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Florida Deputy Delivered by Motorist Found Dead

Florida Deputy Delivered by Motorist Found Dead
Relation to New Zealand Earthquake

Florida Deputy Delivered by Motorist Found Dead

January 2 (Day 2, Divine Division):  A Florida Sheriff's Deputy who survived a beating on I-75 in 2016 when a motorist shot his assailant, has died.  Dean Bardes, 48, was found dead in his Cape Coral home on January 2.  On November 14, 2016 he was helping the Highway Patrol at a wreck on I-75 in Lee County when a motorist tried to run into him.  He jumped in his car, gave pursuit, and stopped the motorist at Corkscrew Road after a high speed chase.  The motorist, Edward Strother, 53, who was a former corrections officer from Connecticut, exited his car, jumped the deputy as he exited his car, knocked him to the pavement, straddled him, and began pounding him. 

As Bardes lay flat on his back being pounded, another man armed with a pistol came to his rescue.  Bardes cried out for help and asked the man to shoot the assailant.  The man threatened to shoot Strother if he did not stop beating Bardes. When Strother refused to surrender, the man shot Strother three times and killed him.  Bardes recovered from his injuries, and a judge later found the shooting justifiable.

Edward Strother was known to have a short fuse and quickly escalate into violent behavior.  He punched a security guard at a Winter Haven hospital and was arrested in December 2015.  He failed to show up for a court appearance the week before he attacked Deputy Bardes on November 14, 2016.  Strother's neighbors said he had been making strange singing noises.

Radar, 1-2-18The day Bardes died of an apparent heart attack, there was the sign of stripes from bands of rain on the East coast of Florida from Cape Canaveral south to West Palm Beach.  The stripes would signify scourging (Divine punishment, Heb 12:6).  However, Bardes died in his home on the West coast in Lee County, which is Florida County #18, for a pillar.  Bardes was lying flat of his back when he was being beaten on I-75.  Bardes on his back was the sign of a fallen pillar.  When he was found dead on January 2, 2018, he was lying down - the sign of a fallen pillar.  The year 2018 stands for a pillar in the temple.

Relation to New Zealand Earthquake

A major earthquake struck New Zealand the morning of the incident with Deputy Bardes on I-75 on November 14, 2016.  In the devastation from the earthquake three cows were left stranded on a pedestal of pasture.  There were two cows and a calf, corresponding to a family and symbolizing the Four Generation Curse.  The three cows correspond to the three men in the I-75 altercation.  Two were fighting and a third came along to kill the perpetrator.   The New Zealand earthquake the week after the election of Donald Trump as US President, symbolized the destruction of the house of Ahab and Jezebel by Jehu.

In the earthquake pillars fell.  In the I-75 altercation the deputy on his back was like a fallen pillar.  Unlike the earthquake, which was the work of Elect Angels, the I-75 altercation was the work of Satan. 
Edward Strother was under the power of Satan.  Struther was out of his mind and attacking the Laws of Establishment Institution of Law Enforcement.  Satan was attacking Law Enforcement to destroy it and create anarchy.  A civilian was drawn into the conflict and shot Strother.  Satan set the whole thing up.

Deputy Bardes was delivered and recovered from his injuries, but God had the last world.  Bardes died a little over a year later at age 48.  He died on the Full Moon in Gemini.  He was attacked on November 14, 2016 on the Full Moon in Aries, for Jezebel.  Aries corresponds to New York, the home of Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump.  Bardes obviously died before his time.


The deputy who was saved by a passing motorist on I-75 in 2016, died on January 2, 2018.  He died at his home in Lee County, which is Florida County #18,for a pillar.  He was lying on his back like a fallen pillar when he was beaten in 2016.  His assailant, Edward Strother, was shot during the incident on the morning of the New Zealand earthquake.  Three cows were stranded on a pasture pedestal in the devastation in New Zealand just as there were three men in the I-75 incident.  The New Zealand earthquake and I-75 altercation followed the election of Donald Trump as President and symbolized the destruction of the house of Ahab and Jezebel.  The I-75 altercation was on the Full Moon in Aries, corresponding to New York, the home of Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Deputy Bardes was delivered by a passing motorist who killed Edward Strother.  However, Bardes only lived a year before he died of an apparent heart attack.  He died before his time at age 48, for the inheritance of the Levites.


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Released January 5, 2018

Author:  Larry Wood