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A Novice's Guide to the Christian Life

What Every Christian Should Know, But Doesn't

The average Christian today is a loser, who is without a clue about the Christian life.  He is lost in the wilderness and headed for the Sin Leading to Death.  He is wasting his Spiritual life and clueless about the superabundant riches of glory that God has for him.  After squandering his life on this Earth, he will die and go to Heaven where he will have a wonderful life of great blessing for all Eternity, but he will not receive the great rewards that can only be received from executing the Spiritual life on Earth.

Eternal Security
The Spiritual Life
Metabolization of Bible Doctrine
The Purpose of Life
Right Man - Right Woman


Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.
Ephesians 2:8-9
8 For you see, by grace you have been saved through faith; and that (salvation) is not from yourselves.  It is the gift of God! 9 not as a result of works, that no one should boast.
Salvation is received by believing in Jesus Christ, who paid for everyone's sins on the Cross and opened the door of Salvation to everyone who will believe in Him.  "Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved" (Acts 16:31).
For you see, in this manner, God Loved the world, that He gave His uniquely born Son that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life. (John 3:16)
There is no other Savior.
And Salvation does not exist in any one else; for you see, there is no other name under heaven which has been given among men by means of which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me." (John 14:6)


Most Christians would say they believe all this because these are quotes from the Bible.  However, the vast majority of Christians really do not believe this.  Listen to their presentations of the Gospel closely and note what they add or delete from this presentation.  Anything added or deleted from faith alone in Jesus Christ alone for Salvation is apostasy.  Almost all denominations and all seminaries in the world are totally apostate.  Anyone who lies about the Gospel is apostate and the servant of Satan.

Some perversions of the Gospel include:

  1. The requirement to confess sins prior to Salvation.  Note:  Sins are a dead issue for Salvation.  All the sins of the world were paid for on the Cross.
  2. The requirement to confess with the mouth or make a public testimony.  That is legalism.
  3. The requirement to be baptized with water.
  4. The requirement to take Communion, the Eucharist.
  5. Good works and those who think they can do something to earn or keep their salvation.
Anyone who is associated with any of these lies is the enemy of the Cross.  And any Christian who would associate with a Church or other group who practices such beliefs is an apostate, a loser, and clueless about his Salvation.

Eternal Security

The gift of Eternal Life is irrevocable.  At Salvation a person is spiritually regenerated, entered into union with Christ (set apart with Christ), given Eternal Life, and accepted as a child of God.  Eternal Life is forever.  It cannot end no matter what.  Jesus said:
John 10:28-29
28 And I give unto them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish; and no one is able to snatch them out of My hand. 29 "My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father's hand.
This is the signature guarantee that Salvation is protected by the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father.


Anyone who believes or teaches that a person can lose his Salvation is an apostate and a liar.  The other subtle lie is questioning whether a person was ever really saved.  When a Christian commits some terrible sin, people question whether the person was ever saved in the first place.  This is also a complete failure to understand the Grace of God in Salvation.  Salvation does not depend upon man, but God.  All a person does is accept God's gift.

The Spiritual Life

The Christian life is a Spiritual life.  It is not of this world.  It begins at Salvation with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in which the Holy Spirit comes upon the believer and enters him into union with Christ.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a special blessing for the Church that never occurred before.  The Holy Spirit creates a temple in the body for the indwelling of the Father and the Son and lives in the believer to empower and control him.  Entrance into union with Christ (the King) makes a person a member of the Royal Family of God.

Because of the new Spiritual life received at Salvation, the believer can live in fellowship with God and overcome his Old Sin Nature, the world, and the devil.  The believer's soul can be controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit through the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  The Filling of the Holy Spirit is a gift for the Church Age Believer to make it possible to execute the Spiritual life through Grace in the power of God apart from the energy of the flesh.  When a person sins, the Filling of the Holy Spirit is lost, but it can be recovered through Rebound, which is a Grace procedure to regain the Filling of the Holy Spirit.

The Christian is expected to live every day of his life after Salvation in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  He is expected to execute the Spiritual life that God has for him.  That Spiritual life will include Spiritual Growth with separation from the world and the advance to Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport.  "You shall be holy because I am holy" (1 Peter 1:17).  The power to execute the Spiritual life is from God.  It does not depend upon human ability or talent.  That's Grace!

