The Fall

Creation of Man
The Fall
Adamic Covenant

Creation of Man

Satan sinned and was cast out of Heaven (Isaiah 14:12; Luke 10:18; Revelation 12:7-9).  He took a third of the angels with him (Revelation 12:3-4).  Satan and his demon followers had an opportunity to chose where they would spend eternity.  They already had Eternal Life.  After the time of decision was up, Satan and his demon followers were sentenced to the Lake of Fire (Matthew 25:41; John 12:31; 16:11).  Before the sentence was executed, however, Satan appealed the decision.  This is a logical deduction, since the sentence had not been carried out before man was created.  Mankind was created to be witnesses to resolve the Appeal.  Human history is a demonstration that God was right in sentencing Satan to the Lake of Fire.  The Appeal Trial of Satan is being conducted in the Spiritual realm in parallel with human history in the Temporal realm.
Adam & Eve
A man and a woman were created and placed in the Garden of Eden.  The pair were the sign of a witness, as in court.  Adam was first created.  Man was created in the "image" and "likeness" of God.
Then God decreed, “We will make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and they will have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, over the cattle, over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” (Genesis 1:26)
The word for "image" is the Hebrew <l#x#= (tselem), which means an image or icon.  The image of God was a representation of God with body, soul, and spirit.  This is the same word for an idol; but here it refers to a representation of God, who is three persons in one with invisible essence.  The soul and spirit were not visible in the body of man.  Man was like a god with his body, soul, and spirit.  He was unlike angels, which are only spirits.  Adam was a type of Christ (Romans 5:14).

The word for "likeness" is the Hebrew tWmD+ (demuth), which means likeness or pattern and refers to functionality.  The "likeness of God" means function like God.  This means:  Three in one, man was created trichotomous.  It means perfect, having a unique soul personality like the three persons of the Godhead that are one in essence.  It means being ruler of the world like God's rule over creation.  And it means having a mind that is capable of rational thinking, heart that is capable of love, and a volition, or free will.  It means being able to communicate with man, God, and angels.

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27)
Here the word, "created," is the Hebrew ar*B* (bara'), which means to create something out of nothing; to create something that never existed before.  The word for "image" is again the Hebrew <l#x#= (tselem), which means man was a representation of God with a body, soul, and spirit.  Verse 27 is a general, introductory description of the creation of man.  Later, Moses would explain the creation of the man and the woman separately.  This is Moses' style of writing.  First, he wrote a summary, and then he wrote the details.
The LORD God sculpted man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils a breath giving (the spark of) lives; and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7)
This verse describes the creation of Adam.  He was sculpted, which is the Hebrew rx^y* (jatsar), meaning to sculpt or fashion.  After the LORD God sculpted the body of Adam, He breathed into his nostrils the spark of life, which is the Hebrew hm*v*n+ (neshamah), meaning literally, breath, but referring to the spark of life.  "Lives" is plural in the Hebrew because Adam's body received soul life and human spirit life.  Here is the definition of life.  When the soul is in the body, it has life.
"And the LORD God caused to grow out from the ground every tree that is pleasant in appearance and good for food, and the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." (Genesis 2:9)
The Tree of Life represented Eternal Life.  Adam was not born with Eternal Life.
Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. (Genesis 2:15)
This was Adam's job assignment.  He was to cultivate the Garden.  The Hebrew db^u* (`abadh) means to tend or cultivate.  Although the Garden was already planted, there was some work required to harvest food to eat and to remove dead plants that had already produced and plant new ones.   The Hebrew rm^v* (shamar) means to keep or care for.  Adam was to look after or care for the Garden.  This included living under the blessing of God without sinning.  As long as Adam obeyed God, the Garden would prosper.  Later, when Adam sinned, weeds began to grow.

Adam's Spiritual Life

Genesis 2:16-17
16 And the LORD God commanded Adam, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; 17 but from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it dying you will die.”
Adam was given the volition test.  He was commanded not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  If he ate the fruit of that tree, he would die spiritually and later die physically.  This is the meaning of the doubling of the Hebrew tWm (muth) in the Qal infinitive plus the Qal imperfect.  It means "dying (spiritually) you will die (physically)."

The question arises, what kind of Spiritual life did Adam have?  Teachers and theologians are ready to explain Adam's trichotomous nature, but very little is ever mentioned about his Spirituality.  Although Adam did not have Eternal Life, he did have a human spirit, which means he could communicate spiritually with God, but more important, God could communicate with him and bless him.  Satan, demons, and angels, who are all spirits, could communicate with Adam without him having a human spirit because they are spirits.  Adam did not have the Enduement or the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  He was capable of loving God like the Old Testament believers but without an Old Sin Nature.  Faith and faith-rest were not an issue for Adam.  He had it all.  He was the ruler of the world.

The LORD God gave commands to Adam directly.  The Lord Jesus Christ in a Theophany did the talking.  There is no evidence that Adam extensively worshiped God or grew Spiritually.  His job assignments were simple and did not require Spiritual insight.  Naming the animals was a big job, but it was an assignment under the Laws of Establishment.  Adam's life was simple.  He basically functioned under the Laws of Establishment before there was much of an establishment.  He was similar to a child that has not reached accountability in his relationship with God.  He received great blessing from God, but his Spiritual life consisted mainly of taking the tree test.  He was brilliant, and there was a lot to learn.  He studied creation, the plants, animals, and the stars.  He spoke a language that no longer exists, and he left nothing in writing for posterity.

Adam's Spiritual Life did not require separation from the world.  He was already separated.  He didn't engage in Spiritual Warfare.  It is doubtful that he even understood the Logistical Grace provision of his food since he had never been without.  Adam had it all.  He faced only the prosperity test, which is the most difficult of all.  Adam had nowhere to go but down.  He was like the favorite son of God.  He was the world's first representation of God.  He was the world's first and greatest celebrity.

