Divine Pattern of US History

After Christianity had conquered the ancient monuments of the Old World during the First Millennium AD, a new Client Nation to God arose from the frontier of North America.  The United States of America became the Client Nation in the Second Millennium AD and became the greatest cultural experiment of freedom in human history.  Strengthened by the blessings of God, the people of the United States of America have withstood every challenge of the devil's world to be the bastion of freedom in the world.

Client Nation Israel
Application to Client Nation USA
US History from Divine Viewpoint

Client Nation Israel

Patterns and Types

The nation of Israel was the first Client Nation to God.  Israel was a Theocracy, which means that God was the ruler.  Moses was cautioned time after time be sure to make the Tabernacle according to the pattern of the divine specifications.  Failure to do so meant instant death.  The message from the Tabernacle was that patterns are important.  They represent divine truth.  They have symbolic meaning.

Israel was given specific directions for the construction and ritual procedure of the Tabernacle.  The Tabernacle was to always be pitched facing East toward the rising sun.  The thirteen tribes were allocated specific areas for bivouac around the Tabernacle.  When the camp was broken, the column was to move out in specific order.  These instructions were important.  They were recorded in the canon of scripture.  All generations are commanded to hear and obey them.

Although we now have the completed canon of scripture and are no longer bound to the ritual of the Tabernacle, the meaning of the symbolism and ritual has never changed.  It is just as true today as ever.  Careful examination of the pattern reveals the divine keys for future Client Nations in history.  Today the United States of America is the Client Nation to God.  Did God throw away the pattern of the first Client Nation after it ended or is the pattern the same?  This document will show how to make application to Client Nation USA based upon the underlying truths of the pattern of Client Nation Israel.

The Camp of Israel

The bivouac of Israel is shown in the illustration.  There were thirteen tribes because Joseph is replaced by Ephraim and Manasseh, which stands for the double-blessing.  There were twelve tribes around the periphery of the camp with the Tabernacle in the middle.  Since the tribe of Levi were servants in the Tabernacle, they were not camped on the outer periphery as warriors.  The Levites and the slaves camped inside the Tribes of Israel between the Tribes and the Tabernacle.  Each Tribe had a specific function and purpose per Genesis 49.  Further, each Tribe had a symbolic stone in the breastplate of the High Priest.  Thus, there is a color associated with each Tribe.


Reuben carnelian Blood-red Cursed
Simeon modern chrysolite blue-green division from Justice
Levi emerald brilliant green priest
Judah ruby fire-colored lion - leader
Zebulun sapphire sky-blue sea, sailor
Issachar onyx finger-nail donkey
Dan ligurius transparent orange, reddish brown, pale red judge
Gad composite quartz, chalcedony,carnelian,jasper glittering with different colors raiding band
Asher amethyst violet royalty
Naphtali ancient chrysolite brilliant golden doe
beryl leek green fruitful bough (double blessing)
Benjamin diamond glassy, sparkling wolf - spoils

Through the previous table and illustration, the picture of Client Nation Israel begins to emerge.  Judah had received the leadership responsibility after the default of Reuben, Simeon, and Levy, who were all cursed.  Thus, Judah camped on the East in front of the Tabernacle Gate.  On the Northeast was Issachar, symbolized by the donkey, the pack-animal in Israel.  On the Southeast side was Zebulun, who represented sea transportation.  Later, in the Promised Land, Zebulun would be responsible for sea commerce even though it did not have a seaport.

On the North side of the Tabernacle were Dan (Federal Judicial System), Naphtali (doe, peacemaker, animal slaughter and packing), and Asher (royalty).  On the South side were Reuben (curse), Simeon (division from being judged), and Gad (raiding band).  On the West side were Ephraim and Manasseh (double blessing, the bankers), and Benjamin (wolf eating the spoils of victory).

Application to Client Nation USA

Client Nation Architecture

With all the symbolism of Client Nation Israel, there must be more to it than just the pattern for Israel.  The illustration shows what if the Client Nation of the United States of America were built after the same pattern.  Would it make sense?  Bearing in mind the symbolic and spiritual meaning of the Tribes, the geographic regions of the United States of America (USA) do indeed bear a striking resemblance to the corresponding elements of the camp of Israel.