The Holy Spirit has been given to the Christian to be a tutor, counselor, and guide through every aspect of the Christian life.  The Holy Spirit is constantly available to answer every question about any aspect of life from what shall I eat to where shall I go?  The Christian does not need the counseling and advice of the pastor or another Christian.  The Holy Spirit is always available to answer every question.  The Holy Spirit will lead the Christian to the Right Pastor and will lead the Right Woman to the Right Man.  Don't ask people; ask God!


The "one Baptism" (Ephesians 4:5) which every Christian receives is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It occurs at Salvation.  It is not a second experience.  It does not include speaking in tongues, which is no longer extant and is the work of the devil.  It is not an emotional high.

The Filling of the Holy Spirit is required to live the Christian life, and that is received through Rebound.  Rebound has always been the recovery procedure for regaining fellowship with God.  It was symbolized by the Laver in the Tabernacle.  It is fundamental to the Spiritual life.  However, in the Church Age, Rebound results in the Filling of the Holy Spirit, which never occurred before.  It is impossible to execute the Christian life apart from the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Any Christian who does not Rebound regularly is an apostate and a liar.  Any church that does not teach Rebound is apostate.


Love is the biggest fakeout of all.  God's Love is based on His perfect Integrity.  His Love never violates or compromises His absolute Righteousness and perfect Justice.  His Love requires that sin be Judged.  And the only acceptable Judgment required that His Son receive the Judgment for the sins of the world.
For you see, in this manner, God Loved the world, that He gave His uniquely born Son that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life. (John 3:16)
God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die as a substitute for us in order for us to have a Love relationship with Him.

The only way to love is to love on God's terms.  Sin must be rejected, or there is no Love.  If a person is bitter toward anyone, that person does not love.  It is not possible to hate someone and love another.

If anyone says, "I love God" and hates his brother, he is a liar.  For you see, the one who is not loving his brother whom he has seen, is not able to be loving God whom he has not seen. (1 Jn 4:20)
The person with bitterness not only doesn't love God, he doesn't love anyone else.  So, when a new Christian enters an apostate church where the people gush all over him and glad hand him and tell him how happy they are that he came to their wonderful, loving church, they are liars.  Apostates are living in the Cosmic System without the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  They can't love God because they are full of the devil, and they definitely do not love the new Christian who wandered into their midst.  Apostates don't love.  They are emotional misfits in the devil's world.  They are wolves in sheep's clothing.  Promising love, they are evangelists for the devil.

Christian Integrity is required for Christian Love.  The minimum requirement for Christian Love is the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  An apostate Christian may want to love and even try to love, but he is totally incapable of Christian Love.  If he has unconfessed sin, he may love the world, but he has no Christian Love.  Christian Love is the production of the Holy Spirit.  It is not a human emotion.

A person's love is no stronger than his Christian Integrity.  If he has no faith and no doctrine, he will be unstable like water.  He may love one minute, but fall victim to illicit desires the next.  Apostate churches are full of creeps, who sneak in and lead weak believers astray.

For among them are those who creep into homes and seduce silly women overwhelmed by their sins, led on by a variety of lusts, (2 Tim 3:6)
They are without Christian Integrity, and their love is no stronger than they are.  They don't have capacity for Christian Love because they have rejected the Christian life.  When an apostate Christian proclaims love, run!  When the church is full of social activities rather than worship, that is not Love for God.  Those who Love the Lord, will keep His commandments.  But His commandments must first be learned through Bible teaching in the local church.

Metabolization of Bible Doctrine

The food for the Christian life is faith.  Faith is obtained by learning Bible Doctrine in the local church.  The Pastor-Teacher is provided to teach Bible Doctrine to the local congregation.  The Bible Doctrine that is learned in church will be verified through testing, which God provides.  The only way to pass the test is to apply Bible Doctrine.  This is faith application.  It is executing the Spiritual life.  Just as food must be digested, Bible Doctrine must be believed and understood so that it is available to apply in the Spiritual life.  The Christian is expected to become a disciple, a serious student of Bible Doctrine.

God's system for teaching the Christian life includes the Spiritual gift of Pastor-Teacher for communication of Bible Doctrine to the local congregation.  Every believer has a Right Pastor, and God the Holy Spirit will lead him to his Right Pastor.  The believer may, however, be a member of an extended congregation rather than the local congregation.  This is the case when the pastor teaches in a different city.  In such cases, the believer must learn Bible Doctrine by recorded lessons or publication as it was when John taught the seven churches of Revelation by circular epistles.

