The numbers defined in the scripture are sacred. As the word of God they are intrinsically true. They will mean the same thing yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, the definition of Biblical numbers may be used to accurately interpret history.

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Read First

Those who work with numbers generally fall into the following categories: (1) Secular and New Age Numerologists, (2) users of mathematics, and (3) confused Christians. This document is a first attempt to define the numbers of scripture according to accurate theological interpretation, which is:

Numbers are defined by their use in scripture.

Is this unusual? Yes, there is no known source of this in existence. Oh yes, there are those who claim they derived their definitions from the Bible but when closely examined, they simply do not follow the scripture.



I started studying numbers seriously in 1972 when I sought to understand the meaning of a pulsar that blinked with a repeating pattern. I went to the library, consulted the Numerical Bible and discovered that it was inconsistent with itself. After reading other books and doing extensive research, I finally went back to the Bible myself and decided to use it exclusively as any good math student would do.

I discovered that if I looked up all the uses of a number in scripture, then these uses pointed to a specific meaning. For example, during the seven days of re-creation of the earth in Genesis 1, each day had a meaning. These were obviously natural numbers that were used for counting, and they represented a divine order. Man wasn't created before light. It was obvious that God used numbers as anyone who ever studied orbital mechanics of the heavens will attest.

Numbers in Creation

On the first day God created light. This was number 1. The number, one, was unity and first in order (or sequence). On Day One light was created. Light represents unity.  It cannot be subdivided.  Unity cannot be divided.  The light represented the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator, the light of the world (John 1:4). The light represented the Sovereignty of God, who is omnipotent, indivisible, eternal, omnipresent, omniscient. And the light was represented by the number, one.

On the second day God separated the firmament (expanse of the heavens) from the waters.  Thus, the characteristic of the number, two, is division, or separation. Two does not represent unity. Two represents one entity divided from another entity.  "Separate" is the Hebrew, badal, which is in the Hiph'il and means to be divided, or to separate.  The meaning of badal further indicates that God performs the production.  Thus, the number, 2, represents God causing division or separation.

On the third day the water was gathered together, land appeared, and plant life began. The big item on the third day was life. So on the third day, there was the work of the life-giving Spirit (Psa. 104:29; Eccl. 12:7; Job 33:4; Rev. 5:6). Plant life is sustained by the Spirit of God - i.e. the Holy Spirit.  Later, other passages with the sequence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit make this more clear.  The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Thus the number three refers to the Trinity and also to the Holy Spirit.

On the fourth day, God set the heavens in the proper relationship to Planet Earth. This included the Sun, Moon, Solar System, the stars, and all other heavenly bodies. Thus, the number four represents the relationship of the Earth to the Heavens. This relationship is defined as a set of clocks to measure increments of time, seasons, and history. To put it another way, the number, four, represents the weakness of earthly (material) creation under the authority of the Heavens. There is, however, strength when the authority of God is added to the weakness of Earth just as the four fingers of the hand are weak and the addition of the thumb gives strength.

On the fifth day, God created the animal kingdom. There were fish, fowl, mammals, insects, reptiles - all types of animals. They were in abundance, and "God blessed them." This was an act of the grace of God. God established a relationship with the animal kingdom. He blessed them, and that is what we call grace - God's blessing freely given to His creatures. The animals did not work. God did the work for them. He fed them, clothed them, protected them, watched over them. All this was grace. The number, five, represents grace.

On the sixth day, God made man. Adam was made from red clay. He was made in the image of God. He was body, soul, and spirit; for God is Spirit. Unlike animals, Adam had a human soul with soul life and a human spirit. From the sixth day we know that the number, six, is the number for man.

Then on the seventh day God rested. He rested because He had finished creation. There was nothing left to do. By the seventh day, everything was complete. So the number, seven, represents the completion of a category. We count seven days in a week because a week is a category of days. On the seventh day God rested because He was finished. Seven refers to completion.

Now, with the completion of the category comes the first distortion. Seven is not the perfect number. Seven is no more perfect than any other number in God's creation. This misconception stems from confusion about the meaning of the verb form, to perfect, and the adjective, perfect. The verb form, to perfect, may, indeed, mean to complete; but perfect as an adjective does not mean complete. Those who say that seven is the perfect number, do not know the Bible.

This confusion about perfection and completion is not even unique to the number seven. It is part of confusion introduced by translators even in cases not related to the number seven. For example, Hebrews 12:2, "the author and perfecter of our salvation" should be translated, "the author and finisher of our doctrine."


Plenary Inspiration

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

Rule of Interpretation

The first rule of interpretation of scripture is:

Application to Numbers

The New Theology for Numbers in scripture is: A corollary can be stated:

What This Means

This means that the numbers of scripture are part of the infallible Word of God. As such, the study of numbers in scripture (sometimes referred to as Biblical Numerology) deserves as much attention to detail as the study of any other part of scripture. The numbers of scripture must be accurately defined.

It is unacceptable to multiply a number by a factor or divide it in order to interpret it. Just as it is unacceptable to add to the Word or delete from it, it is not acceptable to add or subtract numbers to derive meaning. The only exception is when the calculations are themselves part of scripture (as Judges 7:3 compared with 7:10). In the case of the nine plagues of Egypt, the scripture represents them in three groups of three.  In this case God revealed through the scripture how He made the number (3 x 3, or 32).  However, in a case where God does not reveal how He made the number, it would be arrogant to presume how or why it was made.

