The Fall of Babylon

The World Financial Crisis of 1998 corresponds to the Biblical judgment of the Great Tribulation in the book of Revelation when the great economies of Cosmos Diabolicus will be destroyed in sudden cataclysmic judgment.  The year 1998 symbolizes the loss of glory, which means loss of prosperity.

Historical Trends
1998 The Glory Has Departed
Divine Viewpoint
Crisis in the USA

Historical Trends

The Comet of '97

Comet Hale-Bopp was the prophet of doom in 1997.  The significant event on the World Stage was the return of Hong Kong to China.  China represents the evil dictator of the world with more people enslaved than any other nation.  China is synonymous with the plight of Asia, the world's most populous continent.  The return of Hong Kong to China was a major blow to freedom.  It was a step down and not a small one.  Hong Kong had come to symbolize the Asian market of the world.  When it passed from freedom to the dictatorial power of China, it sent shock waves through the continents of the world.  It was not a shot but a boom heard round the world.

The Comet of '97 was an omen of doom.  The last time it was visible was at the time of the Fall of Babylon.  The exact year cannot be calculated, but the period of time was when the Babylonian Empire was ending and Abraham had been called to be the prophet of a nation of God.  Abraham was told to separate from Babylon, which was then the Third Dynasty of Ur, and go to Canaan where he would become the father of a new race, the Jews.  The world during the rise of Babylon had been under the sign of Taurus, the Bull, which symbolized Redemption.  God promised Adam and Eve a Savior, the Redemption Solution.  The sacrifice of the bull symbolized redemption.

God fulfilled his promise to Abraham, who became the father of the Jewish race.  Abraham was born in approximately 2161 BC, about the time of the beginning of the new Age of Aries, the ram, which symbolized the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.  The lamb symbolized the passover which means God would provide a substitute for the sins of mankind and pass over those sins and transgressions.  The worthy substitute was symbolized by the innocence of the passover lamb, which was to be without spot and without blemish - i.e. perfect.  The perfect lamb was a symbol of the perfect substitute, the Lord Jesus Christ, who would come to bear the sins of the world.  The substitutionary spiritual death of the Jesus Christ on the cross, fulfilled the predictions and purchased salvation for mankind.  The Lord Jesus Christ died as a substitute for mankind.  He purchased salvation and spiritual freedom for all.

With the payment made for the sins of the world, the door is now open for all who will believe.  By a simple act of believing in Christ anyone can, in a moment of time, receive the greatest of all gifts of everlasting life.  Eternal life is ours for the taking.  Spiritual regeneration and Eternal Life is a simple as, "Believe on the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved" (Acts 16:31).

The Comet of '97 was a cosmic clock that related back to the fall of Babylon in the days of Abraham.  The earth shaking event was not the fall of Babylon in the form of the Third Dynasty of Ur, which collapsed shortly after Abraham left in 2086 BC, but the rise of the Jews as the first Client Nation in history.  The exodus from Egypt under Moses was a demonstration of the power of God in the midst of the devil's world system, for Egypt had become another center of world power and the symbol of Cosmos Diabolicus.  Egypt, a paragon of worldly power, was destroyed by plagues before Pharaoh succumbed and let the Jews go.  After forty years the Jews marched into Canaan, conquered, and established Client Nation Israel.  The earth shaking event was not the fall of Babylon, nor the destruction of Egypt, the new Babylon, but the rise of Israel.  The major event that changed the course of world history was the rise of Israel.

The Jews as God's Client Nation were the custodians of the Mosaic Law, the teachings that the Lord gave to Moses face to face.  This spiritual teaching forever altered the course of human history.  The canon of scripture explained the way of salvation.  It prescribed ritual that predicted the coming Savior and his work of redemption.

The last time the Comet of '97 came around spelled the end of the world power of that day which was centered in the regions of Babylon and Egypt.  Egypt was later destroyed through great plagues to let the Jews out so they could go to the Promised Land.  So the Comet of '97 (approximately 2,000 AD) was the prophet of doom in the Abrahamic era (circa 2,000 BC).  What was the doom?  The world, i.e. Satan's word system (Cosmos Diabolicus), was doomed.  What doomed the world?  The promise of the Savior to Abraham in the Abrahamic Covenant spelled the end for the power of the world system.

