Obedient Heroine of Faith

Sarah, the wife of Abraham, father of the Jewish race, bowed obediently to face the supreme test of marriage.  Her celebrity status and exquisite beauty landed her in the harem of Pharaoh, king of Egypt.  Sarah passed this test of suffering and rose victorious as one of the great heroines of the faith.  She single-handedly defeated the Egyptian Empire by obedience to the grace of God and won the peace from this bastion of worldly strength.  Men are sent to win the war, but women are brought to secure the peace.
Sarah's Destiny
Phases of Marriage
Sarah Attracts Worldly Attention
Pharaoh Marries Sara
Sara's Dilemma
Sara's Spiritual Warfare
The Harsh Reality of Compatibility Testing
A Message for Teens
Something Better

Sarah's Destiny

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the father of the Jewish race.  Through the providence of God, she was destined to bear a son of a new race.  Through Abraham and Sarah, the Jewish race, the pivot of human history, would come into being.  The Jews would be God's chosen people.  Through them would come the knowledge of God and the promised Savior for all mankind.  Abraham and Sarah were called to procreate the Jewish race.  As Right Man and Right Woman, the marriage of Abraham and Sarah was the means whereby the escutcheon of human history would forever change.  Our spiritual heritage can be traced to the Covenant that God made with Abraham and the promises fulfilled in Sarah.  The marriage of Abraham and Sarah was destined to change the culture of, not just the world, but the course of human history.

Marriage is the divine institution that is the basis for a culture.  Marriage is a building block of society.  The relationship between the man and the woman in marriage ripples into every part of a culture.  When the strategic direction of human history required a change, it began with marriage just as it had in the beginning of the Garden of Eden.  As a divine institution, marriage is more than just a loving relationship between two people or a means of procreating mankind.  It is a spiritual relationship that is the root of a culture that grows into the fabric of society.  It is the seat of blessing or cursing for a culture.  As goes marriage, so goes the culture.  As goes marriage, so goes society.  As goes marriage, so goes the Client Nation.

Phases of Marriage

The marriage of Right Man and Right Woman goes through three distinct phases of testing, since marriage is the root of the culture and the basis for cursing or blessing.


Attraction Physical Physical identification
Compatibility Soul Soul compatibility
Spiritual Rapport Spirit Spiritual compatibility (harmony)

The advance through these phases is required for every marriage, and the marriage of Abraham and Sarah was no exception.  The advance through the phases is accomplished by spiritual growth.  There is no shortcut to marital happiness.  The believer must advance spiritually through the daily perception and application of Bible Doctrine.  The Spiritual Life determines the temporal life.  Orientation to God must precede rapport with mankind.

Marriage is a test in the spiritual life.  To treat it any differently is to invite misery and the cursing of God.  Marriage is not the means of happiness, though happy people can be married.  A person is no different in marriage that before marriage.  Marriage magnifies human weaknesses.  Marriage is, at best, a stiff test and, at worst, a disaster and the basis for cursing the nation.  Marriage is not for children.  It demands maturity.  Maturity is proved through the testing of God.

Abraham and Sarah married in the Attraction Phase, which in the Church Age is not recommended (1 Corinthians 7:25-38).  They knew they were Right Man - Right Woman and were both saved.  They were saved the same way in the Old Testament as the New, i.e. by faith alone in Christ alone.  They did not know the Lord by the name, Jesus Christ, but referred to Him by the Hebrew tetragrammaton, JHWH, which was called Adonay (meaning my Lord) by the Jews and is translated Jehovah or LORD into English.  Abraham looked forward to the cross just as we look back to it.  Salvation by faith in Christ is an absolute prerequisite for receiving Everlasting Life and living the Christian Life.  There can be no knowledge of God apart from faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Salvation is appropriated by simply believing in Jesus Christ.

The Salvation FAQ is provided to answer questions about Salvation.  Anyone with any doubt about Salvation should consult the FAQ and get the matter straightened out.

