Recovery Procedure

Rebound is the recovery procedure for loss of fellowship with God.  When the believer sins, fellowship with God will be lost, which includes loss of the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Rebound is accomplished by naming our sins to God.
If we acknowledge our sins, He is faithful and Righteous with the result that He forgives us our sins and purifies us from all wrongdoing. (1 John 1:9)


The sins must be named (admitted) to God the Father.  The sins that are named may be forgiven because they were already judged on the cross.  However, they have not yet been forgiven because all sin is unrighteousness and rejection of the Plan of God.  The believer in sin has rejected God, lost the Filling of the Holy Spirit, and given up his soul to the control of the Old Sin Nature.  The recovery procedure requires that the believer name his sins to God as a lawyer citing a courtroom case.  Since the sins were judged on the Cross, then God can, and will, forgive the sins that were named.  At the same time, He will forgive the other sins and offenses committed while the believer was out of fellowship.  He will forgive the sins that cannot even be remembered.  God will purify the believer who names his sins from "all wrongdoing."  "All wrong doing" includes human good and offenses such as quenching, grieving, and lying to the Holy Spirit.

Rebound Is Not

The recovery procedure of Rebound does not require confessing to a so-called priest.  Every believer in the Church Age is a priest who represents himself before God.  It is blasphemy to confess to anyone besides God, or for anyone to assume that he has the power to forgive sins.  Only God can forgive sins.

The recovery procedure does not include penance, feeling sorry, or promising God that it will never happen again.  The sins have already been paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.  There is nothing that can be added to His finished work (John 19:30) on the Cross.  The sinner is not punished for his sins but for violating the mandates of the unique Spiritual Life of all history.

Rebound is not prayer.  It is a recovery procedure.  Prayer will not get through unless Rebound has preceded it as necessary.  Since Rebound is not prayer, there is no requirement to go through the formality of addressing it to the Father in the name of the Son.  The only thing God the Father will hear is the naming of the sins - nothing else.

Rebound in the Tabernacle

Rebound was symbolized in the Tabernacle by the Laver where the Levitical Priests washed their hands and feet.  The Laver was placed immediately after the Brazen Altar in the Outer Court.  The Brazen Altar represented Salvation while the Laver represented Sanctification.  There are two types of Sanctification:  Positional and Experiential.  Positional Sanctification occurs at the moment of Salvation when the believer is entered into union with Christ through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  This was symbolized by washing the Priests all over once.  At the moment of Salvation, all presalvation sins are forgiven; thus, the believer is sanctified.  When the believer sins, he will not lose his Positional Sanctification but he will lose fellowship with God.  Sin is rejection of God's Righteousness, and God can have nothing to do with sin.  Therefore, the believer who sins must follow a recovery procedure to be restored to fellowship with God.

Warning for Not Rebounding

Rebound is the recovery procedure to be used to restore fellowship with God after salvation.  The first step in Experiential Sanctification is recovery of fellowship with God through Rebound.  Apart from fellowship with God through Rebound, it will be impossible to execute the Spiritual Life.  Christians who do not Rebound are apostate and will die the sin that ends in death if they continue to reject Rebound.

What Happens After Rebound?

Rebound restores a person to fellowship with God so that the person can continue with the Spiritual Life.  Execution of the Spiritual Life requires the believer to Rebound and keep moving.   Keep moving means continuing with the Spiritual Life.  God punishes us from His Sovereignty and not because we sinned.  So, the punishment may continue at the intensity level (reference Cycles of Personal Punishment) before the sin.  However, after Rebound the believer will be able to handle the problems of life with the Problem Solving Devices, and any suffering he receives from God's punishment will be converted to blessing (Romans 8:28-29).

Author:  Larry Wood,   Released December 7, 1999 - Revised June 22, 2017

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