Emotion is both the appreciator and destroyer of the soul.  Good emotion brings pleasure to life, while bad emotion is the venom of evil.  Emotion is neither love nor thought.  It is a vapor from the soul that elicits bodily hormones to arouse powerful desires.  It torpedoes the truth and transforms reality into fantasy.  It appreciates music and brings pleasure and pain.  It is a gentle breeze and a raging storm.  Because it is such a powerful indicator of soul balance in the war between Good and Evil, the Christian must become its master or be its slave.


Detail Definitions


Responder to God
Right Man - Right Woman Analogy
God Tests the Heart and Kidneys
Cosmic System Counterattack
Emotional Revolt of the Soul
Fear and Trembling
Pastor-Congregation Analogy


Emotion is tied to every thought, perception, and expression of human life.  It rises and falls, ebbs and flows like the tides.  It adds feeling to knowing.  It soothes and excites, responds or reacts.  It is the music of the soul, the beat and rhythm of life.  Without it life would be a monotone of monotony.  Those who are too emotional are losing control, and those who are insensitive are lacking emotional response.  The thoughts and actions of human life always carry emotional content.  What is normal includes emotion, as does what is abnormal.

Emotion arises from the human body and echoes in the soul.  It is not spiritual, but it is tied to human response to God and His Love as well as expressions of praise and adoration.  Too much emotion is a distraction from truth, and too little is loss of life and love.  It differentiates the normal soul from the abnormal.  Thus, mental illnesses are defined by emotional aberrations.  Psychosis is an emotional aberration that arises from the subconscious in the absence of truth on the cerebral cortex.   Lies, illusions, and sin can lead to psychosis; whereas, truth anchors the emotion and stabilizes the soul.

The Spiritual life is higher than the soul.  It covers the soul and keeps emotion under control.  Spiritual truth from God keeps human emotion in check.  Under the control of the Holy Spirit, the emotion even becomes an appreciator of truth and an expression of praise.  When the Spiritual life breaks down, the emotion rises in rebellion.  Sin shuts down the Spiritual life and opens run-away emotions.  Fear is a sin that is amplified by emotion.  The emotion rises from the body, and invades the soul.  Hormones which pump up the emotions create stress in the body and soul that can lead to both physical and mental illness.

The Bible contains the truth about the Spiritual life and its enemies.  Good emotion under the control of the Spirit is a blessing, but bad emotion from sin and evil is a curse.  As the Christian grows spiritually, the emotion will be under control, but breakdown of the Spiritual life leads to emotional revolt.  A sudden rise in emotion may indicate a spiritual problem that needs to be handled.  For example, a rising fear or anxiety is a sin, and the solution is to Rebound.  Other emotional problems may require application of Faith.  A course correction may be required to get back in the will of God.

The Bible contains the truth about good emotion and bad emotion.  It is important to know when the emotions are reacting before the Spiritual life wanders off course and suffers shipwreck and failure.  The explanations for good and bad emotional behavior are in the Bible.  However, the emotions are explained in terms of body parts, namely, the viscera.  So, a detailed study is required to find the definitions of emotion in scripture and understand the metaphors that describe emotional function.

Peter described the emotional upheavals during testing in the Christian life as:

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fire in you, the test that comes face-to-face with you, as though some strange thing were happening to you; (1 Peter 4:12)
Understanding the emotion is necessary to understand the "strange thing" that is happening to you and recover the Spiritual life before it founders.


EmotionEmotion is the subjective sensation, feeling, and excitement perceived by the soul from its connection to the body.  Like love, it is one of the fundamental expressions of the soul.  It adds a subjective dimension to thought.  It can be an appreciator or depreciator, happy or sad.  Emotion connects soul and body, but it is not spiritual, even though it can be aroused by the spiritual.  Both God and Satan, angels and demons, can elicit emotion in mankind.  However, emotion remains lower than the spiritual.

There is no word for emotion in the Bible.  The functions of the emotion are attributed to parts of the body, namely the viscera.  Emotion is attributed to the stomach, heart, and kidneys.  This turns out to be quite helpful since individual organs not only characterize the respective emotions, but the organs also become symbols and indicators of them.  Thus, the Holy Spirit can teach us by simply playing a number on the individual organs.

The emotion is attributed to parts of the body in the original languages of scripture.  Unfortunately, the translators often mess this up in an attempt to interpret the meaning of the verse in the translation.  For example, the word, heart or mind, may be substituted for kidneys or the intestines may be called inner parts.  If the translation is not accurate for the body part, the corresponding emotion cannot be determined.  Furthermore, the heart almost never refers to the blood pump but to the right lobe of the soul.

The emotion and corresponding body parts must also be understood in terms of Spiritual Rapport with God.  If the emotion is not in rapport with God, it is out of line.  Thus, the emotions and body parts must be understood in relation to the X, Y, Z, and Time axes of the Space-Time Coordinate System.  In general, then, the top-level definitions are:

  1. Stomach (Belly) (X-axis)
  2. Bowels (Intestines) (Y-axis)
  3. Kidneys (Z-axis)
  4. Heart (Time axis)
Body Parts Not in Scripture

There are also parts of the body used for the emotion that do not appear in the original languages of scripture.  These include the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and pancreas.

