Temporal Problems
Spiritual Solution


Spiritual fatigue is spiritual weakness caused by attacks from Satan and his demons.  The attacks interfere with the Spirit of Human Life (נְשָׁמָה (neshamah), Dan 10:17).  The attacks begin in the head with darkness, pressure, and loss of focus and proceed into the body.  Relaxed Mental Attitude (shalom) will be lost (Job 30:27), followed by loss of Capacity for Life, physical weakness, and loss of endurance.  Elijah experienced it when he was running from Jezebel and fell asleep exhausted under a broom tree (1 Ki 19:4, 5) (ref. Elijah).


1.  Spiritual fatigue results from Satan's power over a person.  For any of a number of reasons the person has fallen into Satan's Cosmic System. 
2.  The problem may begin with Divine Punishment, when God turns the person over to Satan to administer the punishment as He did with Job (Job 30:21-22).  The punishment was so severe that Job thought he was dying (Job 30:23). 
3.  The weak and sickly lack the power to resist the Cosmic System and are vulnerable to spiritual  fatigue.
4.  There is usually no simple solution.  Prayer does not work; nor does Rebound (Job 30:20; 2 Cor 12:7, 8).  Satan has access to the person, and the suffering must be endured until it is removed by the Grace of God (2 Cor 12:9).
    a.  Subjectivity leads to slavery.
    b.  Objective resistance leads to freedom (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:8, 9).

Temporal Problems

1.  Spiritual fatigue results in all kinds of temporal problems in the soul and body, including medical infirmities (Job 30:30).  God decides how much suffering Satan is allowed to administer.
        Job 30:27
        My emotions are boiling
        And I cannot relax.
        Days of stress confront me.

2.   Examples:
    Loss of Capacity/Life (ref. angelic power, Dan 10:17)
    Mental confusion, blocks, blind spots, subjectivity
    Blackout of the Soul, Hardness of the Heart, Emotional Revolt of the Soul
    Fear/anxiety, stress, panic
    Implacable, bitter, frustrated, inability to rest
    Sinus drainage/congestion
    Loss of breath, choking, coughing
    Visual loss of focus
    Weak/sore neck, back, legs, knees, feet
    Cramps, loss of coordination/balance
    Chills and fever
    Urinary and bowel problems

Spiritual Solution

1.  Paul experienced the problem with the Thorn-in-the-Flesh demon.  God told him the answer but left him in suffering (ref.  2 Cor 12:9).
2.  The answer is to continue to execute the Spiritual Life and await the Grace of God.
3.  The Grace of God is the only solution, and Grace is God's decision.  What God does not remove, He expects us to endure.
4.  The Lord will remove spiritual fatigue if we wait for Him.  He will remove spiritual fatigue and send His Elect Angels to give new strength and endurance (ref. Isa 40:31).
Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength.
They will mount up with wings (pinions) like eagles;
They will run and not be weary;
They will walk and not faint.

Author:  Larry Wood,   Released October 14, 2021

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