Judah was the leadership tribe and Moses was the head.  This function in the USA is corresponds to Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and the District of Columbia.  The separate entity of DC represents Moses and the surrounding states represent Judah.  The leadership role of the USA is centered in Washington, DC.  So this fits precisely.

On the Northeast, Issachar was a donkey, the pack-animal in Israel.  The corresponding function of the USA is New York, which represents the trade center of the nation, and the surrounding states.  The donkey in Israel corresponds to the trade center of Client Nation USA.  Other nations also have trade centers in the northeast corner of their nations, though all are not as obvious as New York.  Today the transportation system includes rail, airplanes, ships, and trucks.  All of these forms of transportation converge on New York to move cargo in and out of the world trade center.  So Issachar is a perfect match between Israel and the USA.

On the Southeast, Zebulun,

Note:  Zebulun's inheritance in the land lay between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean, but touching neither; nor touching Sidon.  It lay between Asher and Naphtali.  "Sidon" refers to a place where the treasures of the sea (Deut. 33:19) are brought in from distant ports to be traded.  Sidon stands for Phoenicia itself.  It is obvious that Florida in the USA is a perfect match for Zebulun.

On the North is Dan, the symbol of the Federal Judiciary.  The function of federal justice is two-fold:  Military and criminal justice.  Dan represents both the external gates of a nation, going out to war, and the internal gates, criminal justice.  Israel was always attacked from the North; so Dan was strategically important.  In the USA, the states of North and South Dakota and Minnesota represent Dan.  Minnesota is split by the Mississippi River and is famous for the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Twins strive against each other as Jacob and Esau.  Twins side by side also symbolize a witness.

There is a difference between the judicial function of Dan and law enforcement, which is a security function.  The law enforcement function is related to the Levites, who had strict security requirements for the Tabernacle.  In the USA the eastern states of West Virginia (prisons), Tennessee, and parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia represent this function.

Just as animals were needed to slaughter for the Tabernacle ritual as symbolized by Naphtali, the doe, similarly, the USA located the great slaughter houses in Chicago, Illinois and Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The region of Naphtali is also the location of ore and raw material for manufacturing.  After manufacturing,  products can be shipped from the adjoining trade center.  Kentucky is symbolic of the womb, which provides animals for the slaughter houses.  It is famous for huge caves, mines,  and horse breeding - all functions which relate to the nearby processing centers.  The function of Naphtali is identical in the USA to Israel.

The Tribe of Asher on the north represented royalty.  This is a function that is generally foreign to the middle class USA.  The function exists symbolically, however, with the mountains of Montana and the square state of Wyoming.  The Tabernacle was built with right angles - not circles and diagonals.  The function of Royalty is more visible in Great Britain, which occupies a similar location on the map of Europe.  So Asher in the USA is symbolic.

On the South side of the nation are functions that work over, against the North.  If the North were weak in the Federal Judiciary, then the southern state of Texas might be called upon to go to war.  Texas is the most famous state in the union for warfare.  Texans have consistently demonstrated the concept of freedom through military victory in every war.  So Reuben, who represents a curse in the south, may be a curse for the enemies of the country.

Simeon, represents a different kind of curse - one related to division and scattering due to justice.  Note that the Mississippi River, the great divider of East and West in our nation, runs through the region of Simeon.  Louisiana represents Simeon.  The nearby states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, which are associated with the Levites, represent the law enforcement required to deal with the criminality of Simeon.

Gad in the Southwest is represented by New Mexico and Arizona, the wild west.  Both states were known as a haven for outlaws in our nation's history.  So, the states along the South side of the USA correspond to Client Nation Israel.

On the West side of the nation, the state of California represents the double blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh.  California even looks like a double state.  This location in Israel was where the bankers camped.  Gold was discovered in California.  It was a natural bank built by the Creator.  California is one of the most prosperous states.  It very clearly corresponds to the architecture of Client Nation Israel.

