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Under the Curse

Apart from a few rare exceptions in history, everyone is born under the Four Generation Curse.   The curse is perpetuated by those who continue to live in sin and evil.  Yet most people with good family values never consider themselves evil.  They don't recognize themselves as sinners, and they never Rebound.  They are spiritually blind and cannot see that their family is contrary to God, full of evil, and contributing to the destruction of their own family and the nation.

The psychology of the family is that children grow up to believe it is right.  Babies are showered with love by the mother and later by other family members.  It is inevitable that children grow up with strong personal love attachments to other family members.  But personal love is not based upon integrity, let along spiritual integrity.  Those with strong personal love seek out kindred spirits with whom to share their strong personal love.  The ties that bind family members also bind outsiders and produce a snowball effect.

The people in the world go through life seeking others to share their love.  The seek romantic love relationships and friendship.  They search for others with common interests.  The make a few close personal friends and join groups and organizations in which members accept each other with camaraderie and esprit de corps.  Ball teams, bands, choirs, and clubs all have common personal love relationships.

However, there is a problem lurking behind personal love.  Love is blind, and personal love has no virtue.  The blind lead the blind and perpetuate the sins of the past.  People accept those with compatible Old Sin Natures.  They fawningly cater to people they like and look down their noses at those they dislike.  They become a generation of snobs, narcissists, and arrogant egotists on the one hand and timid, herd bound followers and spectators on the other.

Personal love is based on the attractiveness of the object, not the virtue of the subject.  What is needed is impersonal love with virtue based upon the integrity of the subject.   Virtue is developed by personal love for God and impersonal love for all mankind.  Christians who operate with personal love for all mankind become the enemies of the cross (Phil 3:18-19).  Churches of apostates who try to have personal love for all mankind are also families with bad values.  Personal love has no spiritual integrity and no virtue.

Philippians 3:18-19 Apostates
For many keep walking, concerning whom I have often told you, and now even weeping I tell you, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ, 19 whose end is destruction; whose god is their stomach and glory is in their shame; whose thinking is about earthly things.
Apostates were operating with false doctrine about Salvation and everything else in the Christian life.  These apostates were headed for "destruction," meaning the Sin Leading to Death.  This is a Time-axis failure.

"Whose god (Satan, Z-axis) is their stomach."  The apostates are not obedient to God.  They are in the Cosmic System under the power of Satan, who is their god.  Their god is their stomach, which is the Greek, koiliva (koilia), meaning literally stomach or thorax and abdomen, the body cavity containing the viscera and called the belly; corresponding to appetite or emotion.

"Whose god is their stomach (belly)" means they are living to fulfill their sensual desires and hunger (Ezek 16:49; 1 Cor 6:13; 15:32), not the Spiritual life.  They have lusts of the flesh (1 Pet 2:11; 1 Jn 2:16), wanton pleasure (1 Tim 5:6; 2 Tim 3:4), luxuriousness (Jas 5:5; Rev 18:7, 9), including all manner of worldly pleasures and earthly delights (Isa 58:13), e.g. drunkenness, gluttony, licentiousness.  This is characteristic of false teachers and contrary to the Spiritual life (2 Pet 2:18-19).

This is the X-axis attack from Ecumenical Babylon.   They live in fellowship with Ecumenical Babylon enslaved to the Cosmic System. Their god (idol) is their stomach, which is a metaphor for Ecumenical Babylon.  Jezebel is the power of Ecumenical Babylon in the Church (Rev 2:20).  These apostates are in the Cosmic System enslaved to demons as the Prostitute of Babylon or antichrists.

God opposes apostates who use personal love as a substitute for faith, but Satan supports them.  True love only comes from the Edification Complex of the Soul.  Love from the energy of the flesh is only an emotion that will fall to pieces and evaporate.

"And glory is in their shame."  Their glory is their Light production (Y-axis) (Matt 5:16; Jn 3:19).  Their production is shame (Prov 13:18; 1 Jn 2:28; Jude 13; Rev 3:18).  Production of the apostate is shameful.  It includes sin, human good, and evil.

"Whose thinking is about earthly things."  As Christians they should be thinking about Heavenly things as opposed to earthly things.  Earthly things are along the Z-axis in the negative direction from Heaven.  They do not have Spiritual thinking, but human viewpoint (2 Cor 4:18; 1 Jn 2:15) and produce human good and dead works (1 Cor 3:12; Heb 6:1; 9:14; Jas 2:17, 20, 26) rather than Divine Good (Eph 2:10; Col 1:10).   They are slaves (Rom 6:6, 12; Gal 4:9; Titus 3:3) rather than transformed (Rom 12:2) and free (Jn 8:32-36; Rom 6:22; Gal 4:7).

Philippians 3:20 Citizens of Heaven
For our citizenship is in Heaven, from which we also eagerly await for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ;
"Citizenship" is the Greek polivteuma (politeuma), meaning the rights and privileges of citizenship in a free state; or the corporate body of citizens resident in a foreign country.  It means being a foreigner in another country.  Philippi in Macedonia was the home of many Roman retirees.  Rome was their homeland and Philippi (Macedonia) was their place of residence.  By analogy Heaven is the homeland of the Church Age Believer as Royal Family of God while Earth is the colony.  Every believer has "citizenship" from God in Heaven, the rights and privileges of citizenship which are related to God forever.  These rights include the privilege of being Royal Ambassadors (2 Cor 5:20).  The function of Ambassador requires impersonal love for all mankind not personal love.

Christians, who are citizens of Heaven, eagerly await the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Rapture.  The Christian should be motivated by personal love for Christ (ref. 2 Cor 5:14).

Frantic Search for Happiness

Fellowship ChristEveryone wants love and happiness.  God is the source of true love and happiness.  Divine Love and Divine Happiness are available in the Spiritual life of Christians.  The Christian with an edified soul has Capacity for Life, Love, and Happiness.  He has the power of God and shares the Divine Love and Happiness of God.  Divine Love in the Edification Complex of the Soul results in Impersonal Love for all mankind (Jas 2:28).

Those who do not have an Edification Complex of the Soul are weak, or carnal, and easily influenced by their Old Sin Natures.  Christians who are not filled with the Holy Spirit are dominated by their Old Sin Natures just like unbelievers.  Those who are not filled with the Holy Spirit reside in Satan's Cosmic System as his subjects.  They run around frantically seeking happiness through personal love.

Personal love is defined as human love based on the attractiveness of the object, not the integrity of the subject.  Impersonal Love, in contrast, is Love from the ECS based upon the integrity of the subject.  Personal love is weak and tainted by the Old Sin Nature.  It is stained by sin, lust, and human good.  It is not pure, and it is not free.  It has strings attached and leads to slavery (Eccl 7:26).  People fall in love with personal love, get married, and then begin to quarrel and fight.