The interpreter of numbers in scripture has no right to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them in order to attach some arbitrary meaning. The scripture is inerrant. To divide or multiply; add or subtract from the Word is heresy.

The numbers of scripture have units.  For example 10 commandments, 17 lawlessness, and 9 plagues.  These units define the meaning of the number in the context.  As with the words of a  language, a number may have different meanings that vary around the root idea.  Five is a number for grace, but when it is associated with a man, it becomes the number for a giant.  Furthermore, it is improper to perform arithmetic calculations without considering the units.  It is improper to add apples and oranges, as any good math student knows.

A typical heresy is as follows: Seven is the perfect number and, therefore, 77, is a good number or 777 is a better number. This is all wrong. First, seven is the completion of a category - not the perfect number. Next, the number, 77, is defined by scripture in reference to Lamech, the first polygamist in history. It is a number for turning away from the Right Woman to go for a paramour. Then the number, 777, is the number of years that Lamech, the father of Noah, lived. After Lamech, the next generation would have to be delivered above the waters. So 777 means, "I'll fly away"; a tangent; radical change in course. The meanings of all these numbers are derived from the context of scriptural usage - not extrabiblical presumption.

Numerals and Letters

The original languages of scripture do not contain numerals. The Arabic numerals were invented after the Bible was written. Therefore, letters of the alphabet were used to designate numbers in both the Hebrew and the Greek. Each letter had a predefined weight. It was therefore possible to add up numerical equivalents for the letters to produce checksums and see some very interesting patterns.

If the letters in the name of Jesus, jIhsou'''" (Iesous), are added up in the Greek the result is (10+8+200+70+400+200) = 888. The number, eight, is the number for the New Birth; but the number 888 is a unique number for Jesus, the author and completion of our Salvation. This is in contrast to the number for the Beast in Revelation, 666, the number for a man.  We can learn a very important principle from these numbers:

Stated another way, a string of numbers in which a single number is repeated may be an emphasis of the root meaning of the single number. In the example, the 8 for the New Birth (Salvation) is emphasized by the number 888; while the number 6, the number for fallen, sinful man, is emphasized by the 666 for the antichrist, the impostor.

False Application

The Bible in the original languages is the inspired Word of God.  The words in the Bible do have a numerical meaning.  However, the primary purpose of the scripture is to communicate spiritual truth.  Translating words into numbers is meaningless if it does not relate to the context.  Similarly, after the Bible is translated into other languages, the words in the translated scripture can no longer be analyzed numerically.  In other words, a word in English cannot be reduced to a numerical equivalent.  There is no inspired numerical definition of letters for languages other than scripture. There is no basis for numerical analysis of languages other than the original languages of scripture.  Such analysis has no spiritual value and is a misapplication of Bible Doctrine.  So-called Bible codes, attempts to find words patterns with offsets, are heresy.

Principles of Application

  1. Only scripture in the original languages is inspired.
  2. Application of numerical equivalents to words outside the Bible is fallacious.
  3. A word is a unit, which must not be subdivided.  Counting the letters of a word is fallacious.
  4. A sequence is different from a group; therefore, the context of a number must be considered.
  5. Cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers and number patterns are different types of numbers and have different meanings.
  6. Numbers may have good or bad meanings depending upon the context.
  7. Numbers outside the Bible are part of the Plan of God, and can be used in faith-application.

Numerical Equivalents

a, a, alpha
a,', Aleph
b, b, beta
b , b, Beyth
g, g, gamma
g , g, Giymel
d, d, delta
d, d, Daleth
e, e, epsilon
h, h, He
", s, sigma (end)
w, v, w, Waw
z, z, zeta
z, z, Zayin
h, h, eta
j, ch, Cheyth
q, th, theta
f, t, Teyth
i, i, iota
y, j, y, Yod
k, k, kappa
k, k, Kaph
l, l, lambda
l, l, Lamed
m, m, mu
m, m, Mem
n, n, nu
n, n, Nun
x, x, xi
s, s, Samek
o, o, omicron
u, `ayin
p, pi
p, p, Pe
, koppa
x, ts, Tsadey
r, p, rho
q, q, Qoph
s, sigma
r, r, Resh
t, t, tau
v, s, sh, Sin
u, u, upsilon
t, th, Taw
f, phi
c, ch, chi
y, psi
w, w, omega


The Lord Jesus Christ controls human history per the predetermined Plan of God. This began with creation and continues forever. The seven days of re-creation establish the precedent. The universe was not created in seven days; but the solar system was refashioned in seven days to prepare it for man and the appeal trial of Satan. The pattern of the seven days of recreation clearly demonstrates God's methodical use of numbers and their meaning.

In God's Plan the years of history have meaning per the Bible. God works with our calendar even when it is off by days. He works with our clocks even though they are inaccurate. The Lord Jesus Christ in His control of history took this into account in eternity past, and it doesn't upset His timetable at all.