Benjamin camped on the Northwest and represented the wolf that ate the spoils of victory.  Washington state, Oregon as well as Alaska represent Benjamin.  The states are the home of the wolf.  They either have gold and silver to mine or else adjoin states that have these precious metals.  Benjamin is a perfect example of the wolf and the spoils in the USA as well as Israel.

The states situated inland from the coast in the USA correspond to the functions performed by the slaves who camped on the north, south, and west sides of the Tabernacle.  The states of our nation's bread basket are there.  The internal states east of the Mississippi correspond to the Levite servants (who also kept slaves).  Their function has already been explained.  Most of the work in the internal states is associated with manual labor.  There was a time before the 1860's when slaves were used in this country to perform such functions just as they were in Israel.

The functions of the slaves on the north, south, and west sides of the Tabernacle were:

  1. Koathites - carried the Ark of the Covenant, Table of Shewbread, Golden Lampstand, Altar of Incense, Brazen Altar, and sacred vessels during travels in the wilderness.
  2. Merarites - hauled the frames, bars, pillars of the Tabernacle as well as the rigging, the pegs, cords, and tools.  Thus, they symbolized metallurgy, refining, and Fire Testing.
  3. Gershonites - carried the curtains, tent, coverings, hangings, and cords of the Tabernacle.  They took these things down and put them up.  They camped behind the Tabernacle in the region that symbolized the garbage dump and outcasts.
In Client Nation USA, the three states located in the very center correspond to the Tabernacle proper.  They are:
  1. Missouri - the Gate and Outer Court with the Brazen Altar and the Laver.  The state is shaped like an altar and divided into two parts by two rivers.  It is the gateway to the West.  The Ozarks correspond to the Brazen Altar, and the plain corresponds to the Outer Court.  Springs and rivers correspond to the Laver, or sanctification.  Crossing the Mississippi River corresponds to the crossing of the Jordan, the Second Advent, and Salvation.
  2. Kansas - the Holy Place with the Table of Shewbread, Altar of Incense, and Golden Lampstand.  This symbolizes the function of the Priesthood.  The land is a bread basket (Table of Shewbread) with smoky hills (Altar of Incense), and oil (Golden Lampstand).
  3. Colorado - the Holy of Holies with the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat.  Mountains symbolize the High Place of Heaven as well as summits.  And gold in the land corresponds to the Mercy Seat, which was made of gold, and the Ark, which was overlaid with gold. Timber would be associated with the wood for the Ark, and rock from quarries would be associated with the Tables of the Law.

Marriage Culture

Client Nation Israel was the product of Marriage Culture.  The basis for every Tribe was the divine institution of Marriage.  The Mosaic Law had a very strict delineation of the laws of Marriage.  Fornication and Adultery were punishable by death.  The blessings and cursings of the Tribes and their respective architectural functions in the Client Nation were also based upon Marriage Culture.  When Jacob gathered his twelve sons together to pronounce their blessing (Genesis 49), it was their relationship inside the family that determined their future blessing or cursing.  Reuben as the first born was passed over for blessing because he was responsible for selling Joseph into slavery.  Simeon and Levy were cursed because of their criminal activity related to the rape of Dinah.  Judah became the de facto head, leader of the family.

However, all the sons of Jacob except Joseph and Benjamin were wild children, i.e. offspring not from Right Man and Right Woman.  The sons of Rachel were from Jacob's Right Woman.  They were Joseph and Benjamin.  Joseph's blessing was doubled and passed on to his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.  Benjamin was also blessed by being allowed to eat the spoils of victory.  All of the children of Right Man and Right Woman were on the west side, the place of prosperity.

US History from Divine Viewpoint

Declaration of Independence

After Columbus discovered America in 1492, North and South America were populated by people from all over the world who sought something better.  They came for freedom and the opportunity to succeed.  They came because of religious persecution.  They came to build a new home and start a better life apart from the burden of the Old World.  By 1776 the Declaration of Independence was written and the American Revolutionary War was fought against Great Britain to secure freedom.  That story, which is full of divine viewpoint, has already been developed in Numbers in Scripture.