After salvation Abraham and Sarah had a new Spiritual Life.  As they began to execute their new life on the basis of faith, the Lord revealed to them their destiny - that they would be the beginning of a great nation, the Jewish race.  However, in order to receive their destiny, they first had to separate from the world.  They had to leave their home in Ur of the Chaldeans and go to Canaan. Abraham was 75 hears old and Sara was 65 when they left Ur in 2086 BC.

Abraham and Sarah arrived in Canaan after leaving their family behind.  As they advanced on faith, a sequence of events occurred in the Sovereign Design of God that propelled them into Compatibility Testing.  A famine occurred in Canaan, and they traveled down to Egypt. Egypt in the Bible is a symbol, or type, of the world.  Egypt was ruled by a Pharaoh, or king, who was an unbeliever and the whole nation was under the power of Satan's Cosmic System.  Egypt was the center of worldliness even though it had developed into a great empire of secular culture.  So Abraham and Sarah had left Ur, which was part of the Babylonian Empire and known for worldliness, and they went down into Egypt, another symbol of the world.

Sarah Attracts Worldly Attention

Sarah was a very beautiful woman.  She was a celebrity, the wife of Abraham, an aristocrat from Ur. The Hebrew word for beautiful is  hp#y* (japheh), which means beautiful and refers to physical beauty.  This word is reserved in the Hebrew for those who are truly beautiful - not just attractive or good-looking.  When the Bible says someone is beautiful, it is reliable.  Sarah was one of the most beautiful women in the world.  Even at the age of 65 (derived from Genesis 12:4) Sarah was still beautiful, for this was only middle age for her, since she lived to be 127.  Further, Sarah had not had her beauty marred by child bearing.  Abraham knew that Sarah's beauty was a liability.  So, in keeping with his role as leader, he devised a plan for Sarah's protection in the land of Egypt.

Now, bear in mind that Egypt was not a land of freedom, especially for foreigners like Abraham and Sarah.  Abraham had a small band of cowboys, perhaps 45 at the most; but they were certainly no match for the Egyptian army.  Abraham was going to be the father of a great nation, but at this time, he was no match for the Egyptian Empire.  So Abraham correctly assessed the situation and determined that Sarah was his problem.  She was so beautiful that Abraham feared for his own life.  In a lawless land, men would try to kill him to get his wife.  This may be difficult for citizens of the United States of America to believe because they have freedom and the protection of the law; but few nations in the history of the world have had the freedom and protection of the USA.

Sarah had great beauty, and like the world's most beautiful women, had achieved celebrity status.  She was like today's super model or Hollywood celebrity.  She also had the capacity for life to handle the engagements of high society.  She was the life of the party and adept at meeting the social demands of aristocracy.  Her name in the Hebrew was yr^c* (Sara, transliterated as "Sarai"), which means contentious or bossy.  When Abraham reached maturity, her name was changed to Sarah, which means princess, and this bossy lady became a great example of an obedient wife.

Abraham's plan for Sara's protection in Egypt was for her to say that she was his sister.  Actually this was not an out and out lie, but a half-truth, which is worse than a lie.  She was really Abraham's half-sister (Genesis 20:12).  However, no sooner had Abraham entered Egypt than Pharaoh's sons saw Sara and told Pharaoh about her great beauty.

Sara attracted so much attention in Egypt that Pharaoh's princes saw her and told Pharaoh.  This is similar to the news that surrounds a visit from a celebrity today.  When one of Hollywood's celebrities come to the city, people turn out to see.  When Pharaoh heard about the new celebrity in the city, he sent for her.  The unthinkable had occurred, and Sara headed to meet Pharaoh, who would undoubtedly find her irresistible.  He had collected the most beautiful women in the land for his harem. Sara was more beautiful than the Egyptian women and would be the crowning glory of his harem.