Meaning of Recent Years

1985 - Eye (Spy) 1986 - Legalistic Persecution; Son of the Bondwoman 1987 - Donkey, Mule - transportation system 1988 - Blessing 1989 - Without Divine Authority; Authority Counterattack
Chinese university students' Tiananmen Square rally for democracy; Oliver North convicted  for in the Iran-Contra affair; South African President, P. W. Botha, steps down; Czech Parliament votes against  Communism; Romania overthrows Communist government.
1990 - Election, new order 1991 - Emergency; coup de grace 1992 - Servant; son of a slave, homeborn slave 1993 - Guilt 1994 - Footstool - after Fifth Cycle of Discipline captives were taken to the footstool of the victorious king for judgment
Rwanda holocaust (Apr 6 - July); Gaza-Jericho Agreement between Israel & PLO (May 4) - Arafat takes over Gaza and Jericho; Jordan and Israel sign peace treaty ending 46 year war; Iraqi National Assembly and Saddam Hussein (Prime Minister) recognize Kuwaiti sovereignty; IRA cease-fire in Northern Ireland; Russia attacks Republic of Chechnya.
1995 - Hero 1996 - Spoils of Victory 1997 - Reduction in Force (RIF) 1998 - Ichabod (the Glory has departed) 1999 - Almost but not quite crossing the Jordan (Joshua 3:4) 2000 - Crossing the Jordan (Joshua 3:4; Num. 35:5)

2001 - Unity (1 Timothy 6:5; Ephesians 4:4-6, 5:31; John 1: 4-5, 3:16; Romans 8:35-39; Deuteronomy 6:4)

Includes the whole, all, completion, uniqueness, a system, God's Love, light, the Ark of the Covenant, and Marriage.
2002 - Divine division or separation (Genesis 1:3-4, 6-7; Nu 8:14-16; Lev 11:46-47; 20:24, 26; Ezra 9:1-2; 1 Chron. 12:6; Rom. 1:1; 2 Cor. 6:17; Heb 4:12)
Includes the separation of light from darkness and land from the waters in the re-creation; separation of the Levitical Priesthood, Client Nation, and Royal Family; separation from the world; separation in Marriage; separation or appointment to divine calling; separation of the veil and wall of the Temple; and mustering an army.
2003 - Justice of the Holy Spirit or the Trinity (Zech. 4:6; Psalm 89:14; Matt. 28:19; Gal. 4:6)
The function of God the Holy Spirit in implementing Sovereign Design.  God is impartial, and the Justice of the Holy Spirit may fall on people without distinction.  It is the work of God alone, and this usually means suffering.
2004 - Weakness:  The weakness of Earth in relation to he Ruler of Creation in Heaven (Gen. 1:17-18); the weakness of man without Salvation (Ex. 38:19).
The four seasons and the rule of the Sun, Moon, and stars for the weakness of Earth in dependence up the Lord of Creation.  The four pillars in the Gate of the Tabernacle for the weakness of man at salvation.
2005 - Grace or a giant:  Grace is the free gift of God.  It is God's policy toward mankind.  The Love of God toward mankind is expressed through His policy of Grace.  A giant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal, in Spiritual Warfare.

2006 - Man, or mankind; work; the sixth step of a categorical sequence.