Detail Definitions of Body Parts with Scripture References


The emotions of the soul are subordinate to the Heart (right lobe).  They have no objective thought content.  They amplify the thought of the Heart.  The emotions are subjective.  They respond or react to the thought of the Heart.  The emotions may respond to noble thought of the heart as appreciators of the soul, e.g. response to love (Gen 43:30; 1 Ki 3:26; Phil 1:8; Philem 12, 20; 1 Jn 3:17), happiness (Prov 23:16; Philem 7), and Bible Doctrine (Psa 119:103; Prov 22:18; Jer 15:16).  Or the emotions may react and fill the heart with deceit as the destroyer of the soul (Jer 17:9).

Musical Analogy

The emotions are intoned with rhythm and pitch like the sounds of a lyre (Isa 16:11).  Isaiah is moved with sympathy for Moab because of its approaching gut-wrenching destruction.

Therefore, my bowels moan toward Moab like a lyre
And my guts for Kir-Heres. (Isaiah 16:11)
The internal organs of the body, which symbolically produce the emotions, are analogous to the strings of a lyre (musical instrument), and the Heart (right lobe) is the sounding board.  The emotion may cause the Heart to wail like a flute (Jer 48:36), as those playing a funeral dirge (Matt 9:23).

Analog Function

Good EmotionThe emotions are analog rather than discrete functions in that they operate over a range of intensity, e.g. from tranquil to ecstatic.  The emotions may respond to Grace blessing from God with Love and Happiness.  Such emotions are subordinate to the Heart and are appreciators of God.

Bad EmotionThe emotions may also associate with subjective expressions of the Heart, such as weaknesses, illusions, imagination, bad values, and erroneous beliefs.  Illusions or the absence of truth on the cerebral cortex leave a void, or vacuum, into which the emotion is sucked.  Thus, the emotions may also amplify the relation to Satan's Cosmic System and the expressions of the Old Sin Nature, including sin, lust, human good, and evil.

Coordinate System

Emotions are related to the alignment of X, Y, Z, and Time axes.

  1. Stomach (Belly) (X-axis) - holding bin for food, which is analogous to doctrine; and what is swallowed represents what is possessed.
  2. Bowels (Intestines) (Y-axis) - front, love or political relationship.
  3. Kidneys (Z-axis) - back, produce adrenaline for fright, flight; the two kidneys, reins, communicate with the head through emotions.
  4. Heart (Time axis) the beat of the physical heart corresponds to the harmony of love relationships associated with the right lobe.

Responder to God Analogy

The emotion responds or reacts to thoughts and beliefs in the Heart about God.  God can bless the believer who has Faith (Bible Doctrine) on the cerebral cortex.  Good emotion responds in Love and Happiness to God as the appreciator of Bible Doctrine in the Heart.

Right Man - Right Woman Analogy

The left lobe of the soul (Mentality) is analogous to the Right Man, and the right lobe (Heart) is analogous to the Right Woman.  The emotions can respond or react to the Heart.  Good emotion may amplify love (Phil 1:8; Philem 20) and happiness (Philem 7) in the Heart so that the Heart is like the Right Woman responding to her Right Man.  Bad emotion may react and fill the Heart with bitterness and rebellion so that the Heart is like the reacting female (2 Ti 3:6; 1 Ti 5:6, 13) who rejects her Right Man.

In the eating and drinking analogy, the emotions respond or react to food and drink.  Emotional response of intimacy is associated with food and drink (SOS 1:2; 2:3, 5; 4:11; 5:1; 6:7; 6:11; 7:7-9; 8:2; 8:11-12).   Lovesickness is emotional suffering associated with romance (2 Sa 13:4; SOS 2:5; 5:8).  Raisin cakes and apples were recommended to alleviate the suffering of lovesickness.Testing Emotions and Heart

The Prostitute of Babylon, who is the enemy of the Right Man Right Woman relationship, will have her Heart and kidneys tested by God.  She and her followers will be Judged for flunking the test (Rev 2:20, 23).

Revelation 2:20, 23
20 'But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray, so that they practice prostitution and eat things sacrificed to idols.
23 'And I will execute her children (followers) by the death penalty; and all the churches will know that I am He who analyzes the kidneys and the hearts; and I will give to every one of you according to your deeds.
The problem was that a woman in the Church at Thyatira was teaching Christians to engage in ritual prostitution in the worship of Baal.  The woman was just like Jezebel and the High Priestess of Babylon, who was the Prostitute of Babylon.  The woman was practicing ritual prostitution under demon influence.  After analyzing her Heart and validating her kidneys, she was discovered to be in a state of sin, for which God required that she repent (Rebound).  When she refused to Rebound, God decreed that He would put her in the sickbed and execute her followers with the sin leading to death if they did not Rebound.  Consequently, people would know that God tests the Hearts and kidneys and punishes those who fail the tests.

The situation today is not much different.  Although Christian women are not usually engaged in ritual prostitution, they are still under demon influence and acting as the Prostitute of Babylon.  God still tests the Hearts and kidneys and punishes those women and their followers.  God orders the tests, and God prescribes the punishment.  Testing the Hearts and kidneys together includes a test for Emotional Revolt of the Soul.