Beauty in a woman is both a blessing and a liability.  The beautiful girl is far more likely to be abused.  From childhood, beautiful girls are potential victims of the world's lusts.  The chances of a beautiful girl surviving unharmed to meet her Right Man are often slim.  Although it is seldom the case that girls are born ugly, it would be one of the kindest gifts of the grace of God to protect her.  Sara's great beauty has now landed her in the castle of Pharaoh, the majestic king of the world's great empire.  Thus begins Compatibility Testing for Abraham and Sara.

Pharaoh Marries Sara

Pharaoh wasted no time.  He took Sara as his wife (Genesis 12:19).  Abraham's plan backfired.  Abraham's failure should not be ascribed to the lie about Sara being his sister, for such reasoning will not help our understanding of scripture.  In the Plan of God, Abraham and Sara were ready for Compatibility Testing, which they were going to receive regardless of Abraham's failures. Pharaoh proceeded to marry Sara, and neither Abraham nor Sara did anything to try to prevent it.  Now, before jumping to self-righteous conclusions, the principles of marriage from the Bible should be reviewed.  They are:
  1. Marriage is a divine institution for the human race, for believers and unbelievers.
  2. Marriage contracts are made by men.  The father of the bride (or nearest male relative) makes an agreement (the Marriage Contract) with the father of the groom (or the groom).
  3. The woman is never consulted about marriage.  She does not get a vote even under the New Covenant to the Church.
  4. Marriage Contracts were often made between the parents of the groom and the parents of the bride before the bride and groom were adults.
  5. Marriages were consummated when the groom and bride became adults.  The groom would go to the home of the bride.  The bride's father would give her to the groom.  The groom would take his new bride to the home of his parents or to a home he had prepared for consummation of the marriage.  Consummation of the marriage was sex between the groom and bride and was often accompanied by a week (or more) of celebration with drinking, singing, and dancing.
  6. Marriage Contracts were legal and binding documents under the laws of the government.
  7. Marriage is administered under authority.  The bride does not have authority.
So the scenario was:  Pharaoh sent for Sara to marry her.  Abraham as her alleged brother was given a handsome dowry.  Abraham dared not open his mouth to dissent for fear of his life.  Sara as a woman was never consulted on the matter of marriage.  She did not get a vote.  It is no different today.  Nothing in the Bible teaches that proposals of marriage should be made to the bride.  The reason for this is very clear:  The woman does not have authority.

Pharaoh married Sara and sent a handsome dowry to Abraham.

The livestock which Pharaoh sent Abraham were the basis of wealth in that time.  Further, Abraham was given male and female slaves.  To add insult to injury, some of the slave girls were probably Egyptian dancers and entertainers.  Most Egyptian women were belly dancers.  Abraham was obviously heartbroken over the loss of Sara and in no mood for entertainment.  Abraham was under severe suffering, stress testing of Romans 5:3-5, because of the loss of his Right Woman.  Even at its worst, however, Abraham's suffering is nothing compared to Sara's because this is a test in male dominance.  Abraham is riding out the suffering with all the amenities of Egypt.  Sara is obediently bowing to the dominance of Pharaoh.  The man, Pharaoh, is getting what he wants.  This is male dominance.

The verse that describes what happened to Sara appears later when Pharaoh gave Abraham a lecture on what had happened.  It is:

Pharaoh said regarding Sara that "I took her for my wife."  This translation coveys the meaning of the actual Hebrew.  The word, "took" is laqach, which has a root meaning to seize and also means to take in marriage.  The same word is used when Esther was taken into the King's harem after Queen Vashti was divorced (Esther 2:8).  There is no doubt that Pharaoh married Sara and that he married her for her beauty.

