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The Eclipse of the American Presidency,

Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Aug.
          21, 2017
The Eclipse of the American Presidency
Historical Significance
Curse of Ham

The Eclipse of the American Presidency

August 21 (Day 233, Judgment of Holy Spirit):  A total Solar Eclipse will cross the continental United States diagonally on August 21, 2017, Day 233.  A Solar Eclipse is a significant sign, but this one is especially awesome.  It travels diagonally from northwest to southeast across the United States, where west to east is a sign of completion.  Awesome heralds have preceded the eclipse, such as the crucifixion of President Donald Trump by the press on August 17 after he told them the truth and called them fakes the previous day.  After the media blitz of lies, congressmen, military leaders, businessmen, educators, and government leaders piled on and vilified the President.  This morning at 5:24 AM Singapore time the USS John S. McCain collided with a tanker off Singapore, and 10 sailors were missing and five injured.  The missile destroyer was named for the father and grandfather of US Senator John McCain, who has brain cancer.  McCain (meaning son of Cain) has been a vocal critic of President Trump.  Yesterday, a 65-year old man died in the surf at Daytona Beach from an apparent head injury (perhaps caused by hitting the bottom).  This corresponds to Aries setting at the time of greatest eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse will feature the Sun and Moon in Leo along with the Savior Planet.  This is the sign of the eclipse of the President and Royal Family.  This corresponds to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who was from the Tribe of Judah (Leo).  Before Christ was crucified, everyone lied about him.  Satan was behind the lies, just as Satan is behind the character assassination of President Trump.  Unlike Jesus Christ, however, Trump was not silent like a sheep before his slaughterers.  Trump is a roaring lion.  Nevertheless, his Presidency was destroyed (like an eclipse) last week by the press and Washington politicians.

Historical Significance

The last total Solar Eclipse over the continental United States was 38 years ago on February 26, 1979.  Since 38 is the number of years required for the Exodus generation to die in the wilderness, the Solar Eclipse in 2017 must have some national significance.  A Solar Eclipse symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as well as Eclipse Testing of the Right Man by the Right Woman.  Testing of Right Man Right Woman is linked to national cursing via the Four Generation Curse.

The total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 begins in the Northern Pacific at 16:49 UT.  It reaches the Oregon coast south of Portland at 17:16 UT (10:16 AM PDT).  Totality lasts 1 minute 59 seconds with the Sun's altitude at 39.   The Sun will proceed diagonally across the USA  and emerge over Charleston, South Carolina.  It will be over downtown for 1 minute 29 seconds.

Greatest eclipse is at 18:25/31 UT (1:25:31 pm CDT).  Greatest eclipse is the point where the axis of the lunar shadow passes closest to the Earth's center.  This will occur in a sorghum field about 12 miles (20 kilometers) northwest of Hopkinsville, KY.  Duration of greatest eclipse is 2 minutes 40.1 seconds.  The location of greatest duration (about .2 seconds longer) will be near Carbondale.

The path of the Solar Eclipse across the United States is a significant sign.  The diagonal path from Oregon to South Carolina is the sign of the oblique order of battle or a slash (wound) or the result of being plowed.  If the continental United States corresponds to a rectangle, the diagonal path of the eclipse does not go exactly from corner to corner.  To do so it would have to reach Florida.  The diagonal path across the US corresponds to national suffering.

Oregon is in the region of the Tribe of Benjamin and sign of Cancer, for the spoils of victory or a suffering captive.  And South Carolina is in the region of Judah and Leo.  Charleston, SC is were the War Between the States began and where the current suffering over the Confederate flag and statues began after the Dylann Roof Charleston Church mass murder on June 17, 2015.  The iconoclasts who are tearing down the Confederate images think they are smashing the spoils of victory.

Like the Right Woman who rejects the authority of her Right Man and puts his lights out in Eclipse Testing, the USA is currently divided between right wing conservatives (legalists, Republicans) and left wing liberals (lawless ones, Democrats).  The latest reason for the current division is the same problem that has plagued the country since the War Between the States, and that is the Curse of Ham.

Curse of Ham

After the Flood Noah got drunk and his younger son Ham committed homosexual incest with him (ref. Gen 9:22).  Therefore, Noah pronounced a curse on Ham (also called Canaan).  This amounted to a racial curse, since Ham became the father of the Black race of Ethiopians in Africa as well as the Libyans (Carthaginians), Egyptians, and Canaanites (Palestinians, Phoenicians, Syrians) (Gen 10:6).  The curse of Ham was that he would be the lowest of slaves to his brothers Shem and Japheth.

God pronounced blessings on Shem and Japheth.  Shem became the father of the Semitic races, and Japheth became the father of the Caucasians (Europeans).  Shem would have the highest blessing and Japheth the second highest.  In the Age of Israel the Jewish Client Nation received the highest blessing on Earth, but during the Church Age, Israel will be trodden down and Japheth will have the highest blessing (Lk 21:24).  Whites will be supreme only so long as they are not anti-Semitic.  Anti-Semites are under the curse of Abraham (Gen 12:3).

So, in the Church Age the Semitic races and descendants of Ham are cursed.  The curses are removed through the Redemption solution.  Those who believe in Christ and execute the new Spiritual life can have Spiritual freedom.  Those who reject Jesus Christ and the Redemption solution will be slaves to Satan and under other Temporal  curses.