God Tests the Heart and Kidneys

God validates the integrity of the Heart and kidneys.  He analyzes them and performs various tests on them to demonstrate their capacity to handle pressure and avoid emotional breakdown (1 Sam 16:7; 1 Chr 28:9; 29:17; Ps 7:9; 26:2; 139:1, 23; Prov 17:3; Jer 11:20; 17:10; 20:12; Rom 8:27; Rev 2:23).

Testing the Heart and the kidneys involves tests of whether the Heart (right lobe) has capacity to handle the pressure of life through application of Bible Doctrine.  Passing the test requires handling the pressure from rising emotion from the adrenal glands of the kidneys.  Testing the Heart is a Capacity for Love test, and testing the kidneys is a Capacity for Life test.  Only Bible Doctrine in the Heart can protect it from the emotional revolt of the kidneys in a crisis.

 "I the LORD, analyze the heart,
 I validate the kidneys.
 Even to give to mankind according to his ways,
 According to the fruit of his deeds." (Jeremiah 17:10)
The LORD analyzes the Heart (right lobe).  "Analyze" is the Hebrew chaqar, meaning to search; examine thoroughly; investigate.  It refers to testing by analysis.  The LORD analyzes the Heart and validates the kidneys.  "Validate" is the Hebrew bachan, meaning to perform a qualification test, acceptance test; validate; proof test.  The LORD validates the integrity of the Heart and kidneys to determine Capacity for Love and Life and to insure there is no Emotional Revolt of the Soul.

The purpose of the analysis and validation is "to give to mankind according to his ways."  "Ways" is the Hebrew derek, meaning road or way and referring to the paths of life.  This includes strategic and tactical advance.  The LORD will bless or curse depending upon where a person is going in the Spiritual life and "according to the fruit (production) of his deeds."  The LORD looks at the results, which includes Divine Good production.  The LORD already knows the Heart, but the criteria for Grace blessing or punishment are a person's deeds.

Cosmic System Counterattack

Cosmic System CounterattackA believer is protected from the Cosmic System by the Filling of the Holy Spirit in the soul, and by a shield (Gen 15:1) (or wall of fire (Zech 2:5) or hedge (Job 1:10; Isa 5:5)) on the outside.  The believer lives in an encapsulated environment called the Divine Dynasphere, but even when he sins, the Sovereignty of God still protects him with the shield.  Nothing crosses the shield onto the person's Stage of Life without God's permission.  When a person sins, his Old Sin Nature takes control of his soul, and he enters the Cosmic System.  However, even when a person has not sinned, the Lord can give Satan permission to cross examine him.  In both these cases the Cosmic System infiltrates the shield, and the believer is vulnerable to the power of Satan and his demons.  The believer under the influence of the Cosmic System will have bad emotion.  The Heart under the influence of the Cosmic System fills with darkness and the emotion revolts.  If the person does not know how to resist the devil, he will be enslaved to the Cosmic System.

Cosmic System AttackThe infiltration of the Cosmic System into the life of a person is called a Cosmic System Counterattack.  A sneeze can be an example of a Cosmic System Counterattack.  A sneeze, which is associated with the nose,  may be caused in a healthy person by arrogance from a counterattack of the Cosmic System.  Paying careful attention to a sneeze will reveal an association with the approach of a spirit (a person or demon) onto the Stage of Life.  A sneeze, like a demon attack, can be repressed by drawing near to God, resisting, relaxing, and maintaining objectivity.  A sneeze is an early warning sign to alert a person to an attack from the Cosmic System.  A sneeze represents loss of control (going outside the control limits) in the positive Z direction.  The opposite of a sneeze is a yawn, which indicates weakness and succumbing to the pressure of the Cosmic System.

A fit of sneezing (3 or more times in a row) is a sign of weakness rather than the herald of an approaching spirit.  It may be due to a medical problem, like a cold, in which a person is too weak to withstand the Cosmic System and is already under its power.  For example, when Elisha resuscitated the Shunammite's son, he sneezed seven times as his life returned to his body (2 Ki 4:35).  The seven sneezes symbolized Categorical Punishment and being too weak to handle the pressure of adversity that sent him to death earlier.  It is likely that he was reacting to the strong spiritual influence of Elisha, who was on top of him resuscitating him.  Even though Elisha was not in the Cosmic System, the boy was an unbeliever and still spiritually dead.  So, the relationship with Elisha would not be harmonious rapport.

A counterattack from Political Babylon may cause coughing or a a choking sensation, like an asthma attack.  Like a sneeze, it is caused by an approaching spirit (person or demon).  A person under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon may cause an attack from Political Babylon.  Unlike a sneeze, the Political Babylon Counterattack may hit the head and put enough pressure on the brain stem to take the breath away.  So, a sneeze is associated with losing emotional control on the high swing, and a cough may be associated with losing emotional control on the low swing.  The cough from a Political Babylon Counterattack may be like pressure that is suppressing the ability to breathe and to talk.  The throat may dry up and the person may feel the need to cough.