Four Generation Curse

The Mosaic Law contained the Four Generation Curse in the Decalogue which stated that the Lord would punish a nation for four generations before bringing war to destroy it (called the Fifth Cycle of Discipline).  The pattern in US History based upon 20 years for a generation (80 years for four generations), a pattern of cursing that corresponds to the Four Generation Curse is obvious.  Note in the following table the prevalence of war each 40 years (corresponding to the beginning of the 3rd Generation).  Note also that every 80 years (end of 4th Generation) there is a major war, which represents the challenge of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.


Independence 1775 - 1783 . .
War of 1812 1812 - 1814 37 years 40 
Mexican  1846 - 1848 . .
War Between the States 1861 - 1865 49 years 40 (80 since 1775)
Spanish American 1898  37 years 40
World War I 1914 - 1918 . .
World War II 1941 - 1945 43 years 40 (80 since 1861)
Korean War 1950 - 1953 . .
Viet Nam 1957 - 1973 . .
Iraq (Desert Storm) 1991 49 years 40
Afghanistan War 2001 - Current . .
Iraq II 2003 - 2011 . .

The wars in US history are clearly explained by the Four Generation Curse.  The War Between the States and World War II occurred at 80 year intervals in round numbers.  Following World War II there have been three wars, none of which were won completely on the battlefield.  The Viet Nam War stands out as the most humiliating defeat.  Desert Storm was a decisive tactical victory, but the strategic victory was not achieved until the Second Iraq War, 2003 - 2011.  However, winning the Second Iraq War did not secure peace since that war, like the Afghanistan War that began in 2001, was against Islamic terrorism.  The Afghanistan War is still in progress.

According to the Head and Tail Model , cursing is caused by rejection of Bible Doctrine and becoming a tail rather than a head.  The failure does not begin on the battlefield.  That is simply the result of problems that started long before with negative volition toward Bible Doctrine.  Furthermore, marriage culture exhibits the symptoms of failure long before the military becomes weak.  The principle is explained in the Marriage Kernel Model.  The era since World War II has been fully analyzed in terms of Marriage Culture .  There was a rise in divorces to epidemic proportions along with failure on the battlefield during this period.  Problems with marriage clearly reveal blessing or cursing for a nation before the Four Generation Curse hits.

Marriage Culture Melting Pot

Never before in history did so many divergent cultures converge in one land as the Americas.  There were intermarriages and new racial combinations.  There were opportunities to succeed without government interference and opportunities for criminality.  There were savages and frontiers, gold mines and farms.  There were slaves and aristocrats, paupers and those who struck it rich.  So long as there was a frontier to the west, the culture was free to spread; but when the Pacific was reached, the various cultural elements faced the test of learning to live together.

This did not happen until 1860, almost 400 years after the discovery of America, and very nearly the same amount of time that Client Nation Israel spent being born.  It spent 400 years in Egypt prior to becoming a Client Nation.  It is the Lord Jesus Christ who controls human history.  He was building Client Nation USA from its initial discovery.

The nation had already proven its strength against Great Britain in the Revolutionary War and again in the War of 1812; but by 1860 new internal problems surfaced that threatened to destroy the nation.  The issue of slavery was used as a political platform to divide the nation.  There were 3,953,760 slaves out of a total population of 31,443,321 according to the US Census.1  The Bible upholds slavery; so it was not an issue of it being right or wrong.  It was an issue of living together.  There was no way that the agricultural South could free the slaves instantaneously because they were the backbone of their economy.  Just as marriage problems that have to be resolved, so the problems of the factions in the nation had to resolve their differences or seek a divorce.

The nation was split in half, North against South, over a moral issue concocted by politicians to get elected.  The North saw the issue as one of morality, human rights, and freedom.  They looked at the South as lawless while the South looked at the North as legalists.  Robert E. Lee decided to fight with the South after praying about it all night because he determined to defend his home state against northern tyranny.  Even the population as a number pattern spelled trouble - 31443321 = 31 (evil king), 44 (suffering), 33 (emergency purging of the Holy Spirit), 21 (Providential Preventative Suffering).  The number of slaves begins with 39 (sin unto death).