Man was created on the 6th day of restoration of the Earth to be a witness in the Appeal Trial of Satan.  The first man, Adam, sinned, and all his progeny are born with his sin.  Since Adam had to work for a living after the Fall, the year, 2006, also represents work.  It is also the sixth of a sequence of seven on the road of the Cycles of Blessing or Categorical Punishment.
2007 - a category.
God completed the work of re-creation of the heavens and the earth in six days, and on the seventh He rested.  Thus, the number, 7, refers to the completion of the category of one week, and the Sabbath day became a day of rest to commemorate Grace.  The Sabbath rest symbolizes entrance into Grace blessing of Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport in the Church Age (Heb 4:9-20).  The number, 7, can also refer to categorical blessing or punishment of the nation or an individual.
2008 - New Birth
God completed the re-creation of the heavens and the Earth and everything in them in 7 days, which represents the completion of a category.  The number, 8, is the beginning of something entirely new.  Eight persons survived the Noahic Flood, which was a type of Salvation, the New Birth (1 Pet 3:20).  Circumcision was performed on the 8th day after the completion of the first category of 7 days (Genesis 17:12); similarly, Salvation is the beginning of a new life (Col 2:11, 13).
2009 - Plagues of Egypt
The year 2009 means the Plagues of Egypt, which symbolized the destruction of the world, end of the world, doomsday.  The destruction of Egypt to redeem Israel from slavery symbolizes the destruction of the armies of the world at the Second Advent and defeat of Satan and his demons in the Cosmic System.
2010 - Laws of Establishment
The year 2010 means the Laws of Establishment, per the meaning of the number, 10.  The Laws of Establishment are defined as God's administration of authority and government over all mankind, for both believers and unbelievers, for the purpose of protecting individual freedom and preserving life.
2011 - A Witness
The year 2011 means a witness, as in court.  Per the precedent in the Garden, mankind was created male and female, in pairs, to be witnesses in the Appeal Trial of Satan.  Witnesses are symbolized by two things standing side-by-side.  Right Man and Right Woman in Marriage are corporate witnesses in the Appeal Trial.  Jesus Christ is the true and faithful witness of God.
2012 - Authority
The year, 2012, stands for authority.  God has authority over all creation.  There is no authority except from God.  He wrote the plan of the ages and actively controls human history.  The Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, sits on the Throne of God with Sovereign authority over all Creation.  Those who do not bow the knee to worship Him will be bowed down by His authority.  Those who humble themselves under His authority will be blessed, and those who rebel will be Judged.
2013 - Double Blessing
The meaning of the year 2013 is the double blessing.  This is derived from the double portion of the inheritance given to the firstborn.  Joseph received the double blessing from Jacob, who adopted Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and blessed them.  This made 13 Tribes of Israel, rather than twelve, and the number, 13, was forever associated with the double blessing.  Every Church Age Believer has a double blessing.  He has an inheritance from God, and he shares the inheritance of Christ.
2014 - The Passover
The meaning of the year 2014 is the Passover.  On the first Passover God delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt with a mighty hand.  The new nation of Israel was born, and Egypt was destroyed.  The Angel of Death passed over the houses of Israel and killed the firstborn in Egypt.  The Passover lamb symbolized Jesus Christ, who went to the Cross during the Passover as the sacrifice for the sins of the world.  Jesus Christ is "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world" (Jn 1:29).  The Passover has been superseded by the Eucharist.  The concept of passover is a division of passing over or crossing over as well as sparing or clemency.  It applies to passing over hurdles, obstacles, roads, or streams as well as transitions in the Spiritual Life, including Salvation and Spiritual Maturity.
2015 - A Covering
The meaning of the year 2015 is a covering.  The Flood covered the Earth 15 cubits deep. A covering handles a problem.  The problem of man's nakedness after the Fall was handled by clothes.  The problem of sin required the Redemption solution of Jesus Christ on the cross.  The Blood of Christ propitiated God the Father.  The Mercy Seat was the lid on the Ark of the Covenant that symbolized God's covering of propitiation (Rom 3:25; Heb 2:17; 1 Jn 2:2; 4:10).  Blood on the Mercy Seat symbolized atonement for sins by Jesus Christ.  Although there are many types of coverings, God's covering reigns supreme and covers any problem.
2016 - Sanctification
The meaning of the year 2016 is sanctification, where 16 was the number of days required to sanctify the Temple in the days of Hezekiah (2 Chron 29:17).  Sanctification means separated from the world and consecrated to God.  God is Holy, and His Divine Integrity can only reject sin.  Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world and provided Salvation for man so that God could accept us based upon the sanctification in Christ.  Believers are called saints, meaning sanctified ones.  They are the possession of God and separated from the world.
2017 - Lawlessness
The meaning of the year 2017 is lawlessness, especially related to the laws of Marriage.  Lawlessness is disobedience to the commandments of God.  The number 17 refers more specifically to lawlessness associated with Marriage and intimacy, including Phallic Reversionism, adultery, fornication, sexual impurity, perversions, and prostitution.  Phallic Reversionism begins with rejection of Right Man – Right Woman.  The number 17 is associated with Phallic Reversionism in the valley (ref. Jer 2:23), and the number 77 is associated with Reverse Process Reversionism on the mountain.
2018 - Pillar in the Temple
The meaning of the year 2018 is a pillar in the temple, for the reward of a winner believer for maximum historical impact.  The meaning may include standing or falling like a pillar.  The two bronze pillars that marked the entrance to Solomon's Temple were 18 cubits high (1 Ki 7:15).  The pillars marked the way into Eternal Life and fellowship with God.  The temple today is the Church, and the body of every believer is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  The two pillars symbolize the believer as a king on the left and a priest on the right.  The mature believer who wins the victory over Satan has historical impact and will be remembered for his Spiritual deeds with a pillar in the temple (Rev 3:12).
2019 - Federal Judiciary
The meaning of the year 2019 is the federal judiciary.  The meaning is derived from the number for a king.  There were 19 kings in both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel.  The King is the sovereign judge of the people.  The judicial system of Israel was symbolized by the Tribe of Dan (Gen 49:16) and the sign of Libra.  The federal judiciary is the system of justice in a nation.  It is the government function that judges or renders justice.  It is a system of judges, courts, and regulatory agencies.  It covers civil and criminal law and oversees markets and commerce.
2020 - Historic Generation, Social Revolution, Civil War
The meaning of the year 2020 is an historic generation or social revolution and civil war.  Since there are 20 years in a generation, the doubling of the 20 in 2020 signifies a very important generation in world history, like the generation of Noah, the Exodus, the fall of the Tower of Babel, or the First Advent of Christ.  There can be both blessing and cursing.  The blessing may come from an historical uptrend and the cursing from social revolution, world protests, mass murder, iconoclastic arrogance, and civil war.  The masses will rise up in iconoclastic arrogance to protest and reject the status quo, personal privacy will be destroyed through electronic spying, and Satan will grant riches and glory and inspire murder and plunder.
2021 - Providential Preventative Suffering