A counterattack from Ecumenical Babylon may cause bodily weakness, like a leg going to sleep, a throb, twitch, or muscular spasm.  An attack from a demon may be like a thorn or pin pricking or an attempt at sensual manipulation.  A sudden drop in temperature is also the sign of a demon attack.  Like other Cosmic System Counterattacks, the Ecumenical Babylon counterattack is caused by an approaching spirit (person or demon) onto the Stage of Life.  The attack is a herald and may indicate that the Holy Spirit is trying to teach something or bring something to the attention.  When Jesus was touched by a woman who had a hemorrhage, He knew it immediately, even though the crowd was pressing around Him, because it was an Ecumenical Babylon Counterattack (Mk 5:25-34).  She touched His garment, and He immediately perceived (X-axis) "that power from Him (His body) had gone forth" (Mk 5:30).  He felt the attack of Ecumenical Babylon in His body.  Even though the woman had faith, she sneaked up and counterattacked Jesus Christ to get power from Him.

Emotional Revolt of the Soul

Emotional ControlIn a very simplified model of the soul, the Mentality (Mind) is the area of objective thinking corresponding to the left frontal lobe, and the Heart is the area of subjective thinking corresponding to the right lobe.  The soul is immaterial essence and is different from the compartments of the physical human brain.  So the soul model is not meant to be mapped directly into the human brain.

The Mentality thinks, and the Heart believes.  Thinking about a problem will not upset the emotion, but believing a problem will.  So long as the Mentality is in control, the Heart falls into line, and the emotion is stable.  The emotion may even appreciate the thinking of the Mentality and Heart.  So long as the Capacity for Life and Love of the soul are not exceeded, the emotion is stable.  However, when something upsets the delicate balance of the soul beyond its capacity to handle, the emotion may become agitated and revolt.

Emotional ControlThe Christian soul should be Filled with the Holy Spirit, which means operating under the control of the Holy Spirit.  When a person sins, the Filling of the Holy Spirit is lost and the emotion arises to fill the void.  The emotion has no allegiance.  It has no thought content.  It amplifies the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It energizes the lust, sin, and greed of the Old Sin Nature.  It welcomes the evil and darkness of the Cosmic System, and it greets Satan and his demons.

The emotion is only held in check when the soul is covered.  The Heart must be covered by Faith not thinking about Faith in the Mentality, but Faith that has been believed.  Emotion is tied to beliefs not thoughts.  When Bible doctrine is believed, it is transferred to the right lobe, where it is understood Spiritually.  Knowledge (Greek gnosis) becomes Spiritual understanding (epignosis). Epignosis becomes the building blocks for the Edification Complex of the Soul.  The Faith that covers the Heart is the Edification Complex of the Soul.  "Whatever is not from Faith is sin" (Rom 14:23b).

Emotional Revolt of SoulThinking about fear is not a problem; but when fear is believed, it is a sin in the Heart.  The sin creates a hole in the covering of the Heart through which the emotion erupts.  The emotion amplifies the fear, and the adrenal glands pump out more adrenaline to exacerbate the crisis.  The Heart is overcome by emotion.  Love and Happiness are lost and fear takes over.  The Heart is like a ship with a hole in it.  As it sinks, it takes the Mentality on deck down with it.  The Mentality falls into darkness.  The soul is enslaved to sin.  It becomes irrational and stupid (Psa 73:21-22).

Emotional Revolt of SoulThe flooding of the Heart with emotion following the breakdown of authority in the soul is called Emotional Revolt of the Soul (ERS).  Sin breaks down the authority and integrity of the soul.  Sin has affinity for the Cosmic System, the Old Sin Nature, and the emotion.  Sin opens the door for Emotional Revolt of the Soul.

Hardness of the Heart (H/H) (Scar Tissue of the Soul, Eph 4:19) sets the stage for Emotional Revolt of the Soul by blocking the relationship with God.2  God's Love, Light, and Grace are rejected.  The Heart is left in darkness with a hole in the covering, and with affinity to the OSN and to the Cosmic System (Jn 3:19; Rom 1:21; Eph 4:18).  Therefore, the Heart responds to the OSN (Jer 17:9).  The emotion amplifies the response to the OSN.  The Heart fills with emotion, and the Mentality with darkness.  The person walks (operates) in darkness (Reversionism, Carnality) (Jn 3:20; Eph 5:11; 2 Pet 2:20).

Summary of Stages of Reversionism

  1. Reaction - rejection of Faith and God from H/H with corresponding Blackout of the Soul (BOS) (2 Pet 2:17).  The covering of the soul breaks.
  2. Implode - response of the Heart to sin from the OSN or Cosmic System (2 Pet 2:18).
  3. Explode - Emotional Revolt of the Soul.  The Heart is flooded with emotion and with affinity to the Cosmic System and the Old Sin Nature (Jer 4:19; 2 Pet 2:19).  The Heart (or soul) faints (Isa 1:5; Jer 4:31; 8:18; 51:46; Lam 1:22; 2:19; 5:17; Ezek 21:7; Jonah 2:7; Heb 12:5), melts (Dt 20:8; Josh 2:11; 5:1; 7:5; 2 Sam 17:10; Isa 13:7; 19:1; Nah 2:10), or is poured out (Job 30:16, Ps. 42:4).
  4. Reversionism/Carnality - the person walks in darkness under the control of the OSN and enslaved to the Cosmic System (2 Pet 2:20).
  5. Reverse Process Reversionism - rejection of God's supplied Right Man or Right Woman in Hardness of the Heart leads to the affinity between the Hearts of the paramour and reversionist, both of which are under the control of the OSN in ERS (2 Pet 2:21-22);3 idolatry (Lev 19:4; Deut 4:19; 2 Ki 17:16; Jonah 2:8).