Sara's reputation is spared by the Biblical dialogue, but it is easy to read between the lines.  Pharaoh married her.  Sara played the role of the obedient wife.  She did not betray Abraham, but she fulfilled her duty to her new husband, Pharaoh.  Because of the arrogance of women today, this obedience is difficult to fathom.  Perhaps the reputation of the women of Japan (or perhaps China) are the rare example of this brand of feminine obedience.  American women, in general, do not compare with Japanese women regarding obedience.  The point that is being made is that the obedience of Sara in this circumstance, which is like that of traditional Japanese women, is entirely Biblical and entirely correct.  Why?  because Sara had no authority.  She was never asked to marry Pharaoh.  She had no vote and she did not complain.

Sara submitted to the conjugal rights of her new husband in marriage.  The picture is so clear that only a few words are needed to describe it.  Sara was a beautiful celebrity.  She executed her role as the new harem bride of Pharaoh under strict adherence to protocol.  She did not betray her Right Man, Abraham; and she did not embarrass her new husband, Pharaoh.  When Pharaoh saw Sara immaculately groomed and dressed as a harem princess to arouse his most intimate desire, he was overcome by her breathtaking beauty.  When he caught a glimpse of her feminine form, his eyes dilated from lust.  When she bared her beautiful breasts, his breath stopped.

Sara was not the legalistic female like John Wesley's mother, but a relaxed believer with capacity for sexual life and love.  She gave Pharaoh pleasure.  How do we know?  because of the smooth progression of events and because Pharaoh heaped gifts on Abraham for Sara's sake.  Pharaoh was well pleased with his new harem princess.  He fulfilled his ultimate fantasy in making love to the world's most beautiful woman.

The courage and discipline required for Sara to execute this Compatibility Test was exemplary.  She was thrust under the judgment of God into an arena of contradictions in the Cosmic System.  She was thrust into the ultimate Compatibility Test very similar to that of the Shulamite Woman in Song of Solomon.  Her mind rejected the wrong man.  Her heart (right lobe) was a battlefield of confusion and suffering from the false love of the wrong man which opposed the true love of her right man.  The right man in her soul had to win to prevent stress from entering her soul.  Her body responded to mechanoreceptors in sensual stimulation.  The mind said no; the body said yes; and the heart was the battlefield of suffering and testing.

Sara's Dilemma

Sarah in Spiritual Warfare
Sarah in Spiritual Warfare
Shulamite Woman
Shulamite Woman

Sara's relationship to the Cosmic System is the same as the Shulamite woman's in Song of Solomon as shown in the illustrations.  Under male dominance Abraham is up on the Teeter Totter and Sara is down.  Pharaoh is the paramour in the Cosmic System.  Pharaoh is under the power of Satan as revealed by the goddess of love.  Pharaoh is not true authority in Sara's life. She has received an injustice and must submit to him in marriage, but he is exercising cosmic power and not true authority.

The illustration at the right shows the effect of Pharaoh on Sara.  Pharaoh is the representative of Satan in the Cosmic System.  When Sara fails to respond to her right man in the Intimacy Room of her soul, she is literally sucked into the Cosmic System.  Her right lobe will become darkened, and she will become the slave of the Cosmic System.

During every round with Pharaoh, Sara must keep her love and respect for her Right Man as shown in the illustration at the left.  When she can concentrate on her Right Man in spite of the conjugal intimacy with Pharaoh, she will pass the Compatibility Test.  Compatibility Testing is a stress test, however, and goes on for a period of time.  Sara was in Pharaoh's harem for weeks and perhaps months before being delivered.

Sara's Spiritual Warfare

In Compatibility Testing, Sara has received an injustice, which amounts to undeserved suffering.  If she withstands the suffering without retaliation or falling apart, then the grace of God will deliver her from the power of the Cosmic System and promote her.Sarah in Spiritual Warfare

When Sara received the injustice, the justice of God was obligated to defend her.  Of course, it was the Love of God that gave Sara the test in the first place.  God loved Sara and wanted her to be promoted to the blessing of Spiritual Rapport, which could only happen when Compatibility Testing is passed.  God is perfect Justice and cannot accept injustice.  All marriage sins are judged directly from the Supreme Court of Heaven (Hebrews 13:4)  in the Church Age as in Sara's day.  What the Righteousness of God demands (promises of the Word of God to Abraham), the Justice of God judges (plagues upon Egypt) through the Love of God (relationship with Abraham and Sara) as expressed in grace toward mankind (God did not destroy Egypt).  Sara's relationship with Pharaoh brought plagues upon Egypt from the Justice of God.

