God Curses
Four Generation Curse
Curse of the Edenic Covenant
Curse of the Adamic Covenant
Curse of Cain
Curse of Ham, Canaan
Curse of Anti-Semitism
Curse of Simeon and Levi
Curse of Adultery
Curse of Hemorrhoids
Curse of Jealousy
Curse of Balaam
Curses of the Mosaic Law
Curse of Ichabod
Joshua Cursed Jericho
Curse of Eli
Curse of Jacob's Family
Curse of Jacob's Hip
Curse of Jeroboam
Curse of Jezebel
Curse of Coniah
Curse of Jesus
Prohibition Against Cursing
Curse of the Holocaust
Curse of the Tribulation
Curse of the Second Advent
Curse of the Baptism of Fire
Curse of Hardness of the Heart
Curse of Hell
Curse of the Land
Family Curses


1.  Hebrew hl*l*q=, (qelalah), noun = a curse
     Hebrew ll*q*, Pi'el = curse (make contemptible) (Gen 12:3; Lev 19:14; Ex 21:17; Judg 9:27; 2 Sam 16:9; Neh 13:25); using an oath (1 Sam 17:43; 2 Ki 2:24; Isa 8:21)
2.  Hebrew rr^a*, = to curse (Deut 27:15)
3.  Greek a*navqema, (anathema) (a*nav, up) + (tivqhmi, place, set) = object of a curse (1 Cor 16:22)
4.  Greek a*naqemativzw, (anathematizo) = to bind under a curse (Mk 14:71; Acts 23:12)
5.  Greek katavra, (katara) = curse, imprecation (2 Pet 2:14).


1.  A curse may be invoked by appealing to God or the devil.
     a.  Imprecatory prayer to God (Neh 4:4-5; Psa 69:22-28; 79:6, 12; 109:6-20; Isa 6:10; Acts 1:20; Rom 11:9-10).
     b.  Appeal to Satan (Job 31:30)
     c.  Casting spells, witchcraft (Deut 18:10-11).
2.  A curse is the opposite of blessing (Gen 27:12-13; Prov 3:33).
     a.  Listening to Bible Doctrine brings blessing (Deut 11:26-27).
     b.  Rejection of Bible Doctrine brings cursing (Deut 11:28; 27:26).
     c.  Abiding in Grace brings blessing (Deut 28:1-14), while abiding in the Cosmic System and sin brings cursing (Deut 27:15-26).

God Curses

1.  God curses by His Judgments, but in so doing, He never compromises His Integrity, Love, absolute Righteousness, or perfect Justice.
2. Even though God orders the cursing, it can be administered in all the ways available, e.g. by people, nations, angels, and Satan.
3.  God may allow wicked people, Satan, or his demons to curse (2 Sam 16:5, 7, 9-13; Acts 23:12; 2 Cor 12:7).
4.  Examples of God's curses:  The Four Generation Curse (Ex 20:5; 34:7; Nu 14:18; Deut 5:9); Judgment of the Sin Leading to Death (Gen 8:21; Psa 37:22); Curse of False Prophets (Ezek 13:9); Anti-Semitism (Gen 12:3); Sin, Rejection of Bible Doctrine (Deut 27:26), Not Loving Christ (1 Cor 16:22); Adultery (2 Pet 2:14).