Fear and Trembling

Fear is an emotional sin that affects the stomach, intestines, and kidney's adrenal glands as well as the rest of the soul and body (Hab 3:16).
  1. Fear cannot be stomached, and the stomach may have butterflies or be queasy, or there can be vomiting.
  2. The intestines cannot digest the source of fear and may exhibit various forms of instability, e.g. diarrhea.
  3. The kidneys cannot stand up to fear and may react with fright,  trembling limbs, and flight (Frantic Search for Happiness).
Fear can lead to trembling and other forms of instability in the short term (Gen 42:28; Ex 15:15; Judg 7:3; Job 4:14; Psa 55:5; Ezek 12:18; 30:4, 9; Nah 2:10; Mk 5:33; 16:8; Acts 16:29; 1 Cor 2:3; Heb 12:21) and to stress-related weaknesses in the long term (Deut 28:65).  Long term dysfunction includes panic attacks, anxiety disorders, various phobias, and paranoia.  Fear that is not handled may fall into the subconscious where it becomes the fodder for long term dysfunction.


Lust is a desire.  The desire may be good or bad.  It may link to jealousy (Jas 3:14, 16) and become a sin (Jas 1:15).  It may be a temptation (Jas 1:14).  Lust comes from the Old Sin Nature (Rom 13:14).

Lust motivates sin:

 a.  Pride/Arrogance (Head, Kidneys)
 b.  Jealousy (neck) (Time Axis)
 c.  Self-Righteousness (Stomach)
 d.  Worry (Kidneys)
 e.  Bitterness (Bowels)
Lust may be amplified by emotion, but lust in itself is not an emotion.  Lust may link to the emotions of the X, Y, Z, and Time axes.
  1. Stomach (X-axis) - Ecumenical Babylon, Self-Righteousness (S/R); apostasy, lies of the world (Rom 16:18; Eph 2:3; 4:22; Phil 3:19; 1 Pet 1:14; 2 Pet 3:3; 1 Jn 2:15-17; Jude 18); lawlessness, drunkenness (Isa 56:12; 1 Pet 4:3; 2 Pet 2:13); gluttony, hedonism (1 Sa 2:12-16, 29; Ezek 34:3; Tit 1:2; Jas 5:5); sexual hunger (Jer 2:25); antichrist (2 Pet 2:1; 1 Jn 2:18; 4:2-3; 2 Jn 7; Rev 13:4); materialism; monetary lust (Deut 7:25; Josh 7:21; Mic 2:2; 1 Tim 3:3; 6:9-10; Matt 6:24; Luk 16:13)
  2. Bowels (Y-axis) - Political Babylon, Bitterness; love of the world (1 Jn 2:15-16; Jude 16); heat (Jer 2:24); (Rev 14:8; 18:3); anger (Lk 4:28; Acts 19:28); wrath (Rom 2:8; Rev 12:12; 14:10, 19; 15:1, 7; 16:1); fury of wrath (Rev 16:19; 19:15)
  3. Kidneys (Adrenals) (Z-axis) - Cosmic Babylon, Worry, fear; arrogance (1 Sa 2:3; Jas 4:16; 1 Jn 2:16), puffed up (1 Cor 4:6, 18-19; 5:2; 8:1; 13:4; Col 2:18), blind (Matt 15:14; 23:16-26; Rom 2:19; Rev 3:17; Isa 3:12; 9:16; 42:19; 56:10; Hos 4:12), before destruction (Ps 138:6; Prov 3:34; 11:2; 16:18; 18:12 29:23; Isa 2:11-12; Jer 49:16; Da 4:30-37; 5:22; Matt 23:12; Jas 4:6; 1 Ti 3:6); approbation lust (Dan 4:30; 5:20; Ezek 29:3; Acts 12:21-23); power lust, judging (Matt 7:1-2; Rom 2:1; 14:3, 4, 10, 13; 1 Cor 4:5; Heb 13:4; Jas 4:11-12), sins of tongue (Prov 10:19; 12:13; 18:21; 20:19; 21:23; Jas 1:26; 3:2-12; 1 Tim 5:13), tongue wagging (Prov 10:19; 12:13; 18:21; 20:19; 21:23; Jas 1:26; 3:2-12; 1 Tim 5:13); criminal lust (Psa 86:14; 119:85); sexual lust (Jer 2:24); lust for sexual attention (Isa 3:16); sexual arrogance (Gen 4:23-24)
  4. Time Axis - Jealousy, impatience (Jas 3:14; 4:2) - God's time is the right time (Luk 14:11; 1 Pet 5:6); inordinate ambition (Jas 3:14; 4:13-15; 5:7-8).
Stomach Lust

The Stomach is associated with a category of lusts.  This does not mean that all of these lusts can be traced to the stomach.  The stomach merely symbolizes the category.   Lusts in this category are from Ecumenical Babylon.  They include Self-Righteousness, since Righteousness is an X-axis function.

