Sign of the Holocaust

The smelting-pot for silver,
And the furnace for gold;
And a validator of the hearts is the LORD.
(Proverbs 17:3)




The Smelting Pot

Fire Testing of Israel

Fire Testing in the Great Tribulation

Fire Testing in the Church Age

Christ's Teachings of Fiery Judgments


Definition of Fire Testing

Fire Testing is a new name for an old judgment.  Fire Testing in simple terms refers to the judgment of fire.  Fire was the judgment handed down on Satan and the fallen angels in the prehistoric Angelic Conflict.  When man was created to resolve the prehistoric Angelic Conflict, there was no fire in the Garden of Eden.  There was no need for it because everything was perfect.  There were plenty of fruits, vegetables, and nuts to eat that did not require cooking.  Man was not carnivorous,and there was no need for judgment; so there was no need for fire.

However, when man sinned, fire appeared on the scene to judge his sins.  After the Lord Jesus Christ gave Adam and Eve the gospel and they received salvation, an animal was sacrificed to symbolize the judgment of their sins by fire.  The burning of the animal sacrifice symbolized the judgment required to purify man from his sins.  The sacrifice of the animal symbolized the substitutionary spiritual death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross to pay for the sins of all mankind.  Furthermore, Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden, and angels were left to guard the entrance with laser weapons, another evidence of the judgment of fire.

Just as fire fell from Heaven to burn up the animal sacrifice and judge man's sins in the Garden, fire has been a form of divine judgment throughout history.  The Jewish race, for example, has periodically suffered holocausts to destroy the evil among them in order to preserve a remnant.  Before the fiery judgments, God tested the people to measure the doctrine in their souls, i.e. their divine good production, which was analogous to gold and silver.  Gold and silver are analogous to divine good production because they have intrinsic value.  The heat was symbolically turned up on the people to determine their net worth.  Such testing was like assaying to measure the gold or silver content of samples.  If adequate silver and gold were found, then the impending holocaust would be averted; otherwise, the nation was sentenced to be judged by a holocaust.

Fire Testing is testing to measure the spiritual value of believers.  Spiritual value is measured by metabolized Bible Doctrine in the heart, the right lobe of the soul.  The purpose of Fire Testing is to measure the believer's metal.  Gold and silver represent divine good production that will be revealed through Fire Testing.  Fire Testing is a form of suffering.  In the Church Age it is described as:

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fire in you, the test that comes face-to-face with you, as though some strange thing were happening to you; (1 Peter 4:12)
Fire Testing is described as the "fire in you, the test that comes face-to-face with you."

Relation to Marriage Culture

Relationship with God must precede relationship with people.  Spiritual Rapport must precede social rapport.  When Adam and 'Ishah sinned, they knew that they were naked and were ashamed.  They sewed together fig leaves to make loin coverings to cover their genitals.  Operation fig leaves was a futile attempt of man to solve his own social problems.  The problem was sin - not social acceptance.  After they sinned, there was no longer harmonious rapport in the marriage.  Adam blamed the woman for his problem, and the woman blamed the serpent.

When man rejects God, the inevitable result is loss of harmony in marriage and the rest of the culture.  Loss of spiritual rapport with God propagates rapidly into Marriage Culture.  The breakdown of Marriage Culture will bring judgment from God to expose the problem.  Marriage is the seed of society.  When it fails, the culture is doomed.

Following the perfect marriage in the Garden of Eden, there are two judgments upon mankind that symbolize the breakdown of Marriage Culture:  Tornadoes and volcanoes.  Tornadoes are judgments that symbolize the failure of the male in Marriage Culture.  The tornado represents the uncircumcised male, which is a symbol of the uncircumcised heart, i.e. hardness of the heart.  Fire Testing is the judgment that symbolizes the failure of the female in Marriage Culture.  The volcano is a Fire Test that represents the burning heat of the female who is reacting to her Right Man.

Relationship to the Essence of God

God is absolute Righteousness, perfect Justice, and gracious Love.  His perfect integrity, called holiness, can accept no sin or flaws.  He is perfect.  His essence is perfect.  His Plan for mankind is perfect.  God's Righteousness cannot tolerate sin and evil.  Therefore, to have a relationship with God demands that His perfect essence not be compromised.  The only way to do this is God's way.  He provided a way through the work of Christ on the cross whereby man can be reconciled to God.  For those who believe in Christ, salvation is available.  For those who have received the gift of Eternal Life, fellowship with God is possible, but it is only possible on God's terms.  His protocol must be followed.

Man's failures and shortcomings inevitably violate the perfect essence of God, and God's Righteousness demands Justice, but only through the Love of God.  God doesn't give man what he deserves, but what is compatible with divine essence.  He disciplines man and causes suffering, but these are always compatible with His essence.  His policy toward mankind is grace.  Regardless of the offense, God always deals with man on the basis of grace.  Man does not get what he deserves, but what is compatible with the grace of God.  Man's worst offenses are always dealt with in grace.