James 4:1 Source of Quarrels
What is the cause of strife and what is the source of quarrels among you?  Are they not caused by your own pleasure-lusts that wage war in your members?
The Apostle James asked a hypothetical question about the cause of strife and source of quarrels.  Strife comes from jealousy, and quarrels are sins of the tongue from bitterness.  These are sins, but why do they occur?  The answer follows in another question that asks if they are not caused by pleasure-lusts.  "Pleasure-lusts" is the Greek h&donhv, which means pleasure, but can also mean lust.  Generally, it is power, approbation, and monetary lust, but it may include sensual and sexual lust.

Pleasure-lusts are carnal, sinful, and worldly desires of the OSN:

  1. In unbelievers (Eph. 2:3; 4:22; Tit 3:3; 1 Pt. 1:14; 4:3)
  2. In reversionists (Rom 1:24; 1 Tim 6:9; Jas 4:8)
  3. In false teachers (2 Tim 3:4, 6; 4:3; 2 Pet 2:13; Jude 1:18)
  4. In the Cosmic System (Isa 14:14; Ezek 28:17; Eph 2:2-3)
  5. In idolatry (Nu 25:1-3; 31:15-16; 2 Ki 17:10; Jer 2:20; 7:18)
These desires oppose the peace of the relation with God (Gal 5:17; 1 Pet 4:2), wage war against the soul (Rom. 7:23; 1 Pt. 2:11) and others (Jas 4:1, 4), and choke out Bible Doctrine (Mt 13:22; Mk 4:19; Lk 8:14).  And the desires lead to slavery (Rom 6:6; 7:23; Tit 3:3).

The pleasure-lusts "wage war in your members."  Waging war refers to the struggles of the passions within the human soul (1 Pt 2:11).   Failure to handle sin and the lusts of the Old Sin Nature will lead to strife and quarrels with others in the world.

"In your members" refers to the limbs and parts of the human body, but this is a metaphor for the functions of the OSN.  Life will be like a war zone from the outside and inside.  The believer in the Cosmic System will be surrounded by visible and invisible enemies.  The stress on the body will cause infirmities.

So, the answer for the source of strife and quarrels is pleasure-lusts that produce strong desires in the body and lead to a frantic search for happiness in the Cosmic System.  The Cosmic System is like a war zone where Satan attacks and God punishes.

James 4:2 Fighting and Failure
You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. And you are jealous and cannot attain; so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask.
The carnal Christian lusts for the things he thinks will make him happy.  When he is unable to have his desire, he commits murder.  Murder can be a metaphor for character assassination, like gossip and maligning.  Jealousy from the OSN adds intensity to desires and drives a person to retaliate when the desires are not met.  This leads to quarreling and fighting.

"You do not have because you do not ask."  This is the breakdown of the prayer life.  The Christian is a priest.  When he needs something, he should ask in prayer and God will supply his needs (Matt 21:22; 1 Jn 3:22).  However, the carnal believer doesn't even bother to ask in prayer.

James 4:3
You ask and receive not, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.
Those who do pray do not have their requests met because of wrong motivation.  Motivation should be personal love for God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  However, these carnal believers were motivated by a frantic search for happiness to receive things they could spend on their pleasures (2 Tim 3:4; Tit 3:3).  "Pleasures" is again the Greek h&donhv, meaning pleasures and referring to carousing and fornicating in that day.
James 4:4
You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity toward God?  Therefore whoever wishes to be the friend of the world makes himself the enemy of God.
"Adulteresses" refer to spiritual adulteresses, who love the world rather than their husband, the Lord (Jer 2:2-3; Ezek 16:32; Jn 3:29; 2 Cor 11:2; Eph 5:22-32; Rev 19:7).1  Spiritual adulteresses include carnal believers and reversionists, who reside in the Cosmic System under Satan's influence (Rom 1:24).

"Friendship" is the Greek filiva, meaning friendship, affectionate regard.  "Friendship with the world" is friendship with the people in the Cosmic System.   It is lack of sanctification (2 Cor 6:17; 1 Jn 2:15-16).  This is personal love for the people in the world.

  1. Personal love is based on the attractiveness of the object.
  2. Personal love has no virtue.
  3. Personal love for the world indicates failing under the Four Generation Curse.
Instead of personal love for the world there should be impersonal love for all mankind.

The people in the Cosmic System are the enemies of God.  They have enmity toward God.  Loving the world makes a person the enemy of the cross (Phil 3:18).  Loving the world means serving Satan.

"Whoever wishes to be the friend of the world makes himself the enemy of God."  "Friend" is the Greek fivlo", for friend.  "Friend" refers to a personal love relationship.  The world is Satan's Cosmic System and the people in it.  Since God and the world are enemies, being a friend of the world makes a person the enemy of God.

James 4:5 Jealousy, Indwelling Holy Spirit
Or do you suppose that the scripture speaks to no purpose against jealousy?  The Spirit, which He (God) has caused to dwell in us, yearns over us.
The sin of jealousy destroys love and intensifies evil desires in the person who is a slave to sin (Prov 6:34; 27:4; Song 8:6).  In contrast, the indwelling Holy Spirit yearns to fill and control us in fellowship.  No scripture is quoted in this verse, but one is quoted in the next verse.

The sin of jealousy was brought up after spiritual adultery because jealousy motivates spiritual adultery.  Jealousy knocks out the love for God and leads to rebellion against Him in reversionism.  The Holy Spirit yearns to provide fellowship with God, but jealousy fights to keep the Old Sin Nature in charge.  Jealousy lies at the heart of the Old Sin Nature and Hardness of the Heart.  Jealousy is the root of the problem.  By pointing to jealousy in scripture, James is calling for a categorical study of jealousy at this point.

See Jealousy for the categorical study along with Hardness of the Heart and Scar Tissue of the Soul.  The summary that follows relates these doctrines to spiritual adultery and the Four Generation Curse.


Jealousy is the heart of the Old Sin Nature.  It links all the other sins to form new combinations and add intensity.   Jealousy is a complex of sins.  It is impulsive, impetuous, insatiable, and possessive.  Jealousy motivates self righteousness, bitterness, and abuse (Gen 37:11; Acts 7:9).  It is the expression of negative volition my will, not Thy will (Prov 1:24; Jer 11:8, 10; 13:10; 44:16).  Stiff-necked and rebellious are metaphors for Scar Tissue of the Soul, which intensifies problem with jealousy (Ex 32:9; 33:3, 5; Nu 27:14; Ac 7:51).