Four Generation Curse

1.  The Four Generation Curse was the Judgment for violating the prohibition against idolatry in the Decalogue (Ex 20:5; 34:7; Num 14:18, 33; Deut 5:9; 1 Kin 21:29; Jer 32:18):
You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting (punishing) the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me, (Ex 20:5)
    a.  This means the sin of negative volition will be allowed to continue for four generations before God punishes with the Fifth Cycle of National Cursing, the destruction of the nation.
    b.  The word "jealous" can mean jealous or possessive.  Here it refers to the possessiveness of God.  God is the only God, and He will tolerate none other.
    c.  "visiting (punishing) the iniquity of the fathers upon the children"
          -  Refers to punishing for negative volition ("them that hate me").
          -  "Visiting the iniquity" means punishing the iniquity.
          -  God orders the punishment, but it can be administered in all the ways available, e.g. by people, nations, angels, and Satan.
    d.  This does not mean the children are punished because of the fathers.  Each generation is punished for its own negative volition.
    e.  "third and fourth generations of them that hate me" -  The limit that God will tolerate from the client nation is four generations of negative volition.
    f.  The curse is also applied to royal families and government administrations.  It was demonstrated in the kings of Israel that after 3 or 4 evil kings the royal family (or house) would be eliminated.  The Curse of Jeroboam was a Four Generation Curse that wiped out the entire royal family and government administration.  Jehu wiped out the entire house of Ahab.  The royal line would be cut off, as it was with Saul (1 Sa 13:13-14) and Coniah.  In both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms after four cycles of four (generally evil) kings, the Fifth Cycle of Discipline occurred, not because of the sins of the kings but because of the sins of the people.
2.  Children that are not born to Right Man - Right Woman in Maturity are not children of the promise, but cursing:  "visiting (punishing) the iniquity of the fathers upon the children."
    a.  Children born into a family must bear the intensity of cursing at their level (1-4).
    b.  The child receives cursing from the father's and mother's line.
    c.  There may be other curses, e.g. Jezebel, Ichabod.
    d.  The generations of a family correspond to generations of the nation.
    e.  The generations may be symbolized by donkeys, camels, horses, and mules.
3.  The enemies of children are the world, the flesh, and the devil.
4.  Arrogance in children rejects authority and results in slavery to the Cosmic System, loss of freedom, and cursing.
5.  Humility accepts authority and results in freedom under establishment and blessing.
6.  Children have crude instincts, desires, and behavior that is irrational and rejects authority, e.g. pride, arrogance, showing out, jealous, angry, bitter, fear, terror, anxiety.  They may sulk, lie, or hide their motives.
7.  Children are indoctrinated in the devil's world by age 7.
    a.   Children in sin are in the Cosmic System under slavery to Satan and his demons namely Baal (1 Ki 16:31; 2 Ki 2:24; Jer 9:14; 19:5; Jn 8:44; Acts 13:10; Eph 2:1-3; 1 Cor 6:15; 1 Jn 3:10).
    b.  Parents must be vigilant to protect the child from Satan and his demons.
    c.  However, the child is an unbeliever and a slave to the Cosmic System.
8.  Demons acquired in childhood go with the person through life until they are overcome (1 Jn 2:13-14).
9.  The child will have the opportunity of Salvation and the New Life at the age of accountability.
10.  Breaking the Four Generation Curse requires advancing to Spiritual Maturity.
     a.  This will bring blessing by association upon the entire family.
     b.  Examples:  Joseph, David (Ru 4:17).
11.  Evidence of the Four Generation Curse includes:
     a.  Family curse (Ex 20:5; 2 Sa 12:11-12).
     b.  Death of the first born (Ex 12:29) (Amnon (2 Sa 13:28-29), Absalom (2 Sa 18:14), Adonijah (1 Ki 2:24-25)).
     c.  Untimely or violent death (Psa 55:23); being cut off, death from acts of God, Sin Leading to Death; orphaned.
     d.  Sibling rivalry (Cain and Abel; Jacob and Esau; Joseph's brothers (Gen 37:4, 8)).
     e.  Unwanted, unloved children (Ps 27:10; 51:5) and partiality (Gen 37:4; 1 Sa 16:11, 19); child abuse; cursing children (1 Sa 20:30); bastards; barrenness (2 Sa 6:23), miscarriage (Hos 9:11, 14).
     f.  Apostasy, Reversionism, criminality, sexual immorality, adultery, rape (2 Sa 13:1-20; 16:15-22), scar tissue of the soul (Isa 6:10; Ezek 12:2), reprobates (homosexuality, incest, bestiality) (Rom 1:26-28).
     g.  Idolatry (Ex 20:4; 2 Ki 17:17; 1 Cor 10:14; Col 3:5; 1 Pet 4:3), prostitution (1 Cor 6:15-16).
     h.  Birth marks, defects, moles, retarded, cleft palate (also sign of Ichabod (National Cursing)).
     i.  Other curses, e.g. judgment of Jezebel and her children (Rev 2:20-23).
     j.  Divorce, separation, cohabitation; marriage of wrong man wrong woman; unloved wife (Gen 29:31. 33; Deut 21:15-17; Prov 30:21, 23); contentious wife (Prov 21:9, 19; 27:15).
     h.  Rebellious children (Deut 21:18-21; Ezek 2:6); fools (Prov 19:13); rejection of Bible Doctrine (Isa 30:9)
     i.  Cruelty to animals (Num 22:23-28; Prov 26:17; Isa 66:3); unsanctified, perverted relationship with animals (Gen 3:1).