What did Adam accomplish?  He was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ in His incarnation.  He was the recipient of the greatest blessing.  He was blessed with great Happiness from God.  And he had a great love life with the perfect marriage.  He set the standard for exhilaration and ecstatics in love and sex.  He was the greatest sex athlete of all time next to his Right Woman.

Adam was the greatest man that ever lived.  His brilliance and great blessing from God has never been equaled.  He didn't need to write things down.  He never forgot them.  One of his mental feats was naming the animal kingdom as the Lord brought the animals to him in grace in order for him to complete his assignment.  Through Adam can be seen the power of the trichotomous creation without an Old Sin Nature.  It was very powerful with great capacity for blessing.  Yet, Adam's Spiritual life was like the Old Testament saints apart from the Old Sin Nature.  Adam's Spiritual life was weak in comparison to the Church Age believer with the indwelling and filling of the Holy Spirit.

An understanding of the dynamics of Adam's Spiritual life is necessary for those who want to go back to the Garden by the power of Spiritual dynamics in the Church Age.

The Perfect Marriage

God demonstrated with Adam, the divine institution of Marriage.  After naming all the animals and watching them mating, Adam realized that he was missing his mate.  The LORD had not forgotten.  The LORD never forgets.  The LORD decreed that He would make a wife for Adam.

Then the LORD God said, "It is not good that Adam should be alone.  I will make him a helper corresponding to him." (Genesis 2:18)
Later, the LORD made a wife for Adam, and He brought her to him.
And the Lord God built the rib which He had taken out from Adam into the Right Woman ( 'Ishah), and He brought her to Adam. (Genesis 2:22)
Adam immediately identified the woman as his Right Woman.  He named her just as he had named the animals.
Adam said, “This one is now bone out of my bones,
And flesh out of my flesh;
She shall be named Right Woman,
Because she was taken out from Right Man.” (Genesis 2:23)
The the LORD performed the first wedding ceremony.  Afterward the marriage was consummated with sex.  A summary is recorded in Genesis 2:24.   Note that love never entered the picture until after the marriage.  The LORD picked the wife for Adam.  He created her, and brought her to the man.  He presided over the wedding ceremony.  Still love was not an issue.  The only issue was divine authority.  Divine design was perfect, and there was no need to question it.  The woman and the man were a perfect match.
Marriage is an authority relationship, not a love relationship.
Adam and his wife fell in love after the wedding, not before.  The first marriage initiated the Divine Institution of Marriage.  The pattern has not changed.  Authority is the first consideration.  By authority is meant, accepting God's Sovereign design of the Right Woman for the Right Man.  Man should wait until the Lord provides a partner, and the woman should wait until the Lord leads her to the Right Man.  The bone structure is the clue in the Attraction Phase.  If there is any doubt, the Holy Spirit will clarify.  After authority is obeyed, falling in love can follow.  Falling in love first and trying to decide whether to marry is usually a sign of an emotional attraction to a paramour.

In the ancient world and during most of history, the parents decided the marriage partners of the children.  Marriages were arranged and contracts signed without the children being consulted.  In these cases authority was the issue.

Sexual Love in the Garden

The greatest chapter of sexual love in Marriage was written in the Garden of Eden with Adam and 'Ishah.  Her name was not called Eve until after the Fall.  Marriage Culture began in the Garden before the arts, music, movies, or literature.  The first Marriage was without the distractions of the world.  Perfect environment meant no distractions.  Adam and 'Ishah had a perpetual honeymoon with the greatest love and happiness of anyone in human history.  The secret of their great love life is a great lesson that is not all that complicated.

God created Marriage to complete the man and fulfill the woman.  Within the authority of Marriage came the greatest love and happiness of mankind.  Marriage was God's idea.  And Satan has done everything to attack it.  God created the Right Woman for the Right Man.  Adam and 'Ishah were two perfect people, who were designed for each other.  The pattern was established in the Garden, and it has never changed.  Adam and 'Ishah had the kind of relationship that is the source of dreams.

Marriage Culture was supreme in the Garden.  There was not much work required, and the perfect environment was without distractions.  Adam and his wife were not tested by hardship or necessity.  They were alone together in the middle of the world, and they were the only show in town.  But it was a show that never got old.  Millions of angels sat in the grand stands to witness the daily ritual of love-making between the greatest lovers of all time.  The demons drooled and got the idea for the attack on the antediluvian civilization.

In summary:

  1. Marriage was an authority relationship.  The man had all the authority; the woman had none.
  2. Sexual Love was not an authority relationship.  Both the man and the woman serve each other.  Sex was a vacation from the authority of Marriage.  And it appears that Adam and 'Ishah were on vacation much of the time.  The angels loved it.
  3. Capacity for love and Happiness can grow in Marriage.  The Right Man and Right Woman are never bored with each other.
  4. God created sex as a gift for Marriage only.
  5. God blessed the first Marriage, including its sexual love and Happiness.
Adam and 'Ishah lived in the Light, which is divine good production.  Sex was God's gift for Marriage, and God blessed sex in the Garden.  The blessing included intimacy love and exhilaration.  Sex is produced in the body.  Love is in the soul.  Love covers sex as the soul covers the body.  Sex is the ritual of Love, and Love is the reality.  The human spirit covers the soul.  The spirit is under the power of God.  When the spirit was lost through sin, the power of the Cosmic System controlled the soul.  Before Adam and 'Ishah sinned, they were under the power of God.  The blessing of God in the gift of sex was relayed to Adam and 'Ishah from the Heavenly Control Room.  The blessing became Light production in the body and soul.

After God created man and woman in His image, He blessed them.