Pharaoh and his "house", i.e. the nation of Egypt, was struck with great plagues.  Pharaoh was king of Egypt; and, therefore, the Justice of God struck the land of Egypt with severe plagues.  Through Sara's obedience in undeserved suffering, the Cosmic King and his worldly empire were judged.  Sara in her relationship with Pharaoh was opposing the Cosmic System.  In Spiritual Warfare, the strongholds of Satan will be defeated by the believer who executes the Sovereign Design of God.  The order of battle usually begins with resisting rank and file demons followed by Managers (exousias demons), then demon Commanders, then demon Powers, and then Throne demons, including the god of war (Evil King) and goddess of love (Prostitute of Babylon).  There are also special forces such as demons of darkness (kosmokratoras), which are symbolized by the rat and sent to State Departments.  See also Angelic Symbols.

After the enemy is defeated, the victory must be secured by combat with the Evil King, a man like Pharaoh empowered by a Throne demon.  This is tantamount to hand-to-hand combat.  An example is when Samuel hued King Agag to pieces (1 Samuel 15:33).  Sara, in her relationship with Pharaoh, is in combat with the Evil King.  When she defeats the king, she will have won the great victory over the Cosmic Empire of Egypt.  The Lord will give her the victory and she will have secured the peace.  Egypt will never attack Abraham's Tribe because of Sara's victory.  Without firing a shot in obedience to the faith under the grace of God, she secured peace with Egypt for over 400 years.  Sarah arose from this test as one of the great heroines of spiritual history.

The Harsh Reality of Compatibility Testing

The question could be asked, "Why would Sara have to endure these trials in Compatibility Testing?"  The Bible clearly teaches that illicit sex in any form produces scar tissue of the soul, and fornication and adultery lead to Intensified Discipline. Would it not be counterproductive to order a person into the very testing that would cause them more harm?  These are tough questions.

Sara was indeed forced into the sensuality of Pharaoh's passionate romance.  He brought her to his harem.  He married her.  He seduced her with his sensual touch.  Her body could not help but respond while her mind submitted to adulterated authority and her heart battled the cosmic intruder that would strip her soul of the last vestige of dignity, the love of her Right Man.  She was naked before Pharaoh.  He used her to fulfill his wildest fantasies.  The other women in the harem knew what was happening to Sara as did the members of Pharaoh's court, the people of Egypt, and Abraham, Lot, and their cowboys and families.  Sara and Pharaoh were the popular gossip in the streets.

Why would God order it?  The question begs an answer.  If Sara had never separated from the world or if she were in reversionism, the trials with Pharaoh might be plausible; but this was not the case.  Sara was a growing believer.  She was implicitly obedient to her husband at her current maturity level.  She responded to him based upon her capacity for life and love.  What could possibly be the benefit of such a humiliating ordeal?  While no created being can answer why God does things, there are answers in scripture.  The best answer is:  God had something better for Sara.

The Compatibility Testing of Abraham and Sara began in the harem in Egypt and ended in the harem of Abimelech, King of Gerar (Genesis 20:1-18).  If there were other harem experiences in the life of Sara, the Bible is silent.  By the time of the second harem experience, Sarah was 89 years old.  She was obviously secured for her celebrity status as a political, or state, marriage - not for sexual purposes.  The Compatibility Testing of Sarah and Abraham lasted 24 years.