Curse of the Edenic Covenant

1.  Failure to obey the Edenic Covenant invoked a curse:  "in the day you eat from it, dying you will die" (Gen 2:17)
2.  The curse condemned man to spiritual and physical death and the sentence of the Lake of Fire with Satan and his demons (Matt 25:41; Rom 5:12).
     a.  Children of wrath (Rom 9:22; Eph 2:3; Col 1:21)
     b.  Accursed children (2 Pet 2:14).

Curse of the Adamic Covenant

1.  The curse of the Adamic Covenant included the curse of the serpent (Gen 3:14).
2.  Curse of the woman in childbirth (Gen 3:15).
3.  Curse of the ground (man's labor) (Gen 3:17; Heb 6:8).
4.  Curse of Adam's Original Sin imputed to all the descendants of Adam and their Judgment with real spiritual death at birth (Rom 5:14-18; 1 Cor 15:22).
    a.  The Old Sin Nature (OSN) is perpetuated through physical birth (Psa 51:5; 58:3; Eph 2:3).
    b.  Man is the source of the OSN through Adam's Original Sin (1 Tim 2:13-15).
    c.  The OSN is passed down through the male sperm and resides in the cell structure (DNA) of the human body.

Curse of Cain

1.  After Cain murdered his brother Abel, the Lord cursed him from the ground, which had received his brother's blood.
Genesis 4:11-12
11 "Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. 12 When you cultivate the ground, it will no longer yield its strength to you; you will be a wanderer and a vagabond on the Earth."
The Curse of Cain was twofold.
1-  The yield of the crops of Cain would be weakened.  This corresponds to desert regions.
2-  Cain would be a wanderer and a vagabond on the Earth.  He was banished from Eden and settled in the land of Nod.
The Lord made an unconditional covenant with Cain to protect his life.
Genesis 4:15
So the LORD said to him, "Therefore whoever kills Cain, vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold." And the LORD gave a sign to Cain, so that anyone who came upon him would not slay him.
If anyone killed Cain, vengeance would be taken on him sevenfold.   The Lord gave Cain a sign of His covenant of protection.  The Lord's covenant was that anyone who found Cain would not slay him.  The type of sign is not recorded in scripture.  The sign did not have to be visible to others because the Lord's covenant was unconditional.  The Lord would protect Cain.

There is no basis for assuming that the curse of Cain or the sign to him was that he became Black.

Curse of Ham, Canaan

1.  Ham and his descendants were cursed because of his incest with Noah (Gen 9:25).
2.  The curse meant that Ham and his descendants (African and Arabian) would be servants of the Semitic and Caucasian races.  Note, there is evidence that Asians (especially Chinese) who came from the Tower of Babel were Semitic.
3.  The curse is not applicable in the Church, where all believers are members of the Royal Family of God (Gal 3:28).

Curse of Anti-Semitism

1.  Abraham was protected by a curse of all who cursed him (Gen 12:3).
2.  This extended to Isaac and his descendants (all Jews) (Gen 27:29).