2022 - Cursing
The meaning of the year 2022 is cursing.  Blessing and cursing are in the hands of the Lord.  Blessing is the production  of Good from God, and cursing is the production of evil from opposition to God.  Satan opposed God; consequently, God curses Satan and his followers.  Life is blessing, and death is cursing.  God gives life, and opposition  to God brings death.  Life with God is heaven, and life without God is hell!  Christians have chosen Eternal  Life with  God, and unbelievers have chosen condemnation (cursing) with Satan forever.  Satan cannot die because he has eternal life.  So, his punishment is cursing forever in the Lake of Fire.  The Tribulation will be a time of the  devil's desperation as his final doom approaches.  Gripped with panic and dismay, he will turn on his followers in hatred, wrath, bitterness, and mayhem.  The year 2022 will be a year of cursing from God and Satan in the valley of death to demonstrate God's Righteousness and give mankind a preview of the cursing that awaits the enemies of God. 
2023 - Cursing Turned to Blessing
The meaning of the year 2023 is cursing turned to blessing, based upon the ordinal number 23.  God will not curse forever, but He will give relief and blessing for life (Ps 30:5; 103:9; Isa 57:16).  The number 23 as a cardinal number may be illustrated as coming out of the valley of cursing, corresponding to a Spiritual uptrend.  The uptrend is due to God's blessing.  The Cycles of National Blessing are an example of a Spiritual uptrend. 

1997 - Year of the RIF

The year 1997 is the year of the RIF (Reduction in Force). This means downsizing, firing, layoff, walking papers, pink slip. This is derived from the meaning of the number 97 in scripture. There were 9700 soldiers in Gideon's army that received their RIF notices prior to the battle with the Midianites (Judges 7:3 compared with verse 6). Note that the number 97 per se does not appear in the Bible. This is the only number thus derived among the numbers in scripture.

1998 - The Glory Has Departed

The year 1998 is the year the glory has departed.  When Eli was 98 years old, Israel was defeated by the Philistines.  His two sons were defeated in the battle and the Ark of the Covenant was taken.  When Eli heard this, he fell off his seat backward, broke his neck, and died (1 Samuel 4:18).  When the wife of Phinehas, one of Eli's sons who was killed, heard all this, she kneeled down and gave birth to a son, whom she named 'Ikabod (transliterated Ichabod), which means "no glory." Then she died. The loss of the Ark of the Covenant for Israel represented the loss of the throne of grace because the Lord in the form of the Shekinah Glory dwelt between the Cherubs of the Mercy Seat upon the Ark.  The symbol was that the Lord no longer protected Israel.  It meant a time of gloom, loss of blessing, and suffering.

What does this mean for 1998?  It means loss of glory.  Glory represents divine blessing, prosperity, divine good production.  Loss of glory means loss of the source of all this.

The year, 1998, will be a year of loss of blessing and prosperity.  The prosperity that has accumulated will be lost.  God is the only source of blessing and glory.  Economies do not prosper and people do not succeed because of their own efforts.  The Lord Jesus Christ controls history - not mankind.


Principles of Interpretation

According to the Doctrine of Divine Decrees, "the decree of God is His eternal, holy, wise, and sovereign purpose, comprehending at once all things that ever were or will be - in their causes, courses, conditions, successions, and relations - and determining their certain futurition."  Regarding time, this means that God knows the end from the beginning.  There never was a time He didn't know in an instant all things.  Time, as we know it, does not exist with God.  He is eternal.  Time is simply a metric of Creation.  Cycles of the stars, planets, and moon are counted and become the basic measurement of time.  Time, then is just a number.  For example:  One Sun cycle is a year, and one moon cycle is a month.

Since time is just a number, it is no different from any other number in scripture so far as the rules of interpretation. So a new set of rules do not have to be used for time references. However, time is a new category of numbers in scripture. The numerical relationships of time references in scripture are based on certain principles. The Lord Jesus Christ, as the Creator of all things, also created time. Time, therefore, conforms to the Plan of God, as all the rest of creation. Time is under the control of the Creator.

Human history follows a predetermined Plan. It has purpose and definition. It is distinctly ordered. It bears relationships. It contains numbers. The numbers are consistent with the Plan of God as defined in scripture. So, all of human history is organized. Each event is scheduled. It fits precisely on a timeline. The vocabulary for this timeline is the Word of God. We have in the scripture the key to unlock the meaning of history.

There are three words for time in scripture which reveal the overall scheme. First, there is the word, aijwvn, (aion) (Greek), which refers to an age of time or eternity.  It is sometimes translated, eon, and refers to a long period, such as the time under the sign of Taurus.  Secondly, there is kairov" (kairos) (Greek), which is an epoch or era. This is obviously a major category. Thirdly, there is crovno" (chronos), which is time as a series of events.4 Using music as the analogy chronos refers to the notes and kairos to the song, symphony, or suite.  A medley of songs would correspond to an age.

Music is a very good analogy. A medley is divided into songs.  A song is divided into bars, which represent a series of steps. Within the bars are a designated number of beats, which may be subdivided (one-eighth, one-sixteenth, etc.). Similarly, time is divided into ages, epochs and eras, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and fractions of seconds. An age is a category, which may be subdivided into epochs or eras. These smaller epochs will eventually be divided into years. An example, is a generation, which consists of twenty years. Then there are years, which are subdivided into seasons, months, weeks, and days. Then each day consists of 24 hours. And the hours are further subdivided.