Apostasy and Lies of the World

Apostasy and lies of the world are stomach lusts.  Satan, the liar, arouses and manipulates the lusts of the flesh of unbelievers and carnal believers.

Ephesians 2:2-3
2  In which sphere (real spiritual death), you formerly walked according to the lifestyle of this world according to the powerful ruler of the air, the spirit that is now operating in the sons of disobedience.  3  Among whom we also all formerly behaved in the lusts of our flesh indulging the desires of the flesh and the thinking and were, by nature, children of wrath, even as the rest.
Satan has power over people in the world to the extent that he and his demons put thoughts in their minds and manipulate them to do his will.  The people in the world are under the power of Satan, and only by the Grace of God does a Christian escape his power.  Conversations with people in the world are quite often conversations with the devil.

The carnal believer is deceived by the lusts of deception.

that according to your former way of life, you lay aside the old man, which is being seduced with the lusts of deception (Eph 4:22)
Sexual Hunger

The stomach is associated with lusts for alcohol and drunkenness as well as gluttony and hedonism.  It is also associated with sexual hunger.

Keep your foot from being bare,
And your throat from thirst
But you said, "It is useless!
No!  For I have loved strangers (RPR),
And after them I will go. (Jeremiah 2:25)
Being barefoot is a metaphor for sexual exposure (Jer 13:22, 26; Isa 47:2-3; Ezek 16:37; Nah 3:5).  Exposing the bare foot is a way of making a sexual pass.  Thirst is figuratively applied to sexual desire.  Thirst is a desire like sexual desire.  Water to slake the thirst corresponds to sex.  The prohibition was not against sex in Marriage but against sex in the Phallic Cult.  However, Jeremiah's congregation before the destruction of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, rejected this with a strong, "No!"  The reason they gave was that they had loved strangers, which refers to rejection of Right Man Right Woman to fornicate with paramours i. e. Reverse Process Reversionism.

Monetary Lust

Monetary lust is another strong desire associated with the stomach as an X-axis problem.  Although this is often called the love of money, it is really a lust.  Materialism is closely associated with it.

For you see, the root of all sorts of evil is the love of money, which some by striving after have gone astray from doctrine and have pierced themselves with many pangs. (1 Timothy 6:10)
Bowel Lust

The Bowels are associated with lusts of Political Babylon, love of the world, and worldly desires.  Bitterness could also be applied to this category, since bitterness defiles like the excrement of the intestines (Heb 12:15).

1 Jn 2:15-16
15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  16 Because all that is in the Cosmic System:  The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the arrogant pattern of life, is not from the Father but is from the Cosmic System.
The "lust of the flesh" is lust from the Old Sin Nature, corresponding to the X-axis.  The "lust of the eyes" is the desire for what the eyes see, corresponding to the Y-axis.  And the "arrogant pattern of life" is the arrogant lifestyle in the world, corresponding to the Z-axis.

Sexual Heat

Lust of the bowels includes heat, such as sexual heat.  Before the fall of Jerusalem, Israel was compared to a filly camel in heat and a wild ass in heat.

"How can you say, 'I am not defiled,
I have not gone after the Baals'?
Look at your way in the valley!
Know what you have done!
You light footed, filly camel entangling her ways, (Jer 2:23)
The people of Israel were practicing idolatry in the worship of Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to the South of Jerusalem where they offered their children to Moloch (Jer 7:31).  They were like a young camel in heat, who was distracted and tangled up the caravan.  The metaphor indicates distraction from the strategic and tactical advance in the Spiritual life.
A wild she-ass accustomed to the desert,
That in her soul (sexual) lust pants for air.
Her heat, who can satisfy it?
All who take her fatigue themselves;
In her month they will find her. (Jeremiah 2:24)
Israel was like the wild ass (Hebrew pere') of the desert.  The wild female ass in heat opens and closes its mouth as if panting for air.  The wild ass in heat had insatiable lust such that the jackasses fatigued themselves trying to satisfy her.  They easily found her "in her month," i. e. in the time of her sexual heat.

Similarly, the Prostitute of Babylon made the nations drunk with the passion of her prostitution.

And another angel, a second one, followed, saying, "Fallen! Fallen! Babylon the Great, who has made all the nations drink from the wine of the passion of her prostitution." (Revelation 14:8)
Wine is a symbol for the intoxicant that produces the passion of prostitution.  The nations symbolize Political Babylon.
"For all the nations have drunk from the wine of the passion of her prostitution; and the kings of the Earth have committed prostitution with her, and the merchants of the Earth have become rich from the power of her extravagance." (Revelation 18:3)
Kidney Lust

The kidneys are associated with the lust of Cosmic Babylon along the Z-axis.  The category could include worry, although worry is seldom associated with lust.  And it includes arrogance, which is a complex that links with the lust pattern as well as jealousy and other sins.  Arrogance is the first sin produced after yielding to lust or temptation to sin.  Arrogance also sets the stage for lust because it takes the soul into the Cosmic System where it is vulnerable to lust.