Curse of Simeon and Levi

1.  Jacob cursed Simeon and Levi (Gen 49:7).

Curse of Adultery

1.  Curse of adultery (2 Pet 2:14)
2.  The possessions of an adulterer are cursed (Job 24:18).
3.  The land of the adulteress is cursed (Jer 3:1-9; 23:10).
4.  An adulteress is a deep pit of cursing more bitter than death (Prov 22:14; Eccl 7:26).
5.  Punishment:  Death under the Mosaic Law (Deut 22:22; Prov 6:29)

Curse of Hemorrhoids

1.  The Lord struck the Philistines with hemorrhoids for sinning against the Ark, which was Holy.  Thus, hemorrhoids may be caused by a curse against something Holy, such as the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church.
2.  Lightening God's hand, for reducing the pressure of the curse, is an idiom containing the Hebrew ll^q*, (qalal) (1 Sam 6:5).

Curse of Jealousy

1.  A curse was invoked in the procedure for dealing with jealousy and adultery under the Mosaic Law (Nu 5:18-27).

Curse of Balaam

1.  Balaam was called upon to curse Israel, but the Lord prevented it (Nu 22-24:10; Deut 23:4-5).

Curses of the Mosaic Law

1.  Cursing God was punishable by death under the Mosaic Law (Lev 24:11-23; Ex 22:28), and so was cursing father or mother (Lev 20:9).
2.  Curses (Ebal) Deut 27:13-26.
3.  The curse for violating the Law can only be removed by Jesus Christ on the Cross (Gal 3:10, 13).
4.  Cycles of National Cursing (Lev 26: 15-45; Deut 28:15-68).  Israel was cursed (Isa 65:15; Jer 18:16; 23:10; 24:9; 29:18; 42:18; 44:12).

Curse of Ichabod

1.  The Curse of Ichabod refers to a war child born as a memorial of a war (1 Sam 4:19-22).  Ichabod, meaning the glory has departed, was born on the day the Ark of the Covenant was taken in battle from
Israel by the Philistines.
2.  The Curse of Ichabod is usually associated with the child's birthday.
3.  Loss of Divine Glory was associated with loss of the Ark of the Lord (1 Sam 4:22).
4.  The curse upon the child is removed in the Church Age through living the New Spiritual Life (Rom 6:4; 8:2; Eph 4:24; Col 3:10).  However, the child continues to be a memorial of the war.

Joshua Cursed Jericho

1.  Joshua cursed the man who tried to rebuild Jericho (Josh 6:26; 1 Ki 16:34).
2.  Joshua also cursed the false envoys from Gibeon (Josh 9:3, 23).

Curse of Eli

1.  Because Eli did not fire his evil sons, the house of Eli was cursed (1 Sam 3:13).
2.  The men in the family would be weak and not live to old age (1 Sam 2:31).
3.  The curse upon the men in the family would last forever (1 Sam 2:32, 1 Sam 3:14).
4.  However, some young men would still be allowed to serve as priests (1 Sam 2:33).
5.  Eli's two sons, Hophni and Phinehas, would die on the same day (1 Sam 2:34).

Curse of Jacob's Family

1.  Jacob and his family were all under the Four Generation Curse.
2.  Jacob worked for Laban, who cheated him and changed his wages ten times (Gen 31:7, 41).
3.  Laban substituted Leah for Rachel on Jacob's wedding night.
4.  When Jacob finally separated from Laban, Rachel stole Laban's  household idols.
5.  Jacob's children were full of evil and cursing.
     a.  Reuben committed adultery with Bilhah, his father's concubine (Gen 35:22).
     b.  Dinah was raped by a Hivite.
     c.  Simeon and Levi took revenge on the Hivites.  They convinced them to be circumcised, and when they were sore from their circumcision, Simeon and Levi attacked them and killed them (Gen 34:25).
     d.  Jacob was forced to flee the country with his family.
     e.  Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt.
6.  Jacob's Right Woman, Rachel, died in childbirth.