Jealousy knocks out virtue-love from the Edification Complex of the Soul (Jn 14:15, 21; 15:10-13).  It wipes out personal Love for God and Impersonal Love for all mankind in spiritual adultery.  This destruction of Divine Love in the soul thwarts recovery from the Four Generation Curse.

Jealousy motivates adultery.  The relationship with the paramour requires rejection of the spouse and desire for the paramour.  This is jealousy.  The innocent party in adultery (the faithful husband or wife) will be tempted to be jealous, which further compounds the problem (Nu 5:14, 30; Prov 6:32-34).  Jealousy also fuels insatiable lust, pleonexiva (pleonexia), which is one of the layers in Scar Tissue of the Soul (ref. Eph 4:19).

Jealousy is the enemy in Marriage.  It is the motivation behind Reverse Process Reversionism, fornication, adultery, rape, and other sexual sins.  It knocks out love and is as cruel as the grave (SOS 8:6).  Adultery in Marriage may result in jealousy in the other partner (Nu 5:14, 30; Prov 6:34).

Jealousy on the inside is motivated by Baal on the outside.   Satan as Baal motivated the woman in the Garden.

Jealousy is a sign of immaturity and lack of Capacity for Love with mature attitudes.  Jealousy is characteristic of children.  People can't always have things their way.  Jealousy fuels immature behavior and childish games, e.g. fetishes, sexual fantasy, and masochism.


James 4:6  Grace Promotion/Demotion
Moreover, He gives greater Grace. Therefore it says, "God opposes the arrogant, but He gives Grace to the humble."
God gives greater Grace.  This establishes the principle of promotion in the Spiritual life and the solution to the Four Generation Curse.  When the believer executes the Spiritual life and passes the test, God promotes by giving greater Grace.  Only God can solve these spiritual problems, and the solutions must come through Grace.  God will promote by giving greater Grace when the believer has capacity for it as demonstrated through testing.

The believer must use Personal Love for God to learn Bible Doctrine and erect the Edification Complex of the Soul.  Then the believer must use the correct Problem Solving Device, such as Impersonal Love for all mankind, to pass the testing.  Each time a test is passed, God will give more Grace to recover from the Four Generation Curse.

"Therefore, it says" refers to Proverbs 3:34 in the Septuagint.  "God opposes the arrogant (believer)."  Arrogance is a sin that sets a person above God and opposes Divine Authority.  Therefore, God opposes arrogant believers.  Arrogant believers will be demoted and left under the Four Generation Curse, and humble believers will be given more Grace and promoted.

"Arrogant" is the Greek u&perhvfano" (huperephanos), from (u&pevr, over, beyond) + (faivnw, shine), 'outshine' = arrogant, haughty, proud (Lk 1:51).  This is an arrogant believer (like Satan) who tries to outshine God (2 Cor 11:14).  However, arrogance, like jealousy, is a complex of sins, and this refers to the arrogance complex.

Arrogance is a mental attitude sin of lofty thinking that rises above submission to God.  Arrogance was the original sin of Satan (Isa 14:14).  Before he sinned Satan was in a perfect love relationship with God.  He was quite content to be the creature that God created.  He was not tempted to be anything else because sin did not exist.  Satan became the author of sin.

The original sin was not a passing thought.  Satan was the most beautiful, intelligent, and powerful creature that God ever created.  Satan's heart was "lifted up" and he wanted to be more than he was created to be (Ezek 28:2, 17).  He wanted to be like the Angel of the Lord (the preincarnate Christ) (Isa 14:14).  He wanted to be the ruler over all Creation and the "stars of God" (the other angels) (Isa 14:13).

In order to sin Satan had to first reject his relationship with God and then proclaim himself the new ruler.  He had to raise his head (his authority) over the Lord's Plan for him.  This was arrogance and rebellion.  By assuming the prerogative of God, Satan tried to make himself a god.  In his arrogance he exalted himself above God, and thus pretended to be God (Ezek 28:2, 17).

Satan did not stop here.  He convinced a third of the other angels to follow him and rebel against God.  Thus, he became their god.  Later he would do the same to the man and woman in the Garden.  Then he would rule the world as a false god.

People under the power of Satan act like him and do his bidding.  He works through them like God.  The arrogant person (e.g. the Antichrist) makes his own law and sets himself up as God (2 Thess 2:4).  Arrogant people choose to live in sin under the power of Satan.  They do not qualify for Grace and are demoted into Hardness of the Heart (Rom 1:28).  Arrogance is a component of Hardness of the Heart (Ps 73:7-9; Prov 16:18; 1 Jn 2:16).  It is tied to jealousy and the other sins of the Old Sin Nature.  Those who reject Grace will fall into the Cosmic System and die the Sin Leading to Death under the Four Generation Curse.

Divine Dynasphere"But He gives Grace to the humble (believer)."  In contrast, the humble believer orients to the Authority of God and qualifies for Grace.  Humility is receptive to Grace.  The humble believer resides in the Divine Dynasphere.  The humble believer is under the authority of God.  He obeys God and His commandments.  He lives by Grace and executes the Spiritual life.  He has Personal Love for God and Impersonal Love for all mankind.  His love comes from the Edification Complex of the Soul.  God promotes the humble believer when he passes the test.  Therefore, the humble believer recovers from the Four Generation Curse.

Resisting the Devil

James 4:7 Resist the Devil
Therefore, be subordinate to God; but resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
The Christian should serve God and resist the devil.  When Satan attacks, he must be resisted, and he will flee (1 Pet 5:9).  There is no command to cast out Satan or his demons.  The Christian must choose to serve God in the filling of the Holy Spirit or Satan in the Cosmic System.  It is either/or.  Sin or personal love for the world allows Satan access to the believer.

Return to Fellowship with God

James 4:8 Return to Fellowship with God
Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.  Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-souled.
This is the prophetic Hebrew call to return to fellowship with God  (1Ch 28:9 2Ch 15:2 Ps 145:18 Isa 55:7 Jer 3:12; Hos 6:1 Zec 1:3 Mal 3:7 Heb 7:19 10:22).  It was given by the prophet Azariah to King Asa.  The message through Jeremiah was "Return, faithless Israel!" (Jer 3:12).  This is the Hebrew phrase "shubah meshubah Israel," where shubah means return and meshubah means faithless, for one who has turned back, an apostate or reversionist.

"Cleanse your hands, you sinners."  "Cleanse" is the Greek kaqarivzw (katharizo), meaning to cleanse, purify.  Washing the hands is a metaphor for Rebound (1 Jn 1:9; Ps 24:4; 26:6; Is 1:16; 1 Tim 2:8).