During this time, as doctrine was learned, it was tested.  The Compatibility Testing Phase began and ended with stress tests - the harem in Egypt and the harem in Gerar.  The purpose of Compatibility Testing is to produce coalescence of souls of Right Man and Right Woman in real love (Marriage Intimacy Love).  In order to do this the accumulated scar tissue of the heart must be burned away.Scar Tissue of the Soul

From childhood scar tissue builds in the Right Lobe of the soul, which is called the heart in the Bible.  The illustration shows bands of scar tissue.  The blue band illustrates legalism, which is commonly referred to as the "hardness of the heart."  However, along with the band of legalism is a band of lawlessness underneath.  Legalism and lawlessness are just different sides of the same coin.  The soul is tested in both legalism and lawlessness as a cycle.  What goes up comes down.  If the problem of legalism is not handled and the test of lawlessness is not handled, then a band of scar tissue is formed in the soul.  When the problems of life are not solved by application of Bible Doctrine, the defense mechanisms of dissociation, repression, and denial are used.  These defense mechanisms produce scar tissue of the heart.  They result from arrogant rejection of the Plan of God and lying to self.  Failure to Rebound then leads to repeating the cycle, and each time more scar tissue is added.Fruit of the Spirit

In order to receive blessing from God, the heart must be free from scar tissue; otherwise, the distractions of the world will choke out the fruit of the Spirit.  The illustrations shows how God wants to bless the believer.  There is no way to receive such blessing with a heart that is crippled through scar tissue.  In Compatibility Testing, the individual is given the opportunity to reject the cosmic alternative and choose divine viewpoint with a Problem Solving Device.  This means dying to the desires of the Old Sin Nature and replacing the desire with virtue love from the Integrity Envelope.  Thus, instead of building scar tissue and going down in reversionism, the scar tissue is burned away and the individual is promoted under the grace of God.  Spiritual growth continues with each test that is passed.

The process of dying to the old self and living the new Spiritual Life is called the circumcision of the heart.  Circumcision of the heart means cutting away the bands of scar tissue of the soul that produce hardness of the heart.

The accumulated scar tissue of a lifetime must be removed before the blessings of real love in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship can be received.  This principle is so important that under the Abrahamic Covenant, Abraham was ordered to have his penis circumcised (Genesis 17:10-14).  The circumcision of the penis was painful for Abraham, who was circumcised at age 99 along with the other males in his household.  In physical circumcision, the useless skin was cut away from the penis to symbolize the circumcision of the heart.  Circumcision then became the symbol of every Jewish male.  When Abraham was circumcised, God worked a miracle in his heart and Abraham became the first Jew in history - a new racial species.

When Abraham was circumcised, he was sexually dead.  He was unable to have sex.  He was unable to have sex under the energy of the flesh.  He was unable to have sex under human power.  The sexual death of Abraham illustrates the death to the flesh that occurs in circumcision of the heart.  Abraham died daily until there was nothing left - not even the ability to have sex.  This has to occur in Compatibility Testing because the new spiritual life demands a spiritual solution.  God's solution is the Sexual Fountain of Youth, which controls sex under divine power.  Both Abraham and Sarah received the grace gift of the Sexual Fountain of Youth.  Abraham was sexually dead and Sarah was past the menopause (Romans 4:19).

Sarah laughed to herself, saying, “After I have become old, shall I have sexual delight, my husband being old also?” (Genesis 18:12)
When Sarah heard the Lord say she would have a son, she laughed.  The humor that Sarah saw was that Abraham was sexually impotent, and there was no way they were going to have sex or have a child.  The Hebrew hn*d=U# (`edenah) means sexual delight.  God revived them both Abraham and Sarah with the new Sexual Fountain of Youth, which enabled them to have a new sex life under divine power.  Abraham was still procreating children after Sarah died.

Marriage is so important in the spiritual life that it demands a spiritual means of execution.  Compatibility Testing is required to burn away scar tissue of the soul and receive grace promotion.  The stress testing in the Compatibility Phase tests the Integrity Envelope, which houses the Intimacy Room and the cup for love with the Marriage Intimacy Connection.