The Comet as an Omen

The comet is an omen, not because of superstition, but because of what it means as defined by the Word of God.  The comet is called a "wandering star" (Jude 13), which describes a Cosmic Evangelist.  A Cosmic Evangelist is a reversionistic believer who, as the slave of the devil's Cosmic System, does the devil's bidding. The Cosmic Evangelist is so full of worldly thinking that he tries to convert others to believe his apostate ideas.  Eve did the same thing.  After she sinned in the Garden, she immediately sought to convert Adam.  The Cosmic Evangelist like Satan disguises himself as an "angel of light."  He paints a rosy picture full of lies and half-truths (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

Events of 1997

The year 1997 was the year of the RIF (Reduction in Force).  It derived its name from the 9700 that were RIF'ed from the Army of Gideon in order for the LORD to win a victory over the Midianites with 300 soldiers.  The year 1997 was a year of downsizing, layoffs, and mergers.  The biggest merger was the return of Hong Kong to China on July 1 (Day 182).  The number 182 refers to a breakpoint in history, a discontinuity, a change in direction.  Lamech lived 182 years and became the father of Noah (Genesis 5:28); and Methuselah, the father of Lamech, lived 782 years after becoming the father of Lamech (Genesis 5:26).  The 182nd day of the year is the midpoint of the year, of course, after which the rest of the year is all down hill.

The next day, July 2, 1997, the "crash of the Thai baht currency sent shock waves through Southeast Asian economies."1  This was the beginning of the end for the prosperity of the Pacific Basin.  What began with Hong Kong continued as the dominoes began to fall.  The economies of South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia were on the verge of collapse when they were propped up by billions in loans from the International Monetary Fund.

On October 26, 1997 President Jiang Zemim of China headed for the United States for a state visit.  The next day, October 27, 1997 (Day 300), the New York Stock Exchange closed down 554.26 points, the biggest point drop in history.  The drop followed a 10% freefall in Hong Kong stocks and fear of a speculative raid on the territory's currency.2    Regarding the date, the number 27 is the number for a horn, a powerful judgment like a tornado.  The number 300 (day of the year) is the number for divine Judgment.  Noah's ark was 300 cubits long.  It should further be remembered that there were 300 soldiers in the Army of Gideon when the the Lord won the victory over the Midianites.  And, to top it all, the financial judgment was very clearly identified with China since it corresponded to President Jiang's visit to the U.S.

 1998 The Glory Has Departed

Meaning of 1998

The year 1998 means the glory has departed.  This meaning is derived from the cataclysmic events of the defeat of Israel by the Philistines in approximately 1050 BC, the loss of the Ark of the Covenant, and the death of Eli, the High Priest and Judge, at age 98 (1 Samuel 4:18).  Eli's two sons were killed in battle and his daughter-in-law went into labor and gave birth to a son whom she named Ichabod, "the glory has departed."  Then she also died.  The next 20 years were bleak for Israel because the glory, meaning the Shekinah Glory, the Lord Jesus Christ, who dwelt above the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies, had departed.  Israel was in an historical down trend in suffering because it had neglected Bible Doctrine.  Israel as a Client Nation had lost its fertilizing capacity under the salt of the land principle and it was in dire straits with the land overrun by the Philistines. By December 16, 1997, according to financial analysts, after financial disasters in the Pacific Basin, the US emerged as the economic superpower of the world.6

Cataclysmic Herald of the New Year

As 1997 drew to a close and the New Year was in sight, two cataclysmic events struck on December 28 (Day 362).  First, Flight 826 from Japan to Hawaii hit sudden turbulence, which caused approximately 74 injuries as passengers were thrown into the ceiling.  One Japanese woman, age 32, was killed from a head injury.  Emergency oxygen masks that looked like plucked chickens from a distance were deployed in the cabin.  As an isolated incident, this may have been considered an unlucky fluke; but the same day officials in Hong Kong announced the slaughter of all chickens due to fear of the Bird Flu.  The next day the slaughter of 1.2 million chickens in Hong Kong commenced.