God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)
The blessing of God was transmitted from the Heavenly Control Room to the man and woman through his human Spirit.  But God commanded them to "be fruitful."   Here, the Hebrew verb, hr^P* (parah) means to be fruitful or to produce fruit.  Fruit trees that bore fruit were one of the three types of plants (Genesis 1:11-12).  The fruit in the Garden symbolized male and female genitals and sexuality.  God did not command Adam and the woman to produce literal fruit.  The word, parah, was used in the figurative sense, meaning be productive.  Before the Fall, Adam and his wife were to be productive.  After the fall the productivity included procreation.  They were productive, or fruitful, in the Garden in their love-making, sex.

What else did they do that could be considered productive?  Not much.  But their sexual love was the greatest in human history.  It made the angels drool.  They had the capacity for deep expressions of love and ecstatics.  There were no distractions to their love making.  They were on a perpetual honeymoon.  They had what every woman dreams of having.  They had the perfect marriage and the perfect love nest in Paradise.  Their love and intimacy grew, and their harmony increased.  They set the standard for human history so that the ultimate desire in future generations would be to go back to Paradise.   God blessed Adam and 'Ishah, and they were fruitful, productive.  The blessing of God enabled them to be productive, and the productivity came from Light transmitted from the Heavenly Control Room to Adam and the woman.
Light Production
The human spirit is like a computer linked to the Plan of God Server in the Heavenly Control Room.  When the human spirit is online, it is capable of relaying Spiritual blessing from God.  Now, Spiritual blessing is not necessary for sex, since God gave sex to the human race, not just to believers.  However, sex can be a blessing or a curse.  Those who are without Spiritual blessing in sex are subject to cursing.  The Spiritual blessing from God sent through the human spirit becomes light production in the body.  The light production during sex energizes the soul and body.  Light in the soul produces Love and Happiness.  Light in the body is the glory of the man, which the woman reflects (1 Corinthians 11:7).

Light in the soul is represented by Light in the forehead.  The forehead represents the thinking of the soul.  And the concentration of the mentality must control the body during sex.  Light production in the body stimulates the skin with its nerve endings all over the body, since the skin represents intimacy.  Specific erogenous zones become centers of Light production during sex.  These include the nipples, solar plexus and belly, and genitals.  The perfect man with a body, soul, and spirit without an Old Sin Nature produces maximum glory, and the perfect woman reflects his glory to the maximum.

The Light production stimulates the body and soul like music to the ear.  The Light produces a resonance that exhilarates body and soul to new heights.  Drugs are a cheap substitute for the true Love and Happiness from the Light of God in a perfect relationship.  The Light from God transmitted to the man and woman down separate links produces harmony in the music of sexual Love.  Spiritual Rapport with God produces harmonious rapport between Right Man and Right Woman.  God is able to provide Light to produce powerful Love and Happiness, but He can't do this when the soul lacks capacity for the blessing.  Adam and 'Ishah without the Old Sin Nature had great capacity for blessing.  The Filling of the Holy Spirit in the Church Age believer is capable of neutralizing the Old Sin Nature to make it possible for the first time to go back to the Garden.

The Fall

The man and the woman were in the Garden to demonstrate that God was right in sentencing Satan and the fallen angels to the Lake of Fire.  There was only one way the man and woman could sin.  That was by eating of the forbidden fruit.  Since they had no old sin nature and since there were no other negative commandments from God, there was no other way to sin.  Sin is violation of the commandments of God.  In order to sin, man would have to use his volition to reject the commandment of God while in his state of perfection.  As long as man walked around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and obeyed God, it would be evidence for the Prosecution that God was right.  However, if man sinned, it would be evidence for Satan.
The only problem in the Garden was that Satan was there.
The man and woman had a perfect life in perfect environment in the Garden.  There was only one problem:  Satan was there.  The mere presence of Satan destroys any environment.  Mankind is no match for this super creature and super genius.  Even though Adam and the woman enjoyed Spiritual Rapport with God and harmonious rapport with each other, Satan in the guise of the little skinny serpent lurked.  Blessing cannot be blessing with this monster around.  The only appropriate solution would be to send him to Hell.

The man and the woman were perfect, but they were no match for Satan, who was the most brilliant and powerful creature that God ever created.  Satan decided to attack the personal love relationship of Marriage.  It started in the Garden, and he has used it successfully throughout history.  Under the rules of the Appeal Trial, Satan was allowed to cross examine the witnesses.  After God had established Adam and the woman and given them the necessary doctrinal instruction, Satan was allowed to cross examine.  The Lord stood back and watched as Satan began to work on the woman.  He came to the woman through her favorite animal friend, the serpent, which did not crawl on its belly before the Fall.

Animal Satanic Counterattack

'Ishah's favorite was the serpent.  The animal was quite charming, and the woman was drawn to it.  She spent time away from Adam with her serpent friend.  The animal loved attention, and she enjoyed its companionship.  She loved the animal.  This was a problem in disguise because the serpent was indwelt by Satan.  Her love for the animal was really response to Satan.  Women tend to be subjective because they are built for love and think from the right lobe.  Men tend to be objective due to their left lobe thinking.  Adam viewed the serpent with objectivity, but the woman was subjectively drawn to it.  Satan has attacked women through animals throughout history and still does it today.  In order to avoid Satan's trap, the Doctrine of Animals must be understood.8

Now the serpent was more crafty than any animal of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, "Is it really true that God has said, 'You shall not eat from any tree of the Garden?'" (Genesis 3:1)
The serpent began talking to 'Ishah.  Animals can't talk unless they are indwelt by spirits.  And the woman should have been suspicious, but she was fearless without an Old Sin Nature.  Women have the gift of gab, and the woman in the Garden was no exception.  Her gabbing was more than small talk, however.  It was being socially unfaithful to her husband.  Satan counterattacked the first marriage by luring the woman away from her husband.  Adam was made for companionship, not the animals.