God's judgments upon mankind may be upon any part of creation.  From the first four days of the re-creation of the Earth, it can be deduced that in the spiritual domain all of creation may be expressed in relation to four axes:  (1)  X - Land, (2) Y - water, (3) Z - air, and (4) time.  Everything in creation may be related to these four axes.

Fire is an example of the justice of God upon creation.  Fire requires fuel, air, and heat.  Fire from God combines fuel (X - axis), heat (Y - axis), and air (Z - axis).  So, the fire of God comes down upon the X, Y, and Z axes to judge creation.  This may appear convoluted in that it takes heat to make fire, but that is true.  In the Tabernacle only the fire from the Altar was used to burn the incense.  Fire from the outside was not permitted.  When God created the heavens and the Earth, He provided heat energy and made it available to man.  Some of the readily available heat energy must be captured to make a fire.  But fire is composed of elements from the X, Y, and Z axes of the Space-Time Coordinate System.

Through judgments of fire, God expresses his disapproval over violations of His essence.  When man constructs dead works along the X, Y, Z axes over time, God's perfect Integrity may demand Justice.  The Justice of God may be implemented with fire to burn up the dead works.  However, God does not burn up everything.  He always exercises His Justice commensurate with His Love by means of His grace.  The fire may simply burn up the evil part while leaving the rest.  For example, an evil country may be burned but enough seed may be left to rebuild it.  Such is the case with the periodic holocausts of Israel.  God may burn the country but leave a remnant for seed.

A similar analogy is taking out the rotten apple to prevent spoiling the barrel.  Or it may be better for one to die rather than all.  This concept is called Providential Preventative Suffering, which means that God orders undeserved suffering upon a part in order to deliver the whole through undeserved blessing.  Fire Testing is one of the judgments that God uses in Providential Preventative Suffering.

Examples of Fire Tests in History

Fires happen all the time.  Some are controlled while others are often called accidents.  In reality, there is no such thing as an accident.  Accidents are a type of spiritual judgment.  Mankind can either be blessed or cursed.  Both come from God.  Destructive fires may be more than carelessness.  They are usually due to the judgment of God.  There is a spiritual side to the houses that burn and the explosions that occur.  Nothing catches God by surprise.  And when a fiery judgment occurs, the angels of God will be there to protect and preserve as well as to destroy.  Fire Tests are administered by Fire Angels.

In 1998 wild fires destroyed thousands of acres in Mexico as well as Florida and other parts of the USA.  The fires were sent to judge Mexico, and fires were sent to judge Florida.  When the fires came through the neighborhoods in Florida, they took some homes and spared others.  It was quite obvious that the fires picked and chose.  They did not just strike haphazardly.  The fires were under control of the Fire Angels.  These fires were Fire Tests.

In 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in a fiery disaster at 11:39/13 EST (73 seconds after liftoff) and by 11:39/14 EST the last explosion had completely destroyed it.1  It was the 25th mission of the Shuttle, the number for the sovereignty of God.  It is God who decides the time, the manner, and the place of death.  Whereas much could be said about the loss of the Challenger, suffice it to say that it was a Fire Test, a judgment due to the failure of the woman in Marriage Culture.  It was not just an accident due to an Solid Rocket Booster field joint design weakness, but a carefully orchestrated Fire Test that was implemented precisely by the angels of God.  It was too cold that day.  Then the SRB got too hot and everything exploded.  This was all evidence of the Fire Test.

Another space disaster occurred on the 25 launch of the Titan IV from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 12, 1998 (Day 224).  It was the second most expensive failure in the history of the space program with losses estimated at over one billion dollars.  At 40 seconds after liftoff, the Titan tilted over and began to explode.  At 42 seconds after liftoff, it was destroyed with a destruct command from Range Safety.  This was also full of meaning, but, in summary, it was another Fire Test.  This time the angels left visible signs of women in the explosion, such as a picture of a woman's head with long hair in the vapor trails and debris that was falling from the sky.  The woman simply represented the failure of the woman in Marriage Culture.

There are many other examples of Fire Tests, such as forest fires, fiery tanker crashes on the freeways, plane crashes as well as terrorist bombs and volcanoes.  In the wake of the fires are pieces of metal, which represent the failure of the Fire Test unless gold and silver are found.  Only gold and silver represent divine good production in the Fire Test.  Fire Tests are frequent occurrences.  They are implemented by angels and each has clues that are left behind to explain them for those who comprehend the spiritual language of Fire Testing.



1.  Rogers Commission Report.

August 15, 1998

Author: Larry Wood
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