"Purify your hearts, you double-souled."  This word "purify" is the Greek a&gnivzw (hagnizo), meaning to purify (1 Pet 1:22; 1 Jn 3:3).  This is a command to remove the duplicity from the heart.  Duplicity includes hypocrisy, carnality, scar tissue (uncircumcised of heart) anything that prevents love from a pure heart  (Jer 4:14; Jas 3:17; 1 Pet 1:22) (1 Tim 1:5; 2 Tim 2:22).

"Double-souled" is defined in James 1:6-8.  It means a carnal person who has not separated from the world; a reversionist; a hypocrite.  The worldly, carnal believer needs to be sanctified from his carnality and the world, and to be circumcised in heart (removal of scar tissue of the soul, Deut 10:16; 30:6; Jer 4:4; Rom 2:29).  This requires epistemological rehabilitation learning doctrine and erecting the ECS.

Suffering of the Reversionist

James 4:9 Demotion in Reversionism
Be miserable, and mourn, and weep.  Let your laughter be turned into grief, and your joy into depression.
This verse describes the suffering that awaits the reversionist, who was called "double-souled."  He will get what he deserves under Divine punishment (Heb 12:6) and volitional responsibility (Hosea 8:7; Col 3:25; Gal 6:7).

"Be miserable, and mourn, and weep."  These are the three phases of discipline:  Warning, Intensified, and the Sin Leading to Death.

"Let your laughter be turned into grief."  This is not laughter from Divine Happiness but the superficial laughter of Frantic Search for Happiness (FSH).  Divine punishment will bring sorrow and grief (Rev 18:7, 8).

"And your joy into depression" the lifestyle of reversionism will bring Divine punishment, which will cause depression (Psa 42; Psa 43:5).

Grace Promotion

James 4:10 Promotion
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will promote you.
The solution to carnality, reversionism, the Four Generation Curse, and the other problems of life is to "humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord."  This is bowing to the Lord's authority and learning about Salvation and the Christian life (ref. Matt 11:29-30).  Humility is the basis for Grace Orientation, and Grace Orientation is the basis for promotion.

The humble believer will metabolize Bible Doctrine and live the new Spiritual life (Psa 16:11).  He will have Divine viewpoint and pass the test that he is given.  After passing the test, the Lord will promote by giving more Grace (1 Pet 5:6).

The New Spiritual Life

A child is born with the sin of Adam and real spiritual death.  He is born into a family under the Four Generation Curse.  His only hope is to be born again into a new Spiritual life in God's family.  Salvation is available to all who will accept the Redemption solution provided by Jesus Christ, who died as a substitute for the sins of the world.  Salvation is received by faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind (Acts 16:31).

Those who believe in Jesus Christ will be saved.  They will be spiritually regenerated and become a new Spiritual Species (ref 2 Cor 5:17).  They will receive a new life that is Eternal.  They will be born again into a new family, the Royal Family of God.  They will be entered into union with Christ through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They will be protected by the power of God with Eternal Security and never lose their Salvation (1 Pet 1:5).

All that is needed to solve the problems of spiritual death and the Four Generation Curse is provided in Grace at Salvation.  The new Spiritual life and new Royal Family supersede the old life and human family.  At Salvation the believer is positionally sanctified in his relationship with God.  Sanctification means consecrated to God and separated from the world.  Positional Sanctification means the believer's sins have been washed away by Jesus Christ.  Because of the work of Christ, the believer is acceptable to God.

The new Spiritual life given to the Christian at Salvation is the same type that belonged to Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union when He was on Earth.  The new Spiritual life in Christ Jesus has the power to protect and deliver the believer from the problems of this life.  Execution of the new Spiritual life will enable the believer to be free from sin and death.  Grace is available to handle the problems of sin, the world, and the Cosmic System.

The New Life

The new Spiritual life must be lived in the Filling of the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:2; Gal 5:16; Eph 5:18).  When the believer sins, he loses the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Sin knocks out fellowship with God.  Rebound is the recovery procedure that restores the Filling of the Holy Spirit and fellowship with God.

Living the new Spiritual life requires learning and obeying God's commandments (ref. Rom 12:2).  Bible Doctrine must be learned through the teaching of the pastor in the local church (Matt 11:29-30; 1 Pet 2:2).  Knowledge must be converted into Spiritual understanding (epignosis) through the metabolization process.  The believer must obey Bible Doctrine in order to grow spiritually and erect the Edification Complex of the Soul.

Personal Love for God

The Edification Complex of the Soul is the stabilizer in the Christian life from which comes Personal Love for God and Impersonal Love for all mankind (1 Cor 13; Col 3:14).  Love for God motivates the believer to learn His commandments and keep them (Ex 20:6; Jn 14:15, 21; 15:10; 1 Jn 5:3).  Love from the ECS has virtue and integrity.  The believer who loves God will also love his fellow man from the ECS (1 Jn 4:21).

2 Corinthians 5:14 Reciprocal Love for Christ
For you see, the Love for Christ motivates us; having reached this  conclusion:  that One died as a substitute for all; therefore, all died.
The "Love for Christ" motivates the Christian to execute the Spiritual life.  Personal Love for Christ and God is also called Reciprocal Love, since our love for God is response to His Love for us.  Reciprocal Love comes from the ECS.  For details of exegesis see 2 Cor 5:14.

Reciprocal Love binds the believer to God and the Lord Jesus (Eph 5:2; Col 3:14).  Reciprocal Love is the bond that unites the believer with God and fills the ECS with Divine Love for all mankind (Col 3:14).  This is analogous to the hand, which connects to God through the head and reaches out to others from the fingers.

Our Love for Christ is part of our new Spiritual life since our old life died on the cross with Christ.  Therefore, we should forget the old and live the new life (2 Cor 5:15).  This requires separation from the world (Gal 6:14-15; ref. Gal 2:20).  The believer also has a new Family Love in the Church to replace the personal love of the old human family (2 Thess 1:3; 1 Pet 1:22; 3:8; 1 Jn 3:14).

Impersonal Love

Impersonal Love is love based upon the integrity of the subject rather than the attractiveness of the object.  It is love from the ECS and without partiality.  It is love that is commanded by the Royal Law (Jas 2:8) and the Law of Christ (Jn 13:34-35; 15:12; Gal 6:2; 1 Jn 3:11, 23; 4:21).   Impersonal Love for all mankind is commanded not personal love because personal love has no integrity.