Each category of time and each specific event fulfills the Plan of God. It has order, purpose, definition. The ages designate the period of the Plan of God in Creation and the Appeal Trial of Satan (reference The Ages).  The highest epochs are the Covenants between God and mankind.5 The current epoch is the Church Age. All of the major epochs, which are sometimes called dispensations, are defined in the scripture. The lower level epochs and eras can be understood only by those with the keys to unlock them. The keys are found in the scripture for those who want them.

Clocks and Calendars

The methods of accounting for time in terms of years, weeks, days and in terms of hours, minutes, etc. have not changed. The references in the Bible follow the same basic methodology that we use today. When the sun went backward on the sundial of Ahaz, it was obvious that the sundial had 360 degrees and there were 15 degrees per hour. The journey of the Exodus generation is recorded by month and day.

Whereas, the principles have not changed, the calendars and clocks are lost in history. We all know that no matter how good the calendar or clock, it has to occasionally be reset. When this occurs, the reference point changes and time may be forever lost. However, this is not a problem. The Lord foresaw this in His Plan, and He handled it. How? He left us the Bible. With it, we can understand all we need to know about history and time.

Since the Lord Jesus Christ controls history, all the calendars and clocks simply fit into his Plan. This means that the numbers of time have meaning per the clocks and calendars in use at the time. Julius Caesar corrected the calendar in 46 BC prior to the birth of Christ so that in the current Church Age, dates can be determined with reasonable accuracy. The Julian Calendar was very accurate and the Gregorian is even more accurate. Leap year follows the same number base as normal years. Daylight saving time is no different than standard time in terms of the interpretation of the meaning of the hour. Of course, nature doesn't conform to daylight saving time, so mankind is out of tune with nature. The music may be out of tune, but the beat goes on.

Jewish and Gentile Time

One of the principles of interpretation of scripture is: The Bible must be interpreted in the day it was written. The Old Testament was written under the Jewish Age. Therefore, the calendars and clocks are Jewish. According to Jewish time, the day began at 6:00 PM, unlike Gentile time where the day begins at midnight. Thus, in Jewish time 7:00 PM would be the next day. Now, with reference to day and night, the Jews considered night from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM and day from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The Jews have another quirk that must be understood. They always start counting from one, unlike the Gentiles who start from zero. If a Jew made a reference to 3 days, then today would count one and be the first day. Tomorrow would be number, 2, and the day after 3. On top of this care would have to be taken as to whether it was before 6:00 PM. For example, if it were 5:00 PM Monday and a Jew said, "Meet me in 3 days," then he would expect you to meet him sometime after 6:00 PM on Tuesday and before 6:00 PM on Wednesday. The Gentile would expect you to meet him on Thursday (or Wednesday night after midnight), however.

Dates in the Life of Christ

The important dates in the life of Christ are the subject of tons of scholarly analysis and much debate.  The dates presented here are based upon the best known scholarship.  Since the life of Christ spans a range from BC to AD, it should be noted that according to our calendar there is no 0 year.  The next year after 1 BC is 1 AD.

Birth of Christ

The month of Elul is the last month of the Jewish Civil Year, which is similar to the month of December in our calendar.  Thus Elul is month 12 for authority. The first of Elul is the number 1, which refers to the sovereignty of the Plan of God, which delivered the promised redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was willing to obey the will of the Father.


15 Nisan 30 AD (3790)
April 6, 30 AD (Julian)
Age 31

Ages of History

The stars are the only reference for time.  Our clocks and calendars are only accurate as they are synchronized with the heavens just as our lives are only accurate when in harmony with God.

The Ages of History3 according to the stars are:

Ages of History by the Stars
1 Gemini 6100-4300 BC c.5500 - Adam, 'Ishah Witnesses
2 Taurus 4300-1700 BC Adam, Noah, Abraham Redeemer
3 Aires 1700 - 7 BC Moses Atonement
4 Pisces 7 BC-2437AD Christ Propitiation/Reconciliation
5 Aquarius 2437 AD - ? Millennium (?) Water man - blessing poured
? - The question marks for the Millennium are to remind us that according to the scripture no one knows this date - not even the Son.  Nobody knows when the Lord will return in the Second Advent and begin His millennial reign.

Revelation of the Plan of God

The numbers in one's life reveal the Plan of God. They represent cursing or blessing; strength or weakness; truth or lies. By means of numbers, we can spot blessing and recognize cursing. Numbers are like road signs that mark the path. The meaning of the numbers is only understandable by use of the Word, however. By means of numbers we can find the will of God and make our decisions accordingly.

How can anyone navigate without a map? How can anyone follow a path that is not clearly marked? Numbers mark the spiritual path. Numbers are the signposts for navigation. Numbers based on scripture are truthful, doctrinal, factual. The numbers are the spiritual signs in our walk in faith. To be blind to the numbers is to be blind to the faith.


Do Biorhythms work? Yes, just look at the statistics. But the reason they work is related to the true meaning of the numbers 23, 28, 33, 38. The real meaning of the numbers from scripture has nothing to do with the lies of Intellectual, Emotional, Physical. The number, 23, is for an historical uptrend; the number, 28, for a stronghold (from the world, cosmos diabolicus); the number, 33, for the purification work of the Holy Spirit in experiential sanctification; and 38 is for dying in the wilderness.

