Jealousy Associated with the Neck
Jealousy Motivated Satan's Original Sin
Jealousy is Impulsive
Jealousy Rejects Grace
Jealousy Attacks Values
Jealousy Motivates Adultery
Jealousy is the Enemy in Marriage
Jealousy Leads to Psychosis and Neurosis


1.  Jealousy is the second of the big five sins of the Old Sin Nature.  It is associated with the neck.
2.  Jealousy is a mental attitude sin that wipes out love and leads to rebellion.
3.  Jealousy motivated the original sin of Satan.
4.  Jealousy rejects the Grace of God.
5.  Jealousy is impulsive, impetuous, and insatiable.
6.  Jealousy is possessive and selfish.
7.  Jealousy links with arrogance to express the arrogance skills:  Self-deception, self-vindication, and self-absorption.
8.  Jealousy is a Mental Attitude Sin Complex that attacks virtue and values.  It is not just one sin but many different sins.

Jealousy Associated with the Neck

1.  In the body jealousy is associated with the neck.
2.  The head symbolizes authority.  Arrogance is associated with a head that rejects authority.
3.  The neck that turns the head away from authority is associated with jealousy.  Bowing the neck corresponds to an animal that will not be harnessed.
4.  Being stiff-necked and rebellious is a metaphor for scar tissue of the soul, which intensifies the problem with jealousy (Ex 32:9; 33:3, 5; Nu 27:14; Acts 7:51).

Jealousy Motivated Satan's Original Sin

1.  Jealous-ambition was the sin of Satan in the Fall (Isa 14:12-15; Ezek 28).
2.  This corresponds to selfish ambition, or inordinate ambition (Rom 2:8; Phil 1:17; 2:3; Jas 3:14, 16).
3.  Jealousy is the expression of negative volition my will, not Thy will (Prov 1:24; Jer 11:8, 10; 13:10; 44:16).
4.  Satan was the author of sin.  He was not tempted to sin.  He was self-motivated.
5.  In order to sin Satan had to first reject God.  He could not sin under God's authority and in a love relationship with Him.  After he rejected God, Satan could choose to sin.  Satan's decision to sin required serious consideration - not just a passing thought.
6.  When Satan sinned, there were immediate consequences.
    a.  The sanctified, holy relationship with God was lost.
    b.  Satan became the enemy of God.
    c.  By opposing God, Satan made himself a god with a different agenda (Ezek 28:2, 17).
    d.  Satan tried to be a god over the other angels.
    e.  A third of the angels followed Satan, and Satan tried to conquer the other angels to make them his subjects.
    f.  The sin had many aspects like the Big Five sins of the Old Sin Nature.  Jealousy was at the heart of sin and linked to all the other aspects of sin.
    g.  After Satan sinned, he must either submit to God or continue to resist and suffer the consequences.
    h.  Satan chose to continue to resist God.  Since God is God, the consequence must be condemnation forever.  Satan already had Eternal life; so he must be banished, condemned, and suffer the wrath of God forever.  He was sentenced to the Lake of Fire.

Jealousy is Impulsive

1.  Jealousy is impulsive, impetuous, and insatiable.
2.  Jealousy links with other sins to add power to them.  It expresses arrogance and drives self-righteousness, bitterness, and worry to extremes.
3.  Jealousy divides and motivates strife and rebellion (Gen 13:7-8; Prov 16:28; 28:25; Rom 13:13; 1 Cor 3:3; 2 Cor 12:20; Jas 3:16).
4.  Jealousy motivates conspiracy (2 Sam 15:12; 2 Ki 17:4; Jer 11:9; Acts 23:12).

Jealousy Rejects Grace

1.  Jealousy attacks grace provision of Escrow Blessing.
     a.  Man cannot seize in jealousy what only God can provide in Grace.
     b.  Man must love and wait not push and take.
2.  Jealousy carries with it the Law of Volitional Responsibility, which is operation boomerang, sowing to the wind and reaping the whirlwind (ref. Hos 8:7).
     a.  Jealousy causes loss of love.
     b.  Jealousy leads to frustration and stress in the soul.
     c.  Jealousy is "as cruel as the grave" (ref. SOS 8:6).
3.  Jealousy motivates judging (Matt 7:1), maligning (Jas 3:14), and revenge (Rom 12:19; Deut 32:35; Heb 10:30), which violate Grace.
4.  Jealousy motivates Iconoclastic Arrogance ("Feet of Clay" syndrome) (Matt 7:3-4).


