up this scene from the Plan of God and poured it into human history.  From the perspective of the Grace of God, all went according to Plan.  Without compromising man's volition, God's perfect Plan was rolling.  It was a cataclysmic shock, and all of nature reeled under the blow; but it was not a surprise to God.  He is never surprised.  He knew about all this in eternity past.  This was only the first chapter of human history.


AUTHOR  Larry Wood
Released August 1997 - Revised September 23, 2013