God provides the pastor and the right congregation - not just the hearing.  God raises up pastors to accomplish His purpose in human history.  When that pastor teaches, those who listen will grow and those who reject the message will be condemned.  It is not the man, but the message!  The Right Pastor may not be nice or friendly or a good teacher, but he's the one God provided, and those disciples who listen to his message will be able to fulfill their Christian calling.

The pastor is God's servant.  He has a Spiritual gift and authority.  Anyone who crosses a pastor will be severely punished by God.  God reserves the right to punish the pastor, and He does not allow anyone else to assume the right to judge that pastor.  Even when the pastor is a total failure and when he is wrong, God will still punish anyone who tries to judge him in any way.  Apostate pastors should be avoided like the plague!

It is impossible to execute the Christian life apart from the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine.  Bible Doctrine is the food of faith.  The body of Christian faith is vast and complex.  God has called every believer into a Spiritual life that requires understanding of Salvation, Spirituality, Sin, Eschatology, Christology, Angelology, Prayer and the Royal Family, and Demonology.  This will require years of study.


False teachers are everywhere.  It takes many years of study to qualify as a good Pastor-Teacher.  Four years in an apostate seminary will not be sufficient.  False teachers are easy to spot.  They are not Grace oriented.  They do not understand the Gospel.  They teach something other than Salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.  They do not believe in Eternal Security - once saved always saved!  They do not understand Rebound and the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  They have the love of money.  The coin of the realm in the devil's world is money; whereas, it is Bible Doctrine in the Christian life.  Grace is the free gift of God, and the Church is supposed to practice Grace in all things.

The Purpose of Life

God designed a Christian life for every believer in eternity past.  Then He called that person to Salvation in Time.  The person who accepts God's gift of Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ has the opportunity to fulfill the Spiritual life that God has provided for him.  God's Plan for the believer includes the power and means of executing the new Spiritual life through Grace, which means God does the work and the believer goes along for the ride.  God proves all the power and capability to execute the new life along with fellowship with Him that includes Love and Happiness beyond the imagination.
For you see, the scripture says, "Everyone who believes in Him will definitely not be disappointed" (Romans 10:11).
Execution of the Spiritual life includes Spiritual Growth, which requires separation from  the world and advance to Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport.  In order to fulfill the purpose of God's calling, the Christian is given divine operating assets like the Filling of the Holy Spirit and Logistical Grace provision that includes food, clothing and shelter.  The Grace of God is sufficient to handle any problem or exigency of life.  The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated the Spiritual life when He was on Earth.  He proved that it works, and every believer should be able to do the same.

There are only two types of believers:

  1. Positive believers are becoming disciples and fulfilling God's Plan for their lives.
  2. Negative believers are losers who are in reversionism on the way to the Sin Leading to Death.

Those Christians who reject God's Plan for their lives are like the children of Israel who died in the wilderness.  They are full of sin, lust, worldliness, and evil.  The are whiners, fault-finders, and complainers.  They complain about the food.  They love money.  They are slaves to the materialistic details of this life, which will pass away.  They are spiritual adulterers and adulteresses, who love the Cosmic System - the plan of Satan with its sin and lies.  God makes war against these arrogant believers as they go down to the grave from the Sin Leading to Death.  In many ways it is impossible to distinguish these Christian losers from the unbeliever.  They are like Balaam, who was reprimanded by a dumb ass.

Christians who never grow up are like babies, who whine and throw tantrums.  Trying to live in the energy of the flesh, these have chosen a life of divine punishment that includes warning and intensified discipline followed by the Sin that leads to death.  These are losers who suffer under the Law of Volitional Responsibility.  They sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7a).

Right Man - Right Woman

Almost everyone claims to believe the principle of Right Man - Right Woman; however, almost no one really does.  The doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman, which began in the Garden, is a basic foundation of life on this Earth for believer and unbeliever.  There is no escaping this doctrine.  Those who fail to faithfully execute this doctrine are doomed to a life of cursing and misery in this life.  Only Christians can fully execute the Right Man - Right Woman relationship because it is Spiritual.  The man and woman are designed to function as a corporate witness in the Angelic Conflict.  Only by executing the Spiritual life can the Right Man - Right Woman relationship be fulfilled whether in Marriage or in single status.