Puffed Up With Arrogance

One of the words for arrogance is the Greek phusioo, which means to be puffed up with arrogance.  Puffed up involves emotion, which includes lust.  The Corinthians were puffed up with arrogance rather than in mourning because of the member of their congregation involved in incest.

And you are puffed up with arrogance.  Ought you not rather to have mourned in order that the one who has done this deed might be removed from your midst? (1 Corinthians 5:2)
Knowledge puffs up with arrogance.
Now concerning things sacrificed to idols, we know that we all have knowledge.   Knowledge makes arrogant, but virtue-Love edifies. (1 Corinthians 8:1)
Here, the word, "arrogance," is the Greek phusioo, meaning to puff up, make arrogant, inflate the ego.  In contrast, virtue-Love edifies, which means it erects the Edification Complex of the Soul.  Virtue-Love in the soul produces an environment that is conducive to learning and edification.  Arrogance rejects God and the Spiritual life.  It cannot be taught doctrine.

False teachers are puffed up with arrogance.

Let no one deprive you of your reward, taking delight in mortification and the worship of angels, taking his stand on visions which he has seen, without basis, inflated with arrogance under the influence of the thinking of his OSN. (Colossians 2:18)
Taking delight in mortification and worship of angels (usually demons) is false spirituality. Mortification means subjection of the passions and appetites, by penance, denial, or painful severities inflicted on the body.  Dreams and visions become the basis for false teaching and claim to fame.  These impostors are puffed up with arrogance (Greek phusioo) from the Old Sin Nature.

Divine Love

In contrast, Divine Love does not have an inflated ego (Greek phusioo).

1 Corinthians 13:4-5
4 Love patiently endures with composure; Love is kind; Love is not jealous; Love does not brag (and is not ostentatious), and does not have an inflated ego.  5 Does not behave dishonorably; does not seek after the things which are its own; is not provoked (or irritated); does not think evil.
"Love patiently endures with composure."  The verb is the Greek makrothumeo, which means not swayed by human emotion; longsuffering; forbearing; handling provocation, annoyance, or pain without complaint or loss of temper; therefore, composure based on the Spiritual Life, virtue-love; equanimity; overcoming stress without emotional reaction.

Love characterizes a soul under control and a person without an inflated ego.  Love "does not seek after the things which are its own."  This means Love is not self seeking, trying to gratify lusts; using others for one's benefit.  Love is not a user to gratify the ego.

Blind Arrogance

In addition to destroying Love, arrogance is spiritually blind.  Arrogance knocks out fellowship with God and leaves a person in the darkness of the Cosmic System.  Speaking of the Pharisees, Jesus said:

"Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into the pit." (Matthew 15:14)
The Pharisees, who were spiritually blind, were trying to lead the people of Israel, who were also spiritually blind.  Consequently, both would fall into the pit of destruction or the grave.

Isaiah also recognized spiritual blindness in Israel.

Who is blind but My servant (Israel), or deaf as My messenger whom I send?  Who is so blind as the confidant of God, or blind as the servant of the Lord (Israel)? (Isaiah 42:19)
Arrogance Leads to Destruction

Arrogance leads to destruction of the Sin Leading to Death.

Arrogance precedes destruction,
And before a fall, a lifestyle of arrogance. (Proverbs 16:18)

Before destruction, a man's heart is haughty,
But before honor is humility. (Proverbs 18:12)

A person's pride will bring him low,
But the lifestyle of humility will obtain honor. (Proverbs 29:23)

God opposes the arrogant believer at every turn.
As for the scorners, He scorns them,
But to the humble, He gives Grace.  (Proverbs 3:34)
This verse is quoted from the Septuagint in James as:
But He gives greater Grace. Therefore it says, "God opposes the arrogant, but He gives Grace to the humble." (James 4:6)
To have God as an enemy is as bad as it gets.  Arrogance rejects God and sets a person in opposition to Him.  In contrast to the arrogant believer, the humble believer will receive Grace.  The humble believer is one under the Authority of God in a place of Grace.

National Arrogance

National arrogance precedes destruction of the nation.  The Lord will destroy the arrogant nations and everything in them at the Second Advent.

Isaiah 2:11-12
11  The haughty eyes of the common man shall be humbled,
And the pride of the noble man will be bowed down;
And only the LORD Himself will be exalted in that day.
12  For the LORD of the Armies will have a day
Over everything that is high and lofty,
And over everything that is exalted (lifted up).
It shall be abased.
The Day of the LORD refers to the Second Advent.  In the Millennium the arrogance of all men will be humbled.  Not only people, but things that are high and lofty will be leveled.  That includes things like arrogant architecture, temples, and shrines.

Arrogance is the great enemy of the Spiritual life.  Arrogant believers cannot think spiritually or make accurate application.  See the Doctrine of Arrogance.

Before the fall, the daughters of Jerusalem were full of lust for sexual attention.  They rejected Right Man and ran after paramours from Babylon and Egypt.

Moreover, the LORD commanded, "Because the daughters of Zion are haughty; walk with outstretched neck and flirting glances, walking along with mincing steps, and tinkle with their anklets, (Isaiah 3:16)
In the destruction of Jerusalem these women would be prey for the invading Chaldeans.