Social Unfaithfulness

1.  Social unfaithfulness is an unsanctified social relationship that rejects grace.
     Examples:  Socializing with paramours, apostates (Spiritual adulteresses, Rom. 16:17-18; James 4:1-4).
2.  Social unfaithfulness may violate authority (Z-axis), loyalty (Y-axis), policy (X-axis), or timing (Time-axis) (2 Cor. 11:4).
3.  Social unfaithfulness rejects a right relationship and violates the principle of separation from the world (2 Cor. 6:17; 1 Jn 2:15).
4.  Social unfaithfulness is consorting with the enemy (Matthew 12:30; Mark 9:40; Luke 11:23).
5.  Eating with a person is socializing with the person.  Eating is a common avenue to social unfaithfulness (1 Cor. 10:31).
6.  Social unfaithfulness rejects the principle of "forsaking all others" in Marriage (Deuteronomy 22:23-24).
7.  Social unfaithfulness precedes sexual unfaithfulness (2 Peter 2:13-14).
The serpent asked her if God had really forbidden her to eat from any tree of the Garden.
Genesis 3:2-3
2 Then the woman replied to the serpent, "From the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat; 3 but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, 'You shall not eat from it.  Neither shall you touch it, lest you die.'"
The woman answered the dumb question of the devil.  Of course, he was just playing dumb to start a conversation with the most brilliant woman who ever lived.  If Satan could hoodwink the most brilliant woman who ever lived, what hope is there for the rest?  Answering Satan will only lead to failure.  He is totally and completely negative.  No answer should ever be given to Satan or his demons.  However, the woman answered Satan by quoting the Lord's commandment, but she left out "freely" (Genesis 2:16), "dying" (Genesis 2:17), and added "touch."  Omitting "freely" left out grace.  And omitting "dying" left out Spiritual death.  She thought the fruit was poison and would cause her to die physically.  Then she added "touch" apparently for emphasis or good measure.

Here is the most brilliant woman who ever lived, with a photographic memory.  She received only one negative command from God, and she couldn't even get that right.  This is not a reflection of her genius, but her priorities.  She did not yet understand the importance of Bible Doctrine, but she was about to find out.

Epistemological Satanic Counterattack

The serpent said to the woman, "Not-dying you will die!" (Genesis 3:4)
In the Hebrew the "not" is tied to "dying" like "not-dying."  Thus, Satan told her she would not die spiritually, while he admitted that she would die physically.  Satan explained himself further by applying a positive spin to his half-truth.  He established himself as an authority to explain why God did something.  This was arrogance.  Only God knows why, not a created being (Romans 9:19-20).  This was a crafty Epistemological Satanic Counterattack.  Satan used knowledge, which he spun into a lie, to counterattack Bible Doctrine.
"For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." (Genesis 3:5)
This was the original lie of Satan, who said, "I will be like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14; Ezekiel 28:2, 6, 14-16). Satan gave the woman the ultimate promise:  that she would be like the Sovereign God.  This is the ultimate inordinate ambition.  And the woman bought this line.  Satan is the ultimate salesman.  He convinced a third of all the angels to follow him to the Lake of Fire.  The woman later admitted that she was seduced (not physically but soulishly) by Satan.  She listened to his irresistible arguments, but she didn't know what she was doing.  Satan charmed her.  She was blindly drawn into the power of Satan, the master-lawyer.

Satan attacked the woman, who represents love in the Marriage relationship.  Satan tolled the woman away from her husband and began working on her.  She had very strong personal love for her husband, which was no problem because she could trust him.  Satan appealed to that personal love, not to seduce her, but to convince her.  Personal love is based upon the attractiveness of the object of love.  It is not based upon the strength of the subject.  A person's love is no stronger than the person.  The woman was lured away from true love in Marriage by an attractive paramour, who seduced her to sin against God and destroy her Marriage.  A person who loves another will want to live for that person.  The woman did not stop to think that dying Spiritually or physically would end the Marriage.

Satan appealed to the woman, who represents love in Marriage.  He lured her away from Adam, and gave her loving attention.  He appealed to her personal love and offered her the throne of Heaven.  It was all a lie, but the woman had never heard a lie before.  She didn't know the difference between good and evil.  This was the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack, which Satan still uses today.

When 'Ishah saw that the tree was good for food, that it was a delight to the eyes, and to be desired to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband by her, and he ate. (Genesis 3:6)
The woman was overcome from all directions by the power of the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack.  Although she had not yet sinned, she was already hanging on Satan's every word and about to sin.  "'Ishah saw that the tree was good for food."  This was the counterattack of Ecumenical Babylon from the X-axis of the Cosmic System of Satan.  "It was a delight to the eyes."  This was the counterattack of Political Babylon from the Y-axis of the Cosmic System.  "And the tree was to be desired to make one wise."  This was the counterattack of Cosmic Babylon from the Z-axis of the Cosmic System.  The woman was lured by the power of Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon from the Cosmic System of Satan.  She ate of the forbidden fruit, and died spiritually.  She then turned into a Cosmic Evangelist and picked the fruit and handed it to her husband to eat.

Now, Adam was in the same predicament that his wife had been.  She was appealing to his love of her to follow her into sin.  However, unlike the woman, Adam was not seduced.  He was not under the power of the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack.  He was dealing with the woman in the Cosmic System, not Satan.  He knew objectively what was happening, but his personal love for the woman was greater than his respect for the command of God.  The power of personal love drew Adam to his wife, who was Spiritually dead in the Cosmic System.  Adam knew what had happened.  Yet, he lacked the strength to obey God's authority and preserve the authority over his wife.  Adam used his volition to reject the authority of God and obey his wife in sin.  He also ate of the fruit and died spiritually.