What does all this mean?  A farmer would know that chickens symbolize male dominance.  The rooster rules the roost and demands that the hens be available for his beckoning call.  If they resist, he pecks them or spurs them.  So in symbolic language, the chickens call attention to male dominance in the Pacific Basin and the plight of the Asian women, who usually lack the power or the legal rights to retaliate.  The Japanese woman who died on Flight 826 was merely the symbol of all this as were the chickens.  Both events occurred on Day 362, where the 62 stands for the end.

Lest we miss the point, two skiing deaths of celebrities from head and neck injuries followed in close succession.  On December 31, 1997 (Day 365), Michael Kennedy was killed while skiing when he hit a tree.  On January 5, 1998, Sonny Bono (age 62) was also killed by hitting a tree while skiing. The head and neck injuries in all these cases point to the meaning of 1998.  Just as Eli died from a broken neck at age 98 and the glory departed, the year 1998 was heralded with similar cataclysmic judgments to announce the end of glory.

Europe Pounded by Storm - Jan. 4, 1998

A powerful storm with wind gusts measured by the coast guard at 115 mph hit Europe on the weekend of January 4, 1998.   Across Britain more than 100,000 homes were without power.  In Paris the Middle East Peace process was postponed when high winds in Paris prevented a visit from the vice-president of Syria.4

What does this mean?  It is an example of angelic judgment from the air that hit a continent due to the Middle East Peace process, which is very much associated with Ichabod, the end of glory.  Angelic judgment means that the angels cause storms (Revelation 7:1).

Floods and Tornadoes in US - Jan. 8, 1998

Heavy winds and tornadoes coupled with flooding hit the United States South during the week of January 8, 1998.  "Four in Tennessee who were swept away by flash floods that spilled out of the Doe River."5  A 62 year old woman drowned in Kentucky due to the floods.5

What does all this mean?  The "Doe River" is more symbolic language.  The doe was the symbol in Israel for the Tribe of Naphtali.  A doe is a symbol of peace.  Here again, is a sign of the Middle East Peace process.  The 62 year old woman who died added the meaning:  The end of glory.

Earthquake in China - Jan. 10, 1998

On January 10, 1998 an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale devastated part of northern China approximately 140 miles from Beijing.  At least 47 were killed and thousands were left homeless. Note the 6.2 on the Richter scale, the number for the end.

Divine Viewpoint

Fall of Babylon in the Tribulation

Although we are not in the Tribulation, the events of this year bear a remarkable resemblance to the destruction of Babylon during the last three and a half years of the Tribulation.  The first Babylon in history was the location of the Tower of Babel.  After that Babylon was absorbed by the Assyrian and then the Chaldean Empires.  Babylon in the Bible is a symbolic term for the world, i.e. Cosmos Diabolicus.  In Revelation Babylon is symbolized as a whore and referred to as a city.  During the last half of the Tribulation, the city of Babylon will be destroyed by the greatest earthquake in world history (Revelation 16:18-20).  The earthquake will be so severe that city will be completely devastated and the islands in the ocean and mountains will be covered with water.  The tidal waves will be gigantic. An angel with the voice of a loud speaker will announce the doom of Babylon, the city of the world.  He will repeat, "It has fallen!"  The repeating of the phrase symbolizes double judgment, i.e. intensified discipline.  The angels of God actually destroyed Babylon.  Why?  To remove the false prosperity so that people can clearly see what is important.  Those who have money and material possessions have a false sense of security.  These things are illusions of prosperity.  They cannot deliver in this life or in the life to come.  Babylon symbolizes the world's possessions and the deceitfulness of riches.  No matter how rich a person, he will die; and when he dies, he cannot go to heaven without Eternal Life, which is the gift of God.  Salvation is free for those who want it.  Those without it will be doomed to everlasting flames of condemnation (Revelation 20:14-15).