Everyone is given a specific number of days to live, which only God knows. As we walk each day, our lives relate to our own destiny and our relationship with the rest of the world. Although there is truth in Biorhythms, they are no substitute for the written Word, Bible Doctrine in the soul, and the witness of the Holy Spirit, who is our own personal counselor. The divine operating assets of the Church Age believer far exceed the value of Biorhythm charts.

The divine operating assets of the Spiritual Life can be used to compensate for any weakness of biorhythms.  That doesn't mean the biorhythms are not true.  The biorhythms are based upon physical life - not Spiritual Life.  The Spiritual Life has power over the physical.  When a critical period is entered on the biorhythm, the Spiritual Life can provide the power to overcome the problems that arise.

In addition, the effect of Right Man and Right Woman on each other can be seen with biorhythms, and the problems can be overcome with the Spiritual Life.  The Right Woman is the reflected glory of the Right Man based upon physical life.  Marriage is a Divine Institution that is for believer and unbeliever under the Laws of Establishment.  So reflected glory is physical just like biorhythms.  Biorhythms can be used to determine critical relationships between Right Man and Right Woman.  The effect that the two have on each other are clearly predicted by biorhythms.  However, the Spiritual Life is far more powerful than the physical life, and the Spiritual Life can be used to overcome the problems of the physical life as revealed by biorhythms.


The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776.  This was day 186, Gregorian calendar, leap year.  It was signed by 56 men.  The numerical analysis of that day, which was very significant in the history of the world, is:
1700 - Lawlessness (the Noahic Flood began on the 17th)
77 - Reverse Process Reversionism (a problem with Marriage Culture from Lamech, the first polygamist in history (Gen. 2:24)
76 - Skill (the author of the Declaration, Jefferson, was a skilled scholar)
186 - Legalistic Persecution (86 = son of the bondwoman, who persecuted the son of the free)
56 - Dung dropping in the open field (analogy of dead soldiers on the battlefield)
7th Month (July) - completion of a category
July 6, 1776 (Day 188) - the Declaration was first published in the Pennsylvania Evening Post
August 2, 1776 (Day 215) - Declaration on parchment signed by Congress.
The Noahic Flood was the worst cursing in the history of the world.  It was due to lawlessness (17).  It began on the 17th day of the 2nd month.  The Declaration of Independence was also a break (2) because of lawless (17) of Great Britain.  The 17 and 77 numbers represent the problems of Marriage Culture, which represent a degenerate Client Nation.  It occurred in the 7th month due to the completion of a category, the category of suffering under the tyranny (86) of Great Britain, which could no longer be tolerated.  Freedom to fulfill the Plan of God no longer existed.  The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence all suffered greatly.  They lost lives, family, property due to persecution from the British.

Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ controls history.  "The battle is the Lord's!" (1 Samuel 17:47).  He would give the blessing of victory as symbolized by the day 188 (July 6, 1776) when the Declaration was first published in the Pennsylvania Evening Post.  And when Congress finally got around to signing a copy on parchment on August 2, 1776 (Day 215), destiny was determined.  August, 8th month, represented the new birth of Client Nation USA.  The 2 represented separation from Great Britain.  While the 15 represented the covering of God - i.e. the matter was handled.

The numbers of the days (186, 188, 215) show the steps along the way in the march of human history under the Plan of God.

186 - Legalistic persecution (cursing, tyranny of Great Britain)
188 - Production of Blessing (a happy newspaper announcement)
215 - Separation; covered (the problem of cursing is solved)

The War Between the States

After Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, VA in 1781, the United States of American had freedom.  The number, 1781, means a grace counterattack (81) of lawlessness (17).  The American Colonies were accused by Great Britain of lawlessness, but Great Britain under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon was counterattacking the grace of God in which the United States was to be the next Client Nation.

The victory in 1781 was more permission to be free rather than demonstration of it through testing. The test came with the War Between the States, the worst disaster in the nation's history. A number of forces came together. The law of primogeniture (or its equivalent) led to the settlement of the West, for those who didn't receive an inheritance had to, "Go west, young man." When the frontier stopped on the west coast, the industrial North and the aristocratic South began to feud. Who would control the nation?  Were states sovereign as Texas thought?

In 1860 there were 33 states in the union. According to the numbers, 33 refers to the "Work of the Holy Spirit in Purification." The Supreme Court of Heaven must order justice to bring purification along with the 33. The Lord Jesus Christ controls history, and the numbers always come true. That year, South Carolina was the first state to secede. The fuse had been lit. Thus, there was a challenge to national sovereignty. The next year, 1861, the 34th state was added, which means division. More precisely, it refers to Peleg, for in his days (time of the Tower of Babel), the earth was divided. Peleg represents in the number, 34, the division of the earth into separate, sovereign nations.

The War began on April 12, 1861 with the firing on Fort Sumter and within 2 days the Fort surrendered to the Confederates in South Carolina. Laying aside historical analysis and opinion, what do the numbers say?