Curse of Jacob's Hip

1.  Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord to demand the blessing of Spiritual Maturity (Gen 32:24-26).
2.  The Angel touched the sinew of Jacob's hip and dislocated it (Gen 32:25).
3.  Jacob had 11 children (10 wild children plus Joseph) under the Four Generation Curse and was not yet qualified for promotion.
4.  Jacob persisted, and the Angel blessed him.  His name was changed to Israel, meaning fighting with God (Gen 32:26, 27-28).
5.  Jacob went away limping because of the curse upon his hip (Gen 32:31).
     a.  The injured hip symbolized the cursing of Jacob's loins from which he procreated the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
     b.  His children were a blessing and a curse the blessed curse.
     c.  The children were under the Four Generation Curse, and Jacob's Right Woman, Rachel, died giving birth to Benjamin.
6.  Jesus Christ was descended from the loins of Jacob through his son Judah.  Jesus was cursed on the Cross, but it became a blessing a blessed curse.
7.  Paul was cursed by a thorn demon to keep him humble after he received great blessing of going to Heaven (2 Cor 12:7).
8.  The blessed curse is like a battlefield commission to keep a person humble until he can receive the promised blessing.

Curse of Jeroboam

1.  All the males of Jeroboam would be killed.  Those belonging to Jeroboam who died in the city, the dogs would eat, and those dying in the country, the birds would eat (1 Ki 14:9-14, 20; 15:29).  This was the curse of the Evil King, or Baal.
2.  Baasha died under this curse (1 Ki 16:3-4, 6, 11-12)
3.  Elah died under this curse (1 Ki 16:8-12)
4.  Ahab died under this curse (1 Ki 21:21-24; 22:37-38; 2 Ki 9:7-9, 18)
     a.  Joram died under the curse (2 Ki 9:24-26)
     b.  Ahaziah died under the curse (2 Ki 9:27-29)

Curse of Jezebel

1.  Jezebel was the Prostitute of Babylon who incited her husband Ahab to be the most evil king of Israel (1 Ki 21:25).
2.  Jezebel was under the curse of Jeroboam under which Ahab died (1 Ki 21:21-24, 34).
3.  However, Jezebel was also specifically cursed (1 Ki 21:23; 2 Ki 9:10).
4.  Jezebel was killed when Jehu ordered her thrown over the palace wall (2 Ki 9:30-32).  The horses ran over her, and the dogs ate all except her skull, feet, and palms of her hands (2 Ki 9:33-37).
5.  In the Church, Jezebel was cursed by sickness and by the death of her children (followers) (Rev 2:20-23).
     a.  The curse can last four generations per the Four Generation Curse.
     b.  Children will die early with some dying before reaching accountability and others afterward.
     c.  Children must separate from and be sanctified from Jezebel in order to break the curse on them.
6.  Note also that Jezebel, as the Prostitute of Babylon, was engaged in ritual prostitution (Lev 19:29) with demons (Fallen Angels), as were the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 7).

Curse of Coniah

1.  Coniah and his mother would be cast out into captivity in Babylon where they would die (Jer 22:24-26).
2.  The royal line of Coniah was cut off.  None of his descendants would ever sit on the Throne of David (Jer 22:30).

Curse of Jesus

1.  Jesus was made a curse for us in His death on the Cross (Gal 3:13).
2.  Jesus cursed a fig tree (Mk 11:13-14, 20-21).
3.  No one speaking by the Spirit of God says "Jesus be cursed" (1 Cor 12:3).

Prohibition Against Cursing in the Church

1.  Do not be vindictive or curse (Rom 12:14; Matt 5:44; Luke 6:28; 1 Cor 4:12).
2.  Never pay back evil with evil (Rom 12:17).
3.  Never take your own revenge (Rom 12:19).

Curse of the Holocaust

1.  The destruction of the Client Nation of Israel under the Fifth Cycle of National Cursing is also called the Holocaust.
2.  Destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Isa 9:18)
3.  Destruction of Southern Kingdom of Judah (Isa 5:24-25; 33:11-19; Dan 9:11).

Curse of the Tribulation

1.  Curse of the Tribulation (Isa 24; Isa 29:6-7; 30:27-28; Dan 12:1; Joel 2:2; Matt 24:9-29)
2.  Seven years were left to be fulfilled in the Jewish Age due to the intercalation of the Church Age.
     a.  The seven years are called the Tribulation.
     b.  The Tribulation is divided into the first half, called the Tribulation, and the second half called the Great Tribulation.
3.  The Second Advent will occur at the end of the Great Tribulation.