Time Axis Lust

Lust can be associated with jealousy to motivate impatience and inordinate ambition.  Satan's arrogance motivated selfish ambition (Isa 14:13-14).

But if you have bitter jealousy and inordinate ambition in your heart, stop being arrogant and stop lying against the truth. (James 3:14)
The ambitious person does not wait for the Lord.
You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. And you are jealous and cannot attain; so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask. (James 4:2)
The jealous person fights to get ahead rather than ask in prayer for God's help.  The humble person waits for God to promote at the right time.
Allow yourselves, therefore, to be humbled under the mighty hand of God that He may promote you at the proper time. (1 Peter 5:6)
God's time is the right time.


Sex involves strong emotion.  The emotion of sex can be good or bad.  Good emotion is associated with Marriage, sanctification, Love, affection, Light, Filling of the Spirit, truth, integrity, Capacity for Life and Love, appreciation, sensitivity, Happiness, and Harmonious Rapport.  Bad emotion is associated with sin, fornication, adultery, lust, lasciviousness, no sanctification, darkness, spiritual death, lies, illusions, lack of Capacity for Life and Love, sensuality, and reaction/rebellion.  Sex lust is a sin (Matt 5:28; Ex 20:17; Jer 2:24; Ezek 23:5-20; Rom 1:26-27).

Sexual Life, or sexuality, along with corresponding emotions exists in all members of the human race regardless of whether sex is being consummated.  Sexual Life, or sexuality, is a human capability regardless of whether a person is actually having sex.  The emotions of Sexual Life may be good or bad.  Good emotion is associated with executing the Spiritual Life.  Most of the characteristics previously listed for good emotion in sex apply, except that Marriage may not have occurred.  Fornication and adultery must be avoided even in mental fantasy.  Bad emotion is associated with life under the control of the OSN in the Cosmic System.  Most of the characteristics previously listed for bad emotion in sex apply, except that sex may not be occurring.

The emotions associated with the X, Y, Z, and Time axes respond or react in the Sexual Life.  Failure on any axis leads to carnality, which includes Emotional Revolt of the Soul, Scar Tissue of the Soul, and Reverse Process Reversionism.  And the imbalance of hormones may cause health problems, such as stress and weakness of the immune system.  Cysts and warts are signs of impurity and lack of sanctification.  God tests the Heart and the emotions, and He personally punishes those who violate the boundaries of Sexual Life (Heb 13:4).


God does not have emotion; His essence with its Integrity does not need it.  However, God's love and compassion are expressed in anthropopathisms, which refer to emotion.  The Y-axis functions of the Love of God are related to His bowels (Hebrew me`eh (hu#m@)) and womb (Hebrew racham (!<j^r)), which is translated "compassion" and "have mercy" (Isa 63:15; Jer 31:20).
The sympathy of your bowels and Your compassion are restrained toward me (Isa 63:15).

"Therefore, My bowels yearn for him;  I will surely have mercy on him," declares the LORD. (Jer 31:20)

God does not have bowels or a womb, but the language of accommodation is used to express his Love toward man.

Pastor-Congregation Analogy

Positive emotion responds to Bible Doctrine taught by the Right Pastor.  Negative emotion reacts to the teaching of Bible Doctrine (2 Cor 6:11-12,  Y-axis).
2 Corinthians 6:11-12
11 Our mouth has spoken freely to you, O Corinthians; our heart is opened wide. 12 You are not restrained by us, but you are restrained by your own bowels (emotions).
"Bowels" is the Greek splagchnon, which refers the Corinthians in Emotional Revolt of the Soul.  They cannot learn Bible Doctrine because their bad emotion has backed up into the Heart (right lobe).

Emotional revolt of the soul rejects Bible Doctrine and responds to Sin and the Old Sin Nature.  The heart in emotional revolt under the control of the OSN does not love Bible Doctrine.  The believer is commanded to separate from other apostate believers who are in Emotional Revolt of the Soul (Rom 16:17-18, koilia, X-axis).  They are "slaves ... of their own stomachs (koilia)" (X-axis, Ecumenical Babylon).

Handling Emotional Problems

When the emotion is out of control, the Christian needs to take immediate action to stabilize the situation.  This usually begins with Rebound to confess the known sins.  The emotions, which are running on hormones, may not calm down immediately.  In the meantime, the appropriate Problem Solving Device should be deployed.  For example, if the emotional problem was caused by worry, the issue that caused the worry can be placed in the Lord's hands with Faith-Rest.  In the case of lust associated with a paramour, the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman may need to be recalled and applied to the situation.  Spiritual Rapport will not be complete until X, Y, Z, and Time axes are aligned with God.  And if the Cosmic System with its demons has intruded into the life, it may be necessary to "resist the devil."

If emotional problems are not handled, they will lead to more serious consequences.  These include Carnality, Reversionism, Scar Tissue of the Soul, Blackout of the Soul, and divine punishment, including mental, medical, and social problems.

The soul that is under control should have Faith, Hope, and Love along with the Fruit of the Spirit, which includes God's Happiness.  When this is not the case, it is a sign of being in a state of sin and having emotional problems.



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Author: Larry Wood
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