Impersonal Love (Lev 19:18; Matt 22:39; Mk 12:33; Rom 13:8, 9; Gal 5:6, 14; 1 Thess 3:12; 4:9; 1 Pet 4:8; 1 Jn 2:8, 10; 4:11).

Impersonal Love has been commanded of believers throughout the  Bible.  It is not just a command for the Church.  The believer with Impersonal Love will not compromise the integrity of the ECS to appease the world even family members.  When love breaks down, there is loss of the integrity of the ECS, and the Old Sin Nature takes over the soul (1 Jn 3:17; 4:20).

Love must be without partiality (Lev 19:15, 34; Deut 1:17; 16:19; Prov 24:23; Acts 10:34; Rom 12:9-10; 14:15; 1 Tim 5:21; Jas 2:1, 9; 1 Pet 3:8-9; Jude 1:16).  Partiality indicates lack of integrity.  It comes from sin that compromises the objectivity of the ECS.

Divine Viewpoint

God is a spirit, and the only way to know Him is spiritually.
John 4:24
God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Bible Doctrine.
Since God is Spirit, He must be worshipped spiritually.  Only a believer with Spiritual life can communicate with the Spirit of God (1 Cor 2:12).  An unbeliever cannot communicate with God because he is spiritually dead (1 Cor 2:14).  Communication with God must be through His Word, which is Truth, or Bible Doctrine.
2 Corinthians 5:16 Human Viewpoint
Therefore, from now on we know no one according to human viewpoint; even though we have known Christ according to human viewpoint, however, now we no longer perceive Him this way.
"From now on" means after Salvation.  After Salvation Christians are to know no one "according to human viewpoint."  This is literally "according to the flesh" in the Greek, where "flesh" refers to the human body.  "According to the flesh" is a metaphor for human viewpoint and carnality (1 Cor 3:1).

The Christian should use Divine viewpoint, which means he should see things according to their Spiritual meaning, as God intended.  The Christian should live the new Spiritual life.  In the new life everything that God provides has Spiritual meaning.  People are spiritual.  They have spiritual bodies, and they are full of Spiritual Light or darkness.  The Christian must see people according to the spiritual dimension after Salvation.  He must see them as God sees them as Good or evil.  Viewing people according to their outward, physical appearance with human viewpoint is unacceptable.  It is carnal.

"Even though we have known Christ according to human viewpoint."  Before Salvation Jesus Christ was known as a man.  The name for his humanity was Jesus and the Son of David.  Even though Jesus Christ had a Divine nature in Hypostatic Union, the unbeliever could not know His Deity.

"However, now we no longer perceive Him this way."   We no longer perceive Jesus Christ in human terms after Salvation, but we perceive Him with Spiritual (Divine) viewpoint.  Jesus Christ is in Heaven.  Our only way to know Him and have fellowship with Him is spiritually.  The Holy Spirit, who is the agent of Christ, enables us to have fellowship with Christ.

So, we are no longer to have carnal relationships with other people.  We must see them in new Light with Divine viewpoint.  We don't know Jesus Christ as a human but as Divine.  He is in Heaven in a Spiritual Resurrection Body seated at the right hand of the Throne of God (Heb 12:2).  We must have Divine viewpoint to know God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Similarly, we must see others with Divine viewpoint as we live the new Spiritual life.  People must be recognized as Good or evil.

Divine viewpoint is the problem analysis part of the Spiritual life.  Sorting out the puzzle on the Stage of Life can be a chore.  It can take a large part of the time spent executing the Spiritual life perhaps 80 percent.

Divine viewpoint requires that we walk in the Light (ref. 1 Jn 1:7).  We must live in the Divine Dynasphere and stay out of the darkness of the Cosmic System.  Those in the Divine Dynasphere have the power of God and protection of Elect Angels.  Those in the Cosmic System are the slaves of Satan and his demons.

Satan rules the world through the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  Divine viewpoint means the mature believer will learn to recognize Elect Angels and demons not with sight but with Spiritual perception.  He will also be engaged in Spiritual Warfare with Satan and his demons.  He must learn to resist the devil and his demons.

Stage of Life

Divine viewpoint enables the Christian to perceive what God is doing in his life every day.  Every Christian has a Stage of Life where the angels put on a show every day to reveal the Plan of God.  The weather angels paint the Sunrise and Sunset.  Angels and demons bring in animals as they did in the Garden, except now the animals symbolize Spiritual Warfare.

People are created beings.  They have far fewer choices than they think.  The angels make sure they are dressed and positioned properly and that they say their lines correctly.  Angels drive cars even though the driver thinks he is driving.  There is precise timing for every event.  Wakeup calls are at precise times, and lights out occurs at a specified time.  Those in the Cosmic System are harassed by demons, but always according to Divine control.    Divine punishment comes from God, and the demons or Elect Angels are allowed to administer it, including the Sin Leading to Death.

The events are not random or coincidental.  They have purpose, definition, and a story line.  There's always a story.  Divine viewpoint enables the Truth to be understood through application of Bible Doctrine.  Human viewpoint is doomed to deception from the devil's lie.  "All men are liars" (Ps 116:11).

Divine Good Production

The Christian who resides in the Divine Dynasphere will produce Divine Good.  He is a created being, and God produces the Divine Good in Grace.  The one who executes the Spiritual life will produce Divine Good, and the Reversionist will produce dead works and evil (1 Cor 3:12-15).  Divine viewpoint enables the believer to recognize the difference between Divine Good and evil.  Just as in the Garden, he must choose Good and reject evil.

1 Peter 3:10
For the one who desires to love life and enjoy Good days, must refrain his tongue from evil and his lips not to speak deceit.  (Psa 34:12-13)
The believer who lives the new Spiritual life and produces Divine Good must not speak evil and deceit.  Evil is Satan's policy.  In order to preserve rapport with God, the believer must control his tongue and refrain from speaking evil. Servitude to Satan is not conducive to rapport with God.
1 Peter 3:11
He must turn away from evil and produce Divine Good;
He must seek peace and pursue it.
The believer must turn away from Satan's policy of evil in order to produce Divine Good under the Plan of God.  This will require separating from those who produce evil.  Divine Good is only produced in Grace.

"Peace" is the Greek ei*rhvnh (eirene), the counterpart of the Hebrew Shalom, which is Divine peace with God and man, health, well-being.   Peace is the production of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22).  This peace comes from rapport with God in contrast to conflict with the world (Jas 4:1-4).  It is not world peace.

1 Peter 3:12
Because the eyes of the Lord are upon the Righteous,
And His ears to their prayer;
But the face of the Lord is against those who practice evil.
The eyes are a symbol of grace.  The "Righteous" are those who have the Divine Righteousness of God.  They have their X-axis aligned with God and are in fellowship with Him.