1.  Jealousy undermines the Integrity Envelope (or Edification Complex of the Soul) by attacking respect, which is a value.
     a.  The Right Man is commanded to respect his Right Woman as the "weaker vessel" (1 Pet 3:7).
     b.  The Right Woman is commanded to respect her Right Man (Eph 5:33).
2.  The Mental Attitude Sin of jealousy becomes a substitute for Virtue-Love (which comes from the Integrity Envelope).
     a.  Result:  Loss of Personal Love for God and RM/RW (intimacy) (Jn 14:15).
     b.  Result:  Loss of Impersonal Love for all mankind (Jn 14:21; 15:10-13).
3.  Jealousy knocks out the virtue of the Integrity Envelope by sin, which seeks to impose one's will on another's volition.
     a.  Jealousy undermines respect (a value) in the RM-RW relationship and therefore destroys the personal love relationship (intimacy).
     b.  Because jealousy destroys love, it is the cruel enemy of RM and RW.
     c.  Jealousy is the number one enemy of Love!
4.  Jealous-possessiveness poses as the impostor, which destroys the Integrity Envelope.
     a.  Jealous-possessiveness is the impostor for loyalty, which knocks out respect (a value) and topples the Integrity Envelope.
     b.  Jealous-possessiveness replaces virtue with the Arrogance Skills:  Self-vindication, self-deception, and self-absorption.
     c.  Loss of the Integrity Envelope means loss of Capacity for Life and Love.
          -  Loss of C/Life leads to Frantic Search for Happiness (FSH) and Reversionism.
               Example:  Worry/Anxiety/Stress in the soul.
               Example:  Self Righteous Legalism and Lascivious Lawlessness.
          -  Loss of C/Love leads to loss of Personal and Impersonal Love, including Intimacy.
               Example:  Pseudo Love Fanaticism (emotionalism).
               Example:  Insatiable lust, pleonexiva (pleonexia).
5.  Jealous-possessiveness attempts to seize what the Lord Jesus Christ has not yet provided in the RM-RW relationship.
     a.  This violates Divine protocol.
     b.  This oversteps the Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The jealous-possessive individual is violating the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, who brings the RW to the RM at the right time.
6.  The contrast between jealousy and intimacy (personal love).
  1. Jealousy enslaves; intimacy provides freedom to respond.
  2. Jealousy takes; intimacy gives.
  3. Jealousy is cruel; intimacy is gentle.
  4. Jealousy thinks of self; intimacy thinks of others.
  5. Jealousy rebels (e.g. Reverse Process Reversionism); intimacy submits.
  6. Jealousy attacks;  intimacy responds

Jealousy Attacks Values

1.  Jealousy causes a problem with soul values.
2.  Example:  Jealousy motivates the love of money (1 Tim 6:10; Heb 13:5).
3.  Jealous love of money may cause:
  1.  Greed
  2.  Penury
  3.  Criminality (e.g. robbery)
4.  Since jealous love of money is a problem with soul values, the ramifications are legion:
  1. Wrong decisions in life
  2. Wrong priorities
  3. Loss of love
  4. Slavery to the details of life
  5. Monetary Reversionism
5.  Jealous love of money is a root of evil.  It is Satan's policy, which means entrance into the Cosmic System and control by Satan.
6.  Since jealousy, including love of money, is a soul value, it will not be alleviated until the roots are extracted (or killed).

Jealousy Motivates Adultery

1.  Adultery is filled with jealousy.
     a.  The relationship with the paramour requires rejection of the spouse and desire for the paramour.  This is jealousy.
     b.  The innocent party in adultery (the faithful husband or wife) will be tempted to be jealous, which further compounds the problem (Nu 5:14, 30; Prov 6:32-34).
2.  Jealousy fuels insatiable lust, pleonexiva (pleonexia), which is one of the layers in Scar Tissue of the Soul (ref. Eph 4:19).

Jealousy is the Enemy in Marriage

1.  Jealousy is the motivation behind Reverse Process Reversionism, fornication, adultery, rape, and other sexual sins.
2.  Jealousy knocks out love and is as cruel as the grave (SOS 8:6)
3.  Adultery in Marriage may result in jealousy in the other partner (Nu 5:14, 30; Prov 6:34).
4.  Baal is the real enemy, not the jealousy.  Baal motivated the woman in the Garden.
5.  Jealousy motivates self righteousness, bitterness, abuse, and possessiveness (Gen 37:11; Acts 7:9).
6.  Jealousy is a sign of immaturity and lack of Capacity for Love with mature attitudes.
     a.  Jealousy is characteristic of children.
     b.  People can't always have things their way.
     c.  Jealousy fuels immature behavior and childish games, e.g. fetishes, sexual fantasy, masochism.
7.  Jealousy motivates arrogant-ambition (Gen 30:1; Eccl 4:4).

Jealousy Leads to Psychosis and Neurosis

1.  Jealousy in Intensified Discipline leads to psycho-neurosis (Rom 1:28-29).
2.  Jealousy (unchecked) may lead to:
  1. Hangups syndromes psycho-neurosis
  2. Violence (Gen 27:41; Isa 11:13).


1.  Larry Wood.  Sin:  The Universal Threat with Deadly Consequences, Nov. 7, 2015.

Author:  Larry Wood,   Released March 31, 2016 - Revised Sept. 4, 2016

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