The war was a challenge to authority - national sovereignty - per the number, 34. Would the nation split (102)? The number, 61, refers to income tax.  On August 5, 1861, Congress adopted an income tax law to pay for the War. Similarly, the Morrill Tariff Bill, which started protectionism, became law in March, 1961.  The South was weak (4). The battle for Fort Sumter continued during 2 days (division). It was full of the thunder of cannon. Two thousand shots were fired; Ft. Sumter burned; yet no lives were lost and there were no injuries. However, in the 50 cannon salute to the Northern flag upon leaving, 2 cannon exploded and killed 4.1

Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1965 (meaning 9 plagues - 65 going down). This was 3 years 362 days after the War began (meaning 3 - justice of the Holy Spirit; 300 - judgment; 62 - the end). On April 14 (passover), Lincoln was shot. He died the next day (15 - covered; day 105 - production of a giant). His assassin was reported dead on April 26 (political Babylon). Finally, four co-conspirators were executed on July 7 (7th mo., 7th day - completion of category; Day 188 - blessing).

Thus ends the description of the War according to some of the numbers. It was a test of national sovereignty represented by the 34th state admitted to the union. Did the states have the power to become sovereign nations? Who was right, the North or the South? God decided that. The War started with the Ft. Sumter incident in which 4 died by an act of God. It ended with the hanging of 4 by an act of man.  It began in April, the fourth month (weakness). It ended in the 7th (completion of a category). It settled the question of secession (division) once and for all. The nation stayed together. In place of the 50 cannon salute, we now have 50 states (the Church, Client Nation), and have become the greatest nation in history.

The only one who can make a nation is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the personnel director. A state or group of states may form a confederation, but that does not mean they can become a nation. The Supreme Court of Heaven decides that. Just as the Lord Jesus Christ divided the earth in the time of Peleg, it was He who ordained the 34 (Peleg) test for the United States of America. The history books say that the issue of slavery divided the nation. Of course it did. But what caused slavery to divide the nation? Why didn't mature men, simply sit down and work out a compromise? What made it a matter of life and death?

Slavery is recognized in the Bible under the Laws of Establishment, but that does not mean that it is anything more than the permissive will of God.  But even if the South had a legal right to own slaves, it lacked the moral right and had no right to use slavery as a basis for seceding.  The North under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln was wrong in making an issue of war out of slavery, even though slavery was morally wrong. However, that did not mean that the wrong perpetrated by the North would be its demise or that the Lord would not use the evil of man to praise him and allow the North to win in order to preserve the union.

So, according to the numbers, the Lord Jesus Christ ordered the 34 test. He knew full well that it would divide the nation into hostile camps because he knew the hostility in the hearts of the people. In order for a nation to survive, it must pass the 34 test. During the birth of a nation, at a time when all the forces are begging for a split to form twins, the cells must combine to preserve the whole. Otherwise, a sovereign nation will not be formed. The states can still have their freedom but only under the authority of the sovereign head.

The Shuttle Program

On April 12, 1981, the first Space Shuttle was successfully launched. The mission lasted 2 days. This was the 120th anniversary of the firing on Ft. Sumter, the beginning of the War Between the States. It was Day 102 and the Orbiter was Columbia (OV-102). As the Solid Rocket Boosters ignited, the roar and popping was like the sound of the cannon firing on Ft. Sumter; and the billowing smoke was like the smoke that rose from the burning fort.

The numbers parallel the beginning of the War Between the States. The 4th month was for the weakness of man in relationship to the rule of the heavens. The twelve for divine authority. The 81 was for a grace counterattack.  NASA was already corrupted by the Prostitute of Babylon, although it did not become apparent until the disaster that destroyed Columbia on February 1, 2003.  The Day 102 was for separation from the earth.  However, lurking behind the 2 was the ratio of marriages to divorces in the U.S.A., which became 2 during 1980.  The people of the nation were at war again - not with cannon and muskets but with the scourge of divorce in the civil courts, a division more destructive than the worst War in our history.  The division of marriages was an attack not just upon a nation, but upon a culture.3  The rising of the Space Shuttle on the anniversary of the War Between the States was a reminder that America had, once again, become its own worst enemy. With a marriage to divorce ratio of 2:1, an epidemic had been unleashed and the destruction of the culture was at stake.

There are parallels in history. The First Peleg, Tower of Babel, demonstrated that mankind could only be free under nationalism. The Second Peleg, War Between the States, demonstrated that the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ in the administration of nations must not be challenged. The Third Peleg, Space Shuttle, demonstrates that the divine laws regarding national sovereignty are the same in space as they are on earth.

The Shuttle was the first reusable spacecraft. It conquered the frontier of space. This does not mean it conquered the heavens. But, rather, it demonstrated that mankind had control over the frontier and could leave and return at will.  The home base, however, is a nation on earth, which governs astronauts who venture into space. The future does not lie in space any more today than it did at the Tower of Babel. The future lies on earth. Should mankind try to colonize space, he will learn again that the sovereign ruler of nations is the Lord Jesus Christ. Nobody forms a nation without His approval.

When the time came for Space Transportation System, STS-33 to be launched, the Lord Jesus Christ, who controls history, ordered cold weather. It was 1986 (son of the bondwoman, slavery). He knew the cold weather would divide man into two camps, the GO and the NOGO groups. He knew that cultural stress would cause one group to become irrational and forget the laws of physics and engineering. What had been previously demonstrated in the military establishment in the 1860's was now demonstrated in the civilian. Those who defy the authority of the Sovereign Ruler of History will pay the price. The Challenger exploded into a thousand pieces. It was the 25th Shuttle Mission, the number for sovereignty. The Lord Jesus Christ controls history.



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