"The eyes of the Lord are upon the Righteous."  This is an idiom for the Lord's Grace directed toward the Righteous.

"His ears are inclined to their prayer."  He listens to their prayer (Prov 15:29).  Their requests are legitimate because they are in rapport with Him.

"But the face of the Lord is against those who practice evil."  Setting the face against is an anthropopathism for the Lord's strong opposition to those who practice evil (Psa 34:16; Jer 44:11).  Practicing evil is Satan's policy, which the Lord opposes.   Being Righteous is a sign of rapport with the Lord Jesus Christ, while practicing evil destroys rapport and brings opposition.

Hebrews 5:14
But solid food is for the Spiritually mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern between Good and evil.
"Solid food" symbolizes advanced doctrine that can be metabolized by Spiritually mature believers.  "Practice" refers to the process of executing the Spiritual life.  Mature believers learn Bible Doctrine, have Divine viewpoint, and verify the doctrine on the Stage of Life.

They "have their senses trained to discern between Good and evil."  By learning Bible Doctrine and executing the Spiritual life, mature believers have trained their senses.  This means their conscience has been transformed to discern Good and evil.  Good is the work of God, and evil is the work of Satan.  The conscience of the mature believer knows the difference between Good and evil.  Thus he is able to choose Good and reject evil.  Note:  this is spirituality not morality.

Resisting the Devil

On the road to Spiritual Maturity the doctrinal believer will face Spiritual Warfare.  He will face attacks from the Cosmic System that usually exploit his own weaknesses, such as holes in the ECS or worldliness.  For example the attacks may come from:
  1. Cosmic Babylon Arrogant ambition
  2. Political Babylon Love of the world
  3. Ecumenical Babylon Lies, false doctrine
Three things in parallel symbolize Satanic attacks.  Symbols from the animal kingdom signify specific types of demons.

Even after reaching Spiritual Maturity most believers are unaware of demons or angels in the room.  They function in the Divine Dynasphere, make doctrinal decisions, and are oblivious to the demons all around them.

However, the advanced believer will become aware of direct attacks from Satan and his demons.  Believers in reversionism may experience the same attacks.  The doctrinal believer will use doctrine to deal with the attacks in Grace.  The reversionist will, however, make a fool of himself and suffer.  None of his remedies will work.  This subject has been thoroughly covered in Dealing with Demons in Grace.

For dealing with a direct demonic attack, the believer is supposed to "resist the devil" (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:8, 9, 10).  The first verse in James implies that the devil will flee, while the second passage indicates it may be a while before God promotes and the problem is overcome.  Both are true.   Most attacks can be handled by simply resisting the devil.  However, when the attack occurs to test or teach us, relief may not come until the believer is promoted and becomes stronger.

The Lord sent Satan to test Job, and Satan did all that the Lord permitted to defeat Job.  Satan was not permitted to take Job's life, but he destroyed everything else that Job had.  The Lord knew that Job was no match for Satan.  Any believer who qualifies for Spiritual Rapport testing will suffer from the devil and not be able to stop him.  However, the devil will only be able to do what God permits, and the believer who sticks it out and passes the test will be promoted.  Then Satan and his demons will be powerless over that believer.

Recognizing Satan

Satan is a super creature who can only be recognized by Bible Doctrine (Divine viewpoint).  Most Christians will never recognize him.  He is too fast and too slick.  However, he and his demons rule the world.  They are everywhere.  Almost no one escapes their power.  Demons shape the lives of people.  Most demon attacks come from the demons of other people.  Relationships with others are the source of most demon attacks.

Demon attacks only occur when God allows.  Satan must have an opening to attack a Christian, especially a doctrinal believer.  A relationship with another person can provide that opening.  The reason for the attack can be understood with Divine viewpoint.  Any relationship with another person will make a person vulnerable to attack from that person's demons.  Separation from a person does not necessarily stop the demon attacks.  The attacks are for a reason, and that reason must be understood before the attacks will end.

Demon attacks from another person will usually have the same distinct symptoms.  For example, the attack from the Prostitute of Babylon may cause choking in the Throat pressure point.  A kosmokrator (world ruler, frog) demon may induce tiredness and try to hypnotize (in the hypnagogic state).  A demon of paranoia may cause a weak knee.  Other demons may cause cramps.

Royal Ambassador and Priest

Every Church Age Believer is called to be a king and a priest (Rev 1:6; 5:10; Heb 11:40).  As king he is a Royal Ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings.  As priest he is a Priest of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords and High Priest of the Church.  The function of the Priest is Spiritual, corresponding to the right side, and the function of Royal Ambassador is temporal, corresponding to the left side.  The Priest represents himself and others before God, and the Royal Ambassador represents Jesus Christ to the world.

The Spiritual life of the Priest requires learning and executing Bible Doctrine per the pattern of the Tabernacle.  The Priest functions inside the Holy Place offering sacrifices (Rom 12:1; Heb 13:16; 1 Pet 2:5), prayers (Eph 6:18-19; 1 Thess 5:13; 1 Ti 2:8; Jas 5:13), and praise (Heb 13:15; Jas 5:13) to God.   The function of the Priest in the Holy Place requires alignment of the X, Y, Z axes of the Spiritual life.  The Priest has Personal Love for God and the Lord Jesus Christ as symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies.  The priesthood of the Church is the only priesthood that will function in the Eternal State (Heaven).

The Royal Ambassador has duel citizenship in Heaven and on Earth (ref. Phil 3:20).  As the representative of Jesus Christ the King, he must live a sanctified life in the world, function under Grace inside the Divine Dynasphere, and take the Gospel to a lost and dying world.  He must use Bible Doctrine to pass trials and tribulations in the face of human and angelic opposition like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego.

The Royal Ambassador is equipped with the same Spiritual life as the Lord Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union, where perfect humanity symbolizes the Royal Ambassador and Deity symbolizes the Priest.  The Royal Ambassador is a witness for Christ in the Angelic Conflict (Acts 1:8).  He gives the Gospel to the lost (Eph 6:20).  Whether housewife, slave, or entrepreneur he must do his job as unto the Lord (Eph 5:22; 6:7; Col 3:23).  He will face opposition from the world, the flesh, and the devil.  In order to succeed as a winner he must overcome these enemies (1 Jn 2:13-14).

Executing the Spiritual life as Royal Ambassador and Priest requires living by Grace, but it does not require being high profile.  It does not mean special recognition by others in this life.  Most of the apostate clergy would not know a Spiritual believer if they saw one.   The Priest usually functions in private.  The Royal Ambassador functions in public but his Spiritual connection will not be recognized by those in the world.