Prostitute of Babylon

Although the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon had not yet been defined, Satan's strategy for mentally seducing the woman in the Garden and empowering her against her husband was the first appearance of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Although there was no money or sex involved, Satan's appeal to the woman was though his dual personality as the goddess of love.  He did not attack with the god of war.  His appeal to the woman with pseudo love was the goddess of love and Prostitute of Babylon at work.  Satan is a master of deception.  He spoke lovingly to the woman and lied to achieve his ends.  He appealed to the woman's natural hunger for knowledge with the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack.  He invented a counterfeit doctrine, which the woman accepted because she was deceived.

Spiritual Death

When Adam and the woman ate the forbidden fruit, they died spiritually according to God's commandment.  Spiritual death meant that Adam and the woman lost their human spirits.  The Old Sin Nature in the cells of the body rose into the vacuum from the loss of the human spirit and overpowered the soul.  The soul was at the mercy of the body of sin and the Cosmic System of Satan, who had now deposed Adam and become the ruler of the world.  The man and the woman were now full of guilt from sin.

One of the first results of their sin was to realize that they were naked and be ashamed of it (Genesis 3:7).  The Bible does not prohibit nudity, which should upset the anti-pornography activists.  However, neither does the Bible condone sin or lewdness.  And the shame of Adam and the woman shows that people need privacy and cannot usually handle nudity with objectivity.  The nudity itself is not the sin, but the shame or arrogance about it is sin.  The man and the woman sewed fig leaves together to make bikinis to cover their genitals.  Going topless was considered OK.  Note, the shame was associated with the genitals, which are the seat of the greatest intimacy.  Shame affects the genitals.
Spiritual Death
The illustration shows the effect of sin on sex in Marriage.  In sin, with the Old Sin Nature controlling the soul and with no human spirit, sexual light is darkened.  The Old Sin Nature perverts the love relationship into Legalism (represented by blue light) or Lawlessness (represented by green light).  The blessing from God is cut off since there is no human spirit.  Consequently, God transmits cursing to the body and soul and leaves the person at the mercy of the Cosmic System.  Satan rules the person who does not have a human spirit to cover the soul.

The Original Sin

After the fall, Adam and his Right Woman, no longer had harmonious rapport.  They were full of excuses and at each other's throats when the Lord asked them if they'd eaten of the forbidden fruit.

Genesis 3:12-13
12 Then Adam said, "This woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from off the tree, and I ate." 13 Then the LORD God said to the woman, "What is this you have done?" And the woman answered, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."
Adam and the woman were afraid and offered excuses for their failure.  Adam reminded God that He had given him the woman and that she gave him the forbidden fruit to eat.  The woman explained that the serpent had deceived her and she ate.  "Deceived" is the Hiph'il perfect of the Hebrew av*n* (nasha').  The Hiph'il is the causative stem, and the perfect is the tense of completed action.  It means Satan in the form of the serpent did, indeed, cause her to be misled, i.e. to be deceived.  He confused her with the Satanic counterattack.
And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being completely deceived, fell into transgression. (1 Timothy 2:14)
Adam was not deceived.  "Not" is the Greek ouj (ou), which is a strong, strategic negative that means definitely not.  And "deceived" is the Greek ajpatavw (apatao), which means to deceive.  Adam was not deceived by a Satanic counterattack.  He faced the woman in the Cosmic System.  He had to choose between the woman and Bible Doctrine.  He listened to his wife and not Bible Doctrine and committed the Original Sin.

The woman was "completely deceived," which is the Greek ejxapatavw (exapatao), from ejx (ex, out of) + ajpatavw (apatao, to deceive), meaning completely deceived.  The woman was completely overpowered by the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack.  She never knew what hit her.  She was deceived through Satan's craftiness.

But I am afraid, lest as the serpent completely deceived Eve by his craftiness, your thoughts should be led astray from the noble simplicity and purity toward Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:3)
The Corinthians had fallen victim to the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack just as the woman in the Garden (2 Corinthians 11:4).  Paul taught them true doctrine, but false teachers came along after and led them astray.  The false teachers were like the serpent in the Garden who deceived Eve.  Consequently, the Corinthians were "completely deceived" (exapatao) (verse 3) just like Eve in the Garden.  The false teachers led them astray from the "noble simplicity," which is the Greek aJplovth" (haplotes), for the noble simplicity characteristic of heroes.9  The false teachers violated the basic principles of the faith, which are described as noble simplicity and purity in the relationship of the believer with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just as the first marriage failed when Adam and the woman sinned, the Christian's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ fails due to sin from false doctrine.

Churches and religious institutions are full of false teachers who have succumbed to the Epistemological Satanic Counterattack just as the woman did in the Garden.  Any religion that does not acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Savior is false.  And any Christian who tries to execute the Christian life apart from the Filling of the Holy Spirit is apostate.

Because he knew what he was doing when he sinned, it is from Adam that sin is passed down into every member of the human race.  Adam was the source of the Original Sin.  All sinned when Adam sinned (Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:21-22).  When a baby descended from Adam emerges from the womb, God the Father imputes to it human soul life along with Adam's Original Sin.  Then the Righteousness of God condemns the sin, and the Justice of God judges the baby with spiritual death.  God is not the source of sin, however.  The Original Sin came from Adam.  God merely enters the sin into the child's account in Heaven.  With sin attributed to the child, God's Justice judges the child with Spiritual Death.  The sin of Adam was paid for on the Cross; so when the child reaches the age of accountability, it can simply believe in Jesus Christ to be saved.

The only exception to this was Jesus Christ, who was born without an earthly father and, therefore, without Adam's Original Sin.  Therefore, Jesus Christ, who was without sin, was uniquely qualified to bear the sins of the world.