The Babylon that will be destroyed in Revelation will be the world trade center.  There is no use speculating on which city that could be because no one knows when these events will occur.  The Church will be in heaven during the Tribulation and Israel will be at the mercy of Satan with no support from the Church, its staunchest ally.  The destruction of the world trade center will deal a death blow to commerce.  Now, this is a terrible judgment; but in light of the time with the end of the premillennial world at hand, it shows the urgency of putting  trust in God rather than worldly possessions which are on the verge of being destroyed.  The end of the known world will be at hand and the beginning of the millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After the destruction of Babylon, it will become like a ghost town.  It will be inhabited by every kind of demon and unclean spirit as well as unclean bird and detestable thing.  The demons and unclean spirits will congregate over the ruins of the city.  A city that was once populous will be without people because the people will all be dead.  The unclean birds will live there.  The unclean birds are the birds that were prohibited from being eaten by the Jews due to the dietary restrictions of the Mosaic Law.  Examples included:  The owl, eagle, buzzard, pelican, and hawk.  These birds are unfit for food.  With the exception of the eagle, they represent evil and the production of Cosmos Diabolicus.  For example, both Isaiah and Jeremiah mention the owl as inhabiting the ruins of Babylon (Isaiah 34:11; Jeremiah 50:39 KJV).  The owl (poem, picture) symbolizes a desolate and deserted region.

Viewpoint - January 11, 1998

The earth shaking events of 1998 herald the end of worldly prosperity.  The prosperity of the world was centered in the Pacific Basin.  That prosperity was corrupt and has now been judged by the Justice of God.  The Lord Jesus Christ as the controller of human history orchestrated this judgment.  The United States of America is not immune to the Justice of God, Who is no respecter of persons.  Our nation will no more avoid the loss of prosperity this year than it can get out of the world.  The Justice of God stepped into 1998 and announced, "The bills are now due!"  That spelled doom for false prosperity and trust in money. The suffering of 1998 will be intensified.  The end of glory means loss of prosperity.  Those who have madly pursued the love of money will be judged. Money is the coin of the realm in the devil's world.  It is the hallmark of Babylon.  Those who love money have bad values in the soul.  The bad values have roots that connect to all sorts of evil.  Evil is the policy of Satan in Cosmos Diabolicus.  Those who love money are the pawns of the devil in the world.  Lovers of money wander away from the faith, Bible Doctrine.  They choose the world in lieu of the Plan of God.  As a result they receive all manner of suffering.  They "pierce themselves with many a pang."  The number one thing on their scale of values is money.  They have a false hope.

Though 1998 will be a year of suffering (especially for those who have their money judged), there is still hope.  For those who do not have Eternal Life, the door is still open.  It costs nothing, is easy to receive, and lasts forever.  Salvation is a simple as "believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  For those who are already Christians, the issue is the spiritual life based upon the true faith.  The world is full of apostasy, which is contrary to Bible Doctrine.  Apostates have the characteristic love of money of the world.  Those who are willing to submit to the authority of God and live on the basis of the true faith will have a life that is worthwhile and will build up Eternal rewards that will survive the judgment of the world.

Crisis in the USA

Washington DC Crisis

On January 20, 1998 the President of the United States of America met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and convinced him to give away land in Israel for a promise of peace.  This was a direct violation of the Abrahamic Covenant (specifically the part called the Palestinian Covenant in theology).  The land of Israel was deeded to Abraham and his descendants by the Lord (Genesis 15:18-19).  There was also a curse for anti-Semitism.  Anyone who curses the Jew will be cursed from the Lord (Genesis 12:3).

On January 21, 1998 news of adultery in the White House was broadcast around the world.  The media fed on it as did those with a morbid curiosity all over the world, but especially in the USA.  According to the events associated with the downfall of Eli at age 98, from which we derive the predictions for 1998, Eli's sons, who were priests, were guilty of adultery.  His sons were committing adultery with women who worked in the service of the Tabernacle.  Adultery of Eli's sons caused a big scandal in Israel (1 Samuel 2:22).  Eli's administration was also guilty of gluttony (1 Samuel 2:29) and evil (1 Samuel 2:23).  These three problems represent the three counterattacks of Babylon:

  1. Gluttony - Ecumenical Babylon
  2. Adultery - Political Babylon
  3. Evil - Cosmic Babylon
On January 22, 1998 the President met with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who demanded Israel's land in return for a promise of peace.  "Clinton supported Palestinian aspirations 'to live as a free people.'"7 There is a difference between true freedom and lawlessness.  True freedom only exists under authority.  Lawlessness is being free from the law, which is not true freedom but anarchy, or lawlessness.  Lawlessness is slavery to the Cosmic System.  Who inspired this remark to reject the Palestinian Covenant made with Abraham?  It was not God; therefore, it was from the Cosmic System of Satan, which is evil.