Curse of the Second Advent

1.  The Lord Jesus Christ will return and destroy the nations of the world that are gathered to destroy Israel in the Armageddon War (Joel 2:30-3:17; Zech 14:1-8; Matt 24:30; Rev 14:20; 16:13-16; 19:11-21)

Curse of the Baptism of Fire

1.  Curse of the Baptism of Fire (Isa 10:16-17; 24:6; 30:27ff; Matt 3:11; Luk 3:16; 12:49)
2.  At the Second Advent, the Lord will cast the unbelievers into the fire of Hades and believers will populate the Millennium.


1.  Reversionists are under a curse (2 Pet 2:14; Eph 2:3).
2.  The kind of curse depends upon the kind of Reversionism.
     a.  Monetary (Mt 6:24; Luk 16:13; 1 Tim 6:10; 2 Pet 2:15; Jude 11).
     b.  Phallic, adultery (Prov 22:14; Eccl 7:26; Heb 13:4; 2 Pet 2:14)
     c.  Alcoholism (Eph 5:18; 1 Tim 3:3)
     d.  Drugs (Gal 5:20; Rev 21:8)
     e.  Hedonism (2 Tim 3:4)
     f.  Gluttony (Deut 21:20; Nu 11:18, 31-33; Prov 23:20-21; 28:7; Matt 11:19; Luk 7:34; Tit 1:12-13)
     g.  Religion (Matt 23:13-35; 24:5, 24; 1 Jn 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 Jn 7)
     h.  Idolatry (Deut 27:15; 29:18; 32:16).
     i.  Verbal reversionism (Mk 14:71).
3.  Those who are cursed include:
     a.  Those who do not love Jesus Christ (1 Cor 16:22).
     b.  Those who preach a different Gospel (Gal 1:8).
     c.  Unbelievers (Rom 9:3).

Curse of Hardness of the Heart

1.  God curses people with Hardness of the Heart, Scar Tissue of the Soul (Psa 69:23; Isa 6:10; Matt 13:15).
2.  The curse includes poor eyesight and loss of hearing (Psa 38:13-14; 69:23; Isa 6:10; Matt 13:14-15) that accompany the inability to understand Bible Doctrine (Heb 5:11).
3.  The curse includes fear and anxiety (Psa 69:23; Dan 5:6), panic attacks (Psa 38:10), depression (Psa 38:6); bodily ailments and health problems (Psa 38:7); stiffness (Psa 38:8).

Curse of Hell

1.  Unbelievers will be cast into the fire of Hades, where they will await their final Judgment (Isa 66:24; Jer 7:20; Matt 13:41-42; 25:41-46; Mk 9:43, 48).
2.  The Lake of Fire was prepared for Satan and Fallen Angels (Matt 25:41; Mk 9:47-48; Jude 7)
3.  Judgment of unbelievers in Lake of Fire (Rev 20:15; 21:8).

Curse of the Land

1.  The ground can be cursed through murder, bloodshed, or corpses (Gen 4:10-12; Nu 35:33; Deut 21:19; 2 Ki 9:26; Rev 6:9-10).
2.  The ground can be cursed through evil business practices, such as robbery or failure to pay wages (Job 31:38-39; Jas 5:4).
3.  Cursing may be associated with geography, such as Mount Ebal (Deut 11:29; 27:13).
4.  Cities can be cursed (Gen 18:20), and nations can be cursed under the Cycles of National Cursing.
5.  The land is polluted disobeying Bible Doctrine (Isa 24:5; Jer 23:15).
6.  The land is cursed by adultery and idolatry (Psa 106:38; Jer 3:1, 2, 9; 16:18).

Family Curses

1.  Four Generation Curse - removed through Rebound and reversion recovery.
2.  Ichabod - removed by living the New Spiritual Life of the Church Age (Rom 6:4; 8:2; Eph 4:24; Col 3:10)
3.  Jezebel - removed by separation from Jezebel (Rev 2:20-23) and by Rebound and resisting the devil to oppose the demon of the Prostitute of Babylon (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:9).

Author:  Larry Wood,   Released - December 9, 2011 - Revised May 21, 2022

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