There is no human soul life inside the womb.  There is only biological life in the womb.  Condemnation must precede Salvation.  The baby is condemned at birth.  When the child reaches the age of accountability, it has the maturity to consider its own destiny.  It is free to choose Salvation, or remain under condemnation.  The default is condemnation.  Those who reject Salvation go to Hell.  The exception is children who die before reaching the age of accountability.  They get a free ticket to Heaven, since they never reached the maturity level to decide their eternal future (2 Samuel 12:22-23).

Adamic Covenant

After the Fall, the Lord established new rules for life outside the Garden in the Adamic Covenant.  One of the clauses of the Adamic Covenant was:
To the woman He said,
"I will greatly multiply your pain and your conception.
In pain you shall bring forth children.
Yet, for your husband (Right Man), your desire; but he shall rule over you." (Genesis 3:16)
This clause establishes the woman as the child bearer for the preservation of the human race.  Childbearing will be a curse for the woman and cause her much pain.  In spite of the problems of Marriage, the woman's desire will be for her Right Man (husband), and he will have authority over her.  The word "husband" is the Hebrew 'ish, for Right Man.  The first Marriage was made up of Right Man and Right Woman.  The word, "desire," is the Hebrew teshuqah, meaning desire or longing.  This is not a sexual or sinful desire but the longing of Right Man and Right Woman for each other.  In Song of Solomon it is used for the desire of the Right Man for his Right Woman (SOS 7:10). Right Man and Right Woman are two halves of the same whole.  They are incomplete without each other, and their desires are to unite.  This desire is not present in Marriage of wrong man and wrong woman.

This verse also establishes the man as the authority over the woman in Marriage.  Regardless of their desire or love for each other, the man is the authority in Marriage.  The last line of the verse explains the blessing and cursing of Marriage Culture.  The desire of Right Man and Right Woman for each other is a blessing, but Marriage is an authority relationship with cursing for violations of that authority.  The woman brings love and the man brings authority to Marriage.  Women are created to love and respond, while men are created to have authority and lead.  Only when each role is fulfilled can there be a happy and successful Marriage.  The husband and wife must have the integrity to fulfill their respective roles in order to foster true love.  True love has integrity.  It is not corrupted by arrogance or any other sin.  The woman must not usurp the authority of her husband, and the man must not bow to a pushy wife.  Men who bow to the female to keep peace become wimps.

Love without authority erodes the boundaries of Marriage.
Women represent love (ref. Marriage Culture).  There should always be love in the Marriage just as in the Christian life.  But love must exist within the framework of the authority of Marriage.  When the woman uses her power to react to the man to get her way or when she tries to manipulate the man, she is not just insubordinate, but she is doing the same thing the woman in the Garden did.  She is falling under the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon.  She is succumbing to demon power.
The recalcitrant, reacting female is motivated by the Prostitute of Babylon.
The Lord made it clear in the Adamic Covenant that the authority in Marriage belongs to the man and not the woman.  That principle has never changed throughout history.  Yet, women bristle at authority in Marriage.  They have fears of slavery.  On the contrary, the only freedom the woman will ever have is under authority.  As long as she is under the true authority of her Right Man, she will have freedom.  Of course, if the man is in the Cosmic System, obeying him can lead to slavery to the Cosmic System.  The Christian can always consult the Holy Spirit about how to obey or what to do in the case of an authority counterattack from the Cosmic System.

Satan can usurp the man's authority just as easily as the woman can usurp the man's authority.  The only true authority is from God.  God will grant the man authority commensurate with his capacity for life.  The authority here is not meant to be used to lord it over the woman and run her life like a drill sergeant.  On the contrary, it is aligning the Z-axis of the soul with God's authority and protecting the woman's volition so that she is free to respond in like manner.  This is explained under Spiritual Dynamics in Marriage Grace.  Proper exercise of authority and response to it demands maturity.

Marriage is for adults.
Sexual love is the exception to authority in Marriage.  However, sexual love can only exist within the framework of Marriage.  Sex is God's gift for Marriage, and it is not to be practiced outside Marriage.  Sexual love is a vacation from the normal authority of Marriage.  Both the man and the woman are expected to serve each other in sexual love.  And neither is supposed to attempt to exercise authority or make demands on the other.  Making demands violates the concept of grace.  Sexual love is also explained in Marriage Grace.

Antediluvian Anarchy

Demon Marriage
The Gods and Goddesses
The Prostitute of Babylon

Demon MarriageAntedeluvian Anarchy

After Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden, children were born, and the population increased rapidly.  The descendants of Adam and Eve were very attractive to the Fallen Angels, or demons, who had drooled over the love-making in the Garden.  Now with the lovers under the power of the Cosmic System, they drooled even more.
Genesis 6:1-2
1 It came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the land and and daughters were born to them, 2 The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were good-looking.   They took for themselves wives from them whom they chose.
The "sons of God" refers to angels in other passages (Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7; Psa 29:1; 89:6; Dan 3:25).  Here the "sons of God" refers to the Fallen Angels, or demons.  The "daughters of men" were the human descendants of mankind.  The demons were attracted to them because they were "good-looking", which is the Hebrew bof (tob), meaning good-looking or pulchritudinous.  The demons were attracted to the physical beauty of the women.  They viewed them as sex objects.  There was no love involved.

The demons took for themselves wives, which is the Hebrew laqach plus 'ishah.  This is the normal way of referring to Marriage in the Hebrew of the Old Testament.  So, there is no need to try to come up with another interpretation.  However, this does present problems.  First, the demons were supposed to be observing the Appeal Trial, not participating in it.  These demons were severely judged for failing to stay in the angelic realm apart from mankind.  They were locked up as criminals in the dungeon below Hell (Jude 6; 2 Peter 2:4), which is called in the Greek Tartarus.  Second, angels do not normally have sex (Matt 22:30; Mark 12:25; Luke 20:34-36).  However, angels can appear as men with flesh and bones.  The two angels sent to destroy Sodom were so attractive that the homosexuals of Sodom demanded to have sex with them (Genesis 19:1-11).