Thus, in three days, there surfaced the three counterattacks of Babylon upon the USA.  The request to give up land represents the Ecumenical Babylon counterattack.  The issue of adultery represents the Political Babylon counterattack.  The request for freedom from the laws of Israel from Arafat were lawlessness and evil and represented the Cosmic Babylon Counterattack.  They occurred on January 22, 1998, where 22 is the number for cursing.  The Abrahamic Covenant would be fulfilled:

Curses from the Weather

Cursing upon the USA became immediately obvious from the weather, which was blamed on "El Nino," a reference not to the Christ Child but to the mythological counterpart.  If the weather problems are caused by El Nino, then what causes El Nino?  This is sheer hypocrisy.  The angels produce the weather (Revelation 7:1).  California, the symbol of prosperity in the nation, was hit by storms and flooding.  The most severe judgment in the Bible was the Noahic Flood; so the symbolism in California was that of a severe curse.  Not only did California have floods, so did Central and South America.

In the middle of the night on February 22, 1998, the region around Orlando, Florida was devastated by a battery of killer tornadoes.  There were 42 people killed and 250 injured.  There was massive destruction to homes and property. The number, 42, is the number for a bear, a symbol of Baal.  The Florida tornadoes represented the cursing of marriage culture due to Baal as related to the Middle East crisis with Iraq and Israel.

At 6:30 AM on March 20, 1998 a killer tornado hit Gainesville, Georgia.8  Twelve people were killed and over 100 injured.  At 3:45 PM another killer tornado hit Stoneville, North Carolina.9  Two people were killed and most of the small town was destroyed.  The tornadoes on the 20th hit before school and after school.  The symbolic meaning is:  The number, 20, refers to the military, or external gates of a country.  It means going out and coming in for war.  North Carolina is symbolic of the camp of the Tribe of Judah around the Tabernacle.  Judah represented military leadership.  Stoneville was a small town that could be called a stone, or little rock, which is called in the Greek, Peter.  Christ was the rock (large rock), and Peter was the little rock.  A 24 year old second grade teacher was one of the two killed in Stoneville.  The 24 refers to a strategic issue, which is often Satan's attack upon Israel.  Georgia represents the internal gates of security for a nation.  It was settled by criminals.  The name is derived from George, which means earthworker, or farmer - i.e. a reference to the land and to the law enforcement over the land, which is usually the Sheriff's Office.  A deputy, age 27, was killed in an accident due to the tornado in Georgia.  The number 27 is the number for a tornado (horn judgment).

In both the Georgia and the North Carolina tornadoes, children were an issue.  Lanier Elementary in Gainesville, Georgia was partially devastated an hour before it would have been filled with students.  In Stoneville, a day care center as well as the high school and elementary schools were narrowly missed, though school was out for the day.  Four children died in Georgia.  The Gainesville tornadoes hit near Lake Lanier.  The Lake and the Elementary school were named for Sydney Lanier, the famous poet who was born in 1842.  This year points to the meaning of 42, which is the number for a bear, or Baal.  The last devastating tornado in Gainesville was in 1936, in which 203 people were killed.  That was 62 years ago, the number for the end.  After the end comes destruction.  Though the children were largely spared, they were an issue.  Baal is the enemy of marriage culture and the enemy of children.  The tornado judgments can represent judgment for Baal involvement in the USA.

The irony of the Gainesville tornado is that approximately 135,000 chickens were killed and hundreds still alive were scattered around the countryside.10  Chickens symbolize male dominance.

Floods and tornadoes occurred in the time of Noah when demonism reached its peak and almost annihilated Marriage Culture.  The reason the flood occurred was to preserve the human race.  The fallen angels had destroyed the genes of the human race through cohabitation with women to produce a new species that was part angel and part human.  These were the gods and goddesses of mythology (Genesis 6:1-5).  God sent the flood to destroy the adulterated people and animals and to deliver Noah and his family, the only ones left with pure genes.

The cursing from the weather is due to evil and the resulting breakdown of Marriage Culture.  The rejection of God and the rejection of Marriage Culture which follows are the two major causes of weather disaster in the world today.  The judgments from the weather damage both property and crops and contribute to the loss of prosperity.


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Author: Larry Wood,

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