2 Corinthians 2:15
But he who is spiritual investigates all things, yet he himself is investigated (or judged) by no one.
The Royal Ambassador is spiritual in that he functions in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  He "investigates all things."  Investigates is the Greek a*nakrivnw (anakrino), which means to examine, interrogate in order to reach a judicial decision; to investigate.  It refers mainly to the judicial interrogation of the accused (Lk 23:14; Ac. 4:9; 12:19; 24:8; 28:18; 25:26).

The Royal Ambassador will be able to understand with Divine viewpoint all things that occur in this life.  However no one will be able to judge him.  No one will know anything from the spiritual realm unless it is revealed, and God will not reveal the Spiritual life of the Royal Ambassador to others.  This is the principle of privacy in which God is the judge not others (Matt 7:1-2).  If the Royal Ambassador is wronged, God will send His angels to deliver him as with Daniel in the lions' den (Dan 6:22; Matt 26:53).

Being a Royal Ambassador requires the believer to use the unique Spiritual life of the Church Age to deal with the problems of this life to eat, sleep, study, shop, work, serve, clean, sew, travel, etc.  The Royal Ambassador serves at God's behest.  As a created being and witness in the Angelic Conflict, the Royal Ambassador may be thrown into various tests.  He may live or he may die and never know the reason why.  He may find himself in a spiritual war for reasons he will never know.

Ephesians 2:10 Good Works
For we are His creation (new Spiritual species), having been created in Christ Jesus for Good of intrinsic value works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
The Royal Ambassador is a created being.  He is God's creation (a new Spiritual species).  He is spiritual before he is temporal.  He is created in Christ Jesus, where "created" is the Greek ktivzw (ktizo), meaning to create something new in kind (Eph 4:24; Col 3:10).  This refers to the creation of the new Spiritual life at Salvation.

God prepared Good works, Divine Good production, in Eternity past for the Royal Ambassador (Eph 1:4).  The Royal Ambassador can walk (operate or function) in these Good works.  These works are on the Stage of Life.  They are provided in Grace.  The believer does not produce them, but simply goes along for the ride.  The Good works usually appear due to the angels, who bring them per the Divine schedule.  Angels serve God to implement the schedules of Divine Creation.

The Church Age Believer has the opportunity to execute the unique Spiritual life of human history.  Executing that life requires learning and obeying Bible Doctrine.  The Bible is the key to understanding human history.  God has created a wonderful life for every believer, but few will ever understand it.  The main reason is because they love the world.  Satan has created a Cosmic System to distract people.  They had rather believe Satan's lies than the Truth of God.  Those believers who persist can overcome Satan and his lies.

Finding Your Life

The new Spiritual life begins at Salvation, but how do we find it?  Being born again is like being born into an earthly family.  It takes a while for the baby to acclimate.  The Christian life begins like a new-born babe (Matt 18:3).  The new believer must learn about his new family in Heaven and his new Spiritual family on Earth.  He must receive the milk of the Word to grow Spiritually (1 Pet 2:2).  As he grows Spiritually, he will discover his new Spiritual life (ref. Matt 10:39).
2 Peter 1:3
seeing that His Divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to Eternal Life and the Spiritual life, through the epignosis-knowledge of the One (Father) who called us by His own glory and virtue.
At Salvation God the Father granted to us through His Divine power Eternal Life and the new Spiritual life.  We can learn about our new life through epignosis-knowledge of God the Father who called us by His own glory and virtue.  Epignosis-knowledge is Spiritual understanding of the Word of God.  By learning the Word, we will become acquainted with God and our new Spiritual life.  Bible Doctrine is the means of knowing God and knowing about the Eternal future.
2 Peter 1:4
By means of which (glory and virtue) He has given to us the precious and great things He promised, in order that through these you might become partakers of the Divine nature, having escaped the degeneracy in the world because of lust.
God has great plans for us.  His plans demonstrate His own glory and virtue.  Because of His own glory and virtue, He promised to do precious and great things for us.  His promises enable us to become partakers of His Divine nature and escape the degeneracy in the Cosmic System.  He made us sons of God and bestowed His Divine nature upon us.  We are indwelt by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We are able to operate in the filling of the Holy Spirit and to have Divine Love.

Church Age Believers are kings and priests.  They are members of God's family.  They have the highest calling of all human history.  The new Spiritual life on Earth is the testing ground for Eternal rewards and promotion.

Learning about the new Spiritual life is a matter of learning Bible Doctrine and recognizing the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  As the tests are passed and enemies defeated, the believer will erect the Edification Complex of the Soul and advance to maturity.

2 Peter 1:5 Erection of the ECS X-Axis
Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, by your faith supply virtue, and by virtue, knowledge
"Your faith" is the doctrine in the Edification Complex of the Soul.  Virtue is the thinking of the ECS, and "knowledge" is knowledge of Bible Doctrine.
2 Peter 1:6 Integrity in Testing Z-Axis
But by means of knowledge, self-discipline, and by means of self-discipline, endurance, and by means of endurance, the Spiritual life,
Maintaining Christian integrity by using the Grace solution is necessary to pass the test.  Self-discipline and endurance are evidence of integrity in the Spiritual life.  "Spiritual life" is the Greek eu*sevbeia (eusebeia).
2 Peter 1:7 Love  Y-Axis
But by means of the Spiritual life, brotherly love, and by means of brotherly love, Divine Love.
Love from the ECS includes "brotherly love" for fellow believers (1 Pet 1:22; 1 Jn 3:14) and Divine Love personal Love for God (1 Jn 4:19; 2:5; Eph 3:17; Rom 5:5; 1 Pet 1:8; ) and impersonal Love for all mankind (1 Jn 4:7-8, 11).
2 Peter 1:8 Spiritual Rapport
For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they render you neither useless nor unproductive in the epignosis-knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The believer with the completed ECS will have Spiritual Rapport with the Lord Jesus Christ.  "Epignosis-knowledge" of Christ is knowing Christ experientially (Spiritually); being in fellowship with Him, and loving Him.  This is the personal knowledge of a Love relationship.
2 Peter 1:9 Spiritual Blindness and Nearsightedness
For he who lacks these qualities is blind or nearsighted, having forgotten his purification from his former sins.
"Blind" refers to Spiritual blindness, which is being unable to think Spiritually, to see the Light, or to recognize Divine viewpoint (Isa 6:10; 44:9, 18, 20; 2 Cor 4:4).

"Nearsighted," along with other visual impairments, symbolizes limited vision corresponding to Spiritual immaturity.