A Message for Teens

The adult life begins around the time of puberty.  However, the scar tissue of the soul accumulates from childhood.  At the age of accountability (which may be earlier than puberty or later), the individual is held accountable for his decision about salvation.  Those who believe in Jesus Christ will receive Eternal Life but those who do not believe in Him will receive Eternal Condemnation.  When a person believes in Christ, his or her past sins are forgiven.  That means that the sins that produced scar tissue of the heart are forgiven.  They will never be held against the believer.  However, it does not mean that the scar tissue of the heart is removed.  The heart is not circumcised at salvation.  Spiritual Maturity with sexual capacity for life does not occur at Salvation.  These things can only be received by executing the Plan of God.  That means that the scar tissue of  childhood and teen age will have to be removed by circumcision of the heart.

Any type of illicit sexual activity, and there are ten thousand varieties, will produce scar tissue in the heart and will have to be circumcised during Compatibility Testing before real love for Right Man or Right Woman can occur.  Coalescence of souls will not occur until the scar tissue has been removed.  Fornication and adultery will lead to Intensified Discipline.  When either the Right Man or the Right Woman fornicate or commit adultery, the other soul mate also receives Intensified Discipline because both are on the Teeter Totter together.  The sexual sins affect not just one person but at least two.

The sexual sins can be associated with the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, or the arrogant pattern of life.  Sexual sins produce scar tissue of the soul.  There are arrogant cosmic evangelists today who teach that the rigorous standards of God's word do not apply.  They condone sexual sins in the name of love.  Sexual love for someone other than Right Man - Right Woman is not love.  It is a sin.  It will produce scar tissue in the soul that will have to be circumcised before Marriage Intimacy Love can occur.  The sexual sins of the past leave behind scar tissue that must be removed through suffering.

Any violation of God's standards for marriage will bring immediate judgment from the Supreme Court of Heaven.

During the teen years, the promotion to Spiritual Maturity is probably years away.  The soul does not have a completed Integrity Envelope.  The Intimacy Room is vacant.  The Right Man or Right Woman has not been discovered.  The slightest sexual sin will cause the emotion to flood through the incomplete Intimacy Room.  The individual will be sucked into the Cosmic System to become the pawn of the devil and the slave of the world.  The Rebound Procedure (1 John 1:9) must be applied immediately after sinning in order to prevent the roller coaster ride of emotional highs and depression of reversionism.

The Bible is full of examples of teens who faced the stiffest tests in the world and passed to go to Spiritual Maturity.  Some of them were:  Joseph, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, Esther, Ruth, Rebekah, the Shulamite Woman, and the teens of the death march (Psalm 119).

Something Better

Sarah, which means princess, suffered the anguish of Compatibility Testing and endured trials that many will never have to endure.  She was used and abused by the world, but she met the trials with humble obedience to the teachings of the Word of God.  When she had no recourse except to endure, she held firm and, in so doing, defeated the Pharaoh of Egypt and his worldly empire.  She secured the peace for her marriage, her family, and the nation that was in her loins.  God ordered the Compatibility Testing for Sara to burn away the scar tissue of unbelief in the right lobe.  When it was over, He provided something better.

Sarah's love for her Right Man withstood the worst humiliation the world could offer.  She overcame the agony and demonstrated the efficacy of real love to withstand any test on earth.  In the words of the Shulamite Woman, who was tested in a similar manner in the harem of Solomon:

After the circumcision of the heart in Compatibility Testing, Sarah was revived from the menopause and given the Sexual Fountain of Youth.  She became the mother of Isaac at age 90 to begin the Jewish race through a miracle of grace.  She enjoyed sexual prosperity until she died at age 127 and became the standard in the Word of God for the obedient wife (1 Peter 3:6). God had something better for Sarah as He does with all believers who will submit to divine authority and execute the Plan of God.

Released 1997 - Revised December 31, 2004

Author: Larry Wood
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