The conflict between the left and the right in the USA has arisen because Satan has convinced the Blacks that the Whites are cursing them.  Although racial prejudice is evil, the ultimate source of the cursing is Noah (Gen 9:25) and Jesus Christ (Lk 21:24).  The government cannot undo the Curse of Ham.  When iconoclasts think that Confederate statues are evil, they make the statues into idols and practice idolatry.  This is associated with the Four Generation Curse.  Iconoclasts are flunking the testing of the Four Generation Curse, and that corresponds to dying in the wilderness.  They are the pawns of Satan, who is seeking to destroy this nation and other free nations.


Solar Eclipse
        8-21-17 ChartThe Chart at the time of greatest eclipse contains a Mystic Rectangle and a Grand Cross.  The Mystic Rectangle corresponds to a plot of ground or nation, which is also symbolized by Beauregard's battle flag, which has been adopted as the Confederate flag.  The flag with crossed stars and bars was the symbol of the cursing of a nation which occurred during the War Between the States.  The Mystic Rectangle can also symbolize a bus or truck, corresponding to the recent rash of car and truck attacks by terrorists.

A Grand Cross is the most intense sign of suffering in a chart.  The Grand Cross over the Mystic Rectangle symbolizes national suffering.  One of the arms of the Grand Cross is aligned along one of the diagonals of the Mystic Rectangle, and the other diagonal connects Midheaven with the conjunction of the Bottom of Heaven and the Redeemer in Aquarius.  This is the opposition of the eclipse at noon to the bottom of the sea.

The Sun is in Leo, for the king of glory, and the Moon is in Leo, for a politician.  This corresponds to the politicians who have believed the lie and openly oppose the President of the US.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC. Also in Leo is the Savior Planet, for a glorious royal son.  The three planets in Leo are in a Family Configuration, corresponding to the nation under the Four Generation Curse.

The Bottom of Heaven in Aquarius symbolizes the Curse of Jonah, while the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius symbolizes being redeemed from Sheol or the sea.  Just as Jonah spent three days and three nights in Sheol, Jesus Christ spent three days and nights in Hades and rose the third day (Matt 12:40).  That is the meaning of a Solar Eclipse.  The sign of Jonah also corresponds to the collision of the USS John S. McCain with and oil tanker this morning, and with the 65-year old man who died in Florida yesterday in the sea at Daytona Beach.  The death of the man also corresponds to Aries setting during greatest eclipse.

The Red Planet is in Cancer, for the suffering of a captive or suffering due to a security or safety breach.  This corresponds to the current suffering in the country due to lawlessness as well as the suffering due to the Curse of Ham, who was lawless and rebellious.  It is also the sign of Senator John McCain who suffered greatly as a captive in Vietnam.


The Solar Eclipse was on August 21, 2017, Day 233, where 33 is the number for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  The year 2017 is for lawlessness, and 21 is for Providential Preventative Suffering.  Satan as the man of lawlessness, or antichrist, is speaking through both right and left wing extremists in the US and the world.  Iconoclasts in both ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and in US civil rights groups are smashing images, which are being portrayed as idols.  Therefore, the movement to smash images is expressing hatred of an image which conjures Satan and amounts to idolatry.  The iconoclasts and their sympathizers are failing the testing of the Four Generation Curse.  They will be judged in the historical uptrend which is in progress due to mature believes in this country who are defeating Satan.

The diagonal path of the eclipse from Oregon to Charleston, SC corresponds to the suffering that has resulted from the War Between the States that began in Charleston.  This has played out recently from the reaction to Confederate images that resulted from the Dylann Roof mass murder in 2015.   During the past week Satan has inspired mass protests in Charlottesville, Virginia and Boston primarily by those who reject the Curse of Ham.

The difference of 38 years since the last total Solar Eclipse in the continental US is associated with the Four Generation Curse.  Those who accept Satan's attempts to stir up racial strife in the US and the world by lying about the Curse of Ham and anti-Semitism, will die in the wilderness under the Four Generation Curse.  However, those who choose the Redemption solution and execute the Spiritual life will defeat Satan and deliver the nation from destruction under the Four Generation Curse.  Doctrinal believers are currently contributing to an historical uptrend.  President Trump is acting like Jehu in the current testing.  He is the anointed of God to lead the country.  Those who are lawless rebels and tyrants will die in the wilderness under the Four Generation Curse.

The significance of greatest eclipse in Kentucky is that Kentucky symbolizes the womb, or source of the family.  The sign of the family around Midheaven in Leo symbolizes the royal family.  Families are divided by the Four Generation Curse (Matt 10:34-36).  The family of Noah was divided by the Curse of Ham, and Right Man and Right Woman are divided by Eclipse Testing.  Also the Mediator Planet in Aries is for a founder.  Aries was setting, corresponding to the current Satan inspired rebellion against the founding fathers of this country and those who fought to preserve it liberty.  All those men had Old Sin Natures and feet of clay.  Those who vilify them are playing into the hands of Satan, who is out to destroy the nation, which was not founded by people, but by the Lord as a Client Nation to be a bastion of freedom and light to the world.  The rise and fall of this nation depends upon the power of God ("one nation under God") - not the threat of Satan.


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Released August 21, 2017 - Revised March 19, 2024

Author:  Larry Wood