The LORD said:  "My Spirit shall not rule in men for ever; in their wandering they are flesh.1  Nevertheless, his days shall be 120 years." (Genesis 6:3)
The result of demon marriage in the human race was so bad that the Lord proclaimed that He would have to destroy the guilty before it self-destructed.  He issued the proclamation 120 years before the Flood when Noah was 480 years old.  He said, "My Spirit shall not rule in men for ever."  This was a reference to the spirit of human soul life from the Heavenly Control Room.  He gives the spirit of life at birth and takes it away at death.  "In their wandering" is the Hebrew hg^v* (shagah), which means to err or go astray.  "In their erring, they are flesh" refers to the production of sin from the flesh, which is the location of the Old Sin Nature in the cell structure of the body.

The Gods and Goddesses

The result of the cohabitation of demons with women was a race of supermen, who were half-angel and half-man.
The Nephilim (giants) were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them.  Those were the mighty men (heroes) who from ancient times were the men of renown. (Genesis 6:4)
The Nephilim, a race of giants, were on the earth in those days.  The genes of the Nephilim survived the Flood; thus, they were also on the earth afterward (Numbers 13:33).

The "sons of God," demons, "came into the daughters of men" and had sex with them, and "they bore children to them."  The children of the demons and women were the "mighty men," which is the Hebrew roBG! (gibbor), meaning mighty men or heroes.  These "mighty men" were those "who from ancient times were men of renown."  This describes the gods and goddesses, the super creatures, of mythology.

The race of supermen had different DNA from the human race.  Therefore, homo sapiens was endanger of extinction.  The Lord would have to exterminate these creatures in order to preserve the human race.  At the time of the Flood, only Noah and his family, eight people in all, were still pure with human DNA.  All others were corrupted and had to be destroyed.

The Prostitute of Babylon

Satan's attack upon the antediluvian civilization was another attack on Marriage and the love relationship between Right Man and Right Woman.  Satan turned his demons loose on women, who couldn't resist them. The ulterior motive was to destroy all the witnesses for the Prosecution in the Appeal Trial.  The witnesses needed to be believers in the human race.  But Satan tried to destroy them by altering their DNA.  He could not even abide by the rules of the Appeal Trial without lying, cheating, and stealing.

Here again, was the Prostitute of Babylon, although she had not yet been defined.  The demons who married the women represented Satan as the goddess of love, and the women represented the Prostitute of Babylon.  So powerful was the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon that after ten generations only 8 people survived.  These 8 people were preserved on Noah's Ark through the Flood along with animal life.

The City of Babel

The Tower of Babel
The Prostitute of Babylon


All the human race is descended from the three sons of Noah, who came off the Ark (Genesis 9:19).  Shem was the father of the Semitic races, who settled in Assyria.  Japheth was the father of the Caucasians, who settled in Asia Minor and Europe.  And Ham was the father of Canaan, the Arab races that settled in Arabia and Africa, and the Blacks.  Ham became the father of Cush, who was the father of Nimrod, the first Evil King.
Genesis 10:8-9
8 Now Cush became the father of Nimrod; he was the first to be a hero on the earth. 9 He was a famous hunter against the LORD; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod a famous hunter against the LORD.”
The name, Nimrod, is a variation of the Hebrew dr^m( (marad), which means "we will revolt," hence, a rebel.  The name also could be parsed namer (leopard) plus rod (to subdue, rule over); hence, the subduer of the leopard.  The leopard was one of the symbols of Nimrod, who was a famous hunter.  The word translated "hero" and "famous" is the Hebrew roBG! (gibbor), meaning hero, famous, or mighty man.  Nimrod was not famous, however, as a big-game hunter, but as a hunter of men.  He was the founder of the first imperial kingdom.  He was "against the LORD," where "against" is literally "in the face of," which, in this context, means against, not in the presence of.  Nimrod was the first great Evil King who rebelled against the Lord.  He was a man who was empowered by Satan as the god of war.
Therefore, the beginning of his kingdom was Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. (Genesis 10:10)
Since Nimrod was a famous hunter of men, it followed, "therefore," that his kingdom was called Babel.  Babel is the Hebrew lb#B* (Babel), which means gate of God.  It also means confusion, which will be explained later.  The Hebrew Babel is the same as the Greek Babylon.  "Shinar" is the same as Sumer, the land of Semiramis, who was the famous queen associated with Nimrod.Babel, Ziggurat

The Tower of Babel

The families who came off Noah's Ark all spoke the same language. As the population grew, they lost their pioneering spirit, however.  They decided to build the first city-state to keep all the families together with a common culture (Genesis 11:1-3).
They said, "Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name; lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth." (Genesis 11:4)
The people on the earth after the Flood decided to build a city.  The city represented Political Babylon.  They sought a political solution to their problems and used civil engineering to implement the infrastructure.  But this was human good, which is man trying to solve his own problems through his own ability apart from the grace of God.

They decided to build a tower whose top would reach into heaven.  This was a huge ziggurat5,6,7, a heathen temple for practicing the religion of idolatry and prostitution.  This represented Ecumenical Babylon.  The religion was the worship of the gods and goddess of the antediluvian civilization.  Instead of the overt attack of the gods and goddesses, however, after the Flood the attack went underground.  At Babel, the religion included hidden mysteries known only to the initiates.  The gods and goddesses, however, were worshipped in ways like they were later worshipped in the ziggurats of Babylon through ritual prostitution.

The people also sought to make a name for themselves.  This was the desire for celebrityship, the ultimate goal of human good.  It was the thinking of Satan, who said, "I will be like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14).  This represented Cosmic Babylon.  The influence of Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon indicated that the people were already enslaved to the Cosmic System.  The people wanted to build the city because they were afraid.  This was separation anxiety, which is a sign of regression, or reversionism.  It was a violation of the Noahic Covenant, which stated that the people were supposed to populate the earth (Genesis 9:1, 7).