The Right Man - Right Woman relationship is the tip of an iceberg waiting to shipwreck the immature Christian.  Even a mature believer can die the Sin Leading to Death due to failure to faithfully execute the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman.  The significance of the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman is generally not appreciated by most Christians because of Satan's counterattack on Marriage through the Prostitute of Babylon.  Because the Prostitute of Babylon has infiltrated most churches, the doctrine is not being taught from the Bible.

Right Man - Right Woman transcends Marriage.  It came before Marriage in the Garden.  A Christian who marries someone other than Right Man or Right Woman is doomed to a terrible curse that will lead to someone's death.  But, whether married or not, the Right Man - Right Woman relationship continues in the Spiritual life.  The one who marries the wrong one is destined for the cross.  Since Marriage is till death do us part, one or both parties in a bad marriage may be headed for the Sin Leading to Death.  But a single person in reversionism can also be doomed to the Sin Leading to Death because of failure to faithfully execute the Right Man - Right Woman relationship in single status.

Most churches are so full of messed up Right Man - Right Woman relationships that very little doctrine will ever be taught and less will ever be understood.  When a person is full of cursing and punishment from a Right Man - Right Woman relationship, it becomes like dealing with a patient in the intensive care unit.  It is impossible to proceed with recovery because the patient is too weak.  This is due to Satan's attack on Marriage through the Prostitute of Babylon, and only the most mature believers will ever overcome the attack.

Spiritual Adultery

Failure to faithfully execute the Right Man - Right Woman relationship can destroy the Christian life.  It leads to the grave and takes society down with it.  Right Man - Right Woman is a Spiritual relationship that requires a Spiritual means of execution.  Failure to execute the Right Man - Right Woman relationship spiritually is the hidden enemy in the Church.  The Christian, whether married or unmarried, is bound to faithfully execute this Spiritual relationship until death parts.  Those who fail in this relationship are guilty of spiritual adultery.  They have been overcome by the Cosmic System and the Prostitute of Babylon.


Christians are beset with many problems and obstacles, but one of the biggest problems is failure to have a clue about the big picture of what the new Spiritual life in Christ Jesus is all about.  Pastors cannot teach the Christian life because they never learned it and never lived it.  The subject of how to execute the Christian life has been the subject of millions of pages of commentary by pseudo scholars and false teachers.  Yet, where is a Christian who has succeeded?  Where is a Christian who understands?  Christians don't know because they have become casualties in the Angelic Conflict.  They are oblivious to the fact that they have been infiltrated by the power of the devil's Cosmic System.  They have been blind-sided because they have lost sight of the most fundamental tenets of the faith.  They may talk a good fight, but they don't fight a good fight of faith.

Execution of the Christian life requires knowledge of Bible Doctrine.  However, it is not enough to learn the Bible academically.  Scholarship is not the answer.  The doctrine must be metabolized, which includes application to experience.  The doctrine must be applied in order to pass the test and qualify for promotion and result in Spiritual Growth.  God has a magnificent plan for every Christian that includes the riches of glory.  Yet most Christians don't even understand the basics of Christianity.  They don't understand their Salvation, Spirituality, divine Love, or the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  Without maturity, they are wandering aimlessly in the desert, and the don't know it.  Being headed for the grave is bad enough, but not knowing you're on graveyard road is worse.

The Spiritual life was designed to be lived, not talked about.  Talk is cheap.  You will know them by their fruits, production (Matthew 7:20), but you won't know them if you cannot think spiritually.  Why can't the Christian think spiritually?  Because he did not hear and obey the Word of the Lord.  The best Biblical instruction is useless unless it is heeded.  Faith will produce good works, which the Lord sees.  And the Christian with faith will not be Spiritually blind.  He will recognize the tenets of the faith in every aspect of his life whether working with computers or caring for children.

God will give everyone who is positive the opportunity to fulfill his personal destiny in the plan of God.  The seed that falls on good ground will grow.  Logistical Grace will pave the way, faith will light the path, and the Holy Spirit will be the teacher and counselor to lead the believer in all truth.  Those Christians who are positive will find the way.  The Lord knows the heart.  And those who are not positive will be losers.  The decision to be a winner or a loser resides in the volition of every believer, and the power to succeed is freely available from the Grace of God, who loves us and watches over us both now and forever.


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April 4, 2009

Author:  Larry Wood