The War Between the States was an example of the polarized degeneracy of the Head and Tail Model.  The North represented Legalism and the South represented lawlessness.  Polarized degeneracy is the result of rejection of Bible Doctrine.  It is also a result of problems with Marriage Culture as the example of the Tribes of Israel who came from wild children.  They sold their brother, Joseph, into slavery and murdered the Hivites.

Prelude to the War Between the States

Where was Jesus Christ when all this was happening?  The divine viewpoint of history clearly reveals Him.  On February 14, 1859 Oregon was admitted as the 33rd state of the Union. Fourteen is the number for the Passover when the sentence of death passed over Israel but killed the Egyptians.  The number 59 is the number for the Tribe of Simeon and 33 is the number for the work of the Holy Spirit in purification.  The number 33 usually translates into an emergency situation because the evil will be purged by the Holy Spirit in judgment.  In other words, Simeon, the curse of division, was related to 33 emergency judgment.  And it was related to Oregon, the symbol of Benjamin, the wolf who would eat the spoils of victory.  In 1843 the settlers of Oregon met to deal with the menace of wild animals.  These so-called "Wolf Meetings" led to the drafting of a constitution and the formation of Oregon's first government.

Spoils of victory are symbolic of war as can be learned from Jeremiah 52:23.  The factions of the country were arguing, not so much about slavery, as the economy; for slavery was key to the prosperity of the agricultural South. Regardless of the argument, however, the thing that split the union was not the issue but the polarized degeneracy of the North and the South that refused to compromise.  And it was Oregon (symbol of the Tribe of Benjamin) that foretold the War.  The Oregon Territory originally included the entire region from the Missouri River to the Pacific - i.e. the present states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and parts of Wyoming and Montana.  Although the Washington Territory had been created in 1853, there were no states that represented Benjamin in 1859 except Oregon because Washington had not yet become a state.

So with the addition of Oregon, the divine viewpoint that foretold the War was obvious. Oregon represented the last Tribe of the Client Nation.  With the addition of Oregon, all the Tribes were symbolically in place, and the structure was ready for verification testing.  With no where left to run, the people would have to settle their differences internally.  The cost of the verification test would be War.  Oregon was the herald of that War for those who could see the divine viewpoint of history.

The first state to secede from the Union was South Carolina on December 20 (number for war), 1860.  South Carolina is symbolized by the Tribe of Judah, the leader.  Being symbolically under North Carolina, the response of South Carolina would symbolize a counter response (or counterattack) to withstand pressure from the North.  This is precisely what happened as proven by the beginning of the War at Fort Sumter, South Carolina.

Forty days after the secession of South Carolina, on January 29, 1861, Kansas was admitted as the 34th state.  Forty is the number for maximum divine discipline.  The number 34 is the number for division and was associated with the division of the earth into nations after the Tower of Babel.  This topic and the beginning of the War Between the States is covered in Numbers in Scripture.

The War Between the States was the stiffest test in our nation's history.  It was the product of a culture who settled their differences with violence.  It happened only after the symbolic addition of Benjamin, the son of the Right Woman, to the Union.  Marriage Culture was an issue that set the stage for war.  In spite of widespread evangelism and Bible Teaching, there was an ingrained bitterness that divided brother against brother.  There was obviously a shortage of the fertilizing salt of the land from the spirituality of mature believers.  The consequence was severe suffering and bloodshed, the deadliest struggle in the nation's history.

There were 498,332 deaths from battlefield and associated causes.2  The number of free blacks in 1860 was 448,070;1 thus, the price paid in war was nearly the same.  The number pattern for deaths was 4 (weakness), 98 (the glory has departed), 33 (emergency purging of the Holy Spirit), 2 (division) - i.e. the glory had departed due to an emergency.  The two sides inflicted heavy casualties on each other.  The North paid the heaviest price in war, and the South was devastated as a loser in war and never rose again.

The War Between the States from the divine perspective marked the birth of the nation.  Although it had been conceived with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it did not come to completion for birth until the War Between the States.  Not until that time were all the four sides of the Client Nation complete.  So Client Nation USA is relatively young.  From the divine viewpoint it began with the War Between the States.  Only then were all the essential parts in place.


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Author: Larry Wood,

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