"Purification from former sins" refers to the redemption solution, which was received at Salvation.

2 Peter 1:10
Therefore brethren, be all the more diligent to make certain about your Divine Calling and Election; for practicing these things you will never ever stumble.
It is important to be certain about our "Divine Calling and Election."  "Divine Calling" occurred at Salvation.  "Election" was decreed in Eternity past when God the Father specified our identity and the course of our life.  We have an old life, a new life, a resurrection life, and a life in Heaven.  God has a purpose for our life.  Some of these things we can know in this life, and others will be revealed later.  It is important for us to discover our Spiritual identity and purpose.

Election means that God designed our life in Eternity past.  Every day of our life is designed from womb to tomb.  There is no time with God.  He sees our whole life at once.  That does not mean that everything is predestined.  We have volition and can make certain choices.  We can choose between Good and evil.  However, our life plan does exist, and angels know that plan along with the minute details.

"Practicing these things you will never ever stumble."  "These things" refer to the qualities of the Spiritual life in the previous verses.  If we execute the Spiritual life, we "will never ever stumble."  "Stumble" means to stumble and then to fall.

The Northern Kingdom of Israel stumbled and fell under the Four Generation Curse and Fifth Cycle of Discipline (ref. Hos 4:4; 5:5; 14:2), and the Southern Kingdom stumbled by going down to Egypt for help (Isa 31:3).  Daniel was thrown in the lions' den, but he passed the test as did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego in the fiery furnace.

Stumbling occurs due to stumbling blocks in the path (1 Pet 2:8).  Stumbling blocks are problems that God intentionally places in the path of the advancing believer for testing.  These problems must be solved by Grace with the Divine solution in order to pass the test.  Otherwise, the person will fall into the Cosmic System.

The stumbling block itself is not the spiritual problem.  The stumbling block is a problem that brings with it Divine punishment and testing.  Reaction to the problem of the stumbling block may cause fear, worry, or bitterness.  These are sins that take the person into the Cosmic System.  Problem Solving Devices of the Spiritual life must be applied to handle the pressures associated with the stumbling block.  The believer must endure the suffering until the problem is solved with the Divine solution from the Grace of God.  Then the believer will receive greater Grace and be promoted (Jas 4:6; 1 Pet 5:6).

Grace must be used to keep from stumbling (2 Cor 6:1; Gal 5:4; Heb 12:15; 2 Pet 3:17; Jude 1:24), and faith must be applied (Heb 4:1).  Those who stay in the Divine Dynasphere and obey their Spiritual calling will continue to receive Grace and will never stumble.  Even if they sin, they will Rebound and recover before failing the test.

God gives life.  He gives life to the soul and life to the body.  He creates the soul and gives it life (Gen 2:7), and He gives the spirit of human life to the body (ref. Isa 57:16).  The life that God gives sustains every aspect of soul and body.  Every thought, feeling, and movement, along with all relationships are due to life from the Grace of God.  Nothing can interfere with the life that God has created without His permission.  Satan is not at liberty to attack man without God's permission.

LifeGod controls His Creation, whether man, angels, or rocks.  However man and angels have volition and can make decisions within certain limitations.  The angels were created to manage the Universe.  Although they are usually invisible to man, the angels are God's workers.  They control the weather, crop cycles, and fire, and they feed the animals.  They influence the behavior of man to insure that the schedules for human history are met.  Although people do have volition, the angels are very active in influencing their decisions and motivating their behavior.  Birds fly when angels nudge them, and people have mental lapses when angels distract them.  Blessing and cursing in the office are due to angelic influence under the will of God.

While God is the God of all life, Satan is trying to prove that he is a god.  He is like a god as the ruler of the fallen angels and the ruler of this world (Matt 12:24; Jn 12:31; 14:30; 16:11).  The Appeal Trial of Satan in human history is proof that Satan is not capable of being a god like the True God.  Satan is the author of sin, and sin brings forth death (Jas 1:15).  Those who follow Satan are doomed to death, while those who obey God have life eternally.  Satan and his demons are luring men to death, while God has provided a way of Salvation through Jesus Christ to give believers Eternal Life.

God created man to resolve the prehistoric Angelic Conflict.  Christians are witnesses for the Lord, who is the Prosecutor of Satan.  Satan tries to lure unbelievers into his camp to support his case.  Those who follow Satan are doomed to the Lake of Fire.  Christians who follow the Lord, however, have Salvation and the Righteousness of God.  They demonstrate the efficacy of the Divine solution for the problem of sin and death, which Satan started.  And they demonstrate that God is Righteous in condemning sin and Satan.

So human history is not designed to glorify man or the Christian.  Christians are servants of God to bear witness against Satan.  Christians are in a great spiritual war between the Angels of God and Satan.  This is not the time of great blessing.  That will come in the Millennium when Satan is locked up.  The cross must come before the crown, and Christians must learn to fight in Spiritual Warfare to conquer the forces of evil.  The life of a Christian is the life of a soldier.  He must learn to fight and conquer Satan before he has any peace.


The Four Generation Curse in Israel was exemplified when Ahab married Jezebel, who was a Phoenician Prostitute of Babylon.  Ahab wasn't all that bad until he met Jezebel, who was a priestess of Satan and consort of demons.  She brought Satan into Ahab's family and into Israel.  Satan took over the royal family, the government, and all Israel.

The people of Israel rejected the Law of God and began to practice idolatry.  They violated the prohibition against idolatry in the Decalogue and fell under the Four Generation Curse (Ex 20:5).  In spite of excellent teaching from the prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hosea, they rejected Bible Doctrine and served Satan.  God increased their punishment under the Cycles of National Cursing until both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms were destroyed under the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.

This is the Church Age, and the Four Generation Curse is still operational.  When Jezebel arrives and demons show up, it is a sign of falling under the Four Generation Curse.  It doesn't take worshiping an idol to get into idolatry.  All it takes is becoming enslaved to sin in reversionism (Col 3:5).  Christians who fail to Rebound and recover their Spiritual life by advancing to maturity fall under the Four Generation Curse.

The Four Generation Curse is a family curse.  It cannot be removed by prayer.  Those who teach such things are antichrists.  It can only be removed by greater Grace (Jas 4:6).  When Jezebel and the demons arrive, they must be resisted and defeated with Bible Doctrine.  After every victory, the Lord will give greater Grace.  Recovery can take years, but the Bible is true and recovery from the Four Generation Curse is possible for those who persist (1 Pet 5:6-9, 10).


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Author:  Larry Wood,   Released Sept. 23, 2016 - Revised Apr.21, 2017

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