The next verse says the Lord came down to see the city and tower which they had built (Genesis 11:5).  This is an anthropomorphism, which ascribes to God human characteristics or actions.  God did not actually come down from Heaven to see the city.  He saw it in eternity past.  Further, He is omnipresent and doesn't need to come down.  This is simply language of accommodation to help mankind understand that the Lord observed the city of Babel and the tower which they had built in violation of the Noahic Covenant.  "Built" is banah in the Qal perfect, which is the tense of completed action, meaning that the city and tower were complete up to a point.  They had reached some stage of completion.

And the Lord said, "Behold, they are one (united) people, and they all have one language.  This is only the beginning of what they will do; therefore, nothing will be impossible for them of all that they devise to do." (Genesis 11:6)
The people had united to build a city-state in rebellion against the laws of nationalism implied in the Noahic Covenant.  Being united has drawbacks.  When the people unite under an evil dictator, there is no freedom.  Freedom requires the ability to separate from evil.  Once the people united under slavery to the Cosmic System, they were all serving Satan.  This was only the beginning of the evil that could occur without freedom.  Without freedom, all the evil plans devised by the people would be accomplished without opposition.  It was never God's Sovereign purpose to leave all mankind under the slavery of Satan.  Therefore, the Lord intervened again for the preservation of the human race.
Come, we will go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. (Genesis 11:7)
God actually performed a miracle and intervened.  He "confounded" their language.  "Confounded" is the Hebrew ll^B* (balal).  It means the people began to speak entirely different languages, not just different dialects of the same language.  The purpose of confounding the languages was then explained.
So the LORD scattered them abroad out from there over the face of the entire earth, and they abandoned building the city. (Genesis 11:8)
The Lord scattered the people out from the city of Babel before it was finished.  They stopped building the city.  Due to divine intervention, they left Babel and didn't finish their project.  Their project was uniting all mankind under the religion of Satan and ushering in a false millennium with Satan as the king rather than the Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore, its name was called Babel because there the LORD confounded the language of all the earth, and from there, the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth. (Genesis 11:9)
The name of the city was called in the Hebrew lb#B* (Babel), which means literally Bab (gate) + el (God), or Gate of God.  It comes from the Assyrian Bab-ili (gate of god).12,13 However, Babel also has a Hebrew etymology in which it means confusion "because there the LORD confounded the language."  "Confounded" is the Hebrew verb ll^B* (balal).  The Hebrew lb#B* (Babel) is the contracted from of the Hebrew  lB#l+B* (Balebel), from the Hebrew ll^B* (balal).2

"And from there, the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth."  This is the symbolic meaning of Babel, where the scattering of the people represented confusion.  This is the concept behind the meaning of the diaspora (reference Ted Bundy3).

All this occurred in the days of Peleg (Genesis 10:25).  Peleg means to divide.  In his days the land was divided because of the Tower of Babel.  The division of the land is the Sovereign decision of God under Nationalism.  Peleg was born when his father, Eber, was 34.  Thus, 34 becomes a number for the division of the land (Genesis 11:16).  Peleg was born 100  years after the Flood.  If it is assumed the time of the Tower of Babel incident was 150 years after the Flood, then the population of the earth could have been approximately 30,000.4

The Prostitute of Babylon

The mythical Prostitute of Babylon seduced and enslaved the first city-state of Babel in her third great attack on the human race.  She was worshipped under various names of the goddess of love.  Whereas, the Satanic attack on the antediluvian civilization was overt, the power of the Prostitute of Babylon in Babel was hidden in the mystery rites of the religion of idolatry.  The religion included state-sponsored ritual prostitution.  Prostitution was held to be sacred in the ziggurats.  This was Satan's alternative to Marriage Culture.

The Queen Mother of Babel, Semiramis, was worshipped as the goddess of love and mother of god.  She also symbolized the power of female sexuality over the male.  As in the Garden and in the antediluvian civilization, the woman was really the power behind society.  She successfully usurped male authority.  Semiramis was the Prostitute of Babylon.  And Satan was the power behind her just as he was in the Garden.  The Prostitute of Babylon was not just symbolic.  She existed as a human being in the person of Semiramis.  She was used by Satan in his strategy in luring people with his lies of mythical mysteries.

Although it was a lie, Satan's attack on Babel was his most successful.  Apart from a few true believers, he enslaved the government, religion, and authority of Babel.  In an attempt to thwart Divine Design for human history, Satan had established one-world government with himself at the head.  He would continue to try to do this throughout history.  Mythical characters and their symbols, like the Sun, Moon, and planets, were worshipped in lieu of the only true God.  Satan was worshipped through idolatry.  Instead of demon marriages, however, the demons simply indwelt the evil prostitutes who posed as goddesses of love and fertility.

After the Lord intervened and scattered the citizens of Babel over the earth, Satan had to do some fast thinking to spin the news.  His greatest victory had become his most humiliating defeat.  In order to explain the confusion of the languages, and the scattering of the citizens, he invented a god called "the confounder."  He was called Bel, and Bel carried a club with which he smashed things and scattered them.  Satan also claimed that Bel had the power to put things back together.  Thus, he became the god of the hinge, who could open any lock and open gates.  The god was later known as Mercury and Janus.  He was called the god of fortresses, prisons, or towers.  And female goddesses, such as Diana of Ephesus, were also said to have this power.

All of the pantheons of mythology had their origin at the Tower of Babel.  As the citizens of Babel were scattered over the earth, they started offshoots of the religion of Babel.  The gods and goddess and cultic practices of the Egyptians and the Canaanites, along with all other cultures, had their origin in the hidden mysteries of Babel.  Those hidden mysteries are symbolized by the Prostitute of Babylon.



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